Blantyre City Council sell CEO house to DPP

The Finance Committee of the Blantyre City Council (BCC) last week passed a resolution to sell a Council’s house in Sunny Side in which was meant to house the Chief Executive Officer to the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) who have been using it as its southern regional headquarters, Nyasa Times can reveal.

Chanza: BCC house gone to DPP

Chanza: BCC house gone to DPP

One of the councillor’s sitting in the finance committee revealed that the Finance Committee, which is dominated by DPP councillors, approved the proposal put forward by the acting CEO Dr. Alfred Chaza that the house be sold to the governing party in what is seen by many council employees who are privy to the matter, as a ploy to seek sympathy from government to approve him as a permanent CEO.

“I can confirm that the committee led by Councillor George Chipwete has approved that the CEO’s house which is in upper town suburb of Sunny Side be sold to the ruling DPP at an undisclosed amount,” said a Councillor who opted for anonymity.

In an interview the Council’s Public Relations Manager Anthony Kasunda confirmed but downplayed the matter saying that since the councillors were elected, the Council’s Secretariat does not make decisions on its own and said the decision was made by the councillors.

“As provided for in the Local Government Act, the council as a legal entity has a right to acquire or dispose of its property. The Council decided to sell the property in question because it is not in a habitable condition. In fact, the last CEO to occupy the property was late Don Alufandika some 20 years ago. The sitting tenant (DPP) expressed interest to purchase the property and the Council has made an offer,” said Kasunda.

Kasunda further said that because of the state in which the property has been for the past 20 years no CEO has lived in the house, a fact which has been proved false by sources who claim that Ted Nandolo had been staying in the house but was pressurized by DPP to move out so that the party can occupy it.

Sources within BCC said that DPP occupied the house during the reign of former president late Bingu wa Mutharika but paid no rentals to the council which was pegged at a meagre K30, 000 per month and yet houses of the same class attract rentals in excess of K100, 000 per month.

“Until Bingu’s death, the party never paid a single penny and to make matters worse the house was vandalized by the occupants (DPP) and the Council had to shoulder the renovation bill which was in excess of K4million. After a month of Bingu’s demise, the People’s Party (PP) moved in and occupied as its headquarters,” said the source.

The source further said when PP lost power in the 2014 elections, DPP moved in again as its regional headquarters and has never paid any rentals since it retook the house and yet the Council has been footing the utility bills like water, electricity and even providing security.

“The council never had any intention of selling the house and had no land to construct another house for the CEO or the Mayor who are residing in rented houses whose bill is footed by the council at a very exorbitant price. The main reason behind the sale is the Acting CEO who wants to appease the government so that he should be confirmed as CEO,” said the source.

Dr. Alfred Chanza has for the last year or so been acting CEO after his predecessor Ted Nandolo fell out of grace with former Local government minister Tarcizio Gowelo and ever since he took the mantle he has been making ‘funny decisions’ just to appease the DPP and its influential councilors like militant Louis Ngalande, Makwinja and Chinthulo.

BCC is not alone in disposing its properties to ruling parties at any given time since Lilongwe City Council also disposed its Area 12 Mayoral Residence to DPP during Bingu’s reign and the current mayor for the city is living in a rented house in Area 47 which is very expensive and draining the councils already meager resources at the expense of the much needed social service to its residents like disposal of waste which is an eye sore in the Capital City.

LCC also sold another house to Bingu in Area 3 which houses Galaxy FM.

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20 thoughts on “Blantyre City Council sell CEO house to DPP”

  1. atumwi says:

    Useless decisions.DPP Ndiye kuti chiani? Mubweze nyumbayo.Kuba kopanda chisoni.Chalamanda please wake up and school these fools.

  2. Benjones says:

    Next is sell out beloved country mother Malawi to China.

  3. Harry says:

    House gate scandal

  4. dee kay says:

    Mbatata paja sizimanga. Munawauzako kuti anamanga ndi Kamuzu?

  5. Mulupale says:

    I bet this foolish proposal by Finance Committe be shot down when the full house meets. We cant be selling government property like that. This was calculated move as it can clearly be seen. Can someone get an injunction please.Another housegate! DPP siyizatheka badi. And others still doubt that DPP is the founder of cashgate in Malawi. Pa Malawi panachuluka umbatama kwambiri. Where on earth can this be accepted? Tinayika khoswe mu nkhokwe ya mtedza basi. Lets be on guard and jealously our already poor country from these DPP thieves. And am sure they will take that house for free.What can not make them do that when they were allowed to use for free for almost 10 years? Koma pa Malawi tulo tizatha liti abale? Zandikwana bwanji.

  6. Goodfall Malawi Kwacha says:

    A opposition chotimudziwe ndichakuti you are there to check government maladministration. You are paid for that sikuti mukugwira ntchito ya uvolonteer. Therefore if there are issues of this kind you must be seen to lead people into taking appropriate action.

    If you cannot then obviously you don’t deserve to call yourselves opposition parties. You cannot just sit and wait until 2019. Then don’t get paid until 2019!

  7. Goodfall Malawi Kwacha says:

    And MCP the main opposition party ili cheteeee. And ma NGOs aliphee as if sindalama zaboma akuzisokoneza apazi. Ayi mpofunika convention Chakwera must step down. If Malawi is to wake up and change, we have to have a strong opposition.

  8. Malawian rasta says:

    Bt city council has never had a more incompetent ceo as dr chanza . The state of affairs at the council is useless. The mayor really needs to discipline him and if he doesnt than should be faulted and actioned against. Wake up mr mayor these idiots will tarnish your name

  9. Dumela says:

    That’s very bad to hear.
    Anthuwa ndi Mbatata ndithu monga ananenera mai Hellen Singh.

    I though the mayor is a young man, Y spoiling his name for nothing,
    Panja ndikhalidwe la APM kugula katundu monga nyumba za boma mwakuba.
    Then you a Malawian be very quiet coz ndi DPP.
    Ngati president wao Ali wolemera osamanga bwanji.
    He should show us American design for Party offices.
    Likwitsani kwambiri zedi though mumadalira kubela but this time you will real face it.
    Chitsiru chimadziphunzirira paichocho ochenjera amaphunzirira pachitsiru.
    Mind you ! !!!!
    Tatopa nanu.

  10. nyanga imodzi says:

    tigulitseni ndi ife tomwe

  11. Goodfall Mutharika says:

    Kodi all the time a DPP kugula nyumba zaboma because they were not in a habitable state, what kind of nonsense is this. Malawi it is time to rise up and claim what is genuinely ours. Achoke achoke Mutharika, we are tired of this daylight theft. Why can’t they build their own houses.

  12. Sailota says:


  13. Bless says:

    Amkolo potenga boma amati akufuna adzathetse katangale koma pano iwowo ndi azibale awo nde katangale uja amutengera kwakuya sitikudziwa kuti pofika 2019 tidzakhala ndi zithu zingati zimene adatisiyira a gogo athu akamuzu

  14. stevovo says:

    This is another CASHGATE, Daylight robbery.DPP started Cashgate improved by PP and perfected by DPP

  15. Xiang says:

    I think its time these public/semi-public properties are sold to ;people/organisations at the most competitive price,through publicly open and transparent bidding processes.

  16. Mtumbuka wa Atumbuka says:

    Ineyo anthu inu munanditopesa basi. mukulephela kulamulila dziko. Mtubiiiiii atakhala pansi ali phwiiiiiiii

  17. BOKHO says:

    All those houses will come back to the councils come 2019. That is why I said all parties are briefcase parties until now they can not develop their own structure what does it mean either they are temporary in Malawi or their leaders are thieves.

  18. Mapwiya says:

    Ndimene amachitira machona akakhala kunja zaka over 40 wosamanga nyumba kumudzi they simply abuse their powers to acquire public property illegally. Anyway this is not surprising all houses that Kamuzu built for civil servants are now in the hands of corrupt politicians and public servants but illegally and bought for a song.

    Where on earth can you occupy a house without paying rent? Where on earth can you buy government property without following procurement and tender processes? Where on earth can you buy public property without disclosure? In Malawi of course… As I am writing now most civil servants especially juniors and even some senior are living in rundown houses and in abject poverty in Kauma, Ngona, Senti, 50, Pwetekera, Kaphiri etc the list is endless yet they cannot afford decent accomodation due to poor and working conditions in government. Yet some people are amassing illegal wealth at the expense of poor Malawian.

    That is why almost 52 years after independence Malawi is still one of the poorest countries in the world.Do you know why? Corruption..The poor are getting poorer and the rich are getting richer…at the rate at which the Kwacha is depreciating we should brass ourselves for the hard times…our Kwacha is useless.

  19. mulomwemulomwe says:

    Nandolo never occupied this house but defended that it should not be sold. Nandolo has been staying in his personal hse in Nancholo but wanted the hse to be put back in shape becoz it z centrally located.

  20. musekanji palibe kanu says:

    sell sell sell..sell msb,sell escom just sell everything as long as we cant manage to take care of it.thats what DPP is doing today.shame!!!

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