Blantyre City enforces litter ban, Malawi Police arrest 3

Malawi commercial city Blantyre has begun to enforce bylaws governing the city that bans the littering in the streets leading to the arrest of three.

is about time something is done about the filth.

is about time something is done about the filth.

Bins in the city: No littering

Bins in the city: No littering

The suspects arrested on Thursday by city’s security officers and handed to police are Haji Yusufu Yakiti, 28 from Machemba Village, T/A Chowe in Mangochi, Issa Osten, 22 from Nsuwo Village, T/A Kalembo in Mangochi and Dickson Linyenga, 42, from Mlomba Village, T/A Machinjiri in Blantyre.

“The two suspects were emptying garbage bin along the road in Limbe while another suspect was arrested on Friday for dumping waste at Chitawira Cemetery” said Anthony Kasunda, BCC spokesperson in a statement

He said thethree are in custody at Limbe Police Station and will appear in court soon to answer a charge of littering.

Kasunda issued a stern warning that the Council will take action against any person who litters or being an owner or occupier of premises that accumulate waste on their premises or dumps the same on places not designated as dumpsites.

“The Council is appealing to all residents and people in Blantyre to avoid littering anyhow and make proper use of the bins placed around the City,” he said.

“No waste or refuse shall be collected by the Council’s collection service unless it is deposited in an approved receptacle,” Kasunda added.

The City through its Mayor Noel Chalamanda is championing a Keep Blantyre City Clean campaign in an effort to bring back Blantyre City’s beauty and glory.

People drop litter anywhere in Malawi and some Blantyre resident feel there should have been a warning about the move to arrest those littering.

“The idea of having a clean city is goo. There are too many laws people don’t know about and people need to know littering is against the law and that this is going to be imposed,” one man in the city centre said.

But other residents felt it was about time something was done about the filth.

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26 thoughts on “Blantyre City enforces litter ban, Malawi Police arrest 3”

  1. mbambande says:

    Most littering is caused be street vending especially the evening markets along Haile Sellasie Road. What are you going to do about that. That is the root cause

  2. yunusu says:

    Kodi inu a city mukaweruka si ulendo wakunyumba basi?muzibwerera mtauni madzulo muzagule ndiwo zochipa pa nandos mavenda amakhala ali mbwee

  3. I realy dont understand what some people are made up of. How many of us have bins at every corner of our homes??? Yet we keep our homes tidy. Do we litter in our bedrooms because a dustbin is in the Kitchen??? Why waste time kumamuphunzitsa munthu not to throw banana peels anyhow?? Much as i know that common sense is not common, let those people who cannot follow their conscience learn in a hard way. Big up BCA, Long live Chalamanda!!!

  4. Patriot says:

    kikikiki mwamva mumadya mizimbenu, munjatidwa kikikiki

  5. Busy brains says:

    Koma amwenye awuzidwa? Because if our cities stinks, it’s because of these Indians who sleep in flats. Govt should ban these flats setup and let these dogs have proper houses somewhere far from business areas thereby expanding the number of city houses.

  6. Sayimoni bayisikoloi says:

    Bravo Chalamanda for taking a firm standard however civic education will be needed to let awareness.All cities ie,Bt,LL,Mzuzu needs to have bins all and even in residential areas.People can afford to build million kwacha houses,buy expensive cars,affording to drink beers for the whole month,then why should they fail to afford city rates to make their surrounding clean?People should be enforced to pay city rates and city rates should not be abused by employee of city people.More garbage trucks should be purchased to collect litter and dump it in designated places.We also need to have scrap yard for old cars than just dumping in rivers or sell them in Tanzania where they have recycling plant for old disused metal stuff.Lets keep our country clean.It will hard in the early days but eventually little by little people are going to learn.

  7. nyapankhwesah says:

    If it was not before,let’s start it now forget about the past

  8. thats agood step viva BT and chalamanda.ignorance is not an excuse when you are found in conflict with the law.our cities,districts and towns were turning into bins while the market fences,deports and trees were turning into urinals

  9. brutsha says:

    “Perfection is an enemy of progress” What BT city assembly has started is step in the right direction. Ena mukuti short cut or bla! bla! You are enemies of civilization and so used to mediocrity. Blantyre City Assembly KEEP IT UP! Other cities will soon emulate. A Malawi kukonda umve. Pali zotsutsa apa?
    Stupid baboons!

  10. otate says:

    If I was mayor I could have initiated to give free dustbins to all who pay city rates every five years.what do you do with our money pelekani ma bin aulere kwa anthu ndiye muyambe kutigwira.okodza pa nseu amangidwenso.check down the rail bridge crossing at clock tower the place is filthy.masikini gwirani akusowa konyera abwelere kwao

  11. mboba says:

    In the good old days city used to sell dustbins where are do ndirande majiga safalao residents manage garbage.civic education is needed

  12. Martin says:

    Anthuwo angofunika civic education,osati kuwakakamila.Zopita nao kumakhoti zitayisa chabe nyengo ya cashgate.A police,limbanani ndi zinthu zeni zeni osati za zinyalalazi.

  13. special advisor says:

    This is good. But it should have been preceded with an awareness campaign, informing people if the scope of the bylaws, consequences of breaching the bylaws and, above all the benefits of appropriate disposal of waste. Households can further be trained on waste management via radio, TV, posters, and leaflets distributed to all households. Also note that poor lighting at night, poor drainage, and bad access roots to homes are also a major deterrent to waste disposal. These thinks depend on each other and they also interact among them. Problem with one affects the other. ALSO, get rid of mosquito and make Blantyre malaria free. AND impose a limit on how many people live/sleep in one room. Some of that small houses have too many people sleeping in them. Kukacha akamatuluka it’s unbelievable! That is a public health hazard. It is also a safety and security hazard. Good job. Do it now or never. Do it well.

  14. bongozozo says:

    To bring back Blantyre city’s beauty and glory? Tell me a time when Blantyre was a city without filth? Litering has always been the case since kalekale. We just need to enforce the ban and make our cities clean. Not only Blantyre but also Lilongwe and Mzuzu…. We need to get everyone on board through civic education, sensitizations and where necessary…arrests. The punishment should be sweeping and doing kantoletole all city round for a month.

    1. ujeni says:

      Correct, at no time was Blantyre a clean town. People backward people have a tendency to highlight and glorify past things that never was true. Just start cleaning the dump of a town.

    2. binule says:

      Iwe bongozozo, iwe ndiye walankhula zanzeru, cleaning for littering is the best deal ever!

  15. MBC says:

    Thumbs down for not providing the skips to use, thumbs up for enforcing the bylaws.

  16. mr chilungamo says:

    Zimene apanga a city council palibepo nzelu. Kungomva kuti maiko anzathu samataila zinyalala paliponse nde basi inuso zikhale chomwecho.(What a shame). Kodi athu mukuwamangawo munawaikila ma bin mmadela mwawomo? Kodi inuyo a city mumaona kuti mumakwanisa kuchosa zinyalala mmadela pongwilisa tchito magalimoto anu? Zimandiwawa ndikamaona ziko lathu likubwela mbuyo moti lizipita chisogolo chifukwa cha tsogoleli ophunzila koma osathandiza.( kukhala ndi knowledge without wisdom is nothing ) put things in place and then come up with the laws. Let’s keep our Malawi clean.

  17. fkr says:

    look anywhere along the road there is litter everywhere. it’s in our culture tol litter and make a mess otherwise we would naturally not litter and mess our environment. so how do we change our culture?

  18. aphiri says:

    What a shortcut to beautify Malawi!

  19. Jimmy juga says:

    Keep it up, arrest all the curprits,please make sure you publicise campaign message of keeping our city clean,

  20. Mkanachigwada says:

    Madayipa, bibi ya ana yikungotayidwa m’misewu mu Chitawira. Yina ikutayidwa ku Njamba Freedom Park…Mabini azimenezi mwayika pati?

  21. Redeemed says:

    Good news

  22. xmas says:

    Mabin mukuwanenawo mmatownshipsulibe. Should I take waste and dump it at a bin which is located 10 -12 kilometers away? MUKUNAMATU INU!

  23. Hoitty says:

    Zilibwino bola mupitirize. Kale lija munkamanga okodza paliponse just fir two weeks pano kuli zii

  24. Mwiza says:

    Thumbs up to BCC

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