Blantyre goes wild, mayoral polls shock residents as Chalamanda loses to Ndipo

Residents in Blantyre have taken up on social media to express shock at the loss of mayor Noel Chalamanda in the mayoral elections.

Two votes not enough for Chalamanda (right) as he congratulates new Mayor Ndipo

Ndipo: New mayor of Blantyre

Lawyer Chalamanda has lost to his former deputy ruling Wilald Ndipo.

Some residents have expressed shock, saying Chalamanda deserved another term because he is a hard worker, very creative and completely changed the face of Blantyre.

“Politics has prevailed over development,” reads one post. ”

This is a sad day for Blantyre,” reads another by Don Dada.

“I will have to move from Blantyre and stay in Lilongwe,” says another post.

Ndipo polled 17 votes followed by Alinane George Chipwete 8 votes , Louis Ngalande 3 and Chalamanda came last with only two votes.

Ndipo is a member for the ruling Democratic Progressive party (DPP).

Tension and violence nearly broke up when supporters for Ngalande and other candidates almost fought one another until police and authorities intervened.

On deputy mayor James Makwinya tied with Getrude Chirambo in first round of polling but in rerun Makwinja won  by 16 votes to 14.

Chalamanda has accepted defeat in a diplomatic and professional manner, congratulating his successor while pledging his total support.

“Thanks so much Blantyre for the opportunity to serve as your mayor. I now pass the baton to councilor Wild Ndipo, our new mayor,” wrote Chalamanda on his Facebook page.

“Congratulations your worship! I pledge my total support and cooperation. I wish you well! I wish you success. To all that supported me encouraged me, spoke well of me and wished me well, I pour my profound gratitude to you. This is how democracy works. The people have spoken.”

Chalamanda has been hailed for restoring the city’s beauty and sanitation status. He is private practicing lawyer and independent councilor for Blantyre City Centre Ward.

Voting was done by councilors and eight Members of Parliament who are Council Members.


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66 thoughts on “Blantyre goes wild, mayoral polls shock residents as Chalamanda loses to Ndipo”

  1. mgonapamuganya says:


  2. Matthews Muharapa says:

    I entirely agree with Mcleod. Guys lets agree ife a DPP we have tolerated nonsense and stupidity in this country for sometime. Kids withembryos still attached
    to the umbilical cords of their mothers castigating our Professor of a President for nothing. Ana a std 1 kumatukwana Professor wa Law? Akuluakulu
    tili serious. Tiwana tama Bachelors Degree a Law apa Chancellor College- University yomwe ili number 290 pansi, kumatumbwa kunyoza Professor?
    Ma Lecturer aku Chanco, opanda nzeru kumangopanga comment pa zinthu zopusa. By the way ma Degree a University of Malawi
    akuwakana even ku South Africa. Ndiye Trivia Lectures from this bogus University angawuze chiyani American Trained Law Professor?
    No! No! No! Let’s be serious. Ana ama Certificate a Journalism from BottleStore/ Colleges in town like Madalisto Mussa, Brian Banda, George Katsakula
    kutukwana President? Is journalism a career? Simunathawa ma course eni eni masamu inu? I am urging DPP to start acting now. Nanu
    a MACRA withdraw licences for Zodiak and Times. Komanso nthawi yakwana mu ma board monse ndi muboma muyikidwe a chipani.
    Ku MACRA, MERA, MBC etc kuyikidwe anthu athu achipani. Mu ma District Council ma DC muyikidwe anthu athu a chipani! Ku Capital Hill
    kukhale anthu a chipani. Ku Police ndi army anyamata athu patsogolo. We have had enough. Ma cadets apasidwe mphamvu ayambepo ntchito.
    We need discipline in this country!

    1. chigubu says:

      mbuzi zinazi nkuku za ku chipani zipite ku MBC. macra. ngati mulibe ndemanga siyani kulemba zachitaganya basi sikumunda kwanu kunyoza BIG Man Brian BANDA. or kasalula Mukuba chimanga masana muona fire will come from heaven believe me

    2. Kkkk says:

      Chitsiru change munthu galu iwe

    3. Wongani says:

      kkkkkkk mmmmh time is up just pack your things and leave the state house you have failed Malawians. Just accept and give chance to others eeeeish

  3. Mzaa says:

    Malawi should change let people vote not fellow councillors, after voting the mayor should be given two and half terms and then if he is not delivering the elections should be done by the city residents to recall the incumbent and elect another one and not councillors.
    This current system is a show down of parties and its development that suffers.

  4. Wanga ndi yemweyo says:

    Mr New Mayor, you have a mammoth task. Life becomes easy if you replace a failure, but stepping into the shoes of a star performer like Noel is a simple way of creating discomfort for yourself. Mulimba? Mukwanitsa zomwe amachita mnzanuyu? For the first time in my life, I am glad that I don’t live in Blantyre though I come from around there. Have a good rest Mr Chalamanda after doing a good job. At least you have set the standard.

  5. Nkhuluru says:

    DPPSodzakonzeka ndipo ndi = Gonthi,nkhitukumve,Noel celebrate for your loss .God has saved rrom blood thirst lion.Amen

  6. mundali says:

    The people in the south are bedfellows with mediocrity. they voted for a mediocre for president. See he is sleeping on the presidency. They have voted for another mediocre for Mayor

  7. Moya says:

    I am not sure how the local assemblies are governed as I get that MPs are voting at Local level. We cannot have one person voting at two levels of govt. Local Councils belong to councillors and MPs must not be voting members. If this is the case really, we must go back to the drawing board for local councils and national house.

  8. Tpash says:

    Heeeeeeee izi nde za matuvi

  9. Elias says:

    Malawi suzatheka iwe ..!!!

  10. Phillip says:

    Blantyre people why doing this to Noel Chalamanda? Sorry Noel , you are now second from Hillary Clinton. Russians are everywhere !

    1. john phiri says:

      kkkkkk. Koma putin ameneyu

    2. [email protected] says:

      Kikikikikikiki, secon Dr like Hillary?

    3. [email protected] says:

      Kikikikikikiki like Hillary?

  11. Sapota Mapeto says:

    MCP watch out. You did not get a single vote in Blantyre. In Lilongwe where you won with 15 votes, DPP had 14 votes. In the North where DPP lost and you came second, DPP had 3 votes. This has always been the case, DPP plays in your bedroom but you dont come closer to DPPs bedroom. If the total votes cast by coucillors and MPs were to represent National numbers in a National election, again MCP could have lost this election. With this trend you should again get ready to again cry foul in 2019.

    1. Dr Gerald Shawa says:

      Ichi chikuganiza bwanji? Ku BT kulibe councilor WA MCP. Therefore masankho aku BT MCP has no stake.

      1. kaya zako izo says:

        ndichitsiru cha DPP chimenecho basi baba. Chilekeni. Angakhale matuvi chimabiba a Blue

      2. big says:

        If MCP has not stake in BT, then you are agreeing with January’s observation, that MCP beware.

  12. santana says:

    If DPP candidates lost the mayor title the opposition would be saying DPP yatha ku Blantyre. DPP received insults when it lost in LL. The issue here is just politics not that Chalamanda was not doing anything in THE CITY. DPP councilors did not want to be insulted as was the case with the LL elections. They just wanted to show that they can do the winning game. Chalamanda has just paid for the insults the DPP Mayor received in LL. Otherwise he is a hard worker, Iliked him.

  13. BABA says:


    Mayor wa mzinda wa Bt ndiye ndi wa ku Lilongwe wakale ujatu kkkkkkkk atukula city amaneyu. Chalamanda nd deal.

  14. M'babu says:

    I feel sory to see Blantyre in Rugs. A Mayor a Ndipo ali ndi office yawo ya business opposite Escorm house. Usiku ndi usana amachezela mmenemo kupanga zawo za personal, pano mukuwakweza kukhala pa u full Mayor , mwaganiza bwanji. Nthawi yoona zolakwika za mzindau ayitenga kuti mmalo moti aziponya ma bid. Shameeee

  15. Namachende says:

    Koma Ngalande ndi nyoooo. anayimbaso ma supporters ake ziwawa

  16. Tasweka says:

    [email protected]manda_city_munaikonza._mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!_kaya.

  17. mmc says:

    When DPP voted Chalamanda for Mayor it was no big deal all DPP haters did not see how democratic DPP is. Now that DPP has done to the contrary u attack DPP. Who Is bad here? Palibe wanzeru mmodzi yekha kaya ndi Chilima, Noel, Peter, Lazarus, Kamlepo or whoever. Everbody needs support from others to achieve

  18. mbuya says:


  19. Gogodasi says:

    Some comment on this forum are quite langhable. You fare speaking from outside,a dn you don’t know what happens withing BT council system. Despite the strides he has made so far, Chalamanda has bad management style- he does not delegate, he wants to do everything himself and when it comes to travelling abroad he doesn’t let anyone else travel, but himself let alone being accompanied by someone. He is greedy. This has created disgruntlement amongst the Councillors and they waited for a day to punish him which they have done. Chalamanda completely forgot that it was his fellow Councillors that would cast votes as opposed to the first elelectin where the general public participated. Another thing is that (if I may say it in vernacular that (waitaya yekha gemu Chalamanda). He never used his influence to speed up lighting up Chipembere Highway, but took time in a slumber. Drive along the Highway there are only poles, but no lights at night- what was he waiting for? He should have used Christimas season to light up street lights that would have been a plus for him and some Councillors certainly would have sympathized with him and gave him votes. It’s very shameful to gunner only 2 votes. It is ony Ngalande who only deserved fewer votes, not him, but he created the loophole himself.

    1. john phiri says:

      Ndemanga zomwe mumati zomvetsa chisoni ndi zomwe mwalemba apa dzabwino ndi dziti? So the issue is not development but rather travelling and or your so called delegation? Look at the bigger picture bro

  20. malili says:

    A DPP mubera u mayor omwewu. 2019 OUT!!!! This is politics at its best. You mean Blantyre you can not VOTE for Noel???? Ifetu ku Lilongwe kuno timakusilirani kuti munasankha mwa Nzeru. Ma Councilor mwadya idya ma banz???? Mulungu akukuonani mudzawasanza ma banzi amenewo Mulungu akakwiya.

  21. Nabanda says:

    I am happy for you Noel Chalamanda for your lost. Why???????? DPP could have killed you and you should thank God for sparing your life. I am a Lilongwe Resident, but I have been hearing good works from people living in Blantyre. Dont worry for your loss, you should instead be happy, please celebrate your losing the game with your family.

  22. Joseph Banda says:

    BUT DPP supporter should have lost? Eishiee

  23. mtofu says:

    eeeh anthu abe e (STEALING) ku city assembly sopano ,mphaka Noel wachoka makoswe asangalale.

  24. Ma Kansala a DPP anavotera Noel Chalamanda ndi wachiwiri wake Wild Ndipo poganizira kuti mfanayu aziwakondera ku zitukuko nde pano makape a DPPwa angovotera wawoyo baxi.


    1. Inu says:

      What a loss to your parents that they had you

    2. Thunder-man says:

      zooopsyezana ndizamake dzana! Savage iwe eeti, mumakhala ngati mumadya ndale bwanji! Go to school first and dont just profit from using panga knifes to hack people in town.Mada Mussa went to Chanco.Do the same you standard 3 drop out and useless Malawian.DPP ndekuti chani? sitimadya mmakomo mwanu nonse a DPP!

    3. jone says:


    4. Gadaga says:

      DPP ndiye imakupatsani zambiritu. Zingati kaya pa mwezi? Mukonde dziko lanu mkulu osati chipani kapena munthu ayi. Zomvetsa chisoni kuti tidakali ndi anthu ngati inu mdziko lathu!!!!!!

    5. Mario pei says:

      @macleod zimuyu.. This is another half-wit from Dpp.. The brain is in his pocket, mbuzi ya pa town.. You dont even scare a fly

  26. Dpp will one day pay heavily on this, time is coming very soon

  27. Dr Gerald Shawa says:

    This dilemma of what is right and what is popular.

  28. chimzy says:

    I can see world is going to an end eish

  29. ACHAIR says:

    mayorgate at it best komaaa Blantyre ndiye palibenso cha nzerutu aaah MWAMUBELA MWANAYU

  30. i hate DPP says:

    i hate DPP

  31. kampangomlamba says:

    Zopusa zedi dara

  32. Nganya says:

    It is better to leave stable things in a stable condition. Change must come but when needed, when change comes for the sake of change it does not help but comes with uncertainty on the future.

    1. Ndikunenetsa says:

      very true. aa

    2. Ndikunenetsa says:


  33. MUNTHURUKA says:

    congratulations kanatikwana ka chalamanda..,,,,,NDIPO woyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee,,,DHIPHIPHI WOYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE,,,,,APM 2024 WOOOOOOOOO

    1. Nurse says:

      Uli mpira iwe ukanakhala supporter wa Bullets for sure. Ili nthawi ya Kamuzu ukanakhala wa youth. Ngati unalowako mkalasi ndakayika ndithu. This is not about politics but who can deliver. Minus politics Chalamanda is someone in the society nanga inu? Ng’ooooooo

      1. mmc says:

        Its politics baba… akanawina Chalamanda DPP ikanakhala opanda mayor m’Malawi muno. Every party has flexed it’s muscles in their strongholds. I know akanaluza wa DPP u would have been happy….kkkkk…. by the way a Someone in society needs osaphunzira kapena anthu opanda status ife kuti akhale a someone

    2. Nurse says:

      Nanga si kuzolowela umve nde anakukwanani ndi ukhondo. Wait a minute there is a chance umachita za uvenda nde unathamangitsidwa mu street eeeti?

    3. Inu says:

      One of the most useless guys I see. You are the reason we are the third poorest country in the world. Your funeral though.

    4. DUWA says:

      choka iwe APM nde kuti chani…… ziiiiiiii NORTH + CENTRAL = GOVT

  34. jj says:

    Bt pipo. We have power to fight. Dpp shud b voted out 100% come 2019. Y givving dirty politicians space in our city lik btz? No way shall dpp see my vote come 2019. They hv no consious for chitukuko, so they can fight to get development out of btz, so long as they rule as mayor. Stupid stupid stupid

    1. Inu says:

      The problem is that poor people in Malawi are the majority and are the ones who are constantly making wrong choices. It does not matter how you will vote that time what matters is how this group votes. That is what is painful with the Malawi situation. I will stop feeling sorry for the poor people in Malawi because they are usually forcing incompetent people on all of us.

      1. mmc says:

        Not quite true… Its Regionalism and Tribalism not poor people.

  35. Weluzani says:

    Chalamanda out really? Blanytre Mayorgate at its best. Shaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  36. che nnungu says:

    Zigawenga zawina u Mayor ku Blantyre. Blantyre at civil war. Pajatu ndi azikwanje

  37. Atcheya says:

    Stop crying people of Blantyre!! You voted more DPP Councillors in your city, what did you expect? In Lilongwe and Mzuzu too, the party with the largest number of Councillors won (MCP and PP, respectively). So,, next time, vote wisely rather than crying like babies!!!! Congrats Ndipo and Mkandawire

    1. che nnungu says:

      So why did Chalamanda win the first term when he was not DPP???

      1. Atcheya says:

        DPP supported/backed Chalamanda in 2014

      2. Bullshit says:

        Good question mate

      3. nkhambako says:

        they he will be bought as they wanted to increase the number

      4. Joe says:

        Chalamanda agreed with DPP in 2014 that he would join the party if they supported him and thats why he won. However his political advisors told him not to join the DPP. And now DPP has made sure that he is voted out. Politics in poor countries like Malawi wont bring about development.

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