Blantyre vendors push for demo cancellation: ‘Malawi CSOs and govt should enter into dialogue’

As the clock ticks closer to January 13 anti-government demonstrations, members of Blantyre Vendors Association are calling upon the civil-society groups  to cancel the street protests and give dialogue a chance.

A faction of Blantyre vendors opposing the Jan 13 demos

A faction of Blantyre vendors opposing the Jan 13 demos

Civil society organizations have planned to hold the demonstration next week to force Beautify Malawi Trust (BEAM) and Muhlakho wa Alomwe (MWA) to return money they obtained from National Aids Commission (NAC).

NAC reportedly provided the funds to the BEAM and MWA which do not have any HIV/AIDS interventions programs to warrant such financial support.

But speaking to journalists in Blantyre, spokesperson of the concerned Blantyre vendors, Joy Mkweteza, who is also the executive Director for Centre for Development Association (CEDA) said vendors in Blantyre do not see convincing reasons to hold such demonstrations.

Mkweteza said his organization has observed that the reason behind the demos is to create an impression that NAC gave money to BEAM and MWA without following the stipulated procedures.

“We, vendors have observed in disbelief unbecoming behavior of the civil society organization of Lilongwe to create an impression that NAC erred to give money to BEAM and Mulhakho wa Alomwe,” Mkweteza said.

Mkweteza said the vendors understand that NAC paid K3 million for advertising space and K2 million for tables during BEAM fund raising dinner and dance.

“At Mulhakho wa Alomwe cultural festival, NAC did not give to the grouping but it used the money amounting to K9.4 million for traditional leaders transport and accommodation. NAC participated and invited traditional leaders to this cultural festival to provide them with HIV/AIDS information, so in return they would spread the messages to their subjects. Hence we find it laughable for the civil society organizations of Lilongwe to threaten to hold demonstrations next week,” he explained.

He said although it is a constitutional right to hold demonstrations but the intention of holding the planned demonstrations questionable.

Mkweteza said previous demonstrations have ended up with loss of lives and properties therefore called upon government to look into the wellfare of the vendors and provide them with enough security.

“We have seen in the past organizers use vendors, students and members of youth organizations, taking advantage of their ignorance and destitute they become violent and may got injured or killed in the process. We therefore assuring government that vendors of Blantyre are not taking part in unnecessary demonstration like this one,” Mkweteza told journalists.

Mkweteza however appealed  to civil society organizations to cancel the January 13 demos and engage NAC, BEAM and Mulhakho wa Alomwe in a round table discussion to unpack the truth.

The demonstrations spokesman Timothy Mtambo said protests will be peaceful and that police have been informed to ensure there is safety.

Mtambo said the demo’s are part of freedom of expression and assembly, which are human rights to be exercised by the people taking part.

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79 thoughts on “Blantyre vendors push for demo cancellation: ‘Malawi CSOs and govt should enter into dialogue’”

  1. Malindima says:

    Peaceful Demo; my foot! just start preparing for the coffins as I foresee man killing man here. The fact that these vendors do not support this is a critical sign that there will be no peace in this Demo.
    If people die, blame it on Mtambo etal .

  2. kadwala says:

    Mtambo bwera kuno ku south uzapange manyi ako a ma demo ndi Kwataine wakoyo muzanya zitosi za nkhuku osati manyinso. Atumbuka opanda nzeru inu.

    1. mbangombe says:

      Mwazowera mahandauti mutani lero. Mukokerana mpakana kuti? Mwinanso simukudyerarera nawonso. Chitani chomwe chingakuthandizeni.

  3. c4 says:

    I thought we are a God fearing country but some of the comments don’t show that. Lets focus on building our country rather than bringing more damage. I think it’s time we also audited these so called CSOs who even fail to properly disclose how much they get and how they spend it. We see big houses being constructed by some CSO bosses

  4. Bongololo says:

    If you don’t like the demos then stay away from them. Simple.

  5. jj says:

    Atumbuka & PP ua stupid. U cant fool Malawi and Malawians. These will be the most failed demos ever. Wait and see

  6. Mute Gama says:

    The thing is an entity can sell tables at an event to raise money. BEAM sold tables to raise money, period! Advertising space – who were the owners of the space? Is it not BEAM? So BEAM did get the money after all.

  7. M & S says:

    Ladies and Gents, Lets be quite objective when commenting on such matters rather than being a subject of ridicule to others.

    Madam, when coming up with an issue have a thorough consultation on such burning matters to avoid (….) as peoples hearts are wolly angered by the power of lost confidence on GVT. I.e. poor Monetory and Fiscal policies by RESERVE BANK (GVT inclusive per say) which results into exorbitant prices of basic needs – where a common man in the village can hardly manage.

    How can sb for instance appreciate that the Kwacha is appreciating against the dollar. Literatures says that if the GVT is overborrowing, having no exports, lending rates above 15%…..we cant expect anything good and such a country happens not to be conducive for INVESTMENT.

    our PESTEL is unstable ( ..Political instability, social, technological and Legal instability) as well, refer TOWS Analysis definately will have an unhidden Gospel truth on the same. Its Just a GVT tactic to blackmail the farmers so that the dollar difference should go to the ACCOUNT NUMBER 1….


    M & S

  8. Nyika Republic says:

    Satanic Jealous Tumbukas, when the Judiciary went on strike you gave us that dose as Breaking News, now that the Judiciary have announced resumption of working, why don’t you give us that dose as Breaking News as well? Koma sindinaone mtundu wokuda ndi mtima womwe ngati uwu!

  9. Aferazao says:

    Who paid these street thugs to appear on Malawi-TV? Government money, not so?

  10. Wakumudzi says:

    mawa timva kuti anawapatsa ma K200,000 foseki
    mwafumbata chi scono

  11. Kwathaine says:

    Vendors Association? Bullshit these are thugs who have been bribed by Mutharika. Demonstration must go ahead full swing and Malawians must say loud and clear ”Mutharika out with your corruption and tribalism – Malawi is for all Malawians” Mutharika is old and tired, he cannot develop Malawi, just look at his photos, over fed, old sleepy, dumb looking man with a sick wife.

  12. Mbwenumbwenu says:

    I said Nyasatimes you need to be putting faces of the organisers on your net so that we shall not miss the target. odi simunamve? Koma demo ya atumbukayi lero sitiwapha ndi mfuti ayi koma mikondo. Enanu mukajijirikira za eni mufe ndi inu.

  13. Kenkkk says:

    The message we send to the govt is the most important. Whether people turn up or not doesn’t matter. The govt has got the message, for that reason it is using vendors as we know them to cause trouble. Shame.

  14. Callister Daniel Phiri says:

    Mkweteza nyemba yako yonunkhayo. Inu nde aja mumabera ma vote ? If we don’t have disposable income, can we buy you merchandise? Ndiwe vendor wamaliseche, kukamwa kununkha.. Ku ynini kosasambako. Mboli yamako

  15. abubakar Shekau says:

    Kukaniza Demo mpaka zimiyendo pamtunda shatapu ………

  16. Taweni says:

    Good message to Global Fund.


  17. nzika says:

    i dont see any valid reason of going into the street and demostrate, what demo will bring to common malawian like me, nothing and nothing even to you who is just planning to go on street without knowing what you are demostrating….ooooh i get it its MCP, PP AND TUMBUKAZ demo because they dont believe they are illigetimate to rule this country..

    1. Kenkkk says:

      That is where most people get wrong about pp. PP are quiet becausd they were stealing nac money, so i don’t think they would be supporting the demos as most of you people shout here. Even the govt is not thinking properly by claiming that pp is behind the demos, it is not because they also stole from nac.

      The difference is that dpp and its corrupt thieving associates have been caught stealing the nac just as jb govt was caught stealing cashgate money despite the fact thst cashgate started with dpp.

      The silence of the top pp people tells its own story on the nacgate!!! They are also guilty but were not caught!!’ Only dpp has been caught on nacgate!!!

      Both parties are thieving corrupt parties!!’

  18. Mtchona wopanda mano says:

    Kodi mwati vendor wamkaziyo amagulitsa cha?

  19. kadamanja says:

    Vendor! kkkkkk anganene chani???

  20. Phodox says:

    Black Monday for Tumbukas is coming. Its your choice. You say you are not benefiting the national cack yet you are holding all senior positions in Malawi apart those by national voting. Mukufwa pa Monday apa zedi. Do not dare Blantyre at all.

  21. manyasa says:

    Ungagwireko chimwendo

  22. dadaboma says:

    Time for dialogue is gone. This is time to show our anger with DPP in the streets. It is time for us to abort DPP’s regime. In April 2012, God aborted the DPP regime for us because He saw how wicked DPP was, but now we have to do it ourselves, because we had disobeyed God in bringing DPP back to power. Jan 13 is the day to cleanse Malawi of political dirt, and truly beautify Malawi by returning this country to God’s planned political leadership. Malawi cannot be under the siege of political barbarism as if it’s a country of satanists. We’re people of God, and must act now to wrestle this country from the grip of the devil and re-institute God’s order. Come, come, come, all ye, out of your hovels into the streets on Jan 13 to sweep the streets of Malawi of political sewage and garbage so that we may have life and life to the full.

  23. Phodogoma says:

    Atumbuka do not die in your large number in the forthcoming demo you did as on 20 july. You are just too much jijirika. Watch out 50 t0 100 Tumbukas will die. No mulomwe at all.

  24. Chinchindi says:

    KOMA amayi wo eee!

  25. mulakho says:

    iwe mbuli ya vendor mkweteza u never know the impact that this will have on the donors . ur stupid mouth + cashgate akupatsayo can stop us from demostrating muonaso musanati

  26. Mhango says:

    Ma vendor akuganiza kuposa atumbuka masiku ano kkkkkkk

  27. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Mafumu anawapatsa k100,000. 00 munthu modzi, inu ma vendor ndiye munali pa bwanji? Ngati munanenerera ndiye kuti munali mavendor 10 kugawana k2,000.00.

    Koma ndiye mwagundika kugulitsa ufulu wanu. Ku BT konko zopusazo.

  28. Nyaphaphi says:

    Koma vendor ndi vendor basi look at the reasoning. Do you think the chiefs to desseminate the HIV/AIDS message had to wait for Mulakhu. Are only LOMWE Chiefs affected by HIV/AIDS mwinatu paja ndi magondolosi anuwa. Why then not the other chiefs in Malawi. As for BEAM its very clear cut cleaining and HIV. Komanso poti Mrs Bwampini aja amaoneka kuti matendawa alimo.

  29. NDIDYEKO says:

    Shaah!!!! chinkazicho miyendo yake ndiye ndi yopopa boh! ndikhulupilira kuti ndi ku side ‘B’ kwake kulinso muche kwambiri!!!! Koma kuminula kwake sikunamupangise wajambula kuwuka dovu mu thalauza lake? ShaaaaaaaaH

    Vendors! are you happy with NACGATE? Why not join hands with your fellow Malawians and share your concerns to the poor leadership of our government, Malawi, through peaceful demonstrations? Vendors please, you should be looking beyond the boundaries of Malawi in terms of economic development, do you thing as Malawi nation we can clap hands for ourselves and say Malawi is heading towards self-reliant? As Malawians, we need leaders who are honest and working towards transforming lives of the poor and marginalised communities!!!! Demos woyeeeeeeeeeeee!

  30. Sammy says:

    Vendor and o stupid DPP followerz,remember ur fathers,mothers,brothers ,cctaz and even u suffering frm HIV/AIDS,MA ARV MUNGAKWANITSE KUGULA GROBAL FUND ITANYANYALA?????KUMAGANIZA..MAVENDA AKU BT ZITSILU MUFA MSANGA MA ARV ATAKUSOWAN.

  31. Munthu wa Mulungu says:

    Mkweteza, who told you the demos were planned by organizations from Lilongwe? Take care with your regionalistic stance. These are reputable national organizations. Wait and see on the 13th Jan. you will believe that the nation is furious with the abuse of power experienced in the last 6 or so months.

  32. tsamba says:

    Demo yi yabwera nthawi yoipa pamene Kanyama mkulu wa apolisi akuti shoot to kiil. Ine sindipanga nawo. Ndipo ndikuchenjeza abale anga onse kuti phukusi la moyo sasungilana. Ndatukwana ngati?


  34. Nkhondo says:

    Koma chilindi miyendo ya bwino chimkazicho bwanji. Tandipaseni number yake.

  35. fathi slshehaab says:

    what kind of diolovue bwana Venda…fid u not hear beam ormwa challenging or ujana? ndiye akambs ndi inu na venda? tejani shop mmawa mudzatsekula kumapha na jwacha…oajatu inu tinakudiwani zikwanje ayi…kamweni tea ndi khobidi mwalsndirari basi…

  36. Venda walandira soda

  37. Patriot says:

    Mkweteza said the vendors understand that NAC paid K3 million for advertising space and K2
    million for tables during BEAM fund raising dinner and dance.
    “At Mulhakho wa Alomwe cultural festival, NAC did not give to the grouping but it used the
    money amounting to K9.4 million for traditional leaders transport and accommodation. NAC
    participated and invited traditional leaders to this cultural festival to provide them with HIV/AIDS
    information, so in return they would spread the messages to their subjects. Hence we find it
    laughable for the civil society organizations of Lilongwe to threaten to hold demonstrations next
    week,” he explained?



    In what Transport and Accomodation to traditional leaders related to HIV? Is this an Aids prevalence activity?

    Bwenzani ndalamazo basi, demo sizachitika. Kulani mtima demo ilipo.

  38. Clement says:


  39. Patriot says:

    Inu ndiye akupatsani zingati?
    Timvanso posachedwapa kuti Ngumuya wakatenga injunction.

  40. KWAZULUH2 says:

    KKkkkkkkkk kkkkkkkkk mpaka mavenda kuyankhulapo?my comment has been reserved.

  41. Hebrews says:

    Bwanji osamacha za cashgate? Ndi ma bllion angati abedwa? Baker tilly report yaonetsa anthu amene aba ndalama zankhani nkhani bwanji simukunena kuti ti matche? Zitsiru za anthu! Mbuzi! K5million ndi K23 billion/K92 billion chachikulu ndi chani? Fotseki kamatcheni nokha!

  42. ujeni says:

    What a country, STREET VENDORS are now regardef as voice of wisdom and intellect than University Lecturers, Judges and judiciary workers, health personel etc. DPP style of leading this country stinks. Buying vendors to give wusdom????? Dirty politics

  43. DANIEL PHIRI wa Mutharika says:

    CSO’S, don’t forget to add among others on your petition the issue of JOSE the mu***der being on top of MPS.

  44. ADE says:


  45. chingwe chambuzi says:

    stupid vendors..akupatsani kangachepe eti. futseki u
    kno zero.

  46. Chithumwa says:

    Mavender ndinu ndaninso inu ngati simumadziwa timakutenganitu ngati mbava mwamva!

  47. Saini says:

    It is not the vendors demostrating so they can not canell the demostrations but they can stay way and let thoes who are concerned demostrat .i will jion you ,what colour red /black /green tell us will are ready.

  48. STEVEN says:

    if we lost one or 2 lives in this demonstration, what it the big loss between the money and the lives? to those supporting the dems digest this first

  49. Mwemwetera says says:

    Cowards make noise on social media , bwanji osamangopita ku ma demoko. Ma demo ku mwera kulibe we are busy people working to support our families. You lazy bones you have nothing to do of all the things man can do kudikira kupempha kwa azungu , what a shame , banja lako akudyetsere ndani?

  50. king says:

    Mr Kanyama and your team get ready to kill them,espacialy tumbukans

  51. Andrew phiri says:

    Good clarification from a discened vendor, u know what! These vendors take advantage of our ignorance to achieve their selfish goals koma that was yesterday but 2dy a Malawi anatseguka m’maso. We know what happened tn Beam, mulahko & NIS that no cash was directly paid to these institutions. Tell us another reason for demos. As for ecomic problems facing dis nation ask PP the cashgaters. Remember dis ” u can cheat some but not all”.

  52. wanthu says:

    nonsense comments, PP squandered alot of money in government, your so called president without being elected has put this country in total mess. let her bring back the moneys they stole. you CSOs what are you talking about??? we had people like Undule and His friends where are they???????????????????????????????????????

  53. chidumayo says:

    Ubulutu basi. Shitiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii zanu ku Kabulako

  54. Kanyimbi says:

    Some vendors are well to do than some of us. Moreover some of you are staying in houses built by these vendors. In any developed country entrepreneurs are the most recognized part of the economy. Only that in Malawi we are taught to go to school and then look for a job. No wonder Malawi is not developing.

  55. Nachika says:

    Abale a Malawi anzanga, akhululukire ma Vendor wa ndi mbuli. Munamuona kuti vendor opita ku Xool. Sakudziwa chomwe akuchita. Angochita zinthu muchigulugulu. Mukanangodya ndalama zomwe akupatsanizo ndi kukhala chete. Apa ndiye nonse muli pachithunzipa mwaonetsa umbuli wanu onse. Shame on you.

  56. Wilfred Ephraim Ziba says:

    to hell with venders

  57. godobaman says:

    The fact still remain that if you dont want to participate coz you see no reason to, YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO STAY AWAY. But if you have every reason to then IT IS YOUR RIGHT ALSO .Every right should be respected here bcoz we have two parties here(God or satan) the choice is yours. Mind you NO-ONE IS FORCED TO and this is 13 Jan 2015 and not 20 July 2014.

  58. The Patriot says:

    Since when have vendors become knowledgeable? With due respect these guys are only needed for their physical prowess but not intellectual abilities! Anyway , its not surprising that Blantyre vendors see no problem with NAC funds being abused by a Southern based government! Pajatu dzikoli tigawana posachedwapa, muzizapanga bwino zopusazo! As for us we can see daylight robbery here by Mulhako and BEAM, because tinapita ku xool and we can tell the difference between shit and real stuff. As for the vendors, you can go to hell!!!

  59. aphiri says:

    As long as they got money from NAC timatcha basi. Munaotchelanji warehouse ngati munanena? Munya

  60. frank says:

    Mavenda amenewa ndi achilhomwe sitikukayika ayi, chimene mungaziwe mavendanu mufune musafune demo ichitika basi lolemba likubwelali.

  61. grinzo50 says:

    Better not comment on issues raised by this vendor. This vendor is ignorant of what transpired. why is there an audit at Nac? Malawians let us be used. Past demonstrations? How many have we had? Haven’t you read on the stand taken by global fund? There decision is putting lives of ordinary Malawians at risk. Wake up Mr Vendor. As for CSOs demonstrate peacefully.

  62. This issue needs God’s intellectuals.Malawians know much how bad are CSOs.You already went wrong with Malawians on the issue of rights of minority and this time you are still showing your ignorant investigative stretegies.You lack credibility I said.

    A teacher by professional condemns!!!!

    1. Greencardless Malawian says:

      You might need a little more education Sir/ Madam….chizungucho chavutilapo

  63. czar says:

    Kodi vendor uti Chani? Shupiti zako, just eat those bribes

  64. Namanyepwa says:

    Koma ndiye desperate times call for desperate measures mpaka mavenda? Tangokhalani zinazi kumangoziona otherwise your minds are just too shallow to comment on these sensitive issues mwanva mavenda inu?

  65. luckypat says:

    I can smell blood n’ loss of properties,vendors stay away. DPP will be painted red once again.

  66. Chipoya LJ. says:

    All I see is in this whole scenario is politics and regionalism at its best. One can see that also in selection of the route to be used and people supporting and not supporting it. Just take Lilonwe route for example. Isn’t this the stronghold of a certain political party which up to now don’t believe that its APM who is sitting on the Presidency seat? I believe its not only JB who is orchestrating this demo but some cowards are also there. These are really silent killers. Hynas in sheep skin who left the Biblical doctrines for the earthly kingdom. Who did forget and forsaken the Bible teaching “Muyambe mwathanga ufumu wake and zinazi pambuyo.
    mind you, I do live here in Lilongwe and have noticed that a lot of people making noise in support of this demo are party zealots.

    My fellow Malawians, why can’t we engage dialogue? Why can’t we understand each other. Why politicising almost everything. Let’s we all know that there use to be one leader/president at a time. Let’s we alll know also that “He who God blessed, no one can curse” remember God’s time is always the best. Let’s we wait for the campaign period in 2019.

    To you politicians behind this demos, mind you, people are watching and are aware of your motives. Let’s all give our president a chance, let us unite and give him right directions not through demo which are likely to cause some havoc in some areas. Have we all forgotten of July 20, 2011?

    To my fellow Malawians, let us desist from being used by these greedy and jealousy individuals hiding by the umbrella name CSO. They are messengers of JB and other opposition gurus. They have been funded these bloody money by some one outside there.

    Well, its your birth right to demonstrate but don’t say I didn’t warn you.

    All in all, GOD bless Malawi!!!!!!!!

    1. Callister Daniel Phiri says:

      Za ziiiiii. I believe this is Nankhumwa spinning the propaganda

  67. Vendor ndi chaninso

  68. mtila zomba says:

    Dont ever try to do ur stupid demos in the lomwe belt capital of you think the same lomwes can participate ndi zauchisiluzi? ndi nthawi yoti next week timve kuti atumbuka afa angati nde mudzidzati dpp yaphetsa anthu kuiwala kuti ndi kwataiwe,ndi anzake

  69. Kadzibwa says:

    Fwetseke nanu ma so called vendors from Blantyre. How much have you pocketed. Muyisovenge. CSO more fire.

  70. Cos says:

    kodi mavenda amakugulani katundu wanu ndani? ngati ndi a NAC ndi APM ndinu zitsiru mmesa mumadalira welfare yathu komanso nanu ndinu akuba, kuzolowera kuwapisa mmatumba anthu ndiye mukubakira mbava zinzanu za DPP.

  71. opportunist says:

    Crying over spilled milk

  72. kanchenga says:

    Koma a Malawi we forget easily mkweteza mwaiwala mmene anafera Chasowa potumikila afiti a dpp. Anthu awa akugwiritsani ntchito kenaka osakupatsani zimene mwapanga. Mukafusa angokuzimitsani. Mufera zaeni inu limbilani kugulitsa katundu wanu.

  73. Denkhule says:

    The goverment is failing to increase salaries of Judicially staff because it has no money but it is has money to pay chiefs Mk100 000.00 each and Blantyre venders Mk 1 000 0000.00 to protest against demonstrations. Kodi ndalama zimene akuwonongazi is it not enough to raise peoples salaries who are on strike and what is the source siku NAC komweko? Kodi mavenda aku Blantyre palibe amene akudwala matenda a edzi? Finally mafumu ndi mavenda nanunso mubwenze ndalama zomwe mwalandilazo.

  74. Zansete says:

    Ndi m’mene DPP imachitila ikapanikizika,kuyeselela kutchinga chilungamo kuti chisachitike,kunyengelela mafumu,abusa,mavenda,atolankhani ndipo sanati pabwela magulu osiya-siyana koma siziwathandiza kuti dziko liyende bwino. Ndipo pamenepa Muthalika ndi DPP ndipamene munve kuwawa,ndipo muphwisa.

  75. Ababa Thamangiwa. says:

    responsible youth

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