Body of albino exhumed in Kasungu for witchcraft rituals – Malawi Police

Malawi Police in Kasungu are hunting for unknown criminals who over the weekend exhumed remains of a person with albinism from a graveyard at Mnyanja Village, Sub-T/A Chitanthamapiri in the district.

Unknown individuals exhume albino corpse from grave

Unknown individuals exhume albino corpse from grave

Kasungu Police Deputy Public Relations Officer Constable Harry Namwaza confirmed the development.

Namaza said the suspected criminals dug out a grave of 14-year-old Martha Banda who died on 7th January, 2004.

He said some people from the area discovered that late Martha’s tomb was dug out when they went to prepare another grave for a 16-year-old boy who had just died from the same Village.

“CID officers visited the graveyard and it was discovered that the remains were taken by unknown criminals,” he said.

Albinos in Malawi are killed for their body parts, which are sold for witchcraft.

Belief in witchcraft runs deep in Malawi and albino body parts are often used in rituals. Even the bodies of dead albinos are sometimes exhumed and sold.

Body parts reportedly  sell for around $600 and an entire corpse fetches $75,000.

People with albinism  face “grave danger” in Malawi, Deprose Muchena of Amnesty International, said in a statement.

According to the international human rights’ organization, two people with albinism have been killed in Malawi so far this year, and five others are missing.

In April, Malawi’s inspector general of police ordered his offers to immediately shoot anyone who appears to be abducting albinos in order to protect them from “dangerous criminals.”

“Shoot every criminal who is violent when caught red-handed abducting people with albinism,” Lexen Kachama said.

“We cannot just watch while our friends with albinism are being killed like animals every day. We do realize that these people are ruthless, have no mercy and therefore they need to be treated just like that.”

Albinism is a hereditary genetic condition that causes a total absence of pigmentation in the skin, hair and eyes. –Additional reporting by Judith Moyo, Nyasa Times

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These People Cares About Money Not 4someone’s Life

Aledi Nkata

Eish,kuli bwino nditadzafa nkulima, mpaka kufukula zoola.

Professor Wakumpoto

This is why those guys who were caught in NE were set ablaze. Zokhwimazi timangonamizana otherwise Malawi would have had the richest people in the world. Amene amakhwima amangozizunza. Secondly, tiyambepo cremation in Malawi to avoid zokumbanazi, komanso population yathu is growing astronomically hence pompano malo for graveyard akhala atatha.


akapezeka aziotchedwa bax


Much as i do not condone these barbaric practices , but desplaying the estimative figures at which the bones are trading leaves alot to be desired . By doing so you are trying to encourage those who may be tempted to use the chance once arise


Security is the problem in malawi, no justice in malawi.. pamene anthu ambiri akupemphera ndi pamene uchimo umene sitinauwone ukuchika

Problem yayiku ndi PRESIDENT he is there as asign post


Ndichifukwa chake anthu amati, “musathamangire kusilira anthu olemerawa mpaka mutadziwa pomwe pachokera ndalama zawo!” Kulemera ndibwino ndipo tonse tiyenera kuchita bwino, koma osati zaumve zili pamwambapa! Ndalama zopanda nazo Yesuzi!!!

Let’s not just be cry babies; let’s make laws to protect not only albinos but every one; tomorrow the devil may switch and start targeting a particular group which might be living in peace today. And we can’t keep on making minority group laws. If our law makers continue to look aside tiputa anthu kuti zachitika ku Lower Shirezi zipitilire; which is not good!!!

romme wa ka mphaks

That’s disgusting where is ubuntu huminity albino is lyk us gys


The story is so touching. Really, just becoz of excessive love for money. Really? Thats bad.


first, launch an investigation how to the child died. Secondly put laws that protect albinos to include sealing their graves with concrete upon burial.

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