Boko Haram issue xenophobia ‘payback’ threats

African-based terror groups Boko Haram and al-Shabaab’s threats to attack South Africans in retaliation for xenophobic violence should not be taken lightly.

Boko Haram vows to kill South Africans if xenophobia doesn't end within 24 hours

Boko Haram vows to kill South Africans if xenophobia doesn’t end

That was the warning sounded on Friday by local Islamic authority

Moulana Ihsaan Hendricks, president of the Cape Town-based Muslim Judicial Council (MJC), who said at its Crawford headquarters that “we should not be naive”.

Al-Shabaab has appeared on social media websites in images with the words “We will enter Durban” and “For all the foreign lives lost in SA there is a price to pay”.

A number of Nigerian media outlets reported late this week that Boko Haram “gives South Africa 24 hours to end xenophobic attacks, or face bombing”.

Nigerian Watch reported that South Africa’s “ongoing xenophobic attacks against African migrants could take an ugly turn for the worse”. It said its local “Islamist terrorist group Boko Haram” had warned the South African government it could “face the consequences”.

“In a brief YouTube video message, the murderous terrorist sect, responsible for about 13 000 deaths in Nigeria since 2009, threatened to export its terror to South Africa,” it reported.

“Boko Haram warned that if the South African government does not contain the situation, it will execute all South Africans living in Nigeria, Chad, Niger and other surrounding countries.

“It also threatened to attack South African embassies in those countries.”

Nigerian media have also reported that the Nigerian Youths Congress (NYC) would attack South Africans in Nigeria if xenophobic violence continued against African nationals.

Leadership newspaper reported NYC president Comrade Yakubu Shendam as saying that South African “citizens are scattered around Nigeria excelling in various businesses, and are being protected by the government”.

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117 thoughts on “Boko Haram issue xenophobia ‘payback’ threats”

  1. consid says:

    Ths thng is in 1 Province..Durban nd South Africa is not formed by 1 province…is jst these stupid Zulus in Durban..CONDOLENCES TO BROTHERS & SISTERS who died nd lost their loved ones

  2. Wajoni says:

    Lies are spread quickly, wonder why?

  3. Mafalda says:

    OMG what about me im half south african and half mozambiquan, please Boko Harram don’t do this #fogivin on behalf of all Zulus and South Africa

  4. anti-zulu says:

    Lazy Zulus, they should be ashamed of theirselfs, they claim to have uhuru but yet the cowards where subjected to dehumanization for over 200 years in their own land by the whitemen, when even the weakess african nations succeeded in driving out the white pigs, and now you open that your dirty mouths to say that u don’t want other africans in you country, you forget that its this same Africans that supported you during your striving days, sensless dogs.

  5. Z Z Junior says:

    For the first time, I wish to agree with Boko Haram.

  6. Chris luka says:

    The ideal cnt bring us the food at e table unless we can take e action so its ur time to do smtin on dat matter why ce people kill us like chicken plz do smthing fast, May God bless u all

  7. unknown says:

    Boko haram please do us a favour and try attacking south africa we are ready for just the UN doesnt wanna give us a chance to finnish you off just bomb one town and face the music you think south africans are scared hell no

  8. Anti-Zulu says:

    Bold step boko, this is a clear case of a repentant child fighting against injustice and opression, go on Boko nigerians are behing you.

  9. unknown says:

    please dont for one second think that all south Africans are into to xenophobia. the good are busy housing and giving shelter to those who where affected by it. alot of different communities coming together donating food and supplys. we are just as disgusted as your guys are at the shocking behavior by those illiterate south Africans that have attacked.

  10. tere says:

    south africans mast die!

  11. Nduku says:

    Tke care of them haram

  12. Nduku says:

    If our fellow south africans kicked us down like this never think s the end of it .we may be down but not out i dont what haram sy but if it can stop the attacks then i age him to do it fast because if they want to learn the hard way take them to another xool

  13. Kenneth says:

    I miss that go deeper

  14. Mmasomwambuyanu says:

    All of you who are rallying behind Boko Haram are imbeciles. You have no iota of shame and reasoning. Today Boko Haram is attacking fellow Nigerians, are they involved in Xenophobic attacks in Nigeria? Mind you it will not be South Africa alone Boko Haram will descend upon, but the whole Africa including Malawi,. Boko Haram is trying to spread to other countries and you are foolishly clapping hands for this terrorist group? Misana ya ambuyanu nonse mukuti you are rallying behind this terrorist group. This group has no regard for human life already, they should not hide behind xenophobia, who doesn’t know this?? Some people can be so foolish as to support Boko Haram. Thats shallow thinking and you are not worth to be human beings mwinanso agalu atha kukuposani kuganiza…..9All of you who have written rubbish here about supporting this terrorist group, vimitu vanu, shupiti).

  15. mchewa says:

    Boko Haram you are fools and we don’t take you for your words. Those Nigerian girls you abducted, are they South Africans? Are they not your fellow Nigerians?? This only shows how barbaric you are. You have killed too many of your fellow country men – Nigerians, what did they do? So dont hide behind Xenophobic attacks for your barbaric actions, you are already devils masquarading on this earth. With or without Xenophobia, you are already killers, you fools. The world is no longer afraid of you, maybe just there in Nigeria where they treat you with kids gloves. Chad, Cameroon have already wiped you, so try it, nonsense!!!.

  16. annony says:

    South Africa used their neighbouring countries as a place of safety during their fight for freedom, now you want us to accommodate this large number of people who have turned south africa as their home they don’t wanna fight their own war for their own freedom some of you are doing drugs some are prostitute some they do fraud. Without any fight please

  17. uknown says:

    People are quick to judge all south africans, url forget that we are not all the same nd a couple of people don’t make up the whole country. So stop saying south africans are foolish, rather say sum south africans are foolish. Say No to Xenaphobia- I’m proudly south african

  18. michael says:

    South african should stop killing people. Rather consider our gorvenment to establish a solid security in the borders. Boko who are you to give warnings? Some of us fully rely on jesus, so pleaseeeeee what ever you willing to do come we know your intention

  19. michael says:

    What is happening is wrong we should let our governent play its part interms of security on the main borders. Boko dont try to frighten south african like we are scare of you…some of us rely on jesus, who are you to give us a warning? I pleadge to south africans to stop killing but by talkung rather

  20. Luyanda says:

    Boko Haram I pity u we r not a country of talkers we defeated apartheid by stone, if u never experience total project failure, come in SA wl punish the hell out of u, I condemn the Xenophobic violance its not humane, bt Boko should threaten us in oun peril wl erase ur existance should you try us, unskilled migrant workershould peacefully exit our beautiful land I stand by my word

  21. mota says:

    Go! Go! Go Boko. Dirty Zulus will pay back. No mercy for those uncivilized Shakazulu

  22. Majidh says:


  23. Teacher says:

    Boko haram/Alshabab attacks and kills members of other religions, forcing them to convert. South Africans are attacking and killing migrants from other nationalities. All the same they are all killers but just in different context. To hell with Boko Haram yanuyo.

  24. eugene c says:

    Go!Go!Go! Boko, waiting to watch the video Go!Go!Go boko

  25. Shutyourface says:

    Not everyone in RSA is for xenophobia people!

  26. Shutyourface says:

    I hope this little parade of yours about your wish for Boko Haram to execute all the innocent children and helpless old people,how pathetic can a person be? If you for one,think that all South Africans feel that all xenophobic attacks are good then you just dumb…

  27. mjanja says:

    south Africans are so blind, the were accommodated in Mozambique , Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe and other good neighbouring countries when they were fighting for their freedom and now they have turned against those good neighbours and they are persecuting them.

  28. VYOTO says:



  29. The King Badwill zwelethin,and his people are all stupid,foolish,savages,who have never traveled.Because of there stupidity they think they r Africans super powers,of which they r not.But how long will it take,they will pay back and answer.Inshaallah

  30. concerned says:

    Southafricana are foolish. Do they think its only their country where they have foreign nationals? Why do they act as if they own the world? After all this country has mostly been developed by foreigners since (teba) time. Why cant they be greatful? GO BOKO HARAM GO!!

  31. Kemzy26 says:

    I pity south Africans living in other lands
    Sry to say that the south Africans hv prove to the world that they are still far from civilization.

  32. wa joy c thomas says:

    what z wrng wth thoz south africans? Kdi iwowo m’maiko aanzawo samayenda kapena kukhalamo? Kdi nawonso kwa eni akayamba kuwapha ndi kuwathamangixa wil ther eva b peace btwn the pple? Tiyeni tizipanga zinthu moganiza guyz….

  33. Mugonapamuhanya says:

    Since when did these Islamists start caring about LIFE. What a crap?

  34. Julie says:

    Much as xenophobia is not gud, neither Boko Haram! Boko haram is and have been killing inocent people since 2008, is that fare? Nothing to celebrate about here. I condemn both in the strongest term

  35. zanga phee says:

    zimatiwawa kwabasi, koma ife ulemu, kupusa , kupepera , kumbwambwana, kudontha, sititha kubwzera anthu a mmaiko mwina anzathu akamaphedwa mmaiko amenewo.
    tiuzeni kuti ndi amalawi angati aphedwa pa zipolowe zimenezi.

  36. kalingonda says:

    anthu akuzuzika guys

  37. Esau says:

    What went wrong with us south africans?why kiling our brothers and sisters stop it good people

  38. malawi says:

    Vengeance is for God himself, let him prove to us know sinner will go unpunished

  39. go go says:

    The teaching of the Koran has produced BOKO JARRAM,ALQUIDA,ALSHABAB, ISIS ETC. Their ideologies are based on the pillars of Islam you cannot deny them. It is just that God has sent a spirit of confusion that instead of killing others they have now turned on one another killing fellow Moslems it is God answering our prayers. I pity them. Muphana simunati Mulungu siwamasewera.

  40. Zimandiwawa heve mukamati a boko haram ndi islamic group kodi akakhala kuti ndi RODHES RESISTANCE ARMY mumati gulu la chi KHRISTU?
    One day you will wake up comfused and suprised

  41. mj says:

    wars,poverty,genocide were all foretold ….it is written ” it must all come to pass”. its just a matter of time before we also have to deal with these kinda things in our country. only God can save us

  42. rose says:

    Do not repay any one evil to evil its only God can repay .Lets pray one another dis time we c miracles.

  43. mujambazi says:

    Avange the south Africans my uncle is now dead becoz of them…. boko pliz do yo best

  44. lweyagift says:

    this must end

  45. Liaqat Muskwati says:

    Boko haram, isis just like alqaida and many other such groups,in reality have Nothing to do with ISLAM. They are anti-Islamic organisations, that were formed and are financed and regularly supplied, arms and ammunition by mosad and the whole international secret intelligence organisations. Nothing is really what it seems to be.

    Boko haram and the other counter Islamic groups, whose members, most of whom are not even aware of, the masterminds behind their terror attacks, are commissioned missions of commitimg the worst heinous crimes to humanity in order to undermine the integrity of ISLAM, as another psychological attack on ISLAM, in the on-going current propaganda against ISLAM.

    If any member of the general public can get to read the Holy Quràn, they will realise that such groups were even predicted by the Quràn and hopefully realise the real meaning of ISLAM which is: SUBMISSION TO PEACE, and realise that the terror so-called Islamic organisations, have NOTHING to do with True ISLAM at all.

    “And when We took your covenant: SHED NOT THE BLOOD OF YOUR PEOPLE NOR TURN OUT YOUR OWN PEOPLE FROM THEIR DWELLINGS. Then you ratified and you bear witness.

    After this it is you who kill one another and drive out a party of you from their homes, assist their enemies against them, in sin and transgression.” – Al Baqara 84 – 85

  46. malawi sudan says:

    for sure this article it’s not true. boko haram as well as al shabaab have their agendas.

  47. Everisto Tongesai says:

    We feel so ignored SA Government and Kings sent it’s evil people to kill us (foreigns) living in SA plz come

  48. Kulinji says:

    What if your brothers faces the same as violence as you are acting? Hopefully you can smile,but I as one of those strugglers I can’t show you my teeth on this stupid behaviour. Now listern what BOKO is talking,let’s see how crever you are!!

  49. charles says:

    tamapangani zanuzo but u hv to no GOD is not ur brother

  50. God is able to stop it,than relying on this satanic arm by the name of boko haram.

  51. eish! an eye for an eye,bokoharam ooyee!

  52. Firstly, Boko Haram IS a terrorist group and whether they are throwing threats or not to the South African government due to the ongoing xenophobic attacks…. They have never shown any concern for human life even that of their brothers living both in Nigeria and out of Nigeria. Secondly.. The guys have taken close to 13000 lives of people and what is suddenly making them to show concern for the people being killed when they are doing the same at a large scale… We should not take the threats as retaliation but as a way of expanding their terrorist activities to the whole of Africa……. That is just my view.

  53. anonymous says:

    NO!boko haram must not attack SA

  54. papa says:

    This is the only time I have liked boko haram

  55. Benford says:

    This is the second time for South African killing our brothers now their is no time to warm them lets join hands with BOKO HARAM and start to booming them.

  56. Thomandy says:

    Go ahead boko halam

  57. Maamwene ovaha says:

    I for one can not buy this boko haram issue. They say charity begins at home. Lets be careful, lest we clap hands for a witch. #BRINGBACKOURGIRLS

  58. Teng says:

    So boko haram en al-shabab can kill Africans but they don’t South Africans killing other Africans?

  59. Wina alila says says:

    I am from one of the African countries being harrased by these South Africans and have lived abroad for a long time. I remember living in the UK during the apartheid era and joining in to boycot any products made in South Africa. This actually helped to end apartheid in South Africa and now look what the black South Africans are doing!Shame to you all and shame to Zuma . The white South Africans must be laughing their heads off!

  60. Billy Chirambo says:

    Go Boko Save Our Fellow Relaves

  61. Nkhun'ya Mavi says:

    I think Boko is trying to find a way to spread to other African countries.

  62. wasoka manson says:

    boko haram

  63. wanamaliza says:

    tiyee nazo bokoo tiyi joina imeneyoo hahahaha this is x majah from malawi defence force fuck sauth africans pathako pino

  64. genaro says:

    Thanks Boko haram I don’t know why they said foreighners must pack their back an leave the contry, they was forgeting that an their people are outsite

  65. Zizwani chataya says:

    Tsotsiz thougt dat dey wea clever tiye bhokohalaam WoRldWAr3

  66. mlomwe2 says:


  67. Kenneth duwa says:

    Ya if dat group goes in it will fine bcoz the south africans they felt superior rather than the other pple from other dat country it surrounded by mines if they thrown the misile & bomu all southafrica land will collapsed down. Sme r nt knw dat everythng happen hve negative & postive consequence.l hope dat after get dis message concern about Boko haram &al shabalb iz ready 2 attack cruew if they cöntineu violence 2 de foreigners.come 2 revenge them they killed our brothers,uncles,sisters.neiphe,grnd mthr &grndfthr and fathers.

  68. Wati says:

    Tell them, stupid southafricans.

  69. go go says:

    If the article is true then I salute Boko Haram at least they have shown concern for the lives of their brothers being killed in South Africa. The Tzotsis and warrior ngonis know they are not a match to bokoharrams. They now know the value of life therefore they should demonstrate it by stopping killing innocent people themselves. Engage govts in dialogue return the girls they abducted because their threat has brought sanity to the Tsotsis in S.A. Thank you for your concern for the lives of all the foreigners in S. Africa.

  70. samy jones says:

    lets fight back, asationjeze

  71. Farooqi Muskwati says:

    Africans!! Please wake up! The hatred you are viciously lashing out on your fellow Africans is uncalled for. You should be channeling your anger, frustration and hatred against the system that made up those artificial borders, that divide you up, to make you fight and kill each other.

    We should unite as Afrricans, we are all one family. The zionists who run De Beers and own all the gold and steel mines in SA and other parts of Africa, are relaxing in their massive mansions in Camps Bay in Cape Town, Muizenberg and other places, and laughing at us, calling each other foreigners and killing each other. Raymond Ackermans,Openheimer and them, who used to finance apartheid, now control us economically, underpaying us and milking us of every cent through their big supermarkets and other businesses the press and media, but we don’t think they are foreigners. The profits they make, instead of contributing in eradicating poverty, they rather finance brainwashing schemes,and supply even weapons for schisms like this crazy mayhem that has driven us into TOP RANKING MADNESS! killing each other. This benefits them, because, it diverts us from realising about them, even being white and economically still oppressing us as the REAL FOREIGNERS, not that skin colour should really be the issue, but instigating us into attacking fellow Africans is ludicrous!Why are we making fools of ourselves? Accusing our own brothers and sisters of being foreigners, attacking and killing them! This didn’t just start happening coincidentally though, at such a huge scale!

    How grossly appalling is that! How can we forget, or are we uninformed that it was the Zambians, Mozambicans, Malawians,Zimbabweans, Tanzanians and most countries in Africa who opened doors to SAns who took refuge in exile, during the liberation struggle as well as UK, Americas! Africans in these countries died, for the liberation of SA as well as

    The boeres used to launch airstrikes on the liberation training camps in these countries which trained SAns for the Armed Struggle and many Africans we are calling foreigners died and many we injured and are disabled. They marched in protests against apartheid and campaigned for sanctions against Apartheid Now these are the same people we are calling foreigners.

    In UK they are free to move from London through Wales up to the North Scottish Highlands, no borders at all, though they have differences in culture dialects and accents, and that’s what gives them stability and peace, the continent is united. The same with the vastness of America and Russia.

    We are fighting among each other because of these silly artificial borders, that were put there by the colonialists, to divide and rule us. We need to find a solution to liberate our children from this economic slavery, through a UNITED AFRICA. We need to take the struggle further, for the removal of all borders, from Cape to Cairo! That will improve the quality of our lives, as we won’t be stuck tyrant puppet prime ministers or presidents.

    It is our oppressers who are funding these brainwashing schisms, through their SECRET INTELLIGENCE, now made easier with technology, to make us fuss, fight and kill each other! PLEASE STOP, ATTACKING AND KILLING EACH OTHER. We are making ourselves LAUGHING STOCKS in the world.


    “Out of the experience of an extraordinary human disaster that lasted too long, must be born a society of which ALL HUMANITY WILL BE PROUD OF.” Nelson Mandela
    – Long Walk to Freedom

    1. Wailing Soul says:

      Impressive comment. Right on the mark

  72. Chindere chakufikapo says:

    Back home,have they returned the girls they abducted? How about the 13000 + people they have killed? Where was the humanity they r trying to show the world now. I have my nieces in South Africa,they only thing I can urge them is to return home if they are safe wherever they are,but I cannot in anyway support the activities of Boko haram. We have to end violence in Africa and we cannot do it by unleashing a terror group to quell terrorism in another area,how about South Africans who are innocent on this. THINK TWICE before suppoting them

  73. chakumanda betha says:

    Eeeeee izzzzzz ndiiiiii nkhaniiii zinaaaaa man

  74. Killiane says:

    This Xenaphobic attacks is been done by people in South Africa who are too lazy to work! Immagrant’s are the hard working people trying to make a living, Then you have South Africans who are lazy and are the ones commiting the crimes.

  75. Mr.Bambo says:

    Ili ndiye bodza lankunkhuniza,sensationalism at its best.How can the Devil attack itself?

  76. BigMan says:


    1. Wailing Soul says:

      That is not true at all. Banda was the only African leader who was dealing directly with the apartheid regime. He was close to the Pieter Botha government and that apartheid regime built our Capital City, Lilongwe. You must be young or you must not have read your history very well. Malawi, unlike her neighbours, had an embassy in Pretoria. This was condemned by regional leaders but Kamuzu defended it saying “we need South Africa because we are a landlocked country” At the time, Mocambique was embroilled in civil war.

  77. Tepsyliam Tepsy says:

    blue lial bh.Let them reduce the number of migrants atleast to make their safe.Most of the foreigners are bad minded thats why they thought of attacking.Bravo Zulus

  78. Jonathan says:

    These people may do it . why tsek them.
    They may use this to gunner support. this is a weird world. we pray they don’t

  79. justin says:

    pray for africa

  80. MULHAKHO says:

    Wawa! Mbambande ma boko’z musawasiye kawa phulitseni anthu opanda chikondiwo ku south africa ndakondwera nazo kwambiri.


    Apa pokha ndiye ndigwirizana nanu inu a boko haram ndi alshabab muchita chithu chopambana mukatero. Tit for tat basi, azawo safuna moyo?

  82. A.K.A Phil k says:

    Come plz Bokos iam ready to b part of u to shut down this evil n ignorant pple.

  83. jacob says:

    Bom one of they embassy then thy will know how pain it is.

  84. ujeni says:

    Lies, how can a murder chastise a fellow murder not to murder. This story is false just like many Nigerian stories on Nigerian websites. Scam written all over it.

  85. shaka zulu says:

    Every human have a home, so they must go back now. they do not scare us i think the police must get off
    on the way we want to see them shit Nigerians they think we are scared of Boko haram! HLANGANA ZULU

  86. Jimmy juga says:

    If indeed its true this is a positive move by the so called boko harram and alishabab. Do some urgently so that these terorist so called zulas should see the consequence of their action. They should learn to respect mankind. If its that maputo supply eletricity to south africa please swich off for 2 weeks to teach them no country can work in isolation. I 00% supporting you guys boko and alishabab. Your name is bad ,this is th time you can clean your name so that pple can know that you some time fight good course. Im eagery listening to hear your action. Consider bombing their embersies not only the place you mentioned but all over.i know this is a small assignment for you guys. They need a price.they should also budget to repatriate dead bodies and casualties in foreign countries.if u do this job .im seriously considering bankrolling you if finishing this assignment.

  87. Kadammanja says:

    When u come to SA, contact me. I’ll show u where Kwazulu Natal is

  88. Akulisinga says:

    go go boko! but wait after after most foreigners are out. target shabins they are lazy people what they know is drinking beers. remember you are a terrorist group so go your fellow terrorist. group thus Zulus.

  89. Atcheya says:

    How can anyone be smiling at any act by terrorists like Boko Haram and Al-Shaabab? Do we really understand the atrocities that these groups have committed in Africa?? And how correct is this story since none of the international media houses have written about it?

    1. Wailing Soul says:

      International media? What do you mean? Just google it and you will read a series of related stories. Secondly, is Nyasatimes not international media? Define international media?

  90. munyasa says:

    teach them how to humble urself in the midst of humanity.. South africans are all over doing this or that even cooking nsima in restaurants yet we emblace them as comrades……i think rhese guys have not seen the effect of terrorism……boko haram has warned….we are all africans we depend on each other

  91. Big brain says:

    On this one yes bokohar anu go ahead and slaughter them

  92. david phiri says:

    please south African gov. take part before it is worse !!!!!! otherwise these terrorists are dangerous though they forget that themselves have killed more than xenophobic attack !”!!!!!!!

  93. Tricho says:

    Go go go alsha bab go,,,,Boko Haram pliz we temporarily need at this time

  94. Wadya Kake alibe mbiri says:

    For the first time time am rallying behind Boko an A l Shabaab! Kill these Zulu idiots pliz!

  95. panyani says:

    For once I rally behind Boko Haram and Al Shabaab, plz hits these South African hard, they should feel the pain of losing loved ones in a cruel manner.

  96. South Africans would you please kill all immigrants in your country that is what we call patriotism.South Africans cannot change their style of living with immigrants but what i can urge south africans is that they should also be killing female ones,why only men?Boko Haram and Al_shababu you chase and kill all South Africans to their homeland stupid adulterer jacob zuma and bustard edward zuma.

  97. Maliseche says:

    Tamasewerani ku Nigeria komweko ndi Goodluck Jonathan….Jonz mmayixiwa….jst try an feel the heat…lol!

  98. tzude says:

    pliz boko haram kil al s.fricans on mother earth

  99. Angry SADC says:

    Bravo BOKO HARAAM deal with all South Africans not how far are they come even South African country. The most hot issue is to try and eliminate Jacob Zuma because he is behind the attacks on foreigners.
    How can he fail to contain the so called xenophobic attacks which is happening for the second time, they have already experience of it and its strategy how to prevent it.
    African countries lets cooperate and build one thing to confront this behaviour cause its not only in this self acclaimed rich country where is influx of foreigners if they are to emulate Africa will be a waist land to live on.
    Jacob Zuma, what lessons are you passing on to those who found space in you as a role model yet you let this foolish act exacerbate while you hold the rule of command as one citizen please atleast this time be wise, lacking formal education does not affect much in presidency leadership.
    Bravo BOKO HARAAM for the right decision you do that even in Pretoria for a lesson to be learnt at a close distance.

  100. Barbs says:

    This does not make sense, ain’t these foreigners in South Africa running away from the very same boko haram and el shababs

  101. yusuf says:

    If they will continue attack the foreiners
    We will fight back

  102. Owen tebulo says:

    They might care if their members are victims too

  103. Aniagu says:

    He that throw stone in the market should be assured of either that the stone cut his mother or any of his relations, “end of quote” I therefore call on all Nigerians and other countries of African continent to declare that, South Africans must quit their countries, in retaliation to the actions of South Africans.

  104. o'neil says:

    dont use a curse to contain a curse, seek intervention from god and other right channels. u cant trust this boko thing and this al shabab madness, their cause is uncomon, stinky and short of humane.

  105. Spawk says:

    Xenophobia is bad and so is terrorism. Let’s be careful lest these terrorist groups Boko haram and al-shabab take advantage of this to gain popularity and hence use this as a means to add more recruits to their murderous groups. It doesn’t make sense. They are killing thousands and here they want to show concern over xenophobia killings. The Zulu idiots, Boko and al-shabab are all terrorists. Never accept help or sympathy from any of these terrorists.

  106. concerned Malawian says:

    Nyasatimes please be professional in the way you report news. I can’t believe you are busy reporting these social lies as news. Please verify first before reporting. Don’t just report because other stupid websites have written something. Do you really expect that these murderous criminal organizations would really care about the xenophobic attacks?

    1. Owen tebulo says:

      They might care if their members are victims too

    2. A.K.A Phil k says:

      Yes thy care about it n wth areason bhind take note all de groups u knw in all countries thy gt member who running bznesses all over the world jst to hide bt thy still communicate wth headquarter ,so do u think thy can allow nonses to disturb there membrs?

    3. Mad Professor says:

      This story has appeared in renowned news media outlets such as the Independent newspapers of South Africa. Google it.

  107. come and kill all this bad hearted people including this basturd whom they call him president coz is the one who coursed all these shit

  108. cbk says:

    have yu seen the childish behavior where things are going?were they thinking in other countries there are no south africans?dont cry!these guys definately they will act.

  109. Tit 4 Tat is a fair game. says:

    Good move so that South Africans should know the values of other countries lives and no country on earth that could stand on its own without other countries support never at all .Others says Tit for Tat is a fair game, to me isnt good but in extent is good. Viva Bokos.

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