Boozy Malawi Police officers fired after picture circulates on social media

Malawi Police officers caught boozing while on duty and in uniform  have been fired.

Miscondunct: Cops photographed taking beer, while in the line of duty.

The cops were photographed taking beer, while in the line of duty and the photo, which also depicted a woman, believed to be a prostitute, donning one of the officers’ police cap went viral on social media.

The druken cops have been identified as Inspector Kenneth Kadiwa, Sergeant Clear Kondowe, Sergeant Dunken Kadumba and Constable James Kamphinda.

“They have all been dismissed on the offense of ‘Prejudice of good order and discipline,” said Central Region Police Headquarters on Tuesday.

Police said the  behavior does not reflect the hard work of Malawi Police officer.

“It’s very embarrassing,” admitted a police spokesman for central region.

Reports of indiscipline have become so rampant in the Malawi Police Service, with pictures of drunken officers in uniform- some carrying a riffle circulating heavily on social media.

Few months ago, Malawi Police also dismissed a female officer after her nude photos got leaked.

Of late, Malawians have also waken up to the news of some officers involved in armed robberies.

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Malawi has the highest population of traffic police in the world, every road there are traffic officers, infact 24 hours traffic police, anytime day or night you find them. Please boma dont recruit and traffic officers for the next 20 years we already have too many


Mtumbuka say what is right. Go to other countries and you will see traffic officers controlling vehicles on round abouts. Osamangolankhulapo zinazi mukakhala kuti simukudziwa zomwe mukunena


You must differentiate between controlling traffic and checking Malawi Police ttaffic police officers think that there job is only to check offenders, they don’t control.

William Tell

What about that senior police officer who was implicated in that nude photo scandal? He still has his job, get rid of all them bad apples for starters then maybe, just maybe we might start to take the MPS seriously


Pachithunzipo pali zipewa 5, bwanji mwachosa ntchito anthu 4 okha?


The punishment does not fit the crime. Serious reprimand could have been best. The cops were not drunk, they were just quenching thirst and the prostitute did not take the hat she just tried putting it on, possibly admiring her customers work. Presence of police at beer halls is also sign that our security officers are interactive with their communities. It is likely that crimes at such places could not occur because handcuffs were there- a positive side of their presence.

Kingsley Jika
It’s unfortunate our officers could do this, BUT these are human beings with human folly, & at times some lapse of judgement can force them behave thus. But, let us be honest, is this the worst sin a person in uniform can commit? Have we really solved a problem here? Is there no interdiction in your books? People, some professionals, are stealing billions in this country, punishing so many with their acts. These were drinking & maybe plus other folly, but I bet we need some dose of mercy. I am not condoning but I think it harsh. They have… Read more »
Mtumbuka kununkha

The police is indeed rotten. Imagine akumaima pa ma roundabout nkumakupiza ma galimoto kuti adutse zoona? Do we need a traffic policeman at a roundabout? This morning we experienced a terrible traffic jam at the Kamuzu Central Hospital Roundabout just because some mad and drunken police officer was busy “controlling” traffic there,…….. like seriously?

Inu apolisi ngati mwatopa pitani kuntcheu mukalime kachewere. Or at-least you can go and control vehicles at Lilongwe bus deport. its nasty there.

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