Bottom up: Divided they stand, united they fall

It may not be pleasing to some people who believe that anyone who suggests anything politically innovative, such as secession and federalism, or anything politically backward, such as feudalism or Unitarianism, is against the duly elected minority government and presidency of Peter Arthur or Arthur Peter Mutharika and the Democratic People’s Party.

Federism campaigners: Some MPs from the North Malawi backing calls for power-sharing

Federism campaigners: Some MPs from the North Malawi backing calls for power-sharing

It may not be pleasing to those who think that anyone who does not agree with the way the government runs national affairs is a frustrated enemy of Arthur Peter or Peter Arthur Mutharika and the Democratic People’s Party. It may not be pleasing to those who believe that Northerners are troublemakers because their Cashgate party miserably lost the controversial May 20, 2014 shambolic elections.

It may not be pleasing to those who don’t see how unfair it is to mine all the coal from Mchenga and Kaziwiziwi in Rumphi but leave Rumphi as poor as it was before the first Gonapamuhanya came to Bolero, Rumphi. It may not be pleasing to those who don’t see how unfair it is for uranium to be mined out of Kayekera in Karonga and leave Karonga and the Karongians as poor as they were before Mlozi started trading in slaves there.

It may not be pleasing to those who are so blind as not to see how unfair it is for nearly all the primeland of the Lower Shire Valley taken away and dedicated to sugar plantations and wildlife parks and leave the Lower Shire Valleans poorer than when David Livingstone first sighted elephants in the now famous Elephant Marsh. It may not be pleasing for someone who refuses to recognize how unfair it is for Malawi’s cream Mulanje Cedar to be exported all over the world while the Mulanjeans are killed or blocked from accessing fuel wood from their own forest.

However, it is pleasing to us, senior staff of the Interfaith International Prayerhouse, that at least the Malawi Government has now started seeing sense in the need for Malawians to freely, fully, and robustly debate the merits and demerits of Unitarianism, Secessionism and Federalism.  It is our considered conviction that the government should not be afraid of calling for a referendum.  If Ngwazi Dr Hastings Kamuzu Banda had not hearkened to the Reverend Aaron Longwe and the Synod of Livingstonia’s  St Andrews Church’s call for a referendum on multipartyism, Malawi would not have been multiparty state today.

So, the President and his government should not fear its own people. If people decide to adopt a federal system of government, parliament will debate the issue and amend the laws accordingly. If people choose secession, then new countries will born out of Malawi. It is not wise to force people to live together if they don’t want to. Divided they stand, united they fall.

Referenda are the best and most convincing means of getting a national consensus on a potentially  divisive proposal as the call for secession.  We are squarely convinced that the politicians who started the talk should now step out and let other less polarized institutions manage the national debate. We are pleased that the government has endorsed the Public Affairs Committee and the Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace.

Pleased as we are about this, we are surprised at the choice. We reasonably feel all organizations, individuals, and political parties should be involved in this secession and federalism awareness campaign because different organizations and individuals have different target audiences. Choosing just two organizations without explaining how and why those were chosen is tantamount to stifling debate and giving Malawians a despicably and extremely unacceptable raw deal

We will not support the exclusion of any organizations and individuals in this debate.  That’s why we urge government to enlist the services of President Emeritus Bakili Muluzi. Muluzi already ably handled a similar situation almost twenty years ago. He realized that all the calls, then,  for federalism and secession were about social inclusion, fair distribution of national wealth, jobs and assets, a stop to the wanton exploitation of some areas to develop other areas and the diversion of funds meant for the development of, say Mchinji to other areas,  which coincidentally and ‘criminally’, are home states of a sitting president.


Chief Apostle Prof. Dr Joyce Befu, MG 66, MSE

Leader of Delegation & Expedition.


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Ambudye Apali

Beautiful article decorated with alteration of facts and contradictions. Did Kamuzu heed to the calls of Aaron Longwe and Livingstonia Synod on referendum? That was to show its the North that championed the change yet we are aware of how it all started!! Someone has deliberately decided to ignore the role played by other campaigners for his own motives. During the transition period,PAC played a very crucial role yet today someone questions its selection. Let Malawians hear the voice of reason and not emotional arguments.




Let us stop wrongly accusing others, PP is from Zomba, not from the North. Secondly, let us be modest; there are many people from the Central and Southern Regions who have made themselves Northerners, and they are accepted like that. Similarly, there are many People from the North who have settled in the Central or Southern regions and they are accepted like that. Do not disturb these. Those of us who stay in the North are the ones who want federation. not those who have deserted us.


Just noted the creative and meaninful heading


Thumbs up Zeleza!

Thats not true Mr nationwise. it all started when all tumbukas voted for cashgate PP and empty-headed JB, when most Chewas voted for MCP and when most lomwes voted for DPP. unfortunately PP lost the elections, meaning that tumbukas also lost. the issue of federalism started when PP and tumbukas realised They are no longer in government. if PP had won, mzomera, mkandawaya, chihana, Bessie chirambo, peter mwanza and All tumbukas could have been ministers and believe you me, this issue of federalism/secession couldn’t be there. most noble Malawians have said it that federalism in itself is not bad but… Read more »

Atumbuka inu,mukaphunzira mumabwera ku Blantyre or Lilomgwe ndiye mumati kwanuko azitukulako ndindani?kenako muziti nyonyonyo!tiyeni nazo. Federalism ikatheka nonse kuno muchoke mukapange chitukuko kwanu apo biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

Chemwali chimwene

Atumbuka adzadza mu blantyre, ndiye zitukuko za ku mpoto zikangokhala? White elephants? Konseko kufuna u president? Poti ophunzira kwambiri mmalawi ndi atumbuka, ndiye osakatukula kwanuko bwanji? Ambirinu olo nyumba kumudzi kwanuko mulibe, timaona tikapita ku maliro. Ena mmakana kupita kwanuko kuopa ufiti. Ma ngo anu ali kuno, bwanji osakapita nawo kwanuko? Poti aliyense ali ndi ufulu oyankhula, tiyeni nazo.

imagine this under federalism with the small size of our country and the behaviour of our politicians and their relations – every where you go there shall be people demanding undue respect..oh son of minister, oh mp’s daughter, oh governor’s cousin want s this and that. think about their influence on selection for scholarships, job we gonna be choked and suffocated. is that what really want my fellow malawians? am glad i was never raised up to believe in tribalism or regionalism, and i guess that makes me a freer although less connected Malawian. But I am happy being… Read more »
we have more serious problems in our country, problems that stem from our constitution. too much powers to the president and ruling party, no accountability to the electorate. MPs forget their constituencies once elected. the presidents smoke out the same people who gave them the top job. why cant we deal with these issues first and if we fail again then stop talking secession. lets be realistic here. what proportion of the country will vote for secession..isnt it the same proportion that thinks its being marginalized because its a minority..then term me how this referundum will be decided – may… Read more »

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