Boyz Lazzy member appeals for togetherness of Malawi artists

Jeff Kayira, one of the founding members of Boyz Lazzy, a boy band formed in the early 90s has appealed for togetherness amongst artists in the country.

Jeff Kayira of Boyz Lazzy.

Jeff Kayira of Boyz Lazzy.

Boyz Lazzy - Urban music pioneers in Malawi

Boyz Lazzy – Urban music pioneers in Malawi

Boyz Lazzy on stage in 1993

Boyz Lazzy on stage in 1993

The artist said there is a lot of “I made it”, “Do it yourself” attitude which is killing the music industry in Malawi.

Speaking in an interview, Kayira observed with sadness that people who have made a name in music, fashion, movies etc. do not want to help those coming up.

“On the other hand, once someone makes it to the top there is a lot of “pull you down” going on by fellow Malawians. People will just hate for no reason. They will be writing or saying all the negative stuff about a fellow Malawian who has made it. If a Malawian makes it to international news, its Malawians that are respected. If no Malawian makes it to the international stage its Malawians that will be disrespected,” he noted.

Kayira further blamed music producers saying they are also letting Malawian musicians down, he questioned, “Why are there no music mastering studios in Malawi? Music goes straight from the producer to the radio station or record store before being baked to standard. Why?”

He added, “Music goes through processes. In general it goes from just an idea, to the recording studio to perfect the idea and to the mastering studio to package the idea. Producers must recognize their strengths. Some must start to learn mastering and the mastering software that come with it.

“Malawi music is not making an impact globally. Some musicians are making strides from outside Malawi but within its very difficult. The infrastructure is simply not there. No international standard studios, no established music companies, not enough support for Malawian music even from radio DJs. Radio DJs in Malawi are playing foreign music too much but if you go Zimbabwe, Zambia, Nigeria, Tanzania etc they do not play Malawian music at all.”

He then pointed out that the main problem with Malawian music is historical; “I hear a lot of people saying Malawi does not have its own type of music and I agree. Music in Malawi was killed during the one-party rule when a musician was looked down upon. Many people did not venture into music because of the stigma that came with being a “Jazzman”.

“It was not easy even to put on dread locks. People would avoid you when they see you. During our time (Boyz Lazzy) some parents even warned their children not to associate with us.”

In the 90s Boyz Lazzy was UNICEF Goodwill Ambassadors for AIDS awareness to the youth. The group used computer programs and great Producers such as Marvin Hankie, Aklas Chinere, Rick Olson and Giorgio Fontana who helped the group’s dream come true.

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okonda malawi

munali kuti nthawi yonseyi
nanu chamba chinkakupwetekani munayimba boo mutabwera pa bwaila tje sho was massive koma nanu munayamba kukulilana mitima n band inagawana zida I remember mumakhala ku kawale 2

Chikangawa Forest

These tumbukas introduced hip hop music in Malawi from Mzuzu in 1990’s ….well done northerners you are blessed at everything.


pure Legends… Top class! Nuff Respect

Jah guide The Soul

Looking gud man…I wishing u guys taught todays youth how real music is done?Where is Bubu Lazy,Dalitso and Langa? May The Souls of Wezi and Yohane Keep Resting In Peace?

Captain Pamukwa

Pioneers of Rap and RNB Muzik in Malawi.Why dd U disband.I still recall from Boyz Lazzy then Bubu Lazzy then Jeff and Langa where are all these acts? Wasted Talent.U guys were a marvel why not a re-union?


Hey Jeff!!!! My regards! Where is Cliff??

Uncle Jue

I remember after being called Boys Lazzy,they changed their name to BuBu lazzy.They once came to Mzedi to do what they new best at that time at St Patricks secondary school,tinanjoya heavy,moti I still remember tha show over 20 years.

Mamina Mudzayimba

This is what I mean these should have been the ones to come and play in the diaspora not the bullocks we hear about.

By the way where can I find their CDs, Nyasa can you please publish a link of a music store where we can buy such good music in your future articles.

I only support and buy the best music. Because I believe in quality, that is why I left Malawi where quality is never valued!

Truth Recognizes Truth
Truth Recognizes Truth

Surething, Boyz Lazy was big back in the 90s. There were in a class of their own. Thanks for the vintage pics nyasa, i have really enjoyed this article.

mugasa chairman

for some of us that don’t know who they are, can somebody please name a track or two that they did and where i can find their beats? thanks.

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