BP&P boss cancels donation to Friends of Limbani over lawsuit

Malawi’s leading media group Blantyre Printing and Publishing (Times Group) Chief Executive Leonard Chikadya on Monday cancelled a K100, 000  cheque; a contribution towards an initiative to raise funds for one of its fired editors Limbani Moya who is battling with chronic kidney failure disease and needs a kidney transplant in India.

An accountant at the group told Nyasa Times  that Chikadya was annoyed with a an industrial dispute summons served on Times Group  for unfair dismissal by a re-known lawyer Lusungu  Gondwe of Ritz Attorneys  law firm which is representing   Moya, according to Industrial Relations Court documents case file number IRC 449 of 2014.

Times Group boss Leonard Chikadya:  Cancels donations to kidney failure journalist

Times Group boss Leonard Chikadya: Cancels donations to kidney failure journalist

“Some Times Group editors were in a committee of Friends of Limbani who are helping to raise K15 million for the kidney transplant. BP&P had drawn a K100 000 cheque, as its contribution. But before the cheque was presented to the committee chaired by MISA Malawi president Anthony Kasunda, summons, were served on the BP&P which angered the MD. He immediately ordered cancellation of the cheque and threatened editors to withdraw from the committee,” said the accountant.

Chikadya also banned coverage of any of the fundraising activities, including the teeing-off of a charity golf function to be graced by the country’s vice president Saulos Chilima on Friday, in any of the media house publications including Times Television, according to the accountant.

Lawyer and Company Secretary for Blantyre Print, Innocent Kalua confirmed having been served with the summons, but declined to comment on a matter which was in court.

Ironically, Limbani Moya was personally fired by Chikadya at a time when he was critically sick after returning from a South African Hospital.

He was fired along Daily Times Editor Daniel Nyirenda, Jack MacBrams ( Entertainment Editor)  Andrew Mfune  (Auditor),  Harrison Longwe( Business Development Manager) and  Allan Nyallo (Circulation Manager), who are all also suing the media house for unfair dismissal.

Chikadya, who is currently attending a month long  Broadcasting seminar in Holland, refused to comment, but he is well known for firing journalists willy-nilly since he became Chief Executive Officer at the late Dr. Kamuzu Banda’s media empire.

He has also sent on forced leave his right hand man Dr. Tikhala Chibwana after falling out over editorial policies.

Meanwhile, a member of the Friends of Limbani Committee confirmed that Nyasa Times  editorial director Thom Twee Chiumia has made a K150 000 cash donation of which K50 000 will go towards the cost of Limbani’s Dialysis treatment at Mwaiwathu Hospital.

Moya was diagnosed with kidney failure in 2012 and has been receiving treatment at various hospitals in Malawi and South Africa. The medical bill is about K15 million (US$36 407.8).

The initiative has raised so far K4 million from among others  from Mike Mlombwa’s Countrywide Car Hire has donated K1 million (US$2 427), K200, 000 from Malawi Communications Regulatory Authority.

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51 thoughts on “BP&P boss cancels donation to Friends of Limbani over lawsuit”

  1. Lowole says:

    Mr Bonya, you are a failure in everything. How many jobs have you chanced? and how many many have you so far maintained. Iwe ndiwe Mtika Collins, an enemy for everybody. Leave our dear Karen alone, a hard worker and a man to trust. Inuyo basi zipangani chisembwere chanocho ku Mataifa. Collins Mtika, Nobody’s Friend!!!!!

  2. Mfumu says:

    Tsiku ndi tsiku nkhani kumangokhala yaiyu ask SUNBIRD Staff people are crying full, koditu pamene waponda mkulu ameneyu anthu amalira kwambiri ngati aliku Jehena.

  3. MOYA says:

    CHIKADYA IS A BAD PERSON, ASK SUNBIRD STAFF THEY ARE CRYNG, pamene paponda mkulu ameneyi anthu amalira ndi kukukuta mano ngati aliku Jehena/kapena kuti kumalokomwe anthu oipa azaotchedwe ndi moto osatha.

  4. honeybee says:

    So sad mpaka canceling donation,,, you have displayed your true, selfish, inner man mr bossy man. No matter how worse your friends become enemies you can withdraw what you gave them out of your friendship. What would you feel if you are Limbani? I know you are too blind to see that you close to the end of the road. Times and seasons do change when you are on one side of the coin don’t forget there is another side behind it.

  5. The Eye Eye says:



  6. chikankheni chimalizeni says:

    Chikadya!why that lack of humanity among your staff?Mr don’t think that just because you are an MD there,then you are who you are,untouchable,beyond everybody,the only think tank at Bp en p.Remember,even the founder himself used to tount for himself forever living,but ironically everything that has the begining has the end also,with the way u conduct yourself,i think its a ring for the dawn of your end.You are no more enduring than grass,yes grass withers and flowers fades when the creator sends wind blowing over them,can you be greater,than everybody,with that lack of true love for others?The spaces u are going to fly through has the owner,is a true lover,over everybody,poor,rich,uneducated etc,so wy chikadya that roughness?

  7. Moya's Victim says:

    Chikadya waonjeza, is being inhumane here no matter what.
    But I don’t and can’t sympathise with this sick fella. Many fell victims of his also inhumane approach with ka news kake ka friday kaja. Some articles were aimed at merely assassinate people’s characters. Lero mukufuna ife tomwe a pa bench kuti tikumenyeleni nkhondo pamene dzulo mumatimenya mmimba.
    Anyway get well soon

  8. Ex boyfriend wa Joyce Banda says:

    Mr Chikadya Bambo ake a Nancy , Apongozi ake a Joe Bisika. Munthu oyipa mtima ngati Mfiti yaikazi.

    Palibe chabwino ndinamvapo cha munthu ameneyu.

    Joe Uli pamavuto aise….ngati unatsata ndalama ndiye USOVENGE KA..

    1. anijo says:

      Man you got serious issues against the family yeah!? Keep the family out of the decisions dad makes in his official duties.

  9. Adrian Masanda says:

    A Nyamada No 27. Moya is one credible veteran journalist who is founding member of The Nation newspaper. Go to any Library and check the first volume of the bi-weekly nation in 1994. Do your home work before demonstrating your stupidity and ignorance here. Moya maintained himself on VIP Masm scheme even when Chikadya kicked out everyone from the company subsdized medical scheme. Chikadya maintained only himself and his concubine manager on company subvented VIP scheme. (Greed of the highest order). Moya has subsdized his own VIP scheme since 2000 and was fully entitled to foreign treatment, contrary to your lies here. These are bare facts which you can check with Masm.
    (Check with VIP Masm policy on foreign treatment.) Chikadya is one greedy idiot who considers himself a small god. As for Chibwana, you are entitiled to you own opinion. It is a fact he fell out of favour because of one Chief commercial manager whose only qualification is environmental science. Do your home work before making an fool of youreself on a public forum like this.

  10. Shiro says:

    It is typical of the Malawian CEO, mostly because Malawi is not a fair country, you have to be ruthless to get to the top. Most CEO’s are mafia with a degree, the nice guys end up in middle or lower corporate management. My CEO is nasty , I have just learnt to live with him, he is so petty, steals , keeps petty grudges, and will do anything , even hire thugs to kill you if he deems you a threat, especially CEO’s for Parastatals large Malawian owned companies. It is my dream to work for an international company.

  11. clement says:

    It has become a habit to set up fundrez committees whenever Journalists or celebrities fall sick. I urge you fit and strong journalists and celebrities to use your influence to persuade central government to fully equip our hospitals, where everyone would seek specialist treatment. Instead you are busy cooking up sensational stories in your newsrooms to character assassinate your enemies. You injured people in the name of selling your papers. You had time to contribute to mother malawi but you wasted

  12. Bertha Chisale says:

    Comment number 27 Anyamanda iwe we know you, Dumisani Ngulube, you are Chikadya’s boy that is why you get all those favours, kuledzera while on duty, corruption, you have your own companies that are competiting with Times Advertising yet Chikadya cannot touch you because of you know what, kapena mukufuna tiulule pano kuti mumawafunila abwanawo atsikana kuti azigona nawo aziwapatsa matenda? Dumisani what goes around comes around, if Chikadya is booted out there, what will become of you twat? Ukalembanso zina ndiye ndingoulula zonse tsopano including zijazi…..

    1. Chigwere says:

      You are such a MONG!! bitter retard!! what has it got to do with Dumi? Envy will never take you any where..Dumi is hardworker that’s why he has gone up the ladders..so shut it cunt

  13. aNyamanda says:

    The story is sensational. The journalist was sent to South Africa by the company even when he was not entitled for foreign treatment.
    K12m was paid to MASM as contribution to treat this fella. Please check with him. As a matter of fact he wrote evil about Chikoti who refused to settle the bills for the journalist.
    Now this guy goes to sue the company that sent him to be treated and offered to cover all his costs for solicitation of help is shooting ones foot.
    Forced leave of the General Manager? Who signed his leave forms. Please check with Tikhala Chibwana as well to get the correct facts.
    BNL is a private company and it operates on commercial principles to continue surviving since 1895. The oldest media house and also the largest. There is not a media house in Malawi that employs 300 employees. Only BNL has achieved that and keeps many Malawians in employment. Those fired have only themselves to blame.
    Other media houses come and go.
    The company paid for his full treatment before and committed to assist this journalist former employee but it seems he doesn’t appreciate anything done to him. For that let the court rule and we shall all oblige.
    Awa a Moya aphunzire kukhala bwino ndi anzawo komanso kuyamika.
    If the company publishes all that it did for this Moya, let him confess.

    1. Kwa Nkando says:

      Mr Chikadya mwayankhula zanzeru.

    2. drakes says:

      This seems to be an official response, but mind you companies have an obligation on its employees therefore ZIKOMO to the boss is out because the terms of service rules.

  14. musekanji palibe kanu says:

    mabwana otele ofunika kuwabaya jecksen wa ebola..honestly this is extreme egocentric

  15. Dungsy says:

    People have lost the sense of sin……..feelng on top of the world….not knwng that it goes round n round ….no matter hw rch u may be….it wl nevr make ur being……its jst too accidental in our world! Being is one…..we r all one……

  16. Fulukwa says:

    Mmawa ndinu abwana…

  17. Mphalive says:

    Don’t be such emotional and misled as a result. Please reverse your action and donate for the good. God will forgive and bless you.

  18. Mphalive says:

    This was unfortunate!! Sizakunyumba izi. Awa ndi matenda and anyone can get sick.

  19. Sadand sad says:

    This is Malawi,
    What goes around comes round. Leave that Chikadya. Chilichonse chowuluka chimatela. Ukakwera muntengo osamatukwana pansi.

    Am sure thia issue is being highlighted for our Leaders to see that we have a problem in Malawi.
    How long are we going to keep on relying on Hospitals abroad for treatment?
    What about a poor ,common citizen
    Unknown to fundraisers? How many ppke r dying coz of our poor healthcare system? Its not that Malawi cannot aford it but corruption and selfisness. Those with deeper pockets and our politians knows they can aford to go to SA, India, EgyptChina etc so why care for some poor pple whom they only need once every 5yrs.

    They would rather buy porche cars or put aside billions of taxpayers money that build aspecialist hospital. MALAWI PPLE PLIZ WAKE UP. 50 YRS ON RHIS SHUDNT BE HAPPENING.

    1. Chembe lumbe says:

      Public hospitals are designed for the poor

      1. Mneneli Wonyenga says:


  20. HONESTY says:

    The one hundred kwacha donation would not have come up in the first place, because we tend to crown our dead with posh y caskets, yet when they were alive we never wanted to provide them with a mere blanket in a cold weather!!!

  21. Joomla says:

    And this seminar would have benefitted journalists more than a CEO but since it is that long and in a foreign country, selfish motives creep in. Chikadya is devil incarnate, who takes pride in seeing people suffering so they should praise him as if he was another God. Kukula movutika, paja analeledwa ndi uncle ake omwe anamwalira some months ago, so understand him

  22. Mute Gama says:

    How can a CEO a company be away for a month long seminar? Such lengthy seminars or workshops are generally meant for lower ranked staff who can be away for long without affecting company performance. But a CEO? I wonder.

  23. zione maganga says:

    amenewo ndiye mabwana aku Malawi nkhaza too much. Timapwetekana tokhatokhatu ku Malawi kuno.

  24. Winanso says:

    Zikomo a Mlombwa pothandiza koma mukanatha kuthandiza kuposa pamenepa chifukwa just over the weekend mwapereka 11m kuti mukhale ku high table ndi a president ku launch ya BEAM,remember this is apersons life & time is of great importance when dealing with these issues,how I wish I could help the poor guy,get well soon!!!& u Chikadya SHAME ON YOU……

    1. Kulinda Mtere says:

      Ayise Winanso, let’s call a spade by its name, Mlombwa made his fortune through his own wits and guile. He therefore holds absolute sovereignty over his money. No one can tell him what to do nay how much to give whoever. Biblically, it is minute contributions that accorded high spiritual premiums. Tiyeko tichilimike kutipula kuti nafe tikhale ndi APM and his boy ku high table sooner than later.

  25. ineyo says:

    You mean the whole MACRA donating K200.000 thats an insult to the fundraiser

  26. crispen kandido says:

    mr chikadya is being emotional instead of using his brain

  27. drakes says:

    There is MCP blood in him, no mercy, compassion. He is as good as a beast, the best thing is to not to advertise or buy products from BPP company. He has hatred for other tribes other than those from Lilongwe

  28. Mtumiki Woyamba says:

    Mxii! Big corporations like BP & P and MACRA donating peanuts zoona? Te bill is pegged at K15 million and you lead by pledging tima change tanuto? Osamawumila ngati ndalama zikuchoka nthumba mwanu.

    1. moni anganga says:

      dodoo anazazisa ndowa!

    2. Adzonzi says:

      achikadya kapena kuti adzonzi ndi munthu woipa kwambiri

  29. bonya says:

    Chikadya is a devil and i wonder why people handle him with kids gloves. Ali ndi nyanga mkulu ameneyi. And why does a whole CEO go for broadcasting seminar. Chikadya and Karen Msika of BNL have the same personality traits. but the common denominator is that they all believe in the power of herbs, nyanga etc. Karen made francis tayanjah phiri to be demoted and warehoused at BNL headoffice with some obscure posts. and what goes around comes around. Now Karen has been forcibly posted to Blantyre from Mzuzu on what insiders say is demotion as well because of under and poor performance at the BNL Mzuzu Bureau. The bureau became too big for Dwarf like posture.

    1. journo says:

      ababmbo inu ndinu a nsanje tu leave Karen out of this we know youre collins writing this shame on u

    2. Mphondo says:

      Mwati bwanji?

    3. Mjinga Mkubwa says:

      Mr Bonya

      Your insiders lied to you. Mr Msiska is heading to Blantyre on promotion. He is moving from Bureau Chief to Assistant Editor. If you were conversant with these issues, you should have been told that it is a vertical upward movement, not downward as you dream.

      Using herbs? He was my classmate for some eight years, that’s secondary and university. His herbs are hard work, hard work and hard work. Some of those you are appearing to be defending here are so lazy; they have a laissez-faire approach to work. My boy, Msiska, doesn’t work like that. You can give him two hours and your job will be done, and perfectly for that matter.

      Keep living in imagination. Nthawi ikakwana mudzazindikira

  30. Akayanjana says:

    Heartless bastard

  31. Adrian Masanda says:

    Big UP Friends of Limbani. What kind of CEO is Chikadya? Making a fuss over K100 000 Zooona? Ndiyochoka mthumba mwake? Sacking people every year? Journalists are well informed and should put up serious legal fights
    against such mediocre and selfish managers like Chikadya. Let Nyirenda, and all illegally retrenched reporters get a good lawyer and nail this man in the ass.

  32. Malawiana says:

    NO NO NO Mr. Chikadya. The lawsuit is a separate issue from the noble cause of the company to assist the ailing former employee. Dont act out of anger as you risk putting the company into disrepute.

  33. Boko says:

    Oh! What a cruel man. aLeonard CHikadya zoona zimenezi? Mulungu is someone we all don’t understand. Wait and see. You are a devil.

  34. MZATI says:

    WELL WISHERS Please Interveve !!

  35. NYONI says:


  36. KANGAANJOBVU says:

    Koma uwu ndi uthakati a CEO wo

  37. Bandasiime says:

    The two things look different to me and any boss should have seen this very easily. What kind of a bwana is Chikadya? Dictator of the highest order and such heartless bosses have no place in a democratic Malawi where courts ought to be respected to operate independently!!!

  38. wtl says:

    how can u treat fellow malawians like that kuzikonda

  39. Peter Nthalika says:

    Mukanakhala inu mukanatani?

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