Britain rejects compensation claims for pre-independence Malawi massacres

Britain has said the issue of compensation families of people who died during the March 3, 1959 struggle for this country’s independence does not arise, the United Kingdom (UK) High Commissioner to Malawi, Michael Nevin, has said.

Britain High Commissioner Nevin: No talks of compesation

Britain High Commissioner Nevin: No talks of compesation

Nevin comments comes after a Malawi legal expert Ralph Mhone has asked Malawi government press for compensation from UK, its former colonial master, to thousands of Malawians who were tortured during an anti-colonial uprising late 1950s.

Mhone, who is also the Peoples Party (PP) legislator for Nkhata-bay Central constituency, said Malawi is likely to get the compensation as was the case in Kenya where Britain compensates the families of the fallen Malawians the way it did with Kenyan victims of torture during the Mau Mau uprisings in the 1950s.

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) president and leader of opposition in Parliament Lazarus Chakwera also said during this year’s Martyrs’ Day on Tuesday, that they will take it upon themselves to ensure that Britain give the compensation.

But Nevin has dismissed compensation claims , saying though his government is saddened by the loss of life during the struggle, the issue of compensation does not arise as London has not held any discussion with Lilongwe on the matter.

“We are saddened by any loss of life. [But] we have had no discussion with the government of Malawi on this matter and do not consider the issues of compensation arise,” said Nevin as quoted in the Nation on Sunday.

Some chiefs and members of the bereaved families in Nkhata Bay are calling on London to compensate families for the killing of 31 locals at Nkhata Bay Jetty on March 3 1959 by federal forces.

“UK and Malawi enjoy a close and deep relationship that stretches back over many years and we look forward to that relationship continuing in the years ahead,” Nevin is quoted as saying.

Malawi’s former President Bingu wa Mutharika once asked the country’s law experts to investigate whether Britain compensated Malawi soldiers who fought in the two world wars.

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29 thoughts on “Britain rejects compensation claims for pre-independence Malawi massacres”

  1. Zanga Phee! says:

    It is not too let compensation must be done come rain come sun,remarks made by the ambassador sounds baseless he said Lilongwe Meaning our capital never said anything no it’s up to Lilongwe to table this issue even at parliament,please don’t take a break.In real sense they know for sure they are entitled to this.I guess the president is also on the right channel committee must be there to go through this issue.Take them to ICC if the insist.No time to waist out grand parents suffered a lot. weather they will close their embassy we do not care but truth should prevail.See my name.

  2. Zanga Phee! says:

    It is not too let compensation must be done come rain come sun,remarks made by the ambassador sounds baseless he said Lilongwe Meaning our capital never said anything now it’s up to Lilongwe to table this issue even at parliament,please don’t take a break.In real sense they know for sure they are entitled to this.I guess the president is also on the right channel committee must be there to go through this issue.Take them to ICC if the insist.No time to waist out grand parents suffered a lot. weather they will close their embassy we do not care but truth should prevail.See my name.

  3. Peter Mvula says:

    I agree that the Malawi is entitled to compensation for the wrongdoing of the British prior to independence. However will be prepared to offset all the aid received since independence and continously being received and for we are forever beg for as we are nothing more than a nation of lazy useless beggars. And more importantly after we have done the calculations and realise that the British has more than paid us back via donor aid, will be prepared to pay them back the surplus that they have already paid us and over and above that, stop begging. my God but we are useless bunch of idiots depending on handouts not prepared to take responsibility for our self-created present day woes.

    1. Achimidzimidzi says:

      The compensation is like Life Insurance or Pension for the deceased.

      That money cannot be a condition for any loan,/aid because it is the government getting the not deceased individual.

      Let them pay the families. Or we will go to Hague for war crimes or genocide hearing.

  4. Nyani wa ku Mwananyani says:

    Note that the ambassador has not dismissed the idea of compensation outright! He has not presented even a preliminary argument against such claim(s). Not even a prima facie argument against the appropriateness of such claim(S). Smart envoy indeed!
    The Malawi government should get the hint here, and get some scholars, even senior civil servants, start working on this. Late Bingu would be pleased, to be sure.
    The analysis should look at the whole picture of colonization of our country buy Britain. Don’t be afraid that we will be antagonizing the British. NO WAY. This is simply about the economics of colonization. Colonizers have to take responsibility for their actions, and aftermaths.
    The amount of money involved here would be qv to, or less than what a thousand British citizens receive per year on the dole! The ambassador and his government would be ashamed to turn us down: that would be equivalent to kicking a street beggar when he’s already spat on. The modern British are more civilized than that.
    And even the murders of Chilembewe, his nephew, Malikebu et al., should be on the list. There should be no statute of limitations on these crimes.

  5. Alufeyo says:

    Chabechecker well done tell these uneducated fools who dont understand history what really happened. The British have been the worst abusers of human rights in the world worse than Adolf Hitler. They massacred red indians in millions, killed many africans in millions,committed rape and pillaged. A little country populated by thieves,rapists and murderers.

  6. UDF + DPP ngozi kuphompho says:

    DPP yipereke compasation ku mawanja apa July 20 ndi imfa ya Robert Chasowa chonde muasazione zophweka izi.

  7. chefourpence says:

    kkkkkkkk atumbuka kususuka! Kukonda ndalama. Compensation? Zautsiru! Mumapanga matama ndi ma demo, muzifa choncho. Kkkkkkkk hahahahahah heheheheheh kodi anafwa angati?

  8. Winston msowoya says:

    Compasation for third March killings is comprehensible,but how about the brutal killings of innocent Malawians under the heinous regime of the former tin pot tyrant Hastings Banda in thirty years?

  9. chomoncho says:

    Ajoyici bwelelani msanga. Ralph muhone a yamba misala kuno.

  10. Jacob Zuma says:

    We will beg for anything!
    Malawians will always try and get something for nothing.
    Thats the only thing we are good at and that is why why should be proud to be the poorest country on earth!

  11. Funzo says:

    Make a claim through appropriate channels for it to be considered. This is independent of aid given by UK.

  12. Concerned citizen says:

    kuluma lokudyetsa.Kodi aid imene akhala akutipatsa kwa zaka 51 siinadutse pa compasation?

  13. Mphongo Zidana says:

    I think what the Kenyans went through is much worse than what Malawians went through. So what it means is that Zambians, Zimbabweans, South Africans who fought the boers etc. will claim compensation.

    This is utter nonsense. These azunguzi have been assisting you since independence, now you come in the open and say compensate us ah ah look at them thieves.

    May be for those who fought on behalf of Her Majesty’s government during the two world wars can claim compensation but not those who fought for independence. You cannot fight for independence and expect not to die.

  14. Ababa Thamangiwa. says:

    atumbuka mukufuna munapanga cashgate pano mukufuna kulowa mmalo mwa mitembo ya pa Jetty ndicholing choti mupezenso ndalama. Zamanyazi kwambiri.

  15. Tengupenya says:

    The then government over Nyasaland should take responsibility.

  16. Chabecheker says:

    The massacre in 1959 was ordered by the nyasaland governor sir Robert Armitage in zomba representative of the Queen and not Roy Welenskey prime minister of the federal of Rhodesia and Nyasaland in salisbury. The aftermath of the massacre followed a well documented commission of inquiry appointed by the british crown.
    The Devlin commission 1959 report squarely lay the blame on the british colonial goverment. Thereafter the Mocknton report 1960 paved the way for self governance and independence of malawi.
    The 1959 massacre will ever remain a land mark historical fact for malawi’s immediate pre-independence ;and gross violation of human rights ;and crime against humanity perpetrated by the british government.
    But the families of those killed remain uncompesated for loss of lives and dependance of their beloved ones
    Let uk governmet therefore apologise for the wrongs and offer compesation to the affected individual victim families. This is different from bilateral aid please.
    Malawi government should also follow up the families of the victims and show some appreciation for those killed in 1959

  17. charlie hebdo says:

    Those stupid colonialists only knew how to milk this country. What development did they do? I mean if we compare to Zim, you will notice the difference. They loved Zim alot and did everything needed for a colonial power to do. Children born out of wedlock fathered by the English were recognised. In Malawi they took us as fools. I’ve read of a wealthy indian businessman in the 1900’s who lived in Balaka who’s wife bore a son by administrator Mr Manning. The British never to this day recognised this family, they only gave land to cultivate there in Balakas. The British are really evil. Forget that they will compensate those they caused agony

  18. Manyasa says:

    Let Britain compensate the victims. But that the administration of such funds should be undertaken by the British themselves through their Lilongwe mission. Malawi’s central government should not be allowed to touch any monies because they are thieves and/or could easily divert it to their Thyolo projects.

  19. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Your Excellence, the High Commissioner, Michael Nevin, you are right to this issue has never been discussed between the two countries. This time people are saying, why can’t UK and Malawi discuss this issue of compensating the families. And don’t just be sorry for deaths but also need to condemn the inappropriate behavior of your soldiers/police officers.

    We hear that Malawi and UK are in close and cordial relationship, so it can’t be an offense to raise this issue during your meetings.

    Your assistance to Malawi and compensation are very different and done to achieve different goals.

  20. Patriot says:

    Kapito akutipo cha?

  21. enuf said says:

    So They should compensate
    And stop giving aid???

    Cos seriously you don’t demand compensation from the very same people who have been helping you for years in Form of Aid

    Aren’t we ashamed to ask for it?


    1. Manyasa says:

      Compensation and aid are two separate issues. Aid is as a result of the bilateral relations the two states enjoy. Compensation is because of the ills the master inflicted on their subjects (when they could have handled the same situation differently).

  22. Modziyekha says:

    Brittish gotta compansate to show that they mean otherway round by then now otherwise they are not serious.

  23. brutsha says:

    Compensation yachiyani a Malawi inu chimene mmadziwa inu ndi Kuba basi. Olo atati a kupatseni 1 billion aliyense mungapange nayo chiyani? Kufuna za ulule basi . Anything to do with colonialism is water under the bridge. Any serious minded countries who were also under British rule have moved on and are now global economic giants. Think of the Asian tigers. Corrupt nation! I hate the rotten mindset of Malawians.

  24. George Lihoma. says:

    Mercenary politicking are merely poli-tricking the masses.Where were these ideas when they were in Government.Hahahahahaha.

  25. John Suzi Makhawa says:

    The British are arrogant, big headed, inconsiderate guys.

  26. Typical a political lawyer.He must learn to think before talking.Diplomatic relations are always there for that.Malawians are never impressed by quawk quawk for nothing politicians.Malawians wants tangible national development and not mercenary politicking.

    1. Think Tank says:

      Do you espect the British to just accept without a fight? They did the same with Kenya ina protracted arguments which to eventual compesation.. We always underrate ourselves.

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