Britain still giving Malawi aid through non-governmental system – High Commissioner

Britain did not stop assisting Malawi as its funding to budgetary support which was withheld, instead, is directed through non-governmental organisations and other bodies working in the country, London’s diplomat has said.

British High Commissioner in Lilongwe, Michael Nevin

British High Commissioner in Lilongwe, Michael Nevin

The British High Commissioner Michael Nevin told a local press that direct funds to the Malawi treasury for poverty reduction – known as general budget support – were stopped in 2011 amid concerns about economic mismanagement and the suppression of opposition groups by the then President Bingu wa Mutharika.

The aid funding was resumed when President Joyce Banda but then 2012 cashgate corruption scandal forced aid taps to be frozen.

Lilongwe has been making passionate plea to donors, including Britain to resume budget support to the country.

But Nevin said Britain is already giving Malawi a lot of money through other channels.

“We are continuing giving aid to   Malawi but not through government systems. The background is that budget support stopped in 2011, but Malawi is still getting a lot of money sometimes over $1 billion from various donors,” Nevin is quoted in a local newspaper.

Britain, Malawi’s biggest aid donor, helps on supplying drugs, improving sanitation and supporting crop development.

The cashgate affair broke in September after a failed assassination attempt on the government’s former budget director, Paul Mphwiyo, who it is believed was about to reveal a corruption syndicate in government.

Police raids after the shooting found several high-level officials with piles of cash hidden in their homes and cars.

Several government figures were arrested and accused of exploiting a loophole in the government’s payment system – known as the integrated financial managing information System (Ifmis) – to divert millions into their own pockets.

The number of suspected being convicted in the cashgate cases is rising.

Nevin has since advised Malawi, one of the poorest countries, to migrate to new software of Ifmis, the current software should be upgraded and operators follow strict procurement and audit procedures.

He is quoted saying that Ifmis does need to be upgraded and government needs to migrate to new software.

“What needs to be done is to enforce discipline in the financial management systems so that people operating the software follow proper checks and balances on issues to with procurement,” Nevin said.

Minister of Finance, Economic Planning and Development Goodall Gondwe said government is planning to procure new software to replace the one currently in use because it does not want to sustain Cashgate.

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Useless thieves just coming to impoverish us more than before through privatisation, land grabbing and exploitation in katapila via Ayi emu efu and walod bank. We have bn under them since 1064 why are we still poorer and poorer like this. Better to be under China than these crooks.


Nevin should not implicate NGOs but rather he should name the NGOs he is referring to as a lot of the said NGOs have no funds and are literary closed!

If Nevin is referring to funds channelled throuhh DFiD then it is DFiD benefittinf the most!

Govt of Malawi is under reform hence the country should be considered without further policing!


Ma Britons andinyasa achoke asatibowe. Tinathana 1964

Big brain

Britons you are not relevant you are irrelevant now pack and gland one day we will match up your offices to ask you to go!!! We will develop on out own

nyika boys

Britain bla bla bla. The fact is that we can do and we are doing without britain. We don’t need them at all. If anything, britain needs us more. To hell with their fake human rights.


Please can Malawi jornos stop asking Britain for aid. If these guys who milked Africa to the bone wanted to help, they would have done thrice what China has done in a short time. Britain has a hangover of the fallen Empire.

Buju Banton

Nevin’s faith and trust in NGOs are surprisingly amazing!!!

Mama Africa

My fellow Malawians, don’t waste time with the British. They have no money to spend on budgets for poor countries. The are here to do propaganda and spy against Chinese influence in Malawi. Both Michael Nevin and his Deputy Martin Scales are members of the UK Intelligence Service M15. China is Malawi’s real friend and not these propagandists.

Buju Banton

Nevin’s faith and trust in NGOs are suprisingly amazing!!!


Tipatseni aid tibenso

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