British citizens in ‘dodgy cash’ from Malawi cashgate: HTD Limited

As the accusations continue to gather momentum of “double standards” by law enforcing agencies in not pursuing Malawians of Asian origin doing business in the country involved in financial scams in government, Nyasa Times has a dossier of material objective evidence of some who are on the list of suspects by being shielded because of their close to the corridors power, starting with HTD Limited.

Cashgate cheque to HTD

Cashgate cheque to HTD

'Cashgate' cheque ro HTD LImited

Another ‘Cashgate’ cheque ro HTD LImited

HTD cashgate cheque

HTD cheque

HTD Cheque

HTD Cheque

HTD Account closure

HTD Account closure

HTD Forex Transaction Document

HTD Forex Transaction Document

According to the dossier, HTD Limited were beneficiaries of some cashgate cheques and that they externalised forex to UK where the company managers have the British citizenship.

On 20th August 2013 HTD received two payments from Ministry of Defence vote amounting to K 331,975,000 and K300,000,000 through cheque numbers 210600 and 210601, respectively.

This information is contained in a report extracted from Reserve Bank of Malawi by Baker Tilly Auditors.

HTD registered owners are: Anawar Mahomed Sidik and Abudul Haris Mahomed Sidik (Managing Director), both British Passport holders. Sidik  indicates his home village in Malawi is Mulanje.

In HTD’s First Merchant Bank Account number 0730011006, an anlysis to it shows this account was done from September 2012 to June 2014 there were mainly inter account transactions. Transaction worth noting is a payment of ZAR 369,774 on 26th October 2012 to Saint Gobain Construction Products of South Africa.

They hold bank accounts at 5 different commercial banks. Two of the Banks are frequently suspected of being used for forex externalization mostly to Iveco Company (RSA) Vehicle delivery Services (RSA) KIA Motors Corporation (South Korea) Red Sea Trading (Hong Kong), Guava International (UK), Reinder (Hong Kong) and Mobis Parts Middle East.

An NBS bank account number 0025317539021 which was opened on 13th June 2005, was mainly used for forex externalization.

From 25 January 2013 to 21 March 2014 there were a total of K 241,894,722.84 large deposits in this account with a total of K 376,216,924.46 withdrawals. Included in the withdrawals figure is a total of K 295,591,265.63, which was externalized. The major beneficiaries (outside Malawi) from this account were

  • Iveco Company                 ZAR 3,033,174.88                              MWK 107,050,684.96
  • Vehicle delivery Services ZAR 1,242,542.88                              MWK   47,191,773.79
  • KIA Motors Corporation USD   103,000.00                              MWK   34,390,000.00
  • Red Sea Trading               USD       66,111.00                           MWK   24,064,404.00
  • Golden Rewards Limpopo ZAR   103,500.00                               MWK     3,622,500.00
  • Brown International ZAR   167,995.56                               MWK     5,879,844.67

Only Iveco and KIA are the suppliers of the vehicles. Vehicle Delivery Services, a division of Onelogix (Pty) Ltd is a major operator in the auto-logistics arena, both within the borders of South Africa and throughout the Southern African region. These are the likely transporters of the vehicles from South Africa to Malawi.

However, invoices from KIA and Guava International are CIF inclusive to Blantyre.

The FDH Bank account number 8500000084729 was done from December 2012 to September 2014 and in that period there were a total of K 187,500,000 in withdrawals and K 118,144,080.32 in large deposits. There was no foreign currency transaction in this account during the period under review.

Malawi Savinsg Bank account number 1022615789001 was opened on 25 January 200, and there was a total of K 930,841,951.94 in large deposits and K 895,454,573 in large withdrawals.

Audit noted that in some case, the invoice was from Limpopo Electrical and Refrigeration but payment went to Golden Rewards.

“A quick search on open source of information reveals different Golden Rewards companies with no connection to the stated one. Limpopo Electrical and Refrigeration does not have a Company website and yet the quotes they gave were of high value. For instance, on 7th March 2014 a payment of ZAR 306,022 was requested just for installation and commissioning of Air conditioners at HTD in Blantyre.

“Payment to Guava International is for Vehicles and spare parts. Guava International Parts is based at Astota Business Park, Peasmarsh, Guildford, Surrey GU3 1NE. The Company is supplier of Range Rovers to HTD Ltd. Invoices from Guava International have CIF to Blantyre via Durban and therefore no need for HTD to pay a transporter,” reads an audit query in Nyasa Times possession/

“Red Sea Trading payments are for different items. On a particular invoice they were charging for Transporting 2 Range Rovers while at another point it was just described as furniture. Their Website indicates several things that they sell, however Cars are not there. However, on one invoice dated 30 June 2014, Red Sea charged USD 11,225 for shipping one vehicle from South Korea to Durban. Red Sea Trading further quoted HTD Limited about USD 103,367.38 for furniture for its offices.

“Despite paying KIA Motors for vehicles, they seem to be also paying Reindeer Associates, based in Hong Kong, for vehicles. Reindeer Associates search is not producing any result related to car sales. Invoices from Reindeer Associates have CIF to Blantyre via Durban and therefore no need for HTD to pay a transporter.”

“ZZK Limited is based at OADBY, Leicester, UK. However payments were made to Habib bank in Zurich, Switzerland. A quick search on open source of information has not produced a result for this company in UK. They paid this company between 23 June 2011 and 26 July 2011 only

HTD is a franchise holder of KIA & Range Rover vehicles and Iveco Trucks. As a result they are supposed to order vehicles from the parent corporations. In this case for Range Rovers they need to order from Guava International, KIA vehicles from KIA Motors Corporation and Iveco Trucks from Iveco South Africa.

Analysis of invoices shows that they have at times ordered from these companies.

Red Sea Trading is the major recipient of foreign currency from HTD. Some of the invoices from Red Sea Trading are for other goods, some for vehicle shipping and some for actual purchase of KIA vehicles. Red Sea received above USD 1 million from June 2012 to September 2014. Interesting observations include:

  • Charging USD 11,225 for shipment of one car
  • Charging USD 103,367.38 for furniture for its offices
  • Charging freight for cars when invoices from KIA are cost, insurance and freight inclusive
  • Use of Red Sea Trading in purchasing vehicles raises suspicion for illegal transfer of forex. This is substantiated by the questionable charges of freight.
  • Swift copies from Banks indicate possible duplicate payments on one invoice

Reindeer Associates, like Red Sea, are based in Hongkong. Interesting observations include:

  1. Again they are buying Cars, Range Rovers, for HTD and yet HTD pays direct to Guava International for cars.
  2. Invoices from Reinder are CIF inclusive so no need for HTD to pay another transporter from South Africa.
  3. Use of Reindeer in purchasing vehicles raises suspicion for illegal transfer of forex.

Malawi engaged Financial Intelligence Units of South Africa and Hong Kong to check if money is moving from suppliers’ accounts to the Directors of HTD and their immediate families.

Auditors recommended that Malawi Revenue Authority should consider assessing tax obligations for HTD and that Reserve Bank should investigate the illegal transfer of fore

Anti Corruption Bureau was also advised to prove the payments from Ministry of Defence as to whether goods were supplied and that Fiscal Fraud Unit should investigate the invoices that are used to clear vehicles if they are different from the ones sent to Banks for forex application

However, investigations are said to have stalled due to ties of HTD to the power-that-be.

The Baker Tilly’s cashgate report in 201 on an estimated K20 billion ($38.2 million) looting in government for goods not delivered and services not rendered for a six-month period between April and September 2013, some companies are owned by Malawians of Asian origins, none of them has been interrogated or mentioned as witness in a court of law.

The ‘K577 billion’ reconstruction of cashbook carried out by PricewaterhouseCoopers also reveals a number of companies of Malawians of Asian origins .

The graft-busting body’s spokesperson Egrita Ndala insists the bureau was still investigating Cashgate and that the bureau cannot comment on” specific issues which are operational in nature”, saying that it may “ jeopardise the operations” .

HTD Limited managers who have British passports, are feared to be stashing their suspected “dodgy cash” in UK.

British Prime Minister David Cameron promises to act against corrupt foreigners who buy up luxury properties in the UK using secretive holding companies to hide their “dirty money”.

Cameron vows that UK must not become a safe haven for plundered or laundered cash.

Nyasa Times has posted some of the images in the dossier of  material objective evidence.

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67 thoughts on “British citizens in ‘dodgy cash’ from Malawi cashgate: HTD Limited”

  1. Havey says:

    Nyasa Times hw hv u got this information, is it not confidancial? Is it realy tru, what is the stand of the authorities?

  2. best advise says:

    i think nyasatimes tried to get a car on GONGORE from htd and they were denied thts y its ass is many times wil u tel us th same bullshit

  3. Kwangwagwa says:

    Ndiye Pulezident ati chani pankhani iyi?

  4. chilipaine says:



  5. Human says:

    We all said negative things about this person

    Did any one even think if maybe this payment was legal, do we even know anything about this deal

    Why are we just shooting in the black this is so wrong

    As to what i know, he was paid for supplies made Do we not see iveco trucks at army

    So then how does army have their trucks without payment

    Total rubbish

  6. MMALAVI says:

    Chonde Boma Tachitani Chilungamo. Mukusaukitsa A Malawi Amene Akuvutika, Kulimbikira Ulimi, Sukulu Ndalama Akudya Anthu Osayenera Kutero. Anthu Tikuwonatu. Mizimu Ya Openga Ikadzalusa Mudzawona Mmalawi Ngati Wolakwa Revolution, Strong Will For Federal Govt Ndi Zina Zotelo Zikulephereka Kuzipondereza.

  7. Ngwazi says:

    I cry for the Ngwazi if he was around he could have solved this mystery but ha! this Peter is saying or was saying investigate HTD big crook snd this Obese kondowe didnt he work for menye who steals from Malawians and donates to the same Malawians ,you ACB you arrest Tushar Lakhani for a small amount and leave these Moslems of ISIS

  8. Ganizani Phiri says:

    Malawi Needs a Dictator

  9. sayimoni bayisikolo says:

    And you expect this country to develop like this?There is no proper control of things.As longer as these mwenyes continue to fund these crooked parties like Dpp,such type of things will continue to exist.They do those funding for a reason and they benefit from it 100 times than the money they fund some crooked parties.Mwenyes paliponse always thinks of making money.He can even deceive you that coal is diamond and you will end up believing like him like that.It is time Malawians woke from slumber.This country does not only belong to Pitala and a few dpp thieves.We really need a revolution.

  10. NANTHAMBWE says:






  11. these issues have been boiling for too I hope politicians are watching out this country will one day be fires our leaders please take action on some very obvious cases why are you turning blind eye. You are messing up your image by this passiveness eeh!

  12. MISOZI says:

    This Indian is the same who once upon a time owned AMERICAN STORE. He was doing the same . Kamuzu closed his shops and was given 24 hours to leave Malawi. Now he is back full time stealing big time. Why can we not act quickly on these Indians?
    Another Indian to watch is that one who once upon a time was Picks & Shovels and now LMD

  13. mwalimu matoya says:

    Kamuzu arrested these guys and expelled them from malawi…they had millions which these folks hid in the homes of their trusted employees when their shops were shut down…. wake up abale athu ..1982 government stores imagula matayala from american stores which these thieves operated….matayalawo never made it into the government stores because only cash changed hands…abale ine ndinawagwilila ntchito amwenyewa…tinkadyanawo timatambala nthawi imeneyo…today their bigger and more ruthless…and will NEVER be persecuted…imagin their KIA center was opned by your president!

  14. Arick Chiombagaga says:

    Is there a need of further evidence? Malawians, wake up. Innocent citezens are suffering becuase of these greedy people. Ok. Because God seems to as as if He is a malawian (by hearing our cries) He will fight for us “ife tili chete” (EX. 14:14).

  15. thako la mmwenye says:

    ACB mufunanso umboni wanji oposa pamenepa? ife anamalira ,agulukuninda a chammato,akafabuwe, akapoli, alazalo anthu oponderezedwa mmalawi muno tikuyang’anira kwa inu. zambiri sitikamba tingoti phee kuti muti bwanji. koma ngati simupanga chilichonse he he de ……..nkhani ndi imeneyi bwana matemba ndi bwana kondowe.

    kwa inu amwenye fuso ndilimodzi. kodi mukamapita ku nzikiti kasanu kasanu patsiku mumakatani? chimandidabwitsa ine ndinu anthu oipa mitima kwambiri koma kupemphera chimodzi modzi ,how do you reconcile the two?

    taonani makobili athu ndi awa mwamangira chinyumba chanu chamakono pa ginnery corner ena mwatumiza ku UK komwe simukhalakonso pamene miyanda miyanda ya anthu akufa mzipatalamu kusowa makhwala.kodi anthu inu achimwenye koma ndithu makobili akubawa mumadya mukukondwa ndithu? no wonder maiko akwanu mumangophana ngati ntchetche anthu inu mulibe chikondi ndi a malawife. chonvetsa chisoni ndi chokuti a satana ena achimalawi tikuthandizila nawo zimenezi. zachisoni ku malawi.

    chotsangalatsa ndi chakuti olo mutazikundikira makobili a ziko lonse lapansi inu ndi ana anu , kwa mulengi muzabwerera nditizovala azakuvekeni pa maliro anu basi.olo wani tambala simuzanyamula.akakhala abale anga amwenyenu ndiye bunobuno basi ndiye kuchenjera kuli pati pamenepo

  16. Jack Madeya says:

    Malawi requires revolution basi like Egypt

  17. Sambaukwatiwe says:

    I dont see any different between our leader and these HTD Indians! Peter is Mtchona who have American greencard, and store, is still steal ing our money and depositing in foreign banks, while HTD people are Indians who are doing business in Malawi and they are externilising forex to foreign banks, is there any difference?

  18. cm says:

    Nyasatimes mwalembako zanzeru apa. Keep it up

  19. haffa says:

    Big up to nyasatimes for this article this is proper keep up the good job reporting izikhala chonchi

  20. chilipaine says:


  21. Mwana boy says:

    Ziko Ni wanu dalama Ni wathu.A country with 15 million sleepy people exploited by the mwenyes and the Chinese including some cheap politicians of ours.Wake up my fellow Malawians.For how long will this country go like this?

  22. Stanley Malambo says:

    Malawi the so called rainbow nation, our core and ideal valuable colours that uphold culture are now going separate ways

  23. member says:

    Wilhelm you are lying. You do not know South Africa. It has very strict exchange controls. For example, you cannot import a vehicle into RSA.
    U cannot receive or send money if you an illegal immigrant. For you send or receive money they want proof of residence, and a valid work permit for foreigners (passport is not enough).

    In Malawi, you do not have such strict exchange controls. That is why foreigners are able to externalise funds illegally. They can simply walk into an exchange bureau and change money or got to a bank and ask for travel allowance. In RSA travel allowance is restricted. Just google their conditions.

  24. Mtimawanyerere says:

    Fellow Malawians, I have been reading the issue of biased treatment in many spheres of economic and social activities and I concluded that Animal Farm writer saw something “Some animals are better than others” he declared.
    The authorities are very much aware of the side of bread handsomely batterd and you should not waste time wondering why certain animals are more equal than others.
    Having said all, my worry is that why a person with rightful mind call Malawians of Asian origin. Someone has already said that not refer them as British Citizen, but Economic Ayslum Seackers. Asians are not Malawians and they will never be.
    Imagine a scenario where an African in Indian Parliament and calling himself from Punjab?
    Precisely its because of this, the arm of law can not touch them, because they are not Malawians
    I rest my case

  25. The real ujeni says:

    As long as we Malawians remain foolish as we have always been, forget the country developing, politicians are thieves, ordinary kill each other for body parts business, parents send children abroad and they end up being prostitutes and don’t want to come back home. Foolishness all over.

  26. GOGO says:


    NDITHU !!!


  27. The real ujeni says:

    Malawians of Asian origin, have milked and and then skinned the thin cow called Malawi for a long time. They do that by using our stupid and foolish politicians. Amangwetu ife a Malawi we are fools, our parents are foolish and children have inherited the foolishness too. When is this deep sleep going to end?

  28. football ndi netball sititha. timadziwa kuba basi says:

    amalawi ndife otembeleredwa basi. mulungu anachoka kuno atafa kamuzu. thats my tax money being eaten. if ngwazi was around, this crap would have never happened. kodi FDH si ija yagula MSB ija? does this mean that i’m a part owner of two banks???

  29. Alex Likoswe says:

    RBM, there is a job for you here. Investigate transfer pricing where HD has created a company called Red Sea Trading that it invoices at exaggerated price and in turn Red Sea invoices the supplier of vehicles at much lower price . The difference , the Indian deposits in Leceister .

  30. KIA Sorento Galimoto Yokoma says:

    Good article Nyasatimes. However, fellow commentators, let us not blame Asians in this game, mind you all the names being mentioned here are of Europeans- from the UK, the Colonialists. UK is not in Asia. APM already urged ACB and Fiscal Police to do their investigations. If they find no case against them, they will be free as a bird in the air. Leave the Sidiks alone, after all they have a right to repatriate some of their profits to their home countries, of course following the right procedures.

  31. CHONCHOBE says:

    Seriously Nyasatimes mukamalemba nkhani ngati zimenezi I will be happy to follow and read your stories. BRAVO Nyasa times! HTD itsekedwe for further investigation so that amene anapanga zimenezo amangidwe basi. Tatopa ndi kunva za cashgate. I am aslo happy that David Cameron walonjeza kuthana nawo anthu ngat amenewa and I caught ‘I will act against corrupt foreigner’ Tithandize iwe David popeza Peter Munthalika wakanika ndi Goodal, ACB, Police akanika! stupid government. I think HTD inakudyetsani mabanzi ndiye mukukanika kulankhula kuopa kutaya mabanziwo.

  32. wina ndi wina says:

    am wondering why i havent heard banks connected to this issue of cashgate, when a person wants to withdra3w a huge amount of money usually, the bank has to authorise so that they could keep the base income intact( the money required as a minimum at the end of the day) and when there have been huge deposits, the bank is supposed to act on that, but in these cases it seems there was just a clean sheet of transaction…. something here doesnt make sense

  33. wina ndi wina says:

    a nyasa mupeze njira zoti tizipanga download tizithuzi timene mmayikar apati

  34. nzungu wa nzeru says:

    Malawi is not a peaceful nation she is foolishful. Thus we clap hands for ourselves for being a sick heart of Africa.

  35. ibrahim makwati says:

    amwenye samaba anthu inu bwanji kodi ZIKO NDIWANU NDALAMA NDI WATHU muzingokamba zalutepo basi amwenye ndi mabwana samapita ku khoti akafuna pasport samaima pamzere mupite ku Road trafic samafuna kudikila onseo amangoti indebwana AMWENYE KUMALAWI ONSE NDIMABWANA NGAKHALE AKHALE MWANA NDIBWANA BASI

  36. Mnngulu says:

    My grandmother told me that to undress a chicken you not pluck hairs on the feathers but you it boiling water and pluck the feathers. Politicians, principle secretaries and indeed the business tycoon especially Asian Malawians are the feathers in the cash-gate. This why we are wondering the seriousness of ACB and sanity of the whole cash-gate investigations and arrests. Pluck of the feathers the hairs will go with them and the chicken will be undressed!

  37. Kandapako says:

    President Peter Mutharika and your government what more evidence do you need to take these thieves to court? Shall we be blamed for suspecting that you are involved in these deals thus protecting these thieves? If you love your country, please take these thieves to court.

  38. km says:

    Thumbs up Nyasatimes. I wish to thank the individual(s) who has given you the evidence. I think this is probably the only workable way of dealing with these selfish and unpatriotic politians and businesspersons. Please,anyone with concrete dirty on any businessperson or politician bring it out. Tatopa ndi kuberedwa.

  39. Nangozo says:

    It is only the local small fish which are languishing in prison, usipa, bonya, kapenta, matemba. The others are enjoying the fruits of their evil deeds. But one day every one will receive their rewards according to their deeds. There is only one just judge, who does not look at skin colour, party affiliation, tribe etc.

  40. Wilhelm says:

    Transporters are sometimes paid separately despite supplier invoices being CIF. It is only Malawi which has this stupid rule of all imports must be CIF and duty and VAT is also charged on both values, not just on the goods being imported.

    As for ‘illegal externalisation of forex’ . This shouldn’t even be an offence! It is high time Malawi abolished exchange controls.

    Exchange rates may fluctaute, but it it will not create so many problems for importers and exporters where you have to try to navigate this ridiculous maze of bureaucracy simply to pay a foreign supplier.

    Most companies slip up and intentionally or unintentionally break some rules. Malawi is a net importer, it may effect the economy, but it will make trade much easier. No more exchange controls.

    South Africa, and most other countries do not have such ridiculous exchange controls. They are also big traders and big importers.

    Some weeks ago there was an article in The Daily Times on SADC, saying MRA needs to be more transparent. This was especially on cross-border traders with other SADC countries, such as Tanzania and Zambia.

    If MRA can not even be clear about simple rules for small cross-border traders, imagine how unclear their rules for big companies and importers must be.

    That’s why many local small traders also have to bribe the corrupt MRA officers just to import or export a little bit of fruit or vegetables.

    That’s not to say HTD have not done anything wrong, but these supposed hard ‘documents’ do not establish anything.

    ‘Cashgate’ cases need to be investigated properly. Anyone, Malawian, Asian, European, American should be brought to book.

    Someone’s character does not depend on their skin colour. Malawians, Asians, even white Europeans can be corrupt, and they can also be innocent. Please tone down the prejudice.

  41. Wiz says:

    Ohoo! Ife kumphwanya zimbwempwe inu nkumanona zili zakuba oho! Anzanu pano akuyendetsedwa panjinga yaolumala cashgate itaululika oho…bravo my nyasatimes hope mbc mtengera ntchito zabwino,…boma tsatenga utsiku oho

  42. ..... says:

    Allan Ntata ataulula izi, Big man anati amutengera ku court.
    Amutengeredi ku courtiko. Zambiri ziululidwa and therefore we will catch him as corrupt and IMPEACH him.
    DPP sifika 2019

  43. musolin says:

    These dogs should be arrested, they many of these Asian thieves. ACB should deal with these thieves and immigration should depot them.

  44. kk says:

    Amwenye ndi akuba kuyambila kale. Mu thawi ya Kamuzu amawopa koma pano matha anawathela chifukwa amangoyenda moyela mokha mokha. Ku Malawiko mumawawopa chifukwa kwa inuyo ndi azungu anu. Ku immigration sa mayima pa mzele. They gate VIP treatment. Ku MRA amachedwa bwana.

  45. Thitherward 'wendo says:

    What is the connection between the cash and doggies?

  46. Che Nkope says:

    For things to change in Malawi, we need a Revolution basi. As long as we, owners of the land keep silent, nothing will change

  47. PHWITIKO says:

    HTD is a white elephant in Malawi. HTD is externalising forex in Malawi. Ukatambatamba iziyang’ana kummawa kungakuchere. HTD yacheredwatu tsopano . htd yathundukwa yayaluka. Bingu was very bitter against money laundering and externalising forex. Mbava yaikulu kwambiri MMalawi ndi HTD. Mabungwe talowerelanitu apa Chilungamo chioneke.Arrest them, freeze all the personal accounts of the perpetrators. sieze their property and leave no stone unturned. ACB , Police , legislation, judiciary, the clergies, ccjp,Kwataine & friends etc; can you charge , can you breath fire for this notorious act and act simultaneously against this hyena HTD who has been stealing our resources at our back.

  48. Zingalume says:

    Nyasa Times mwalembako zanzerutu apa. Nkhani yofunika komanso mwayilemba bwino.

  49. abdul sidik says:

    We used part of that cash to fund political activities in Malawi and many politicians both from the ruling party and the opposition benefited. So no matter how you make this stupi noise we can’t be persecuted. And in fact its thepoliticians who approached us. We do clean business

  50. Mbiyazodooka says:

    These are typical signs of a dysfunctional and non patriotic society which is selling its own country to these crooks. I will not be surprised to see the next president of this malfunctioning country being someone of Asian origin. We Malawians are so careless to the extent of selling our souls. Look at how willingly we are selling passports and land to foreigners and yet we expect the country to remain ours. Idiot people and a shame to our founding forefathers.

  51. Jelbin mk says:

    My Jewish friend (son ti my employer) told me one day that “the worst enemies of the African continent are Africans themselves) when I asked what did he mean he told me all African leaders are banking overseas and worse enough send their children to overseas boosting overseas’ economy forgetting their own countries thus why they don’t mind if things go wrong with their economies because their finances are safe in the hands of Cameron, Obama and other leaders overseas. I am of the view that it is insane to start a charity that will sponsor multimillionaires in educating their children though this is what the world is doing by exempting its rich leaders from paying taxes. I remain to wonder what this was meant to achieve this only helps to worsen the gap between the poor and the rich in both power and money. The other problem is that people especially business individuals do use these tax exempted power holders as conduits they order their commodities in the name of some cabinet ministers and other top government officials. We can do better by passing laws preventing state presidents and cabinet ministers including opposition MPs to keep their children within our boarders if for security reasons then within the continent but not being sponsored by the poor masses because that does not give a good reason as to why do we pay them so much if it is not to manage their family affairs. Why did I say that? It because those in power pay less attention to the situation in their countries be it economically as well as academically just because their wealth is stashed somewhere else where the economic crisis will not affect it. Lets wean ourselves from the behaviour of watching while things go wrong because it will not be those in power suffering but us and of course our grandchildren as well.

  52. Mbwiyache says:

    Let’s hope that Justice preveal. Bcoz what is going on in this country is a total hell

  53. benjones says:

    when are you arresting the owners of this company and prosecute them, according to this article and the ones before show that this company is involved in cashgate. if you cant arrest them that we do not want to know their crimes. we want action. why is malawi government so scared of the so called asians are they some super humans untouchable we read different stories about their corruption but to date none has been taken to task.

  54. jojo says:

    These are not British citizens but British asylum seekers

  55. Hitler says:

    All we need is civil disobedience in order to change things.

  56. Jonathan says:

    Very good piece! Bravo Nyasa!

  57. nganga says:

    It is not a Malawian stealing, therefore no cashgate. It is sad that only malawian cashgaters are being taked to task by ACB.

  58. namatikitiki says:

    Nyasatimes find ways and means of passing these docs to the British Govt or solicit the services of a British MP to push for the repatriation of this cashgate money back to Malawi!

  59. Chingolopiya says:

    Nice work. Koma akaveke khoswe belu ndani?

  60. Dr Henzie Mussa-Chemical Engineer says:


  61. Chatsalira says:

    Why are Malawian so daft to prosecute fellow black Malawians and leave this good for nothing Asians(Amwenye).

    Parliament take this up, we cant have the amwenye stealing from us, insulting us and we let them scot free. Now wonder in Malawi forex is a problem because these amwenye are always externalizing it.

    We patiently watching.

  62. dull professor UK chapter says:

    a good job Nyasatimes

  63. Long Dick says:

    Malawi is going backwards!

  64. Nsanje says:

    Dziko lino ngati likusauka ndi chifukwa cha amwenye. Amwenye ndi akuba kwambiri. Palinso mmwenye wina ku Ginnery wakuba amagulitsa ma tyre pa Ufulu FM paja. Amalawi kugona tulo too much.

  65. kumeneko says:

    RBM must also come up with new regulations to make externalisation of money difficult like in RSA.

  66. kumeneko says:

    Parliament shud summon ACB director to explain why they are not arresting these Indians

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