British envoy urges Malawi MPs to be pro-active

British High Commissioner to Malawi Michael Nevin has advised Malawian parliamentarians to be effective when they are in line of duty mostly in the National Assembly [during deliberations] for the betterment of the nation as well us fulfilling expectations of Malawians.

Michael Nevin, British High Commissioner to Malawi

Michael Nevin, British High Commissioner to Malawi

Nevin was speaking whenhe hosted a reception for the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association-Scotland Branch delegation at his Area 10 residence in the capital city, Lilongwe on Tuesday 10th February, 2015.

“There is clearly a demand by Malawians, like their British counterparts, for Parliament to be more effective. How to achieve this is a useful debate including whether the expectations of the citizenry of their MPs are in the right place” said Nevin.

However, Nevin said there are a lot more things that need to be done for parliament to act in an effective way like a good political system of government that encourage and ensures transparency and accountability.

“A parliament cannot operate in isolation. There are many other ingredients needed for democracy and parliaments to be effective, such as upholding the rule of law, a political system that encourages transparency and accountability, a true separation of powers, strong civic education,” he said.

According to the British envoy, Commonwealth offers a unique advantage in this area, adding real value in the continual quest to improve the functioning of democracy.

He further said UK has a strong history with Malawi, including a colonial one which influenced Malawi’s attitudes, institutions and systems.

Having celebrated 50 years of independence last year, Nevin said Malawi need to stand on its own.

“It [Malawi] should be increasingly standing on its own two feet. But our shared history offers the UK and Malawi special advantages to take forward a modern partnership, expanding on our large and extensive development programme that seeks to achieve shared goals, our strong defence relationship, our educational ties, our cooperation on regional and international issues, our common interest in mutual security, prosperity, trade and investment,” explained the British envoy.

Commonwealth is an organization of countries that largely share similar legal and legislative frameworks and sometimes even the same practices in Parliament.

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33 thoughts on “British envoy urges Malawi MPs to be pro-active”

  1. Banda says:

    Whether UK are helping us or not, Malawi will be run by Malawians following our culture and best practice.

  2. powder says:

    ngoyipa awa ankawona ngati boma lilephera

  3. Kanyimbi says:

    Nafenso tinawathandizapo nthawi ya Dr Kamuzu Banda.

  4. Kanyimbi says:

    Time for change. Yes we can.

  5. Hara says:

    Umbuli ndi matenda, civic education is important.

  6. ganimunthu says:

    I want to thank all our Mps for a wonderful job they are doing. When we had the last parliament ed did not have Mps like this these ones. Just come to the chamber and see what is happening. You will be shocked it’s not the same as it if used to be.

  7. The Patriot says:

    Well done your Excellence, our MPs seem not to know their job descriptions!! In other countries Mps are good at legislative work but in Malawi an MP can stay one full five year term without tabling any bill in Parliament! All they know is giving coffin handouts! For example none is tabling the electoral reform bill right now but they are busy getting allowances!

  8. victim Chamkhuni Lwazazi says:

    Indeed the High Commissioner is right. Our mps are there just to enrich themselves, greedy through and through.
    1. Very fat salary, without remorse on the suffering Malawians at this time of national economic turmoil – When the President
    and ministers felt it devilish to get fat salary raise, mps showed all the greed.
    2. Huge allowances during frequent committee meetings – Results of meetings not helping the nation. Just scape goat to make money.
    3. Huge allowances when parliament is in session yet that is there office. Should one get allowances again when being in
    his/her duty office? And worse of all, those who live in Lilongwe and not in their far away constituencies – why get
    huge allowances. Prove me wrong – A number of mps are resident and doing businesses, other money earning
    activities in Lilongwe and just commute to parliament.
    4. Huge travel claims as if they drive from their far away constituency to come to Lilongwe for meetings or pariament
    sessions, but the government, the acb, the fiscal police, the parliament auditors, the responsible parliament authorities,
    the opc, name them, know these guys lie, yet the are paid these claims at the expense of tax payers and poor Malawians.
    5. Huge loans, some it repaid by the government from tax payer’s deductions, and very soft interest.
    6. Contribution to the nation by parliamentarians is negative, zero or very minor. They go into that position just to enrich
    themselves. The poor Malawian is never at their ‘hearts’. They shoot down a bill because they want to bring
    desperation government so that they can quickly give them loans or allowances or squeeze into a bill what would
    directly benefit them.
    Recall Bill should come back, and mps’ payments and claims should be cross checked. We must be serious.
    The job of the authorities in parliament is not just to entice the mps. It looks like our so called mps are not
    patriotic to their Malawi but to themselves with a lot of hidden agenda. They are more of Malawi Pigs than
    members of parliament.

  9. Kikikiki says:

    Stop blaming game you sorry malawians. That’s exactly he’s talking about and in very plain language but some myopic ideologies as usual are giving a British envoy astick. Poor malawians … How much billions of pounds sterling’s have been siphoned in Malawi since 20 years ago in different aid programmes and what have you done with it. You all greedy pigs and corrupted people know exactly where British hard earned money’s in all these years have been. And for some of you critising British British reps is uncalled for. No matter how many different countries ( west, East, South, Americans,) can shoulders with, it won’t change anything. First, let these so called leaders be God fearing and practise what they are talking about. Secondly, let them renew their minds. They need circumcision of their hearts. People should stop unnecessaril. Political patronages. This will not take our country anywhere. Accept constructive criticism. Eish who has bewitched you malawians????

  10. Galu Wagalu says:

    Get out of the common Wealth like Gambia did. How can wealth be common. To who. Amafuna Tea, suger, peanuts ndi zina za ulele.. They are giving money to NGO not to Government. why? They want to weaken the government. They like JB chifukwa waba ndalama wakasunga?

  11. jimbo says:

    To ‘John’ No. 3: Britain has been supporting Malawi with 40% of its budget. Britain is giving much aid to Malawi through NGOs. Britain established the civil service, postal service, MDF, the education service, etc. etc. Much of what was established during the 30 yrs. of Kamuzu Banda’s reign came from Britain. How can you possibly compare the contribution of the Chinese and the RSA with that of Britain! Face facts and be honest.

    1. Mhesha says:

      Establishment of those systems was inevitable as the systems helped themselves during their hundreds of years of their stay here in Malawi. The systems weren’t meant for Africans per se.
      What they vsluef most was tea plantations where so many pipo were displaced to their own benefit. If go deep and see primary reason why these Britons came to Nyasaland u will appreciate the reason for pipo’s negative views.

  12. Big brain says:

    Ki nde u ndevu dzipitani

  13. Big brain says:

    They are it relevant now pack and go Britons

  14. malawiana says:

    Either Nevin is a very active High Commissioner or he intrudes unnecessarily in internal politics. Either way, he is often the Voice of reason in Malawi these days.

  15. Who can go and tell the British mps what to do?answer me who gave u authority over us? Money or Satan?answer me

  16. Thitherward Wendo says:

    #3 John, we should not confuse infrastructural improvement with national development. Our greatest resources are our people. Projects that improve the education and health of our people are doing far more to develop our real resources than any number of infrastructural projects. We need to add value to our people; improved infrastructure will follow. I hope that when our present government is asked to show us what it has achieved, it will show us photographs of happy, healthy children waving certificates that testify to an effective education that has prepared them for the task of developing their country men and women – and the infrastructure as well.

  17. Bakha Nkhomano says:

    This Michael Nevni guy continues his stupid propaganda. Britain has nothing to offer in malawi. Just evaporate and continue your same sex campaign elsewhere! Shame on Britain

  18. losco says:

    You are right Nevin,but don’t forget that there is a saying in chewa which says fisi ndi fisi.When these MPs are in parliament they forget that they r there for national development and they start to please this person who ran away from the prupet by the name…..Chakwera .

  19. Mhesha says:

    British reps…what are u doing here? You claim to be helping us via other means and yet u actually eat the monies yourself. Don’t act ss if you’re out fathers. You just exploited us. Try to point out any developments u claim to contribute in this poor country. You talk too much but do nothing. We are now partners with other emerging power. These are powers that got rich without being colonialists.

  20. Mhesha says:

    Hosting that big function at your home?…U don’t want to spend here but to reap as small resource as this country can have. Go and spend in our hotels.

  21. nankungwi says:

    Well I have to say Nevin has point. I hope the reforms that DPP are inserting into Malawi will invlve refroming some of the ways in which the House of Assemblie works!

    I agree that the level of debate could improve

    There must be a way in which candidates qualify to become MPs. It is evident that some of them do not wholly uinderstand their roles /duties

    The mind set of the majority of the house of assemblie needs revamping. You go into politics to improve your country, your region not just yourself!

    so i think there is a lot of work to be done there

  22. mbuzi iwe says:

    Britain lero? Zautsiru basi. Inu koma same sex marriage basi. Kagwereni uko

  23. christopher banda says:

    Our colonial masters were greedy,look at our neighbours mozambique,everyone is able to speak the language of their colonial masters unlike with this our talkertive master shame!

  24. kd says:

    nevin Malawi has lost confidence in you, the humble thing to do now is to pack and go, ask concraine dyt the munthalikas blood don’t play around they spent alto of their time abroad hence they dnt give afuck…. my piece of advice

  25. Moya says:

    Tell him the truth that Mps here are only pro active before chi ndasi chisali nkamwa the moment they are given one basi all they know is tilinganganga ask Atupele wachiluma chake chindansi he is moving to seat nearer in parliament kuti amwelere fanta. Tell him Mps once they see mandasi and fanta from government they forget who is their master and start praising their fellow servant at plot number 1.

  26. Agnes says:

    Honestly Britain imandinyasa.Kodi demo yowathamangisa agalu amenewa ichitika liti.Zautsiru zaozo azikapanga ndi Amai asamaone ngati ku Malawi kuno tose ndi mabulutu

  27. ganimunthu says:

    Honestly we can not listen to this fund this parliament you and please make sure the committees are working. Please consider this as a serious issue

  28. John says:

    What Britain know better is to agitate for mathanyula!

  29. John says:

    Can Britain show me which infrastructure they can boast of be in in Blantyre, Lilongwe or Mzuzu. At least we can point at several developments coming from Chinese people. At least we can point RSA for the Capital Hill. British, None! Shame!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. marko says:


    1. chikoya says:

      marko, no personal issues here,waiwala kuti mkazi wako amangokhalira kuchinditsa bcoz u cant take care of her? and timuchindanso this week.

  31. ujeni says:

    We had enough of British lectures, there are better well developed, and democratic countries Malawi should look up to for business partnership, like the USA, China, Nordic or Scandinavian countries, latin America like Brazil, Mexico, Chile etc. Britain was the empire, not now

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