Broke Malawi may withdraw from Africa Cup qualifying

Malawi may be forced to pull out of qualifying for next year’s Africa Cup of Nations because they do not have the money to play their final two games as the Football Association of Malawi (FAM) has  cancelled the national team’s training camp.

Football Association of Malawi  CEO Sugzo Nyirenda:  It's pathetic

Football Association of Malawi CEO Sugzo Nyirenda: It’s pathetic

The Flames sit in third place in Group B, with matches against second-placed Mali and bottom side Ethiopia to come.  Malawi are scheduled to host Mali on 15 November and travel to Ethiopia for their final match four days later.

FAM general secretary Suzgyo Nyirenda  said  the training camp “has been postponed until funding has been identified”, adding that government has said it will not provide funding.

“The decision by our main sponsor, the Malawi Government, not to provide financial resources for the previous fixture and remaining fixtures of the 2015 Africa Cup of Nations has left FAM with no option but to suspend camp training of the Malawi National Football Team to avoid incurring debts that FAM would not be able to settle,” Nyirenda explained.

“FAM would like to further note that in the event that funding is not identified, it will be compelled to withdraw the Malawi National Football Team from the on-going Africa Cup of Nations.”

He said FAM are trying to engage a number of organisations to give us US$155,000 (about  K62 million) to complete the assignment.

Should they fail to raise the money required to play those games, they will be disqualified and their results removed from the table – which will significantly alter the standings.

Withdrawal from Afcon could earn FAM the wrath of Caf with sanctions including suspension from football activities for the next two years.

“It is pathetic we have reached this position. We are hopeful something will happen, but if the situation remains the same we will definitely have to pull out,” said Nyirenda.

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28 thoughts on “Broke Malawi may withdraw from Africa Cup qualifying”

  1. Kanyimbi says:

    A FAM mbava. afotokonze komwe kwapita ndalama. Apo bii zikuvutani.

  2. Abiti Mtila says:

    This money is just one cheque from one Cashgate! Why can’t we get the money these thugs stole and fund the team. We are suffering while others are enjoying our hardly earned kwachas? Look how the Manondos are enjoying with their nice cars in town! Look how the suspects are still building houses in the locations! They still have our money but since this so called useless/toothless Courts/ACb are just delaying justice!

  3. Munthu wa Mulungu says:

    Ndalamazo zipezeke. Osamangodziwa kupereka zilango ku mateam, koma kandalama kochepa ngati aka, mitu gwa! pezani ndalama, ntcito yanu ndi imeneyo.

  4. Themba shonga says:

    lets b crious abt futbal, umin dere z no money! alas, kuganixa moperewera bwnj, y nt wthdrawng durng preliminaries

  5. $155,000 yabvuta kuipeza-zosekesa! Pa esiteti kapena pa farm? Be serious APM. Dos Santosh wa Angola amayikapo mtima pa football. Malawi football team promotion ikusoweka usogoleri wangwiro. Musova

  6. anthony says:

    finally some1 thinx ryt.Letas concetrate on netball,da quinz woyee


    shaah Suzgo andi friends ku fam ko apa game yagonatu apa mimba zilowa mkati. Nanga simumenda shoulder high mukabako tindalama ta mpira ndikumanyenga mokweza pa hule patown pano

  8. nkhedu says:

    just watching as the thrilling drama continues….luking 4ward for new episodes.

  9. M'ngoni wa pa Ntcheu says:

    That’s the consequences of putting mulhakho on a driving seat of Malawi. I’ve just heard that even soft drinks are scarce now, very soon it will be sugar, fuel, forex, and already kwacha is nose-diving, punitive taxes are on the table to be intruded. Poor Malawians with poor thinking will now reap dearly for bringing back in town dpp mulhakho evil regime.

  10. Piper says:

    The consequences of Cashgate are surfacing now !!!

  11. yuona says:

    As if football doesn’t give the Government revenue. Kodi kuno kwathu zikutikanika pati?!

  12. Patriot says:

    Muuzeni Peter apangitse DINER DANCE ku Sanjika. Ngati ndalama za mulakho zinapezeka njira imeneyi, zipezekanso za (kodi mumati flames?) ine sindimauona motowo.

  13. Mack Banda says:

    Countrymen, are we serious that Malawi can contain Ebola virus? There is ebola in Mali and nobody seems to care about the potential of bringing ebola virus by these Mali players, officials and their supporters. The incubation period of ebola is 2-21 days; will Malawi govt quarantine these Mali people for 3 weeks on entry into the country? Can someone please tell the thoughtless FAM to cancel the Mali game. Seychels refused to play Sieraleone citing the same Ebola. Eish

    1. johnM says:

      Stop showing your ignorance in public, most of the Mali players play in Europe

    2. mustafah khalid says:

      silly dander head,dont expose the amount of cockroaches in your head here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Chikopa says:

    Please fund the flames,if you do this you will be legaded us the worst administration ever, it was amistake to put alady on that ministry she has no passion for football ,iwas disapointed to watch this on bbc focus on africa,who can be willing yo invest in country wich is falling to raise s155 thousand,remove this lady to another ministry .ayipisa mbiri yathu uyu atidyesa udzu.

  15. CAPETOWN says:

    hehehe abale anthu mumapereka ma million kufuna kukhala ndi pitsala ku ma fundraisng mumagula matabuleti kugulira gogo nasibeko munthali.chitsime chakuya chimadziwika chikaphwa odiii ukooh.komaso mxiii chitimu chomangoluza chufunika deliverance

  16. pdf says:

    Kodi a Obama kumeneku ndiye kutukula masewera a mpira? Ndalama apatseni AFAM. Chilichonse muno chimadalira ndalama za boma, zitsanzo: mulakho wa ahlomwe, ukwati wa president & many more.

  17. Amajta says:

    Akati ndalama zaku Mlhakho wa a lomwe nde upezeka pachakuti panu, bolanso amayi omwe aja.

  18. Zachisoni Phiri says:

    FAM is a problem why wait govt? dissolve it

  19. Mbolo Sidwala! says:

    In the first place, what do we stand to gain from the remaining two games? Unless a Yugo and company convince us why we should go ahead and play these games, there should be no extra fundinp. Zimenezo asove ndi makochi for failing to listen to public outcry of not playing players who are in form but the likes of Chiukepo and company! Boma likangoyerekeza kupereka ndalamazo, I wll get an injuction!

  20. Dusty says:

    Better pullout than draining ndalama zathu.You do not make us proud but miserable whenever you are playing your so called football.Thumb up to the government of the day for deciding not to fund that useless football club called malawi,we are better not having that football club in our country than each time get embraced with loses after loses.Pliz govt of day with all wise and dynamic leadership dissolve FAM,let these idiots go.

  21. Enock says:

    Fundraising ya chipani nde ma company mbweee kumachita kukanga ndikuvomelezana nayo mkwitayo

  22. Phiri says:

    Though I am not a fanatic wa Amayi, I can now start to appreciate how hard she tried to keep the country running at the point when it was nose diving, now zayambanso. Can somebody tell me which sector is progressing with this govt? Cry my beloved country!

  23. MKWAPU says:

    UWILL LOSE LOSE!!!!!!!

  24. mkwita says:

    Koma akati fundraising ya a first lady nde ma million.our priorities and lack of pride in high standards is very worrying

  25. Which Malawi is progressing well in perfomance and ranking? Please do not anger us with your stupid remarks. You recently dropped 11 places on the ranking,is is what u call good progress? Idiot,Fool…

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