BT City Council launches K1bn sanitation project

Blantyre City Council is geared to build and rehabilitate about 100 public toilets in the city to improve sanitation especially in markets and other public places.

Mayor Chalamanda: Sanitation

Mayor Chalamanda: Sanitation

The City’s Mayor Noel Chalamanda launched the sanitation project on Friday in Blantyre which is co-funded by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and Department of International Development (DFID) to the tune of US$2 638 272 (About K1 billion).

The project would be implemented by a partnership of the Council, a non-governmental organisation called AYISES/Blantyre Waste Concern and the Netherlands based NGO WASTE.

Said Chalamanda; “I am delighted this morning to preside over the launch of this very important project which will transform the sanitation situation in our beautiful Blantyre City.”

He said the success of the three-year sanitation project would be based on good results achieved in managing market toilets, developing pit latrine emptying services, and in treating fecal sludge.

“It is noted that among the challenges facing Blantyre City to be addressed with this project are insufficient number of useable public toilets, many private and public toilets that are full of fecal sludge, overflowing toilets especially during the rainy season, collected fecal sludge being dumped haphazardly into the environment, pollution of rivers and streams and unhygienic and unhealthy living conditions,” he said.

He added: “We want Blantyre City to achieve the following results: a significant reduction of open defecation; the City’s population accessing clean public toilet in markets, bus stations and neighborhoods; residents that have access to pit emptying services that are safe and that offer value for money so that overflowing toilets no longer pollute neighborhoods and rivers a reduction in the illegal dumping of sewage by upgrading and increasing the number of sludge treatment sites and a reduction of sanitation related complaints to the Council.”

“To achieve the clean City by 2018, the Council with its partners would ensure that 100 public toilets have been upgraded or built and that it has entered into Service Level Agreements with service providers to operate and maintain these public toilets to acceptable standards based on user fees,” he further said.

Chalamanda said the Council would ensure that both public toilets and household latrines are usable and never full of sludge, as the City creates an enabling environment where the private sector purchases modern, hygienic and efficient latrine emptying equipment.

“It is will also upgrade five Fecal Sludge Management (Treatment/Disposal/Reuse) sites that would be operated under agreements with the private sector or semi-government organizations,” said the Mayor.

The project is designed in such a way that the investments in equipment and public toilets are shared between the Council and the private sector.

The investments by the project money are meant to kick start these investments since the Council has already significantly increased the 2015 budget allocation to improve sanitation in the City in order to fulfill its obligations


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35 thoughts on “BT City Council launches K1bn sanitation project”

  1. Citizen X says:

    Well done Mr Mayor. Word of advice blantyre is a growing city and it will keep growing til the end of time, so you city planners be wise, make long long term plans for our city and the most vital is the waste disposal plan. we need to build new under ground sewer system that will cater for a large city population and the time to do it is now, theres no rush do it in phases each year that is it SIMPLY. We need to look in to doing away with pitlatrine toilets in the city, leave that for the villagers only. Go to any city in africa, malawi is the only country still using Pit toilets in the cities “Shame” its because we have no brains?. This is your LEGACY Mr Mayor make blantyre a beautiful city.

  2. Magang'a says:

    Hey Give That Mayor A Bells!! Osati za awa aku LL chomwe iwo apangapo ndikuombera mmanja the “Bored kid” Davido.

  3. Daniel Phiri says:

    Good move . Kandalama kangochepa. What we need is a revamped sewerage system to cater for flushing toilets osati pit latrines. These latrines pollute groundwater and shouldn’t be found in a city

  4. sizwe says:

    Big up Nox that’s the way to go. Mnyamata osachitisa manyazi.

  5. Zoona Mapuya says:

    Don’t forget to rehabilitate parks in your next programme,pls remove vendors from streets and littering,urinating in public places offences should be enforced,Keep it up Bt Mayor.

  6. Mr hidden Name says:

    Chalamanda timpatse aphatikizenso Lilongwe. He should be a mayor for the two cities. I’m domiciled in Lilongwe but I don’t even know the name of our mayor. He is a sleepy old fox. It’s not about age but leadership and contentment, when these guys go into their parlour, most of them loves the aircon, tea, comfortable chairs, the mayoral vehicle and the robes they wear. Zozionera ku ukulu!

    1. M'dyanyama says:

      The Lilongwe Mayor is a joke – he can’t even have grass cut in the city: The capital city looks like a bush, overgrown bush everywhere. I was shocked the other day when I drove past the British High Commission, which is a stone throw away from the civic offices. Terrorists could easily hide in the bush next to the high commission…

  7. johnstone chimphentheka says:

    Ukubwera bo mfana! Me think you should be president! Mtima oti zinthu ziyende bwino uli nawo

  8. Daud says:

    Proud of you ‘our mayor’…..

  9. Takalala Chisale says:

    Mayor uyu akuyesetsa. Osati zinazi


  11. Mr chalamanda please revamp the sewerage system

  12. phwiyonaire says:

    Chalamanda for president. We need more Malawians like him.

  13. tenant says:

    Pit latrine and sewage tank emptying facilities are NEEDED for sure. Imagine in some locations if your family has more that 5 members, some landlords do not allow you to rent their houses.

  14. meya says:

    Bravo Mr Mayor .

  15. Kokotowa says:

    Anthu a BT tiyeni tisinthane, mutenge wathuyu khaya dzina lache ndani ife mutipatse Uncle Short One!

  16. haward says:

    Chalamanda udzayimire u president ndiwe dolo, uwaphunzitseko a mayor a ku Lilongwe palibe chomwe akupanga akungokhala mu office

  17. monya says:

    bravo mayor !we need toilets at south lunzu health centre at luwanda machinjiri

  18. Thom Malota says:

    I think that a good idea to build toilets everywhere in the city than kuyamba kugwira anthu pamene dziko lathu mulibe ma toilet..and i think the project will start soon..

  19. Mayor koma ameneyu not the greedy counterparts from Lilongwe who think using the money to buy their official prados is more ideal than initiating infrastructure development projects in the city . Leadership ikufunika pa Malawi ndi imeneyi my wish is that he should get support from both the City and govt officials.At times people like him are shot down out of envy. So far these youngstars are development conscious and have shown signs of political maturity lacking in most of our old and useless politicians.My fellow old gurus lets pull up our socks the young folks in Malawi seem to be out performing us…

  20. ujeni says:

    Demolish that eyesore called clock Tower . I’ve never come across an ugly eyesore clock tower like that.

  21. ujeni says:

    Why wait for Mzungu to fund your projects? On your own you are clueless and useless, go and ask MACRA for some money they got from TNM. Ask Peter Mutharika for a bit too, he is a billionaire by the way.

  22. Bravo mwananga Noel where is your elder brother Ted?I remember his contract to have been renewed by his inlaw amayi jb,amidst mismanagent and mal-adminstration.1billion? watchout,your brother was tempering with peoples salary and arrears,leave grant arrears,Hannover donations,plot acquisition scandal,dubious contracting procedures and negligence of laid down procedures,so,WATCHOUT!!!

  23. zanga phee says:

    Big hand for the Mayor please, start with the space between Clock tower to Queens, put 2 or 3 toilets please timavutika koti tizithandizire tikamayenda pansi kupita ku Queens from Mbayani,chirimba, chemusa even Chilomoni And also 2 to 3 between Ndirande flats to Stadium.

  24. Babangida... says:

    Take it from kigali Ruanda….

  25. Jwa Mjimpi says:

    Good move. Noel should set the standards for how cities should be governed in Malawi. A study tour to Lagos would also be a good idea. Since 1999 Lagos seems to be a model for local government…

    A word of caution though – Malawians do not believe in leaving a toilet clean for the next user. We act as if we will not need to use the toilet again, therefore for these toilets to be clean all the time innovative ideas will have to be implemented. Full time caretakers will have to be employed, and they should fine people who misuse the toilets on the spot.

    I remember visiting the toilets at the newly built Limbe Market many years ago – there were feaces everywhere. I just turned back…

    1. Santa says:

      The best thing is to find someone who is jobless. He should be looking after this toilet and make his own salary by charging people if they want to use it

  26. Nzika ya Mbayani says:

    Bwana Mayor mwayamba bwino kwabwini. Muganizilenso ma sewer pipes amend amaphulika ndi kusefukila pafupipafupi chifukwa chochepa ndi kukhalitsa. These sewers empty into and polite our rivers and dams.

  27. mavuto banda says:

    ndekubwera kumeneko Mr mayor

  28. mavuto banda says:

    ndikubwera kumeneko Mr mayor

  29. masteni says:

    Mayor wachinyamata ndi dilu osati zimadala zammbuyomu ayi

  30. waganyu says:

    Uyooo chweee

  31. akulu says:

    Kodi ndalama za Ku Blantyre zo ndi zama city rates kapena donation? Don’t just comment as a headless chicken amene mukuti onjoya. Ma city rates ndi pafupifupi aliyense amene Ali ndi property amakhala nawo. Inu aDPP akupatsani bwanji bill ngati muli ndi plot?

  32. onjoya says:

    good move. ku lilongwe kuno kuli CITYRATES GATE. MCP inabela anthu k265 milion. how can you expect your city to develope yet you are not paying city rates?

  33. Santa says:

    Good move my mayor. All the best and God bless you

Comments are closed.

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