Bullets beat Silver 3-0 to reach finals of Malawi Carlsberg Cup: Pictorial

Malawi soccer power house Big Bullets on Saturday humiliated Silver Strikers at Kamuzu Stadium by defeating the capital city giants 3-0 to book a place in the finals of the 2015 edition of Carlsberg Cup.

Zonda shielding the ball from Nyemera...Photo Jeromy Kadewere

Zonda shielding the ball from Nyemera…Photo Jeromy Kadewere

Pindani showing his skills....Photo Jeromy Kadewere

Pindani showing his skills….Photo Jeromy Kadewere

Bullets players celebrating their victory...Photo Jeromy Kadewere

Bullets players celebrating their victory…Photo Jeromy Kadewere

People's Team indeed - .Photo Jeromy Kadewere

People’s Team indeed – .Photo Jeromy Kadewere

Bullets players celebrating their goal...Photo Jeromy Kadewere

Bullets players celebrating their goal…Photo Jeromy Kadewere

Bullets coach Mabvuto Lungu delighted....Photo Jeromy Kadewere

Bullets coach Mabvuto Lungu delighted….Photo Jeromy Kadewere

Bullets vuvuzela fan - ...Photo Jeromy Kadewere

Bullets vuvuzela fan – …Photo Jeromy Kadewere

Two captains with match officials..Photo Jeromy Kadewere

Two captains with match officials..Photo Jeromy Kadewere

Wamkaka! Bullets suppoters bathing in milk to celebrate win -Photo Jeromy Kadewere

Wamkaka! Bullets suppoters bathing in milk to celebrate win -Photo Jeromy Kadewere

Bullets fan celebrates .-Photo Jeromy Kadewere

Bullets fan celebrates .-Photo Jeromy Kadewere

Silver Strikers coach Stain Chirwa and his deputy Peter Mgangira in disbelief...Photo Jeromy Kadewere

Silver Strikers coach Stain Chirwa and his deputy Peter Mgangira in disbelief…Photo Jeromy Kadewere

Man of the match went to Chiukepo Msowoya...Photo Jeromy Kadewer

Man of the match went to Chiukepo Msowoya…Photo Jeromy Kadewer

Bullets vocal fans in Carlsberg cheers -.Photo By Jeromy Kadewere

Bullets vocal fans in Carlsberg cheers -.Photo By Jeromy Kadewere

Silver trio of Chatsalira, Limbani and Nyemera ...Photo Jeromy Kadewere

Silver trio of Chatsalira, Limbani and Nyemera …Photo Jeromy Kadewere

Fischer consoling Nyemera...Photo Jeromy Kadewere

Fischer consoling Nyemera…Photo Jeromy Kadewere

Silver Strikers FC....Photo Jeromy Kadewere

Silver Strikers FC….Photo Jeromy Kadewere

Bullets FC. for Carlsberg Cup..Photo Jeromy Kadewere

Bullets FC. for Carlsberg Cup..Photo Jeromy Kadewere

Bullets opened the score account through Jaffali Chande in the 12 minutes and Diverson Mlozi increased the lead before in form Chiukepo Msowoya crowned it all from a spot kick.

The first half went to form with Bullets dominating the visitors and enjoying 46% possession in a bright sunshine.

Msowoya had seen his early header from Fischer Kondowe’s corner well saved by Silver goalkeeper Blessings Kameza, low to his left, and at the other end Green Harawa’s fierce half-volley from 25 yards was straight at Owen Chaima.

The bankers, who missed the services of their captain Lucky Malata and Timothy Chitedze were outplayed on the midfield, where Chande and Bashir Maunde were too good for Victor Limbani.

In the 28th minute, Dalitso Sailesi unlocked the bankers defence with a wonderful pass to Manyenje , who, after controlling and turning inside, prodded past Wonderful Germany before the ball went wide.

The bankers striking force was toothless, as it struggled to unlock Bullets defence. Their danger man Green Harawa was well tamed by no nonsense defender Sankhani ‘Mkango Plus’ Mkandawire.

Peter Wadabwa was another main culprit for the bankers, as he mis-fired two scoring opportunities to the dismay of frustrated Stain Chirwa on the bench.

Bullets let 1-0 at interval.

In the second half, Owen Chaima in Bullets goals nearly made a mess of Nathaniel Harawa’s shot from distance, palming it away to safety, while Peter Wadabwa missed a glorious chance to give his side at least a goal by striking over the bar from within the six-yard box with only a man on the line to beat.

Rodrick Gonani, who was introduced from the bench also wasted good territory when Bullets defence found themselves two-on-one as the game became increasingly stretched.

In the 63rd minute, Bullets won a free-kick which was well taken by Jeresi Lufeyo for Mlozi to make it 2-0 through a glancing header.

A minute later, Bullets found a third goal through a penalty by Msowoya after Silver goalkeeper pulled Msowoya’s leg in the box.

In the 84th minute, a low shot from 25 yards by Msowoya was saved by Kameza, who was lucky to see it rebound off him and over the bar.

However, it must be noted that the game was not all that entertaining as both teams resorted in misplacing passes and preferring aerial balls.

Towards the end of the game although Silver pumped several balls into the Peoples team box, they never looked like finding an equaliser as their first Carlsberg Cup mission since it was launched ended in heartbreak.

Silver Strikers coach Stain Chirwa conceded the defeat but was quick to accuse the referee for giving Bullets two goals, which he described them dubious.

“Yes we have lost, and it is painful but let me tell our fans that the two goals Bullets scored were dubious,” said the Silver mentor.

“ All in all we have to forget about today’s game and focus on our next games in the League,” said Chirwa.

Big Bullets coach Mabvuto Lungu praised his charges for their victory and stressed everything is water under the bridge as they now focus on the finals.

“Let me salute our boys for the victory. If you work hard you get paid, so in short we worked hard and we have been paid,” said Lungu.

Bullets tactician Nsanzurwimo Ramadan, who is now employed as Malawi national team assistant coach said he was pleased to take a bow at the club with” a resounding victory.”


The champions are on course to defend the cup which they won last year and this is their fourth entry into the finals.

They will face winners between Be Forward Wanderers and Moyale Barracks who play at Civo Stadium in Lilongwe on Sunday.

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72 thoughts on “Bullets beat Silver 3-0 to reach finals of Malawi Carlsberg Cup: Pictorial”

  1. Jailoss Chioko says:

    Maule Bas? Aya Aya Aya

  2. UNECA says:

    Koma mukamaluza second round osachotsa coach.

  3. Maule si team yoti munthu ndikumaiganizira zachibwana imaswa modesa nkhawa.

  4. Frederick Madumu Mwakalenga says:

    Silver,mudzivomeledza kuluza.Osanena za referee.

  5. ntex says:

    Tabwezera chipongwe chomwe munachitira ana athu a wandras mu supalegue mwina munaiwala.aliponso wina??

  6. Mark . S. Nyoni says:

    Silver ndi ana. Iwo anzawo ndi tahit bfwd wanderers.
    Mauleeee ndiakatundu.

  7. steven mandere says:

    That’s why I love the peoples Team

  8. Dominance says:

    Is 46% dominating? Come on nyasa

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  10. abit nyonyonyo says:

    mauleeeeeee! maule amwe tea wamkakaaaa

  11. pharamutheko82 says:

    nothing else but the pipos team
    jst came and join us

  12. Joseph says:

    Ana achepa awa BB ndi more.

  13. isaac kudala says:

    dats big bullets,y can’t u join us.maule mo fire waitn to meet neba.

  14. OD PHIRI says:

    Stain how can you let Green Harawa on the field of play? Do you want to tell me that you are not aware that the player is heading to Bullets next season on free transfer?

  15. Mulomwe weniweni says:

    Kkkkk after utatha mpira ine uyo ulendo wa ku bar kuyitanisa chakumwa chaine chokondedwa cha carsberg special bill mpaka 8 grand kenako ndamuwelenga barman keeee ndathawa bill anyamata mupange limozi limozi ndikalipire mwandipangisa ndi inu chitimu changa chokondedwa

  16. Mbolo Sidwala says:

    Any word frm Mcdonald Mafuta Mwale? Kupunsa basi, mpira sitimasewera pa wailesi ayi. Eti silver ikawina 2-0. Silver singaiwine ndi Maule pokhapokha idzabwenze ma player awa: Peter Pindani, Panganeni Ndovie, Tizgo ndi Vibre making sure all of them are in top form. Ndakuuzani chinsisi chogonjetsera Mauletsi!

  17. Wawa Phiri says:

    Chikho cha Manoma ichi.

  18. ndawala says:

    In total is six kwa duuu. Paja ana aja anapatsidwando threee

  19. p p litete says:


  20. Kapena tibwerezanenso iwe stain kodi sukumvetsa

  21. Ma referee dubious, match fixing, pakamuzu you will win ref ndi wanu, national duties ndinu makape zafodya basi! Mankhwala akukafukule akugwila ntchito koma tikumana nanu muzina la yesu anyima inu

  22. baggio says:

    Go go go! Mauleeeeee forcing a head

  23. Ambewe says:

    wamkaka basi. kaya neba zikuonekerao pa Civo

  24. Alex Mbunge says:

    Maule 4 lyf wa cremora mkaka tamwa wakwiya ndi mfiti!!!
    Wafa Wafa!!!

  25. Ethiopian justice says:

    Its good that BB has won 3 – 0, Silver strikers coach is disputing the 2 goals, that means 1 is still valid so its still a win.

    The combination of Stain Chirwa and Peter Mgangira does not match, Its like father and son. I dont think if the two can deliver.

    Where did those Bullets supporters get the lamp?

  26. Mswachi says:

    “Yes we have lost, and it is painful but let
    me tell our fans that the two goals Bullets
    scored were dubious,” said the Silver mentor.”

    Chabwino tawina 1:0. Pali mau ena?

  27. Kacheke mnala says:

    Bullets thank you job welldone Guys mwaigwi ntchii malizani patsalapa osawelengatso akhala awa ndikunena awa tili nawo pafupiwa kaya kkkkkkkk ndangodutsa mnjila

  28. Justin says:

    mh! anatokonzeka bwino mbwiyache. eeh adodatu hunanya?

  29. Afanaze says:

    Koma chitimu ichi ayayaya…..kuyamba kuchkonda ndili ndi zaka 4…kuchisewerera chamma 80’s…..ndikupitilizabe kuchisapota zaka za manthumanthu and chikadamwabe wamkaka wa kilimu…ayayaya koma maule

  30. Angoni Pamwala says:

    Aganyu Mungatiuze Chani Za Bata Bullets??? Thanks Boys Potionetsa Mpila Okoma…

  31. sir bentby says:

    all bullets players deserve national team call up

  32. Novahiwa says:

    Am always proud to be a BB Supporter and fan.

  33. maule woyeee,aganyu nonse musova.nyaduu!!!.

  34. mwaxy says:

    Ma banker timangokumveran pa media kt mulimbana ndi maule. Lero mwadziwa kt ndinu ana omangolira ndi nkodzo wanu omwe. Mwacheeeeeeepaaaaaaaa!

  35. kaya izapezekaso ina team ngati yangayi bullets,anyamata mumakwana pitirizani ntchito yabwinoyi.congratuations mabulle.ayayaaaa!ayayaaaa!!!!kkkkkk.

  36. lot chiweta says:

    They have done it but they must expect tough time ahead as they take Lions of Kaning’ina who will baptise BE Forward 5 kwa 4 in penalty shootout tomorrow kkkk

  37. lazy bone says:

    bullets woyeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  38. Nyau tazivinitsa dansi ku bt neba tikudikira iwe

  39. André Lucas Henriques Moenda says:

    Parbens Bullets. Assim tudo mudo vai respeitado.

  40. ALODZE-ALODZE says:

    Maule oyeee!!,watsala neba kaya ufa basi

  41. Mtawali says:

    Big Bullets proud of you my team

  42. Jaws says:

    It can’t be are you sure kkkkkkkkkk go back to the drawing board

  43. amfana says:

    mumvesa chaka chaka chino matimu enanu.ine ndi nga pa maule.

  44. Marley says:

    kumwa wamkaka lero….

  45. nana says:

    Stain chirwa has overstayed as coach since I was at primary xool and I went to.college and now my work experience is 23 years and he is still with silver?

  46. Dango says:

    kkkkkkkkk breaking news mpakana.

  47. Andrew says:

    tikufuna nyerere basi. asaname tiwamenyenso mu Carlsberg cup

  48. Madalo Kapalamula says:


  49. christopher kachedwa says:

    kp t up guys….mukuveka takunyadiran….ayayayayayayayaya

  50. whn thngs go in that we just say congrts

  51. Noel Ngalu says:

    Ndikumva kukoma!

  52. Hardson says:

    Anglican Voice! Come in please…. Ndikumva kukoma ndikumva chimwemwe….. Sorry my friends it’s not the way we planned it hasjust happen unexpectedly 1-0 would be enough…. Any way hard lucky guys. Eigh neba! Win the game, we don’t want to meet Kaning’ina boys……

  53. kavisanza says:

    nice bb proud of u

  54. Malawiano says:

    Breaking news indeed……wa mkaka basi. Chi team ichi nditani amayo amayooooo!!! Bullets nditenge…….

  55. opportunist says:

    Maule wamkaka .Umodziumodzi unatha uwo

  56. mike kafodya says:

    ana achepa awa.i think in malawi they must have nyerere n silver select to beat maule.

  57. rabson jewish sembo says:

    we play to win

  58. rabson jewish sembo says:

    bullets palibetso nice

  59. Malawi’s number one club whether you like it or not.BB more fire ilike it

  60. Lovemaniac 91 says:

    Koma a Silver anali moyo mmene amaseweremo? Mwina vuto ndi ref, kapena njala? Kkkkkkkkkkkk! Ife ku exile kuno tikumva tseketseke. Ubatizo wa tsabola, kkkkkk! Reshuffle de team plz!

  61. GDK MOGHA says:

    BB its true is the people team. a coach a ma Bankers wapunga punga pa Kamudzu stadium uli kuti. BB loli kinyamana bawitu!!!.

  62. nkhuku says:

    Bullets is not a small team,congrats Fodya and friends!

  63. Suppoter says:

    Congratulations to bullets family, you have done a remarkable achievements meet you at final day..

  64. Duncan kapunda says:

    The big team must be knwn in the county,respect my team I love bullets football club 100%

  65. Lord Mansfield says:

    Eeh Nde Mwatichita Kanthutu, Ntangomva Poyamba Sindimakhulupilira, Koma Zatichitikila CONGURATULATION A BULLETS HOP U’LL CARRY ON & DFEND THE CUP Ife Ma Banka Dzatilaka, Koma Theba Ndi Ma Player Nonse Osadanda Zavaya Izi Bolani Tisabwelezeso Ngati Zimenezi, Tanyozekatu Apa, Tiyenela Kuwina Ma Game Osachepela 10 Kubweza Mbola Tapanga Apayi, Pakali Pano Angtithila Mowa Wa Ulele Ngati A Masikini Zoona Zimenezi, KWAGWA THAMBO LAKUDA KOMA WINA ANYA MU LIGI 2ND ROUND TIKUBWELA

  66. Duncan kapunda says:

    The big team must be knwn in the county,respect my team I love bullets football club%

    1. Novahiwa wa Matowa says:

      ANA ACHEPAAAAA!!!!!!!!! BB ndi dhilu.

  67. Chekambewa says:

    Thats it ife timanena kuti team yi ndiyafuko KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK

  68. Kkkkkip says:


  69. trouble says:

    dats our bullets team we support……kip it up guyz you make us proud

  70. paulos banda says:

    Silver bwanji? Are you really training?

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