Bullets defender Douglas Chirambo’s illness causes stir on social media

Local soccer administrators have been taken to task by players and supporters for not showing interest in taking care of the welfare of players when they are at the peak of their career as well as when they hang up their boots.

Flashback: Douglas Chirambo's head wrapped  in bandage after cut

Flashback: Douglas Chirambo’s head wrapped in bandage after cut

The issue has taken centre stage on various soccer groups on social media following the latest illness of Bullets defender Douglas Chirambo who is currently in a sorry state.

Chirambo, who took a break in playing some months ago, has been in and out of hospital and is suspected to have a brain tumour.

He has been visiting Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital and Mwaiwathu Private Hospital for monitoring of his condition by experts.

It has since been revealed that the player is in need of financial support to enable him fly to South Africa or India to access medical treatment.

Commenting on the matter, Silver Strikers and former Big Bullets gifted right winger Peter Pindani had no kind words for the country soccer governing body Football Association of Malawi (FAM), Super League of Malawi (Sulom) and Bullets F.C for failing to assist the player.

“It is sad to see how Football Association of Malawi, SULOM and Big Bullets FC are not showing any commitment to help Douglas Chirambo Chibadula. They should all be ashamed with how they have neglected him now when he needed their support most,” Pindani posted on his Facebook page on Friday 3rd April, 2015.

“Bullets FC can’t even arrange a fundraising game for him when he has been a very loyal and long time serving player for the team. My heart bleeds to see how our football administrators ignore players who are sick or injured. Shame on you,” added the player.

Another former Bullets and Silver Strikers player Panganani Ndovi who is now General Secretary for newly TNM Super League promoted side representing the Central Region Dedza Young Soccer agreed with Pindani that soccer administrators and fans, only love a player when he is strong and playing.

Ndovi described Chirambo as dedicated and committed Bullets follower.

“When he, [Douglas Chirambo Chibadula] was at the peak of his game, they [supporters] all sung praises of him, chanted his name. What pleases me most is and was his commitment to the red army. His desires to perform to the highest ability for the sake of all football lovers was not questionable, but look at how my brother is suffering in solitary with just his family to support him”

“My heart bleeds with pain seeing and hearing that a very cheerful and excellent footballer is suffering with no signs of hope for assistance. I pray that we all come together to assist him in cash and in kind,” mourned Ndovi.

Ndovi suggested that a committee comprising of dedicated and vibrant ex-players be set to look after such kind of matters.

But the Dedza Young Soccer G.S wondered “if the current football administrators put the welfare of the people and players at heart.”

Meanwhile, Chirambo who is reportedly to be losing his memory at times, is being looked after by one of his relations in Thyolo.

Chirambo is one of the longest serving members amongst the current Bullets squad.

Previously, FAM was again taken to task for failing to assist former flames international defender Elvis Kafoteka and midfielder Maxwell Chirwa who got injured while on national duty.

Both players were forced to quit playing with effects from the injuries they sustained.

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93 thoughts on “Bullets defender Douglas Chirambo’s illness causes stir on social media”

  1. Arsenal says:

    Kapumeni bwino aDaga, imfa yanu yandipatsa phunziro ine, padziko sipokhalisadi tingopitilira, nkakumbukira hw strong uwere eiiiiish u ddnt deserve this painfull journey Brother, may the gud Lord receive ur soul in heaven……RIP

  2. Mark Markc says:

    Nthawi zonse timamva zimozimozi koma palibe chimene chimachitika pakangotha 5dayz zose zokambidwazi zatha!Mwachitsazo Malemu Nevigator anavutika tose ndikumaona koma palibe amene amabwera ndi maganizo othandiza.Atamwalira tinayankhula zinatha lero chimozimozi!Ndinthawi yoti anyamatawa ayambe kuchitapo kanthu.

  3. Bullets n sulom must show intrest 2 our playerz don’t pretend as they r slave when thy r helping u in any othr way. In unite we stand u knw n in divided…………………

  4. Elias Umboni Bowa says:

    R.I.P Daga

  5. Lecture says:

    RIP Chirambo !
    FAM, SULOMU + Big Bullets FC has shown that they love players when they are fit and performing .
    Shame on you

  6. Chikondi pamaso says:

    Tiyeni tithandizane pamavuto ndi pamtendere talephera kuthandiza zanthu komatimafuna azitisangalatsa komanso kutukula dziko la Malawi apa a ale ake nkumati anakhala osasewera Mpira a fam ndi ena onse muzichitapo kanthu pa Ana anu tikumva sikoyamba koma tiyeni tiyesese chifukwa zizipatsa mantha kwa ena osewera kuti mawa ndiwo koma poti zachitika R.I.P

  7. BB GIRL says:


  8. MAMINA says:



  9. Matera Edson says:

    i am a mighty beforward wanderers supporter, but am deeply saddened with the death of Douglas . in sports we have lost a very good treasure as long as nation team players are concerned. May His Soul Rest In Eternal Peace.

  10. D.D says:

    will always liv to rembr u douga.

  11. Mtoloshi says:

    RIP section 65

  12. Mtoloshi says:

    RIP Section 65. We will always remember you in the Red army.

  13. zimu wake uwuse muntendele

  14. Mark Markc says:

    Zomvetsa chisoni!chimene boma ndi bungwe la Fam limayenera kuziwa ndi chakuti ngati munthu akusewera mu National team ameneyo ndi chimozi mozi mu2 amene akugwira ntchito m’mboma.

  15. Chimbirazowa says:

    A lesson taken.

  16. Agiboh says:

    Rest in internal peace daga

  17. Wat a descouragement to the players from bullets FC. Shame, u better shut down the team. I thought teams were made 2 help players not 2 kill. Now chirambo is gone, are u happy? Plz plz plz bullets FC u have brought a shame. May his soul rest in peace

  18. Name* says:

    may his soul rest in peace

  19. chimbwatiko says:

    shame on u bigbullets koma kumangonyopola ndalama za mmagate basi, muthandizeni chirambo..

  20. Mwanyenga says:

    Commentamalimbana Ndikutolera Ndalama Zaku Caf

  21. Dambudzo mwasanya says:

    You can’t compare beckham and Chirambo.England is a rich country which pays its players obsene salaries.Ngati kuno ma gate collection amapionyedwa mthumba la anthu otolela. Ma officials mbava mbava zokha zokha.There is no future in football in Malawi and there are no life insurance schemes for this underpaid players.Most of them end up as beggars when they have horrible injuries and cannot go to the pitch again.

  22. Joseph Chikoma says:

    So shame!

  23. Concerned Citizen says:

    R I P

  24. Manzy bway says:

    Very sad

  25. Mwakipiki says:

    What I wonder most and I’m asking myself is, “what are these players playing for??” Are they getting something like a salary or just money for a day’s meal? I mean someone one has played for Bullets for more than ten years and still doesn’t have anything for his own medication??? It’s high time started using contracts and sticking to them in its entirety!!! Only when this is done shall we stop of forming welfare committees to look after our players when they get retired. You don’t expect David Beckham to go to the FA crying for assistance when he is sick. Let’s think proactively!!!!

  26. spider says:

    Wapitatu Douglas Chirambo ,wakapuma kumavuto a mdziko wapeza mtendele mzumu wake uwuse mu mtendere

  27. anita says:

    Masapota a bullets akutani mumangodziwa kuthamangitsa coach ndi zikwanje basi team ndi maplayer osati sapota

  28. Murray says:

    Section 65, u hv gone at a wrong time. I will miss u my man. RIP….

  29. haward says:

    Ndamva kuti watisiya ameneyu RIP

  30. King Jaffe Joffer Ruler of Zamunda says:

    May his soul rest in peace

  31. Achanda Atonga says:

    Douglass Chirambo has died at Thyolo District Hospital. As a Nurse working for this hospital, i have really felt back looking at how the soccer star was neglected by the soccer governing body in Malawi. He has died as a no body, lying in mere Male Medical ward, a mere side ward room 1. Why Malawi football? Navigator Dzinkambani died a poor person, here is Chirambo dying like a chicken. We are happy his uncle is one of the Clinicians here, atleast he was better but has died like a no body. Malawi football is useless

  32. Bamusi says:

    Mbuzi zamano kumwamba. Kuba basi.

  33. Asset Declaration says:

    Now I understand why my father never allowed me to continue playing futbo. I was a very gifted young star…..training session ndi game iliyonse ya noma ndimakhala konko…..noma ikaluza ine kulira…
    .when I wanted to join noma reserve side, my dad said NO! He told me there was no future in malawian futbo…….nde anagwiritsa ntchito njira ina iliyonse kuti ndisiye mpira….kundikwapula, kundimana nsima, kundikiyira ku chipinda….I hated him but now I love him so much!! Thank you dad for saving me from tha pangs of malawian poverty!

  34. edo says:

    Rest in peace douglas chirambo!

  35. Andy says:

    Silly people including ministers

  36. Benson Chirwa says:

    Indeed Douglas is no more as we speak. MHSRIP

  37. Malawian says:

    Malawi football @ players risk

  38. Phillip mponela says:

    Shame indeed

  39. Chris Chikwemba says:

    To the players, this should be an aye opener that these soccer administrators who claim to have your welfare at heart are in the system to milk you hard work to enrich there pockets. Watch out when signing the papers. I feel sorry for all the abandoned players. Shame on you greedy people.

  40. chancy says:

    Get well soon DCC. God is in control of your every situation. He will touch you with His might hand that heals.

  41. Nyachi says:

    Am suddened by his death. Moyo wanga ukuchita kuwawa like he was my brother. 21 years of age. Mzimu wake uuse muntendere. I ddnt know the person but am so sad. R.I.E.P

  42. kape says:

    Kulimbana ndi kondi mmalo mothandiza Gouglas ,

  43. Matthews Mpofu says:

    Very sad and shocking news, Douglas Chirambo no more. Our football authorities, now will be seen running up and down for funeral arrangements , as usual! MHSRIP

  44. Bonfire says:

    was a good friend and hard worker…sad that he is no more. ., Jah knows

  45. Kaithazi says:

    May his soul rest in peace!

  46. CHEKUCHEKU says:


  47. Jozzy Kabaghe says:

    Let’s love one another in every stuation

  48. Dr Otoche says:

    It is rumoured dougras is no more can u please comfirm?

    1. Mbofyo mbofyo says:

      Its true he died an hour ago at Thyolo District Hospital

    2. Jentle says:

      Dr, its that Chibadula Douglas Chirambo z dead this monaz.

  49. Kamtolo says:

    All soccer administrators “ZINTSIRU”

  50. Hardson says:

    I’m so sorry, please a welwisher can you come in and assist. Douglas wishhing you a quick recovery.

  51. dobadoba says:

    Sad news. Section 65 is no more. MHSRIP

  52. makaveri says:

    They only care abt robbing money on tha gates than tha welfare of tha players,it really sacks

  53. jovelyn kasondo says:

    ntchito mpira baxi atumbuka inu

    1. mbavi yakuthwa says:

      You are very stupid and out of your mind. Moron!!

    2. chigwere says:

      What a cunt you are

    3. wk says:

      bro it’s serius issue its not abt tribsm. moreova we most educted trib in nyasa.wat r u talkn abt u ignrant soul?

  54. Professor Hakainde Hichilema says:

    As a graduate himself, Peter Pindani should take the lead in the formation of an association for players. This is your task Mr Pindani and I would like to see results in two months

  55. Peter Benga says:

    Its high time to football administrators to look at the welfare of the footballers.osamangozikundikira ndalama zamageti.I also say shame on you!

  56. nthondo says:

    Comment my beloved player!ans were iz fam and sulom amalawi kuphangira heavy

  57. timothy mandambwe says:

    …..they will be dumped…..

  58. timothy mandambwe says:

    Pliz officials help this youngman. In his state he cannot help himself. The way it is now can make other players to lose interest. They cannot be motivated coz they know that they be dumped when something bad happen to them. Pliz help Douglas to arouse their interest in football.

  59. Afanaze says:

    This is horrible and. really a shame on Malawi soccer. This is not just Mr. Chirambo or Kafoteka but the whole domestic soccer needs face lift. The system needs an upgrade and its way over due

  60. Hendricks says:

    Do these players have agents and financial advisors as is the case with Morden players world wide? Malawian players must understand that it does not work anymore to play soccer for the love of it rather play soccer for money so if a club does not have the welfare of it’s players at heart off and on the pitch then its a fucked up club. Club officials must stop running clubs like a stupid dpp party.
    Help those poor players damn it! It appears these clubs are run by wanyithu wazereza akumwela hence no long term mechanisms are put in place for a rainy days for players like these,get a life you so called club owners

  61. Paul Vida says:

    Nyamilandu ukuti bwa?Comment

  62. These football bodies they need action so rough.

  63. Fisher Kuzobwe says:

    Koma tiyeni timuthandize Daga chibadula Chirambo watithandizadi kuteam yathu ya Bullets sindingamuiwale mafreekick ake ambambande amandimvesa kukoma

  64. Murray says:

    its tym we come together and assist our players….. tisamango wakonda akakhala alibwino. Dougrous needs our help even spiritually

  65. ndanenabe says:

    Comment~ndimaganiza kuti FAM ndi SULOM ikambirane ndi ma sponsor a league yatha kuti pa sponsorship pa zikhala ndalama zina zopereka ku company a medical aid olo za funeral kuti izi zikachitika ma players anthu asamavutike kwambiri ngati m’mene zikumakhaliramu

  66. anduna says:

    Playing football in malawi is the same as working with Asians they love u when ur strong bt when u fell sick they ignore u. Stupid Malawi

  67. Matthews Mpofu says:

    Great news to hear that sport stakeholders are making effort to assist our Douglas to receive the proper health services. It is our sincere expectations that the help should be processed as soon as possible . It is also our appeal to our authorities to look into our players affairs and develop policies with wide consultations ! Wishing Douglas quick recovery!

  68. opportunist says:

    Can somebody do something please

  69. george says:

    Chilambo, dont worry my brothe god is gud.osavela vela zaanthu, anthu ndioipa owonadi ndi mulungu,slmo12 amatero.

  70. eric chidiso says:

    i think it is a matter of having no humanity luck of good leadership debonearism stupidity misala kukomoka uve usatana kwa onse ofunika kuthandiza pa vutoli maka bb komanso fam shame 2 u all where D CC WHo rendered his services both goverment and 2 the bb family .kumutaya ngati galu ogundidwa mpasewu God heal thi youngster.

  71. Anyirenda says:

    Kodi chimavuta ndi chani Inu a Fam kukhazikitsa lamulo kuti ma team wonse asanalowe mu League ma players wonse ma team awo awalowetse Kaye medical care just momentum,masm ndi ena Apo bii team isalowe mu League osamangowa user ma players Fam panganopo kanthu.

  72. Emmanuel says:

    Lets join hands and support our brother. The current players go on strike please! So that the officials should understand this situation.

  73. Felix tonic says:

    Chilambo anawathandiza kwambir zikuyendera amuthandize teet for tatae

  74. Zanga pheee!! says:

    Amalawi kukhomerelana koma kukanakhala mipando ndiye likitilikiti 2mash Comments. Kkkkkkkkk rabish.

  75. Indegenous says:

    Comment plz malawians lets join hands to save the life of this youngman. Corporate world come in plz

  76. Ulongo says:

    Zomvetsa chisoni,ma officials,fsm ndi sulom kuba ndalama basi

  77. Pastand says:

    Pindani n Panganeni have you paid any visit to Douga.Shame on you

  78. Blessing kaposka says:

    impossible by pipo wll b possible by God get well Douglas as one of buller fc

  79. mapuyu says:

    The guy was instrumental to our national team and to leave him like that is not a curse to flames but abomination

  80. koma Umbuli? says:

    Bullets to be silenced today

  81. Nde Malawiyo amakukonda uli ukuwatandiza zovesa chisoni koma busy kusolola mmagate. Ma players nanuso panoka nkhalani ndi asoseshoni yanu ngati momwe apangira oyimba(Musician)

  82. Kadesh says:

    That rightly proves the fact that FOOTBALL IS SATANIC.

  83. mwanangu says:

    My good player,Get well soon.

  84. cbk says:

    kumeneko nde kumalawi.being like a used condom.shame to yu administrators.

  85. gift default says:

    Comment Adm. Of corruption.those pple as u said they lyk wen u r at peaaktime,Shame on them

  86. Gramps Lenso says:

    Comment I like the game of BIG BULLETS

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