Bullets get K5mn from well wisher believed to be Airtel Malawi

Bullets FC received a K5 million boost from a unknown Good Samaritan who deposited their money in their account.

Msungama :  Well wishers

Msungama : Well wishers

The club chairman Kondi Msungama, who is with the team for the Coromos CAF assignment told a local radio that he was informed that some unknown well wishers have donated K5 million.

But a well placed sources at Bullets have revealed that Airtel, which had earlier pledged to assist the team with the same amount, has offered with strict conditions anonymity.

“Airtel has offered the money but they indicated they should remain anonymous to avoid contractual clashes with their rivals TNM sponsors of the league,” said the source.

“Some people thought its National Bank because the money was channelled through the bank .”

National Bank has said it did not make the donation saying the money was just deposited into the team’s account with the bank.

Bullets needed a K15 million rescue package from TNM League sponsors to bail them out which is an advance payment for an SMS promotion.

Bullets will face Fomboni FC on Sunday in the first leg of the CAF Club Champions away with return expected in two weeks time in Blantyre.

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30 thoughts on “Bullets get K5mn from well wisher believed to be Airtel Malawi”

  1. Hardson says:

    Ine ndili pambuyopo kuchitira anthu ansanje asatichite chipongwe chakunkhongo. Anyway thanks to that annon who has done my pride by contributing such huge amount we don’t take it for granted may your business continue growing. That somebody who mentioned the annon did so out of gratitude but we still need to keep it annonymous. My plea to the entire nation including the state president; the stage where things have reached is the stage where we need to forgete our differences let us rally behind the team and allow it to do what it wants to do for prosperity. Let’s fund it so we put our nation on map along side building our national team.

  2. mphwiyo says:

    Ife pano tili pasongwe kudikila timu yathu mpakana ku ndix woo wakwiya zake izo ife tawinabe wakwiya akadye zikolopa

  3. Adam christon Masamba says:

    Thanks the peoples team for win and for to make me Proud to my heart.

  4. My team bulets for good kip it up guyz

  5. Cimenti says:

    This unnamed official who revealed that it could be Airtel, assuming it is indeed Airtel, against the wishes of the good samaritan is doing more harm to the cause of the People’s team than good. If the samaritan wished to remain anonymous, that should have been respected. Revealing their name would discourage not only the current good samaritan but also others who may wish to assist under similar conditions (of anonimity). Please STRICTLY respect the wishes of the samaritans. I implore Airtel and other would be samaritans who may wish to remain anonymous not to be discouraged by this loud mouthed BB official and I hope there will be no negative repercussion for them. The press too should not be too probing and should exercise their discretion. On being informed that the good samaritan wished to remain anonymous, the media should just have stated that the good samaritan wished to have their name not made public

  6. noel ngwira says:

    We are chosen

  7. Murray says:

    Zamubowa akakolope mu nyanja……….. Eeeshi

  8. True patriot says:

    By powers conferred in me as a true patriot,I hereby declare that BB is now our national team,While our surestream academy will now enjoy the privilege of donning in the red army colours.Thanks to all who made it possible for BB to shine in such a grand style.Congratulations to all Palestinians.

  9. Yes Wherther Someone May Wish Or Dont Bt We Are Going To Make It Today.

  10. Ngwazi D says:

    Bullets is the blessed team go! bullets go! Mauleeeeeeee woyeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. kambwe says:

    Tnm mukagwele ndi ma condition anuwo…tipanga za airtel panopa kugula ma services awo…Uthenga kwa ma bullets onse tayani makhadi a Tnm gulani airtell chonde..

  12. Khama Matola says:

    Kondie ndidhilu enanu mumakanika kuiyesa CAF . Ngati mumatha mpira mudzalowe CAF, Tiithandiza teamyi mpaka padoko. Muchita manyazi bullets iphulaaaaaaaaaa.

  13. Koma bb ayayaya team koma iyi

  14. Andrew tandwe says:

    Airtel yomweyo kuti wawa!

  15. adamson says:

    Go Bullets go…… a Tnm anatikongoza ndalama sikuti anangotithandiza.

  16. Kumbukani msiska says:

    I believe kuti bullets ichitabwino, bullets woyeee no matter wat

  17. mtichimwitsa says:

    Zaziii zilowa mmatumba izi

  18. gututu says:

    Ndapanga Deposit Ndi Ineyo, Ndiye M’mati Bwaaaaa?

  19. Yesaya Dziko says:

    Let us say the truth, Kondi has tried his best. Someone on this post who has passed the test.If we truly love the club let us support Kondi. Pali ena mumachita tindale topusa, timilandu tachibwana yet u cannot do what Kondi is doing. Ndikunena iweyo

  20. mwiithotho says:

    Zigwire ntchito koma, ena mukuona ngati mulemera, yerekezani kuba, mudziwanso! !!

  21. liu says:

    Well wishers have turned to be cashgaters. IFU should come in quickly.

  22. True patriot says:

    Whoever is the donor,we say thank you so much and God bless you in abundance.

  23. Vutolina Kondi kuba nchifukwa anthu akuopa kuthandiza,ife kuno ku mozambique tikanatha kuthandiza koma mbalayo yutiopsa

  24. Akudziwa amene wapatsa tinene kuti a bank apanga mistake

  25. Mr.Bambo says:

    Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.I havent been impressed at al by the turn of events in my “peoples’ team,”Kondi being a big dissapointment doing things hapharzadly.

  26. Kuyamba dala milandu uku..kenako a TNM akakunyanyalani muziti chani?

  27. opportunist says:

    Maule maule

  28. Peter Benga says:

    I strongly believe that one can say no to a grant when you are in a situation like that of BB.Big up to the unknown well wisher

  29. Geoma says:

    Heheee…. Pliz its non of Ur business abt who hz deposited the money, its we the supporters Period!!!!!!!!!!

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