Bullets supporters fire chair Msungama, entire executive

Big Bullets F.C supporters have fired the club Executive Committee and its Chairman Kondi Msungama.

Msungama :   Under supporters fire

Msungama : Under supporters fire

Bullets supporters Vice Chairman Stone Mwamadi confirmed that the supporters and players are unhappy with the way the club is being run.

According to Mwamadi, the executive committee has failed to pay the players in the past four months a development he said has extensively affected the players lives and the team performance.

Mwamadi said Msungama and his committee have failed to live by their words that they will always put at heart the welfare of players during their term of office.

“We are concerned. Upon taking office the executive promised to look into player’s welfare as a priority but now the players walk to training and are unpaid for four months. If they have failed, they should step down” Mwamadi is quoted by the Nation newspaper dated 30th March, 2015.

Bullets General Secretary Harold Fote dismissed Mwamadi’s claims and said the players have been receiving their weekly allowances.

Fote blamed Mwamadi for not consulting relevant authorities to give him right information.

On his part, Bullets Chairman Msungama said he is yet to be served with the termination letter.

But he was however quick to accept if the majority of Bullets fans demands the dissolution of the committee.

“I am yet to receive the letter but what I can say is that I am ready to quit if they ask me to do so because they are the people who elected us into office. If I go, I will go a very happy man after some good little notable achievements we have done at Bullets so far” said Msungama on Monday.

The in-house wrangle comes with less than six days before Bullets face Sudanese champions Al Hilal in the second leg of their Caf champion’s league clash.

Bullets need to score five goals and concede none if they are to progress into the next stage of the competition.

They were hammered 4-0 in the first leg away in Khartoum, Sudan. Meanwhile, Bullets has appealed to the government, Malawi F.A and other well wishers to financially support the club ahead of their tie against the Sudanese side.

Apart from close to K20 Million debts the team already has, they need about K15 Million to carter for all expenses during the time Al Hilal will be in the country.

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84 thoughts on “Bullets supporters fire chair Msungama, entire executive”

  1. Mark Markc says:

    Mpaka tisonkheso ndalama zina?ingoiuza Al-alhali isabwere neba watuluka basi!

  2. nelson wisiki says:

    thats unfortunate over reaction but KOND has to blame for not solving the impasse the soonest

  3. Mkango says:

    Zosakhala bwino. Zimenezi zipititsa masewela ampira pansi.

  4. chinkombaleza gumanyundo gowa says:

    Ma Bullets Mumakonda kuti game ikamayandikira mumacghulutsa ma excuse kuti anthu adzikumverani chisoni kuti mukalephera game adziti chifukwa cha mabvuto ali nawo. ndani sakudziwani. Mantha basi

  5. Josphat Thondoya says:

    And you are doing this just four days before that crucial Champions League Match with Al-Hillal. Cry my beloved Bullets

  6. Kavuluvulu says:

    Msungama is there for business and not for the love of the team.

  7. Pimbiton says:

    Mwamadi is the one bringing confusion in bb & ppo must know that he has a hidden agenda. Osamulora kuti aononge team yathu yokondeka garu ameneyu!

  8. m'bawa says:

    It seems like joke but BB will put you under pressure.

  9. Comment Kkkk Thats Bullets

  10. RSH says:

    Kambilanani nthawi yatha,ndi wk ino Alhali

  11. Zina ukaona says:

    Mwamadi and his thugs have realised that with this executive they are not able to steal from gates thats why they are causing all these problems.Shame on you Mwamadi.


  13. Gulukunyinda says:

    Zachisoni! Mwamadi should be grateful that under msungama administration there has been commendable progress in as far as football at bullets is concerned. These people have tried all along to distract efforts of uplifting the teams glory. I suggest that MR MWAMADI let msungama and company finish their term of office then they can start criticizing. Empty tins make useless noise

  14. neba says:

    Osapita patali dzulo the office has been ransacked by Jomo and his group I thought ndimene imaenera kukhala pa headline today.

  15. Mphatso Thom says:

    all of this erupted cz of financial matters,had it been transparency & countability was really zea we couldn’t hv heard such humiliation happening any way musova bola osathetsa team

  16. Let them cry like babies kkkkk am NOMA fan pa easy basi.

  17. Senior Citizen says:

    Kaya amwene tmu iyi ndzatani nayo kaya

  18. malawi sudan says:

    mmmmmmmm very bad tikadadikira mame adutse nde tiziti tadala. nde alhilaal ija itikwapulanso on our home ground

  19. Wepe says:

    BB u hav poor proper planning, why rashing to join CAF when u knew u hav nothing to take u there? Just to show off that u are in CAF? This should be a big lesson i believe!!

    Yes u hav made a history but a poor one.

  20. arthur bingu says:

    No wonder mpira ku Malawi kulibe,ndasiya kusapota.nanu amwamadi muzimatu

  21. hounarabo says:

    Commentkoma kumeneko! Hahahahahaha

  22. nyerere supporter says:

    money is the source of evil. This executive designed and planned to join CAF. No one gave them a chance.Instead of being supported they are being pulled onto the ground. These supporters are greedy.

  23. Fisher Kuzobwe says:

    Zilibwino achokedi anthu akuba kwambiri amenewa tioneso ena

  24. double says:

    asaonongepo ndalama apa coz sangadzaigonjetse so the best way aona kut atan kma this man msungama i don’t see anything wrong with him

  25. Eric Kamanga says:

    Koma kumeneko team ya fuko

  26. We need the executive that wil look into the welfare of my beloved team big tym

  27. Rodriguas Latata says:

    Do you invite people to your house for dinner expecting to beg food from neighbours to feed them? What was started must be finished. Thought you planned? Why now running all over with a begging bow?


  29. Songo says:

    A supporter like Mwamadi can not fire the executive because he doesn’t have such powers. He on the other hand is bringing more confusion in the team. Previous soccer season one person stole money at Dedza stadia, was he a supporter or an executive? You are just making things worse. Things can go wrong in any society but the best way is to sit down and discuss. Sometimes things can really go out of hand but face book or media escalet issues. Few people will buy a news paper if it has a positive issue however most will buy it when there is negative head lines like these ones concerning my BB.

  30. Waya waya says:


    Just stop the Sudan Team from coming.

  31. Concerned citizen says:

    A bb munakagenda ku mpira wosakukhudzani.ndi cholinga choti anznu sponsorship isokonezeke.ndinu makape kwambiri

  32. Jentle says:

    Come neba time z not ur side and anaba kale za Fomboni ngakhale mutawathamangitsa. Hahahaha amaona kuchedwa!!!

  33. Mulhakho says:


  34. Mulhakho says:


  35. Vasco Chanika boy says:

    konzani zinthu

  36. Patriot says:

    Ka ndalama ka b4wadi kathera ku cameroon kikkkiki

  37. Patriot says:

    Ifetu nthawi ija munkavota ija tinakuuzani kuti 40 ayi, mulira naye, ndi zimenezotu. Musova.

  38. welbert says:

    Be forward wanderers

  39. njolomachipilingu says:

    In the first place it was a BIG gumbled for Bullets to have joined CAF when Msungama and company new prity well that they were peniless.This has led to this current problem ie non payment of players bonases and the like.This will affect them throughout the forthcoming season.Msungama you goofed

  40. kondi and your friends go in peace we don’t want you people

  41. Kanyimbi says:

    Nchifukwa Bullets sipeza ma siponsa a Kondi ndi amzakewa nga kuba komanso ngaphokoso.Pa dzana paja amati atiuza siponsa in few days, kodi few days sinathebe?panopa anthu amenewa amangidwe kenako tiwafufuze.kuti zimenezi zisazachitike bullets ipangidwe register as a company.kuti anthu azlembedwa ntcito ngati azangodya ndalama kumangidwa akaseve.paöpa pempho langa.KOndi ndi anzakewa alögotsole mene ayendetsera ndalama za timuyi..

  42. AMAN says:

    Guys Cant U Just Wait For The Game To Go First

  43. VIP says:

    Angokambirana Ztha

  44. VIP says:

    They Must Wet Unti Sunday’s Game Has Played

  45. Cashgate1 says:

    This team is a headache and need immediate dismantle. Everyday hearing about BB, kufuna ndalama, BB kulimbilana maudindo, eeeeeeeeeeeeeish phokoso latikwana. Need more disciplined and organized team. Why cant all BB supporters get fired and leave the team alone. I think I can operate much better that way. Too much interference.

  46. Someone said n I quote.
    ‘ the day a mosquito land on your testicle you will know how to solve issues without violence’.
    Awa mukuti a ‘Mwamadi’ akulankhula choncho bcz sakudya nawo ndalamazo.
    Akanakhala wanzeru ngati ine, akanakhala pansi ndi committee nkupeza njira zabwino zoyendetsera chuma ku team ya BB osati kuyima pa chulu ngati iwo ndiye abwino!
    Asatiwonongerepo team apa!

  47. Chixo says:

    Zanuzo musovenge!

  48. Van Persey says:

    According to Meamsdi Bullets have not incurred any debts rather its Kondi and Fote who are in debts because they borrowed without consulting. I like the drama unfolding!

  49. Here we go again says:

    we said it already, kondi ndiwaphuma, mwafulumira kulowa caf. League yathu ndiyaing,ono sitingakwanitse, nanga one trip 20 million pamene ma champions athu ndi 9 million, ndiye mwanchotsa kondi ngongole zili mbweee! Super league is just around the corner how are your going to survive the league?

  50. mgawadere says:

    Moto kuti buuuuuu wayilowerera basi kaya zanunso zimenezo

  51. BALIMAN says:

    waipa lero kondi? nawenso neba msana wako khala chete zsakukhudze wamva.

  52. Ambuje apali says:

    Though too late, is a gud decision, akafike mbava zotha ntchito!

  53. ETON says:

    Makape a bb mungazachinye 5 munakakharanso ena bwezi mutangosi osasewera

  54. mabzy says:

    kkkkkkkkkkk what a shocking story

  55. arthur symon says:

    mwationongera team a msungama moti season ino league atenga azathu go!!!!!!!!!

  56. chipie says:

    Nanjinanji likadutsa tsiku la 4 april muti bwa? iii nzovuta izi abusa sinditha.

    1. chipie says:

      hahaha! aa inu mzovuta iziii. Musovenge.

  57. opportunist says:

    Am supporting their dismissal. BB 4ever

  58. Dr Moo Thaa Leeker says:

    Ife a Silver kumva kukoma coz its giving us strength to reclaim championship this season

  59. Chopwicho says:

    Neba khululuka, sitidzayambiranso kugenda kustadiuma game yanu Neba…eish minyama yonseyi chifukwa chogenda Neba bax!…

  60. Chopwicho says:

    Neba khululuka, minyama yachokera pogenda kustadium game yako Neba! Kikkkkk

  61. nsw says:

    Chokani makape a #Bata. Nonse ndi mbuzi zokha zokha bac !!!!!!!!!!!

  62. Chopwicho says:

    Minyama yachokera pogenda ku stadium game ya Neba!…Neba khululuka

  63. bibo says:

    The team of savages with no proper setup and organization.This team is like a household in disarray with squatter dwellers in poor suburbs controlling its affairs.

    Bullets will remain a non-established club due to a collection of disjointed efforts from different parameters.Supporters and officials alike scramble for the unknown and yet the team needs building from foundation.The unending squabbles are even pushing the team’s developmental aspirations backwards with no potential investor or buyer seeing a lucrative business in the making with it.I mean to say no individuals of high integrity would be interested to buy the team and turn it professional because it has high-end risk factors. People should watch for Surestream Fc, it’s gonna be a role model of professional football in Malawi not this mediocrity at Bullets-it’s not worth existing.

  64. TTTTT says:

    Msungama and company MUST go. They have failed us big time.

  65. Nyopex says:

    Mwachedwa. He was supposed to be fired long time ago.

  66. bbsupporter says:

    Anyamata mukuwalakwira inu a chair chonde chokani.

  67. Nyambitoni says:

    stopped sending BB to 2015 3 weeks ago after these thieves operating as team officials swindled Fomboni gate collections in broad daylight. simumamva chisoni ndi ma players wo? you need to be burnt alive

  68. judge Joash says:

    Failures! Msungama, bullets nonse ukoo!!!Mukupempha ma million a chani ? Mungachinye zigoli 5 makape inu?!!!

  69. Peter Benga says:

    As a bullets supporter I strongly condem the behaviour of only counted supporters.we entrusted the executive by electing them.That’s why we fail to secure sponsorship because of some supporters.you the executive be transparent on monitory issues

  70. Chopwicho says:

    Chiyambi cha mavuto….cha

  71. THE BRAINS says:

    Msungama must surely go. He is a big LIAR, and too RUDE.

  72. Davie mwale says:

    Team ikachuluka mazoba ndichoncho mavuto sadzatha ku bullets.Comment

  73. Bakanganani ife zikutiyendela.

  74. Indegenous says:

    Comment we need sober minded people when running the affairs of this most popular & most succesful club in malawi

  75. Chiponjola jr says:

    Neba, timadziwa ife,zinazi kumasiyira acha eniake,kupupuluma neba,:mwanaakalalira yasatsi nyanga m’msemere ifotereyenkha,sizimenezinebananga.??pano gogole phwii.!!kodi amsungama anakaulula chuma chao asanalowe,??mumuonebwino ameneyo!pepa neba, R I P NEBA.

  76. Yankees says:

    Neigbour I already told U, Fire msungama Team ikhala bwino, the Guy Kondie and Fote only wanted to use the Players as their Bussines, BULLETS Team was their Investiment, Congratulations Neighbour mwakoza Team heavy, tangoganizilani mmene abela ndalama pano Muli patali, and if they fails to give U a Breakdown of every one kwacha U acumulated on a game of Fomboni, muwamangitse, mulandu wakuba apolice samalora Zitsilu zimenezi!!!


  78. Phwethulani says:

    Mwamadi kodi mulibe zochita zina?Kondi kodi ndiye kuti ndizowona kuti anyamata simudawapatsebe ndalama?Ngati zili choncho ndikulakwa kwambiri.

  79. Gift Sesani says:

    The supporters committee is right. The club is not somebody’s business or house. They must go for the betterment of the team.If you can look into the seeds of the time where is bullets fc going? Im deeply concerned .

  80. Macwaphee! says:

    Mukufuna kuisokoneza team.mwamadi ndiwe oipa.

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