Burundian coach Ramadhan accuses Malawi fans of discrimination

Burundian coach Nsazwirwimo Ramadhan put to the test Malawi’s so called ‘Warm Heart of Africa’ slogan for being friendly by accusing Malawian  football fans of  abusing him during his team Big Bullets and Kamuzu Barracks game on Sunday at Dedza Stadium.

Ramadhan:  I was abused by KB fans

Ramadhan: I was abused by KB fans

Ramadhan, who is based in South Africa returned three weeks ago to Malawi for a second stint at Bullets in a bid to help the team’s title bid.

An emotional Ramadhan, who has put Bullets back on track with back-to-back wins since rejoining the team said he was called a foreigner by Malawi Defence Force (MDF) sponsored Kamuzu Barracks fans including soldiers.

“I don’t know what’s wrong with you Malawians. How can you call me a foreigner?” Ramadhan said.

“I thought soldiers are supposed to be disciplined. Why insulted me like this?”

He said the situation was counterproductive to football development saying the standards of football in the country could not improve if there were no foreign players or coaches to help.

“This is why football in Malawi cannot improve. In South Africa, Zimbabwe, US, Europe there are many foreign players and coaches who play a key role in improving the standards  of football,” he said.

Bullets lost 1-0 in a highly temperamental match which sent the TNM Super League wide open after hot contenders Moyale Barracks beat Silver Strikers 1-0 and Blue Eagles’ victory over Mafco.

However the Super League of Malawi (Sulom) governing body said it would investigate the situation.

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37 thoughts on “Burundian coach Ramadhan accuses Malawi fans of discrimination”

  1. mr coarch that was part of respect you given by our malawi solders because if they would called you malawian you would disapoint too,be proud of your natinality leave our solders alone,the are able to maitain piece that’s why you choose to stay here in Malawi.it is what it is.

  2. £36 says:

    Honestly speaking i dont have respect for soldiers in malawi. Most of them are for 4 dropouts and akapita ku army amafuna adzilimbana ndi ma civilians munseu. Why cant they test their strength by fighting Tanzania ngati ali madolo. ? Chonde agalu inu musatinyatse apa . Actually nchito yausilikali ndiyogwila munthu alibe kulowera..FULLSTOP

  3. Chemwali chimwene says:

    Is he not a foreigner? Go back to burundi and answer your genocide case.

  4. opportunist says:

    They have killed a Malawian of late

  5. Bwitoto says:

    Mbuli za asilikali tazionani,zikumakatenga EBOLA kokhazikitsa bata. Osamenyana ndi omwe anakulandani nyanja aja bwanji? Ngati uli CHITSIRU undiyankhe wamva. League ndi ya BULLETS ufune usafune.

  6. Kanyimbi says:

    Too much respect to foreigners is what is killing our football in Malawi. A foreigner is a foreigner there is no other name. And for his own information Burundians are taking Malawians for a ride. So they think Malawi is their home country? kkkkkkkkkkkk.

  7. Wakuda Kamanga says:


  8. Salima says:

    Ramadhan has no work permit how come he was on the Bench? Immigration must be investigated it has surprised how Ramadhan is on the BB Bench.ACB can you investigate this matter seriously.

  9. Mukhala choncho says:

    Do not say he has put BB on top. That is misleading. Much as i do not support racism he is a spent force and needs no credit. Let him just go.

  10. chiyabwe says:

    Am a bullets fan but u wouldnt deny the fact that u r a foreigner.Ru Eliya Kananji? Wamubera ntchito yake.

  11. vlamin says:

    So you are not a foreigner ramadan? mbuzi yamunthu iwe. is burundi in malawi?

  12. Aphiri says:

    Kamuzu Barracks inu makape kwambiri I think you must have your own league musamatiopseze ife mbuzi inu mutu yosayenda bwino……………………

  13. Ramadhan shud not deny dat he is a foreigner. HE IS A TUTSI-IN BURUNDI WE CALL IT A COCKROACH! We shud just kill this cockroach and why sulom shud investigate such baseless allegations? Stupid sulom stop it immediately, hw can u investigate a fact? Poor malawians! He ran away frm jean paul akayesu in burundi and he shud make noise here? Stupid 2gether ndi omwe akamtengawo.

  14. Kikikiki says:

    Hey kunpando (15), you’ve lost the plot wholesome, the so called tumbuka belongs to this country and why didn’t you use the clan you affiliated with as an example instead. There’s no space in this morden world for shallow plebs like you.

  15. Marvericj says:

    Why the insult t soldiers? Anakudyera or kukuchindila mkaxi? or anakulanda mkazi? You shud b ashamed with ur comments, ngati umachita nsanje ndi asilkali zizithera mumtima mwakmo wamnva chule Iwe…

    1. CAPETOWN says:

      MARVERICi ndiwe mbuzi zepete mbano simoni wamva ukapange msanje ndi msilikali nkhokwe yamatendayo ,ntchto yolowera back door,certificate 42 points mbewa iwetu .anthu oti sadwala matenda ena koma aids.akazi amakulorelani kuopa.gwape komaso gwaladi iwe stupid

  16. Aferazao says:

    Is this man trying to deny that he is a foreigner ‘wobwela’? He is a foreigner whether he likes it or not. Being called by BB to coach their team does not make him Malawian, wobwela ndi wobwela basi period.

  17. kunpando says:

    tadzayeseni kumunena ntumbuka kuti ndiwe ntumbuka mudzaone ngati atazasangalare.

  18. petrol kali says:

    hahahahahahahahaha reporter you have goofed racism? iyeyo ndi wantuundu wanji wa anthu? white, nkaladi, mwenye hahahahahah xhenophobia not racism a reporter inu hahahahahahhah

  19. LINESS2 says:

    is this guy still around? Thought he said he said he was here on holiday? Work permit yatuluka?

  20. kamuzu mkango says:

    ma soldiers aku Malawi ndi mbuli za anthu especially kamuzu barracks I think solution ndiyoti they should have have their own league azisewela asilikali okha okha, in football you either win or lose sizomawopseza anthu apa ngati amafuna kumenya nkhondo osapempha kuti awatumize ku DRC bwanji osati kumawopseza ma anthu a dziko lanu lomwe. KB should be banned kusewela ku Dedza coz malo ena like ku Civo or Silver they know kuti sangapange zopusa zimenezo

  21. Chejumo says:

    My fellow malawians, let us understand him,he needs civic edukwestion, someone is called a foreigner should be proud of the word itself, being called racism is very dangerous, and suisaidal.

  22. Tengupenya says:

    some truth hates, depending on the context it is used. This coach has been around in Malawi for some time; as such it would, in some contexts, hurt him to be called foreigner. This is on one hand. On another hand, the context understood by him might be that the fans were insinuating that foreigners were not so welcome in Malawi footie. Whatever the context honourable coach, this is Malawi and its football fans. followers and sympathisers of your team will be very happy with you when you get results for their team while the opponents will say anything that clears their chest of their nsanje or dislike against your team. These roles will switch when the results you get are different. So brace up! Welcome to our football and all the mediocrity and all the chimamalwi associated with it!! But know it that you are without doubt as a person welcome to the WARM HEART OF AFRIKA. in the football, you have competitors, distractors and haters all mixed up depending on the team you coach and where you are performing with your team and against whom.

    1. ujeni says:

      Ulibe nzeru, do you have a head? racism, zeno etc is unacceptable in public or private

    2. DPG says:

      The question that you should be asking or rather answering is that is Ramadhan a Malawian? when you get the answer you will soon realize that there is nothing like racism, tribalism, nepotism here.

      1. Tengupenya says:

        That is the point!

  23. mahlangu says:

    what do you expect from stupid soldiers whose job whenever the sun rises is to drink the locally distilled kachasu and bonking ‘zikheba’ za m’makwalalamu?????? there is no such thing as soldier here in malawi, zongokhala ngati asilikari basi ambuye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. VOKHIWA says:

    My brother this is the dieseas Malawian People do suffer is Racism,Nepotism,Regionalism,tribalism etc.

  25. chakhalira says:

    Who lost this game? Is it Bullets or KB? Can some one who knows better tell me.

  26. zamu says:

    This is what i always tell my Malawian brothers and sisters, open up.

  27. Nkhakamila says:

    So he wanted to be called ‘Malawian’

  28. vindere says:

    Calling someone a foreigner is not racism. This guy doesn’t know what racism is because his country is Francophone. Give him an oxford dictionary so that he can look up the meaning of the word racism.

    1. zamu says:

      The context in which it’s used can make a difference, I have been a “foreigner” in 14 countries, I know.

    2. Bingiza¤ says:

      This man whatever name you call him, should not paint us racists. We are only telling him that he’s a mkwelekwele. Even in SA where he is boasting of, he is called by that name, so not us? He is black like 97% of us Malawians but the truth is a foriegner. If they called him a “white” Ape that would not be befitting and acceptable. Zenophobia is encouraged by such reactions, so avoid it and watchout!!

  29. Hzwyzj Ian says:

    I find no reason this coach is worried about being called a FOREIGNER. That’s the truth he’s not a Malawian. Of course in South Africa there are many foreign players and they call them foreign players, what’s his problem. He must go to Burundi if he doesn’t want that. Dzina lako lodyera ndi limelo “FOREIGNER’ don’t complain you are still a human being.

  30. dopababi shopa says:


  31. Wailing Soul says:

    But how can the abuse showered at a Rwandese be racism? Please, can you define for me what racism is? Did he actually utter the wprd racism? Racism??? Black against fellow black, how is that racism? My word!

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