Bushiri donates maize to thousands in Zomba: Prophet alleviates Malawi food shortage

South Africa-based Malawian prophet Shepherd Bushiri has come to the rescue of thousands of starving families in Zomba district by providing them with the scarce maize – the main staple.

Bushiri and his team offloading maize to distribute to people

Bushiri and his team offloading maize to distribute to people

Bushiri in releif action, carries maize for donation doing God's work

Bushiri in releif action, carries maize for donation doing God’s work

Prophet Bushiri and his PRO Kelving Sulunguwe talking about the villages they reached out in Zomba

Prophet Bushiri and his PRO Kelving Sulungwe talking about the villages they reached out in Zomba

Praise God! Going home with a bag of maize donated by Bushiri

Praise God! Going home with a bag of maize donated by Bushiri

Thousands of villagers in Zomba who came for the maize donation

Thousands of villagers in Zomba who came for the maize donation

Trucks of maize being offlaoded for relief distribution

Trucks of maize being offlaoded for relief distribution

Bushiri who arrived in the country through Chileka Airport in Blantyre on Wednesday proceed to Zomba where he gave villagers a lifeline through a relief maize donation .

Over 5,000 bags, each weighing 25kg, were offloaded and distributed to the needy.

Speaking after making the donation, Bushiri said apart from helping people spiritually, his prophetic church has an obligation to help people even on food distribution.

“God sent me as a man of God not only to assist people spiritually, but also socially,” he said.

Bushiri explained that Malawi needs help from all sectors and he is taking a leading role to help government address hunger issues.

“I understand that there is hunger in our country. We cannot deny that fact and we cannot wait for government to address the crisis alone,” said Bushiri accompanied by his army of “evangelists”.

The ‘Major 1’ said his global humanitarian and philanthropic activities under ‘Prophetic Channel Aid’ will always include his home country for causes to alleviate the plight of those in need.

Bushiri said he understands that a lot of countries in the Southern Africa have been hit by food shortage and pledged to continue assisting government.

“This is what the church is about. It’s about giving,” said Bushiri.

He also said people should not politicise his charity activities as he has no political ambitions.

“I am contented as a church leader and have no political ambitions,” he asserted.

Bushiri also said as a church leader he supports and work with a government of the day, saying he will help President Peter Mutharika in the fight against hunger and any challenges the nation is facing.

“As a church leader, am mandated to support our President and remain his pillar in all well being matters. This is biblical and not political. Am a religious leader and not a politician. I go by biblical and spiritual doctrine,” he stated.

Bushiri prayed for people in the area, saying apart from relief items, flood they also need religious care for them to build their spiritual relationship with God.

Bushiri church’s broadcast arm, Prophetic TV was co-ordinating the relief teams.

Trucks of maize being offlaoded for relief distribution

Trucks of maize being offlaoded for relief distribution

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93 thoughts on “Bushiri donates maize to thousands in Zomba: Prophet alleviates Malawi food shortage”

  1. margaret J Mkandawire says:

    You will live long Major 1. Glory be to God and God bless you, increase you spiritually physically, financially and materially.

  2. Nobantu E Tsholetsane says:

    Daddy truly you are a prophet of the most high God

  3. Nobantu Tsholetsane says:

    You are a True Major1 True Prophet of the most high God, Isaiah 61 is upon You in Jesus Christ name Amen

  4. Melody Molokoane says:

    Papa when I see you i see Jesus himself on earth I’m so humbled, may the good Lord continue to bless you mightily. Love you my spiritual Father you are my leader my mentor

  5. That is beautiful. Thank you Prophet Shepherd Bushiri. You are living your name ‘Shepherding the flock’.

  6. Godwins Smith says:

    May God continue to lift papa Major1

  7. Ileka Gerson says:

    Papa job well done, we love you major one God bless you papa.

  8. Ileka Gerson says:

    Papa we love you major one God bless you man of God, you are doing well prophet helping people who need God bless you prophet.

  9. Ileka Gerson says:

    Papa job well done, God bless you my prophet we love you.

  10. ackim mkwamba says:


  11. iris mabunda says:

    Major 1,you are always blessed,you do a wonderful job, thank you very much for the malawians.it is done

  12. livhuwani muleya says:

    U will live long papa!

  13. justice says:

    You have labelled the man of God with so many labels . Other media houses even went to an extent of calling him a charlatan . He made you eat humble pie by what he’s doing now – helping the needy . He is a true man of God and a philanthropist . Hope you have done your homework and will give credit where it is due .

  14. Cosmas Jackson says:

    Those who hate him now just pay salute for wonderfull job.GOD bless.

  15. banzie says:

    Thank you very much MAJOR ONE for bringing happiness to the lives of our fellow bretheren may the almighty God BLESS YOU Richly.

  16. Tione says:

    Uyutu munachotsera apolice ntchito for providing security services at his religious crusade pano wakuthandizani pamene Pitala wanuyo ali mkafe tulo kuliza nkonono

  17. golo says:

    I am impressed with what you are doing Major 1. You are a good person who feels for others in time of need. This can be only possible by the power of God working in your life. There are so may rich people in our land who can afford to give at least a bag to a starving family but they aint doing it. So I can only see the hand of God in all this.May God continue to guide you in your ministry.

  18. Nde Nkhata says:

    dera lake liti be spesific for better appreciation otherwise good job well done Bush.

  19. The Partriot says:

    No matter how we view Bushiri, what he is doing to help starving Malawiwns is a good deed! If only we had 10 people like him, Malawi would be a better place.

  20. Marleen says:

    eyyyyyyyyyeeee power my father my voice my personal prophet love u daddy……job well done papa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Richard Raphalalani says:

    Papa you are doing a wonderful job, may God give you more blessings and extend your days of living. It is done Major 1.

  22. marizo says:

    What a wonderful work of God…., haters do you have anything to write about now? If not, now this is what u should be telling the world about.

  23. marizo says:

    Now where a u judges n criticizers, what can u tell the world now? You were leading the issue of a jet, and now what are u saying now. This is wonderful work of God, by the Man of God, prophet my prophet

  24. Media House says:

    But which village or area in Zomba was this donation made? Was interested to capture this event but nay it appears to me this never took place.

  25. Mlauzi says:

    Blessed is the hand that grivet than the one that taketh

  26. Jaunky says:

    It`s really a very good gesture what Major 1 is doing,this is not his first time,he did the same in Ntcheu and karonga if `am not mistaken and he has done it today to the people of Zomba,may the almighty God blessing you man of God.We have so many people in Malawi,who are millionaires but they never showed up this kind,glory be to God.My question is,why the government of Malawi is not coming openely either in Televisions or News papers in appreciating what prophet Shephered Bushiri has done to our brothers and sisters.I have seen our government appreciating 20 million kwacha donation from Egyptian government,so why is it that the same Boma never mentioned or appreciating an individaul citizen who has provided with relief food to thousands of Malawians amounting to more 100 million kwacha,a malawi ndi chifukwa chake people who has got money are failing to assist those suffering,koma kuyamikira andale basi,akanakhala wa ndale kale kale zitamveka palipionse,ambuye azitithandiza chonde Boma atsogoleri athu sinthani,mubwere poyera kuyamikira zimene watipangira Mwana wathu major 1.

  27. Nthambi says:


  28. noma says:

    kkkkk but BLANYTRE SYNOD is busy fighting a fellow Reverand

  29. Eduardo Happy says:

    A demonstration of God’s love and Christ’s holistic approach to evangelism!

  30. odomondo says:

    Haters where are you???????????????????????????????????????????????

  31. alex says:

    Iam speechless,thank you very much,on behalf of all malawians I salute you.

  32. Tseleng says:

    ZIKOMO PAPA!!! To every stomach that goes to bed full and the smiles and laughter in every home, God is proud of You and may you continue to grow as the people are healed and repented. I pray for every congregant to follow you, because you are a true example and a true servant of God, a real genuine philanthropist. You are my inspiration Papa. I love you dearly. God bless you more and more with spiritual wisdom.

  33. Jonathan Ray Hockey says:

    This soooooooo wonderful and may God continue to bless you Papa.
    we love you and there’s nothing you can do about it.

  34. Emmanuel says:

    Major 1- God bless U more n more for remembering the poor and needy.

  35. Phebian Ronald Egaya says:

    Wow! Wow! Wow!
    God bless Prophet Shepherd Bushiri, Major 1 for what he has done to the people of Malawi and the whole world at large.
    He is more than a blessing, we celebrate him …

  36. Grant Chiwala says:

    Thanks for remember those who are needy and help them

  37. Harrison Nayamaharo says:

    If all prophets can be like him that where are we going to be? Man of God Mey God add more blessings

  38. Mark chauke says:

    May the God of our prophet bless him abandonedly ..

  39. Kudautsi says:

    Koma pali chimangatu apa abale zina kumasimba.

    Koma chimangatu chobwera chonchi ichi sisadaka imeneyi. Mwinatu abusa aloteza kuti Pitala aduwa posachedwapa.

  40. nyamithambo says:

    Thanks Bushiri for this gesture towards ur country! We appreciate.

  41. mat says:

    thats great

  42. KPJ says:

    This is wonderful

  43. Mphithokhonyeriwa says:

    Thats My Major 1, ALIPONSO WINAAAA? True Son Of GOD. Prophet Shepherd Bushiri, Major 1, Papa, Do Something, Iyeeee , Haters Get Lost. 0884275245

  44. tsetsefly says:

    Gud work MOG. Keep it up.

  45. kunyeziwa mussa says:

    thus wt w cal major 1 keep t up papa!

  46. James Tsamwa says:

    Very good PR

  47. gawa says:

    amen major

  48. God bless you M
    ajor Bushiri for the donation.

  49. Nyau Sithobwa says:

    Now our friends in the South are we learning anything from this. I understand Bushiri comes from the north. Often your politians in the South tend to misinform you that northerners are selfish and that they can not help people in the South. From what you can see with your own eyes here, do you still believe them?

    Kuli ma billionaire tu ku mwera who spend like money is collected like sand in likangala river, particularly during Mulakho celebrations. Yet we have heard non of them turning to you in your time of need.

    So please stop this madness of tribalism. Let’s all just match forward as one nation electing only leaders that put our issues at heart regardless of where they are from.

  50. KARU UNITED says:

    Would you please consider running for president in 2019, we need leaders with a proven track record of success in previous fields, after all you are likely to be less costly to the government, since you already have not one but two private jets etc.

  51. ALLELUYA says:

    all what a wonderful job, we love it God bless abundantly, our words cannot be enough to appreciate what you have done, but God Only

  52. Joseph Banda says:

    No 27, check your facts well. Catholics help Malawians in BILLIONS, health, Schools, UNIVERSITIES ETC. Please osamangokhala ngati galu kuti amangoona zimemene wapasidwa nthawi yomweyo.

  53. Goba says:

    Be blessed major 1

  54. badoga says:

    You have done great job bushri

  55. Gabriel Mputi says:

    uku ndiko timati kukhala. Making money from some where but not forgeting your country. Big up man of God, Mojor One!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. ndifeamalawi says:

    thank you for the aid, but still your a fake prophet and that is nothing in the eyes of the God.

  57. Anthoy says:

    GoMajor one Gooooo!!

  58. Wad Chale says:

    Thank u my prophet because these people will taste nsima after along time without it because maize is so scarce in admarc depots and very expensive to buy it from vendors.Where are the so called reverends, pastors, bishops,sheiks apostles? Mulibe manyazi anthuni?

  59. Gerald mapanga phiri says:

    Those like to sponsor political parties and politicians like to give food for elections these is time to show that your not greedy, people are suffering donate food. Always you say you are helping in good faith. Where are you now? We see only the man of God doing job there. You are just busy with tenders.

  60. joseph jones says:

    Jesus asked Peter three times do you love me? when Peter said yes Jesus said to him feed my sheep[john 21 verse 15-17]…we all have spiritual obligation to give small or big.how we give is more important than what we give.we must give out of love.man of God stay blessed for blessed is the hand that gives.

  61. Allan says:

    Great!! this is very good Major 1. God bless our prophet..

  62. gondwe says:

    Fantastic! Keep it up Major 1!

  63. Mr R. K. says:

    God bless you for helping Malawians who starving with hunger.

  64. God First says:

    usshiri is really the follower of Jesus Christ. He preaches,pray for people and feed thousands of them (John 6). What he going is exactly what Jesus the son of the living God was doing when on earth. Keep it up man of God and be blessed.

  65. KUKHALA says:


  66. vincent namakhwa says:

    God is good all the time pitirizani kuthandiza Major 1 i salute you

  67. Chidelunde says:

    DPP people are getting very fat salaries from taxes of these poor people and voters for that matter koma sangadzimaneko to buy for these poor folks. CCAP, Roman Catholic, Seventh Day, Anglican mwakhala mukutenga chakhumi ndi cham’mbale for more than 100 years but you can’t give back. Mwinatu a satanic ndi inuyo kumana koteroku bwanji? Mmakomo mwanu mukudya koma osagawirako osauka

  68. Thanks says:

    One plus one equals two.

  69. inde says:

    only God knows

  70. Zondiwe says:

    I do not agree with what Bushiri does, but I think the gesture he has shown here is very good.
    He has the means to reach out to people who are starving, and help.
    Well done, and praise the Lord for this.

  71. Mcdaph Nedie says:

    This is what supposed of a leader. God bless you Prophet.

  72. KUKHALA says:


  73. Jinack Chinula says:

    Thank you God of Heaven for being with your people in this time of trouble. Bless prophet Bushiri.

  74. Thinker says:

    Am sorry to say this, but I suspect this maize is being ‘donated’ by someone else who stole billions and is hiding under Bushiri camouflage. Someone yesterday wrote that Malawians are too lazy to think. Very true.

  75. Muhamadi Jumal says:

    I am not a christian but bushiri is doing what so many people who claim to be rich cant do. If this is satanic then I guess for now is the best thing with the situation on the ground. Many people who practice satanism don’t even share with people like this. Its only people who have food like us who can afford to go on-line and castigate bushiri.

    May God reward you an replenish your pocket.

  76. chizaso says:

    You are God`s sent and a pride of Malawi

  77. davie makawa says:

    good work

  78. Julius says:

    thank you for the great job u hv done…

  79. nkhata bay youth voice says:


  80. Thank u papa for the donation, may good Lord bless u always, coz the lord bless the hand that gives than the one receive, ur my papa.

  81. Allan says:

    Good job major may god bless you and give you more

  82. Ngaikosya says:

    Idyanani koma chenjelani pakuti mungapwetekane.Gud to learn that there is prophetic maize packages.

  83. paul pemba says:

    ask azimbuyanu akamaliza kumeza, do you think all these people receiving this timely aid akupangila dala?

    Bushiri,on this please go a head,more fire

  84. Otanjere says:

    Ungrateful child of satan. Maize is everywhere in Malawi but the only problem is that it’s very expensive. If you have money just go to any local market. Big up Bushiri even the so called diphiphi is failing to feed their own voters.

  85. therere says:

    Malawians learn to apreaciate things, this man of God gave free maize and you want to buy and sale to the poor

  86. Thank u very much papa for ur donation to the people who are indeed for food , may the good Lord continue bless u in each and every.coz the Lord bless the hand that gives than that recives. I love u papa everytime and when I watch ur prophetic channel always am bless

  87. therere says:

    when a person has done something good let us learn to thank, we should remove negative thinking, he gave free maize and you want to buy and sale to the poor, does it make sense?

  88. Binali says:

    God should bless u the moree Bushiri

  89. Denguzman. says:

    Kumeneko nde kukhala baba Major 1 and wachitanso bwino kuyambira kwawo ukanayambira ku mpoto bwenzi anguluwa akukutukwana kwambiri. I wl pray for ur protection Papa.

  90. H Kamdidi says:

    #! I think Bushiri might have imported from other countries y looking at the branding of the bags. On the other hand I don’t agree that only problem is scarcity. People in the rural areas cannot afford maize the reason being that the available grain is in the hands of private traders who are making a kill out of the situation. Don’t say “anene komwe akuchitenga” He is not just getting, he is procuring with his money. You should be asking your government to bring the maize to markets. It is money which can bring maize from any part of the world but the government doesn’t have money

  91. Truck says:


  92. Mwalle says:


  93. Tilingamawa Khanda says:



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