Bushiri in prison: Donates blankets to Maula inmates

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri of the Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) on Wednesday donated 1,000 blankets and a Plasma TV to Maula Prison in Lilongwe.

Blankets donated by Bushiri to Maula Prison

Blankets donated by Bushiri to Maula Prison

TV set donated to Maula prison

TV set donated to Maula prison

Inmates jive  to thank Prophet Bushiri

Inmates jive to thank Prophet Bushiri

The blankets donated by Bushiri taken to priosn

The blankets donated by Bushiri taken to priosn

The donation was presented by ECG officials in Lilongwe and members of a Prophetic Channel, a TV station for Bushiri’s church.

Lawrence Shaba who represented the ‘Major 1’ said the multimillionaire prophet based in South Africa was keen o do charity work in his homeland.

Shawa said it is Bushiri’s fundamental prayer to God that he touches the needy and hopeless people in his country Malawi “as it is his biblical principle.”

Malawi Prison officials said they were “excited” with the donation and the “great surprise” the prophet has made in Maula Prison barely two months after he donated maize and millions of Kwacha’s to Maula and Mzuzu prison respectively.

The cash which Bushiri gave was meant to finish the building the prison and help inmates find space to sleep to ease overcrowding in the cells.

Asked why he still helps Malawians despite his attacks from everywhere in the country, Bushiri speaking from South Africa, said he is aware of the attacks that he will not stop helping poor Malawi people.

“They are my brothers and sisters and my own parents. I love them and God loves Malawi,” said the ‘Papa’.

“I work hard not for my stomach but for my fellow brothers and sisters in need,” he added.

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31 thoughts on “Bushiri in prison: Donates blankets to Maula inmates”

  1. Mmanamwada says:

    That Is A Problem Of Malawians Rich Piple Amadana Ndi Munthu Othandiza Amphawi.

  2. Ikonga says:

    If everytime the member of the Catholic church did some charity work, some PR person wrote on Nyasatimes that the Pope has donated this and that! How petty would all that seem?? cant some of these things be done quietly? why is there a need for the whole world to know eevrytime he does something!! Is that even Biblical! Other churches have schools, hospitals, social justice work, etc…. but they are not in our face!

  3. cccc says:

    The title is misleading seems bushuri is arrested

  4. Yanga Mbali says:

    Some comments from readers of this article make me believe that the problem with some Malawians is that they have been so politically brainwashed that they think everyone thinks like them.

    Please if you and your masters GIVE to “buy” votes, remember that not all people may be that corrupt and primitive. God is interested in the motive of giving, more than giving itself. This is why those that give with their hearts are blessed and become richer while our politicians and those who think like them have to rely on “cash-gate” in order to get rich when the campaign period is over. What a shame!

  5. Paolo de sousa says:

    I’ve always wanted to be rich like bushiri in my life. But if this is what it takes it is better to be pure and simple. .remember death conqueres all,and it is the only way to meet the Almighty! And we die longer than we live isnt it? .A prophet from africa? You must be jocking like Leon schuster? A malawi amvekere man of God! Do you know who God is? Ask Arabs and Jews perhaps you will have an idea..There is nothing like bushiri the prophet! there Is something like bushiri the con man..that’s the truth..

  6. Tman says:

    Rephrase your heading. Some people may be misled and read trash and waste time

  7. Mulungu Simuthu says:

    All said and done I still believe that our God is a living God and that the Lord Almighty is not human. If He were human, He would have easily been enticed by the earthly treasures. When satan tempted him after the 40days fasting, the Lord remained who He is. Indeed the Lord is not human. He was born in a menger, lived a very humble life, performed miracles, yes true to his name. And so it is said: zilekene zonse zikulire limodzi (nansongole ndi tiligu) koma Yehova simunthu ayi a Malawi. Please stop mixing politics and the issues of God. Believe in God and not your intelligence or what soever; your FAITH and prayer in the Holy spirit that will be the only yard stick. There are too many choises on earth but with God only two; Hell or erternity. So help us God to love one another for God is LOVE. We have all made wrong judgements before because we’re all human but ended being disappointed there after even by our very loved ones have betrayed us but only God never changes.

  8. victor says:

    Big people hear me, prisons are under the government, the head of the government is the president. Bushiri can not reach prisons if the government can not accept it. There is mutual relationship between Bushiri and the government. Have you ever observed that prison police feel happy to welcome Bushiri with such donations? Do you know that some of the blankets will be shared to the prison police and others? You cry because you are far from the scene. Avoid bringing words of hatred among the people. Let us learn to reason and critic issues. Remember, what has happened to the rehabilitation of MZUNI Library? Bushiri openly said unless the government say do so, he is ready to help. And this means that the blankets given to prison is due to the government to say go a head with it man of God. If you do not know the agreement between Bushiri and APM then it is bad.

    1. Kenkkk says:

      If we are to believe you, then it is good that at last Peter has seen the light.

  9. jaunky says:

    You DPP guys and your leaders,i can sense that something is wrong in you it`s obvious that we are being ruled by people from the dark wolord that is why things are not ticking in this nation and your colours are being shown now,My question is why are you busy attacking men of God? it really shows that you are cursed party,ngakhale mukulamulira mudziwe kuti mulibe dalitso lililonse lochokera kwa chauta.nokhanso mutha muwona kuti mukulephera,boma is almost bunkrupt so why are you still fighting men of God? don`t you see that malawi as a nation is being punished because of you? stop that nonsess for thye betterment of the nation.For Major 1 izo mungozisiya chifukwa choti iye ndi oyitanidwa kudzatumikila ife anthu za ufumu wa kumwamba,kaya iwe ufune kaya usafune,Prophet Bushiri is anointed by the most highest God,ndi ochepa pa dziko lapansi and that anointing is not for everybody no! kaya ndinu abusa simungakhale nayo pokha pokha mulungu atafuna kukupatsani anointing imeneyi,mukungotaya nthawi yanu kulimbana naye chifukwa anointing is his gift and his followers from God.

  10. Malawibit says:

    Bushiri is presidential material..

  11. Mpunga Woviika..... says:

    Some Reporters are so eager to bring confusion among innocent pipo ….Which attacks are u talking about? Don’t just readers are not foolish especially on social media my friend. Watch out.

  12. mwanapwere says:

    Glory be to God

  13. erick says:

    dat’s great anointed one major one.you really deserve your loyalty

  14. Kwachaaaaaaaaaaa says:

    Prophets or no prophets, the world is not ruled by angels. True ruling will come when Jesus Christ establishes his. Do not be in an illusion of thinking magicians and miracle makers will make you happy or rich. Even in Nigeria where we have more prophets than those that were present in the Old and New Testaments together has mammoth problems. God is not man and no human being no matter whether he is a sorcerer or a magician won’rt bail you out of the present quagmire which is not localised to Malawi. Let’s say some sorcerer makes miracle money, will that take you out of poverty trap? Just work hard and encourage your children to go to school for their better future. he way politcal parties are organised is not the same as church gatherings. Otherwise all should have been born again people by now after observing the magic that present day prophets perform. I agree that do not be fooled by believing the Bushiri can make a miracle president. One on one he can’t out do DPP in a campaign even if he employs the trick of printing miracle ballot papers. Kuno ndi dziko lapansi ndimvereni. Mumfunse Chakwera akudziwa amayesa anthu amavotera kumumvera munthu chison kapena kuchita mantha kuti ati ndi munthu wa Mulungu!

  15. Kenkkk says:

    Santana, I can see your sort of democracy, tribalism basi. Indeed bushiri can’t win as you suggest because of tribal or regional voting. Malawi is changing slowly and you will be shocked what voters can do in future.

    Just to clarify things, I support bushiri’s generosity by helping Malawians but I am a CCAP person and will never leave to join these charismatic churches or prophets.

    Like many of us, we have our own doubts about these prophets but we welcome them when they help poor or needy people. That is the only reason I support bushiri and that is only reason I castigate dpp for trying to frustrate bushiri who is helping Malawians. Where is your so called patriotism you dpp thugs?

    Bushiri’s motives are irrelevant here, what matters is the many people whose lives have been helped in a small way, rather than nothing at all. Only God can judge humans spiritually.

  16. Watereka says:

    Thank you major 1 for the donation tomorrow don’t forget to help watereka fp school and embangweni cdss in mzimba

  17. Generation of vipers says:

    APM kungomva nkhani imeneyi mmimba kuti juuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!

  18. Tripartiate says:

    Santana so what are you crying? it seems to have been sent by those people

  19. santana says:

    Kenkkk, no.1, you say DPP was smiling all over. What has this story got to do with Bushiri and DPP? It only shows that people have come to a conclusion that no party in Malawi can win the elections except the DPP. And they think the only person to use in these elections is to involve Bushiri. Let me challenge you that whatever a miracle to be produced from him he will never taste the presidency of this country. He has no any presidential capability afterall. Bushiri himself can not attempt to stand for presidency because he knows he will lose miserably. What is it in Bushiri that can convince a villager in Machinga, a farmer in Chikwawa, an ordinary person in Mwanza to vote him to that seat? Why cant people see that the man is just too far from this heavy duty? You think it is as easy as distributing bibles and air walking? Those supporters of Bushiri who are making noise should go around the country and ask Malawians to join his church first. Because this is what the man wants. People are just pushing him into politics because to them no opposition party will defeat APM in 2019 so Bushiri is their hope. But alas! what a miscalculation! You can have the same voice and look vocal because you have a common enemy but when it comes to voting everyone will chose his own party hence the division. Those backing what Bushiri is doing will not vote for him because they have their own parties. They just want to use him now to weaken the govt which is another miscalculation. Bushiri can not win any election in Malawi. Even Chakwera knows about this. MCP die hards can not leave Chakwera for Bushiri. The Yaos in the Eastern province can not go for a man who differs with them on both language and religious beliefs. Talk of the Senas in the Lower Shire. Going to the polling station with a picture of a Tumbuka from far north? May be Chakufwa would try, not prophet.

  20. vince says:

    The writer knew what he was doing,so that he can attract readers attention and make more sells!!

  21. Vyantonda says:

    Happy Saka what are u doing shaaaa! basi ndiwe yemwe MP

  22. kk says:

    Its true @1 the heading is wrong,
    kikkkkk any way.

  23. ZAWONA INE says:


  24. Kwesi says:

    That’s a real man of God not timakawalala ta ma pastor kumangodya ndalama zam’mbale basi and ending up as a Bushiri hater. Kumva kuwawa when Bushiri assists the less privileged, ufiti basi

  25. Hamphreys says:

    Thus Major1 has done it again and again and he wil continue duin that to his fellow bothers and sisters….

  26. sukutumpwelembwe says:

    Bushiri for president !!!
    koma munthuyu sanapalamule ? could have donated through ” Grace Chiumia ”

  27. Maxwell Ngilaazi says:

    I want to continue my education but i dont have money so i need ur help

  28. Nabanda says:

    I see God in this man Prophet Bushiri. May Almighty God continue using him…

  29. Maxwell Ngilaazi says:

    I need his help

  30. Kenkkk says:

    The heading of this article ives the impression that Bushiri himself has been imprisoned. Just looking at the heading, I rushed to read it because I thought the man of God has been arrested. It surely caused panic and pandemonium in all quarters.
    Dpp was smiling all over, we told you so, heh heh.

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