Bushiri jokes about a congregational takeover

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri’s Enlightened Christian Gathering Church has been reported to be seeing an influx of people from all walks of life of late. This is attributed to the South African based church’s purported growth. However, there has never been any clear insight as to the exact rate of the ministry’s rising from Bushiri’s inner circle.

Mkanda: ECG growth unprecedented

Mkanda: ECG growth unprecedented

Bushiri preaching to thousands upon thousands in South Africa

Bushiri preaching to thousands upon thousands in South Africa

In a rare interview with the prophet’s Personal Assistant , Sylvester Mkanda, he spoke of some of the issues that have been making rounds only as rumours.

Mkanda said the church recognizes that it is expanding at a rate they never anticipated.

“The rate at which the church is growing is unimaginable,” explained the personal assistant.

Mkanda revealed of the church’s expansion, at times dragging one to and fro the character of a doubting Thomas.

“The church has grown so big that sometimes we are unable to count the numbers. Imagine having four overflows. I remember our papa saying the vision will overtake us if we are not careful,” he said. Papa is a common reference to the man of God himself.

It’s hard to tell why people opt for Bushiri’s ministry in an Africa marked by a boom in the religious world. It takes a simple talk over with the prophet’s personal assistant however to understand the simplicity behind the church’s fame.

Mkanda attributed the Church’s fame to God, and God only.

“It is the power and the movement of God through Major Prophet Shepherd Bushiri,” he said.

It is because people have heard a lot about miracles but they haven’t had some upon themselves. He says this forces them to flock to Bushiri.

“People want his God to manifest in their lives. People have heard enough of miracles being around the corner, they want to see them happen.”

The church has of late acted the hub of celebrities and other very famous people. To Mkanda, this is nothing. That is a house of God and it’s so normal that it should be frequented by people regardless of class, age, or gender. However, he still has to make reference to some. You can never know what inspires others.

“There are lots of famous people in all circles attending the church’s services,” he explains, at first reluctant to go deep into the details.

The prophet’s personal assistant says there have been comedians, politicians, musicians and ministers, among others.

“The mayor of Limpopo has been here too,” he adds, finally shading some light on the kind of people that have put effort to find themselves at one of Bushiri’s church gatherings.

Mkanda said the church has also been visited by a daughter to the King of Durban, former president of the South African Football Association, directors in different government departments (South Africa plus other African countries), and even Nigerian actors. “One of them being Osita Iheme.”

The church’s expansion hasn’t been a South African, or an African affair only. Apart from Malawi, its birth place, it’s got branches all over the world. According to Mkanda, ECG is in Europe, America and Asia too.

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57 thoughts on “Bushiri jokes about a congregational takeover”

  1. Prnce says:


  2. Rob wa Tsopano says:

    Comment reserved

  3. Nopasika Dayimani says:

    Things which are impossible to people are possible to our God. That’s Voice of God.

  4. Nasan says:

    Kumasala ma comet enawa mungayambe ku chimwa mulungu sanaike oweluza pakati pathu

  5. nkasimunguya chinankasanganye says:

    Let them be taken,but you should stay calm for only God knows the day to expose the reality of all matters.

  6. mabi says:

    kaya zanu izo

  7. Idi Amini Dada says:

    go deeper man of satan. unholy ghost fire. they are prophets of the devil. they teach not of heaven but money money.

  8. Gen. Weslea Nyasha Chingara says:

    God Is Still Speaking Today!.
    We Return All The Glory To God For He Is Worth It!. He Is Awesome!.
    Thank You Lord For The Man Of God Major Prophet Shepherd Bushiri (Major 1).

  9. Molifi Kalane says:


  10. Molifi Kalane says:

    Fake currency doesn’t nullify existence of genuine one, in fact it proofs that there is a genuine one. U can only fake what exists, it is only paranoia to insinuate that all miracles are fake because scripture says there will be fake ones. It is simply laziness and ignorance to do so, the only assured way of being able to identify fake from genuine is to study genuine thoroughly, otherwise u will be as paranoid as many who commented. Moving from one extreme to another doesn’t ensure safety but rather makes u wrong differently.
    By the way God commanded us all not to judge nor to criticise. He is the only true and righteous Judge.
    So people should stop trying to spread their ignorance and uninformed fears

  11. Jones forty says:

    Nobody knows which church belongs to the true god or to the satanist respectively only god himself knows the true preacher who can turn the lives of many to go to the kingdom of himself so help me god amen.

  12. Edwin Chikuse says:

    U think you are insulting Bushiri on behalf of God,If he is sinful then whatever he is doing won’t take long, Coz God will expose him. U don’t know Bushiri but God.If his ministry is from God,then u are fighting against God.Leave Bushiri alone.U fought him here left & right,and u ask why is he based south Africa? please Bushiri is our own son,those who can manage let’s be proud of Him.

  13. namchuchule says:

    We all know too little about God. Not even the Pope, Imams, Jews etc know God and his true ways. The multiplicity of religions, the conflicting beliefs, and the stiff competetion and fighting amongst faiths suggests to me that we are all very ingorant about God.

  14. ANALYST says:

    ife tili pheee mumpingo wokoma, wokhazikika, womangidwa pa thanthwe (St. Peter) ndi Yesu mwini! Mpingo wapamalo pose, komanso wanthawi zonse! Ngakhale mphamvu za woyipa zakhala zikulimbana nawo for over 2000 years, koma mpingowu ukupitilirabe! Si izi zanuzi ayi…..In Nomine Patris, Et Fili, Et Spiritus Sancti. AMEN

  15. JJ says:

    Malawians, stop being so negative. What about your pastor. Because he don’t perform miracles doesn’t mean he is any better. In all churches we go, no one on this platform can say he confirmed with our Lord that his pastor or Reverend Father is a true man of God.In our traditional churches, blunders from our leaders art countless yet we believe that we can get salvation from there. I bet some of his criticising have never even heard any of Bushiri’s preaching. The man can preach better than you have ever been preached before. All I know Jesus commissioned his followers to perform miracles through the Holly Spirit. If your pastor can’t is no reason to crucify Bushiri. You can’t be denying all prophets without accepting one. Please get a grip. Even Christ was crucified for being blasphemy by people who were had hearted like you.

  16. Nasfam party acting president says:

    Ine kuti ngati amatulusa dziwanda kumatumikira dzina La YESU wa moyo MULUNGU alemekedzeke, Koma ngati amapanga samasalamutsi MULUNGU ndiye adziwa ndipo ndi amene akawerudze……. Ine kwanga kupephera zolimba kuti kalowe kumwamba basi, miracle or no miracle..

  17. ELHAPO says:

    1. I wish the multitudes were coming in order to be SAVED! This is never the objective. Hence, the urban nature of the Ministry’s focus. I wish the Ministry could consider the hinterland of Mozambique where there are no Christian churches.

    2. The talk of the ‘who is who’ visiting the Church reminds me of Asing’ang’a who talk of people who have come for assistance from them in order to demonstrate how ‘powerful’ they are. Are you sure, God would like you to boast over the people who have come to your Church?

  18. MB0BA says:


    1. Kadyamkena says:

      Mboba, the bible does

  19. Lack of faith in most people contributes tospiritual ignorance. The whole Book of HEBREWS talks much of faith, Israelilites survived Pharo’s atrocities through faith. Why is it that Bushiri always preach in citys and urban areas? There are many people in the rural areas out there who needs to preached on. The truth of the matter is Bushiri is there for riches, he is doing business and this is a fact whether one likes it or not. Those who have true faith never get fazed with such immortal and hypocritical religion. Those who lack true faith will seek Bushiri’s intervention but those who believe in a true living GOD OUR FATHER cannot be swayed. JESUS already said many will come in His name and prophecy through various miracles but DON’T EVER TRUST THEM. Bushiri is one of these false prophets for sure or else let him come and preach to the real needy not just preaching to those who wants riches and fortunes?

  20. Dzachilendo says:

    This is kind of weird to me, people have either been deceived or are in serious search for something that does not exist. Can somebody please explain to me the reason why people are flocking from Malawi all the way to Nigeria to meet prophet T.B Joshua leaving behind Bushiri and at the same time others flocking from Nigeria to South Africa to meet prophet Bushiri leaving out Joshua who is just next to them. Are we looking for God or what? To my understanding, the message that these prophets have is basically the same. A prophecy whether its revealed or not, it will still unfold according to God’s plan so why are people bothered? Remember what Jesus indicated as a sign for His second coming in the book of Mathew 24:1-5 ( the issue here is Deception) and again read 2 Timothy 4:3. may the Lord bestow his spirit upon those who will search the scriptures wholeheartedly to get the deep revelation and inspiration from the Creator up above and. Amen

  21. ndadabwa says:

    only fools follow bushiri because they don’t understand the Bible. you are fooled by the multitude. Yesu sali mchipilingu

  22. Meynard says:

    I think Bushiri is doing a wonderful initiative. You are representing the country, raising the flag high. I love the concept encouraging all delegates to use Air Malawi when flying to this country to meet with you or attend your functions.

  23. chigumula says:

    There more joy in heaven when one sinner repents! Even angels stop whatever they were doing and help the clapping of hands and rejoicing when we show light to those in darkness.

    We cannot be giving ourselves as credit when born gain christians are migrating from on congregation to the next, in search of a prophecy & a miracle.

    Lets be careful lest we grow pride in our hearts! God uplifts the humble & debases the proud.

  24. mayo says:

    no 21 p/z truth is there already.remember jesus said,masiku omaliza kudzafika anthu olalika mmasunagoge,mmiseu,misika ngakhale kuukisa ndikuchiza anthu mdzina langa.koma inu chenjelani ndipo musadzapiteko chifukwatu iwo adzachita zimenezi ndi mphamvu ya ziwanda.so,where is yo faith?khulupilirani Yesu!

  25. fricodaluka says:

    My major concern is what the church as part of its social corporate responsibility doing to its members or the general public in Malawi and SA????? It also seems like the trend these days wea men of God preach about miracles,riches and well being in ppo’s lives forgetting the most important component itself and that’s helping the flock to salvation and even the ppo themselves r so consumed into the illusion of miracles,riches that a pastor not preaching anything other than that is abandoned as being not powerful enough…Jesus himself never prioritized miracles he perfomed over the message he wanted to give to the world……

  26. Nosisye says:

    Ya those are expected comments from Malawians.What else can we expect from Malawi?Malawians?In Malawi even a well known fact that the sky is blue it will be disputed that no the sky is black.If in the so called Malawi see only negatives in Prophet Bushiri it does not mean that the rest of the world is as myopic as Malawi.The real world(not Malawi) see Godness in Prophet Bushiri.I wonder if you do not believe his ministry why do you watch prophetic channel?Just to find what you can comment negatively.Prophet Bushiri was here in Malawi and he was persecuted right and left and he was never broken.Now he is in South Africa where his ministry is being followed overwhelmingly and here in Malawi you are still not comfortable.What do you want you Malawians?

  27. Ameneyo says:

    Judas Iscariot saw witnessed many miracles and was among the twelve disciples of Jesus who ‘healed all manners of diseases in the name of Jesus’ (Matthew7:22). But he was never a converted Christian. Therefore, my pint is that one can perform miracles in the name of Jesus but not be a true man of God. Beware of false prophets!!

  28. Molifi Kalane says:

    It really bothers me when people only open their mouths to criticise when there is a clear move of God. Jesus drew huge crowds during His earthly ministry and was only criticised by pharssees and scribes, hypocrites who thought they were the only ones who knew all about God and heaven. Jesus even went further to say miracles He performs testified of Him.Stop holding a red pen against those who are called and those seeking the kingdom, no one appointed u in that position

  29. Kachepa says:

    Zonsezitu osati china koma kukuganizira kudzuka kummawa dzuwa lisanatuluke nkumakagwetsa nkhope pansi pamaso pa Mlengi-ULESI.Ndi umene ukupangitsa anthu tonsefe kukhala ndi ulesi kuiwala kuti Yesu Christ yemwe Asilamu ndi Akhristu timamutsatirayo mmoyo wake ndi zomwe ankapanga.Tiyeni tisaone kuchedwa,atsala ma minitsi ochepa,tikamwalira ndi pamene tikadziwe chipande chikamakatiomola mmandamo!!Tiyeni tichenjere abale,masikutu ndiye akupita.Lomwe lapita,basi osakumana nalonso.Tsatirani Yesu Christ ndi mtumiki Muhammad pomakaswali osati zokula mtimazo koma ali yense adzidziwe yekha kuti chuma changachi adzidzadya ndi ena,akazi angawa adzakwatiwa ndi enanso oposa ine,ana angawa,adzidzalamulidwa ndi abambonso ena mkazi wathu akusangalala kuiwala ife tikuona zolumaluma mmanda.Tiyeni titembenuke mitimayi ndipo tisamawatsayirenso awo akunenepetsa mimba zawowo akudziwa zomwe ak osati za matamazo kuti Yesu ndi Mulungu pomwe iye akuti lemekeza Mulungu wako ndi mtima wako onse(Luke 18:18)Tiyeni titsegule maso abale anga kukuchatu nthawi yatitsalira yochepa.Ukatambatamba ndi ma miracles wo,udzionetsetsa kusachere chifukwa Yesu ndiye anatiuza kale pa MATEYU 7 vesi 21 mpaka 24 kuti Iye ndiye akawakana mosanyengeranayi kuti sizimene zimayenereka.Chokani apa inu akusayeluzika!Muli ndi zoonjezera,onjezerani ndipo ndipempha Mlengi kuti akutsogolereni ku njira yabwino pamodzi ndi ine ndemwe poti tonsefe,ndife anthu oipitsitsa zedi!!Ulemerero onse ukhale kwa TATE mwini yekhayo kulenga.Ameen.Dalitsikani nonse ndipo aganizireni mawuwa chifukwa kufa sikudwala kokha koma chodzidzimutsa chiri chonse chingathe kutitengera moyo wathu!!!!!!

  30. Angozo says:

    Thanks Clement (No: 4) for your comment. What I should add here is that to a large extent salvation is a process and not a once-for-all thing. That is why people are fooled to say if they see miracles on them then that is a gate way to salvation, no.


    Major 1, Keep On Doing The Good Work Of God.

  32. Zapaziko nzosala says:

    Even devil do miracles, beware u will love satan

  33. babs says:

    I agree what don’t you go to countries where people are suffering,God is watching you,you’re making people become even poorer through your demands in offering what kind of churches ate these.you are selling water in even stealing more from people shame on you its about time God will oust you from the throne of evil,thieves from Malawi

  34. Bon says:

    Hmmmmm nothing much to say only God knows the truth. Please father God show us the truth so that we should become stable in our minds. (every road has its ending , lets us ask for God intervantion)

  35. son of major says:

    Nsanje ndiyomwe yakula if you are rightious and gifted start your own ministry open your own chennel.go to those places you mentioned.you think those diplomats who go there are desparate?noway.they are rich but they seek GOD wakuchokerani its your chance pangani zanu.kkkkkk even MP sanabwerepo ku ministry kwanu ,enanu even tithie simupereka you dont go to your traditional churches but fast commenting on Bushiri articles you will never benefit or stop him.wait timange church ku middland muphulika .

  36. Mugonapamhanya says:

    Miracles do not define a man of God. Neither did Jesus prioritize them. Hindus, Magicians, Buddists and witches all perform miracles. So what is new here? Absolutely nothing godly about miracles.

  37. unenesko says:

    Even during zat time, pple flockd 2 Jesus bcoz of miracles He performed : food,raising the dead etc but not salvation. we r afta earthly wealth. True xian religion shud teach, baptise, holy communion and other sacraments founded by Jesus.

  38. Mwana Mai says:

    Just to concur with what others have pointed out, Christians shouldn’t go to church only to get or witness miracles, no. They should go to church to get the much talked salvation. And for salvation to manifest the church has to preach the word and assist the Christians to know God well and get closer to him with an intention of acquiring an everlasting life after this troubled life here on earth. If we go deeper in the WORD we will be told that even satanists are capable of performing miracles in the name of the God, the devil disguises himself like an angel from God The Almighty. Remember that Lucifer before he was cast out of heaven he too was an angel, one of the most senior Angels for that matter, that he knew how God went about his daily business, hence his ability to copy and paste exactly what the desperate Christians are encountering to day. We need to be mindful of the devil’s antics. As rightly said, this evangelism should be taken into places where Christianity is not common and not duplicating matters in areas where the Salenjes have strongholds.

  39. wez says:

    Amalawi nsanje musiyeni mwana wamulungu, akupulumusa anthu ambili ku SA ngati simkukhulupilira ndi zimene akupanga osayambisa zanu bwanji?

  40. Kirby says:

    What God is doing through the Man of God in South Africa is beyond human compression.I can say that without any doubt. My life has really changed since I met the Man of God. I had my own perspective on what God does through my own revelations of the bible, but God has manifested his presence upon my life, I am now able to experience his presence. I must say that I am able to experience the bible and see the word of God Manifest in my life, I EAT THE WORD, I LIVE THE WORD, I SPEAK THE WORD THANKS TO MY FATHER MAJOR ORIGINAL ONE… IYEEEH POWER

  41. James Mhango says:

    What miracles please? What is a miracle?. Malawi has recently seen a growing number of so called prophets, and we are told numbers are rising. When poverty worsens religion thrives, Its a natural process. What have these prophets really done for the people apart from repeating the same lies, I don`t understand when many people get duped into this prophecy business. We speak from outside the church.

  42. Msowoya says:

    Yah! That’s how God does miracles.

  43. mapwiya says:

    where can we get aprophet saying salvation everybodody iheard is talking about miraculus things what about after this life and why many prophets these days kodi mmesa mbuyomu amkabwera mprophet after another masiku ano ali mbwee kodi amene watumizidwa ndi mulungu nde uti shaaa masiku otsiridza timva zambiri Lord tipatseni chidziwitso chanu in the holly spirit

  44. Professor Mwanaveka-Cypress University says:

    Uyu ali kuti? Uyu munamuchita zadama mpaka mimba. Kapena ndi usherette? Osamupangasotu masewero a key ndi lock!!!! Paja mapastor masiku ano ndi bwetellic gadgets. Kkkkkkk. Mudzapsa

  45. gabbage says:

    You could have also mentioned poorest people visiting the church and not only ooh daughter of king of durban and other thieves, thugs and satanists you are mentioning here.

  46. mtumbuka1 says:

    Clement you are talking sense. You don’t go sell coal in Newcastle. Preaching to the already saved makes a little sense if not none at all.


    Only fools flock to faulse prophets so that they can be told about their phone numbers and house numbers and their names.I do not know if these so called papa or man of god preach against sin. God help us to open our spiritual eyes so that the truth is revelled.

  48. Wisely says:

    God’s people will not find their safety in working miracles, for satan will counterfeit the miracles that will be wrought.

  49. mtumbuka1 says:

    It’s not about who comes to your church but it’s about what people want from your church. God is in any church but just because people are desperate and living in desperate times they think God lives in bushiri’s church since they see those magical powers on television and that makes people to flock. If you will ask them why they flock to such churches they will tell you they want to better their lives on earth and not to have a fair share of heavenly life when they die. It’s about suits and richest and all that crap.

    1. Be happy if your names are written in book of life.

  50. wise man says:

    something is wrong here, its lyk ur syn pipo go to the church jst for the miracle and not kuti akapeza salvation…

  51. clement says:

    It cannot be expansion to God’s kingdom when already ‘saved’ christians decide to visit ur church. Pastors shud try to reach out to unsaved souls (unbaptized) in rural set ups. We need to christianize the whole world. You waste time going to SA, Europe and America where the WORD has been preached for over 500 yrs. Go to Iran, Morocco, Darful, Tikrit, Beijing, North Korea, Somalia, etc. Musapite kumene anzanu analimako kale nkumanyada kuti mpingo ukukula. Start a human soul from scratch: 1. conversion. 2. baptism. 3 spiritual growth. Only then can u claim that ur church is growing. Growth cannot be attributed to poached christians from other churches seeking miracles

  52. Miracles does not determine you are a true prophet

  53. Tili Chenene says:

    That is how God works. This is what follows anointing

  54. Zabweka says:

    Fame coz of miracles.

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