Bushiri should come to help in Mzimba -MP Munyenyembe

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri of the Enlightened Christian Gathering Church International (ECG) received another commendation in Malawi Parliament for his relief support to people affected by hunger in the country.

Bushiri carrying maize at Karonga district hospital

Bushiri carrying maize at Karonga district hospital

Recently, Member of Parliament for Karonga central, Frank Mwenifumbo told the House his appreciation to Bushiri for his maize distribution.

And adding his voice of appreciation to the famous prophet,  another independent MP Christopher Munyenyembe of Mzimba East  contributing to the Mid-Year Budget Review Statement by the Minister of Finance and Economic Development thanked Bushiri for assisting “ the vulnerable Malawians”.

“I wish to invite the Prophet to go to Mzimba East Constituency, to help the vulnerable Malawians who do not have enough food,” said Munyenyembe.

Bushiri, who is based in South Africa, has been distributing maize across the country to starving villagers.

MP Munyenyembe said Malawi is passing through “difficult times,” and that calls for unity of purposed.

“Let me remind Malawians that as we are, we are in the same boat, and if this boat is to sink, all of us would sink and we better get united for the betterment of our economy,” said Munyenyembe.

Bushiri  said the has  plenty of maize that he wants to distribute to Malawians and can only resume his aid if there is good will from government .

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18 thoughts on “Bushiri should come to help in Mzimba -MP Munyenyembe”

  1. chiperoni2 says:

    Bushiri is not dupping anyone. People are giving out freely.If we have nothing good to say let us keep quiet

  2. nyakaji says:

    Papa go to Mzimba East and assist this MP the situation on the ground is terrible,pretending will not help. Women and childrens life is at risk.People are dying.Me and my family will vote for you if you contest for presidency becoz you are Man of the People,remember you are a Malawian and eligible to contest for this hot seat.We love you so so much Prophet and you can do nothing about it.

  3. nyakaji says:

    Papa go to Mzimba East and assist people who are starving.This MP is very honest people are dying in villages.Women and children life are at risk. We love u Man of God for your humble spirit.If u want to contest for Presidency me and my family will vote for you we want man of the people like you,its your decision to make coz you are also a Malawian

  4. Brother from another Mother says:

    Bushiri wawovwire wanthu wasuzgiza.Mkulu wane Bushiri tikayambira lumodza kulomba pa katoto sec school wawovwire wa Malawi

  5. zebron henry banda says:

    The mostt dangerous part of this scenario is that people wÍll revolt and attack government machinery.an attack on prophet Bushiri,in any way,is tantamount to an assault on the needy,poor and helpless malawians which the revered prophet is honestly doing.so-called “presidential ambitions”by Bushiri are preposterous and lack credibility.Even so,he is 100% malawian and qualifies to be one.Blah!blah!blah!nonsense!

  6. Chambe says:

    I believe the Prophet has been accused of duping his congregation charging them between R7000-R14,000 minimum being R5000 for prayers.
    Check ANN7 news and you will get clip on this.

  7. Flowaens says:

    good thoughts, yes, don’t be shy. vyasuzga nadi, udzu ndiwa ziweto osati human beings.

  8. Anorlkd Kamponda says:

    Shaaa. Mp oganiza uyu… Come back major 1… Malawi is suffering… Zavuta kuno

  9. INNOCENT says:

    papa major1 please come to Karonga south for distribution the maize my people are die here.

  10. Nsanje Lalanje says:

    Agang’a a DPP akufuna a Malawi afe ndi njala. Bushiri maize free..Admarc maize is for sale

  11. zikomo says:

    abale bola mp wanu munyenyembe oganizira anthu, abale ife tinabetsa kupoi tinavotera mzungu akuti biznowatty abale sakuoneka ndikumene ali kaya kupaliament amapita kaya! ife tinkhati mwina tiyesele wofiirayu mwina zinthu zingasinthe koma athaaa. kaya titani kuti tikhoze

  12. lloyd says:

    Peter amafuna kuti chimanga chidzela mmanja ake opotokawo, kuti apondekoso, munthu osavinidwa ndichoncho, mtima Wakuba nkhaza kufuna zose zikhale zake, lucky u are tinavotela chosava, gold digger,

  13. MERCEDES says:


  14. fred says:

    God will give u more Man of God

  15. fred says:

    tamuwongani bwana mp

  16. Chibalo says:

    I like the humility and honesty from some of our MPs.May God bless you for being in parliament to serve the interest of your people.You know you are there sipping Coffee with Biscuits when actually your own people are helpless and powerless in the field digging dangerous roots for survival.Children have stopped going to school as they want to assist parents find food either by cultivating in the field for Ganyu to find a little something or indeed supporting those weak,sick aged parents buy some 10 kgs at the Admarc.I call this man-made hunger and just STOP praying to God because God already gave us a solution to this.
    Irrigation is the solution and the ILLOVO Campany is very much ready to support us with everything including cultivating 3 times a year and we refused? Really Malawians are we serious?
    We think ILLOVO will monopolise the market for your Trucks during distribution of the maize once cultivated and hence you cant accept the proposal,sure?

    Instead you allow yourself spend Billions of Kwacha for Maize purchase so that you can benefit really?

    And then you block the Man of God from distributing Maize thinking that he will become the president?Allowing your own people to die for your own glory sure?

    Unless you humble yourself, you will have myriad problems ahead of you.

  17. ellias says:

    We love you Major 1, continue supporting us your fellow compatriots.

    Iye! POWER. See you soon in SA.

    Remain Blessed

  18. FRANK says:

    Major do it! i wonder why the DPP is jelousy of the Prophet when he is above all of them………..

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