Businessman Gaffar decry Malawi police laxity over his stolen car

A Limbe based businessman whose Toyota Corolla vvti car was stolen at gun point two weeks ago in Limbe, says he is concerned over failure by police to intensify the recovering exercise for his car.



Mohamed Gaffar who own Executive Security Company, had his car a white Toyota Corolla registration number LA6060 stolen at around 6pm on Monday near Sikh Temple in Limbe where he and his wife went to visit a friend near 24/7 Auction.

He told Nyasa Times soon after he reported the matter to Limbe police that the police there told him that he should provide them with a car they can use to look for the thieves. He did not provide.

However, Gaffar has told Nyasa Times that there is no indication that the police are doing something to track his stolen car.

“But I have been receiving reports from friends that my car has been spotted twice within Blantyre. One petrol attendant told me the robbers who had attacked one of the filling stations in Blantyre last week were using my car but with a different registration number,” he said.

Gaffar also said at one point last week he saw the robbers driving the very same car they used to highjack his car but his chase after them ended in vain.

“I have been reporting all the development to the police the only answers they tell me is that they are doing something about it”.

However, he says life has been hard for him because he is using a hired car which he says is very expensive.

Limbe Police spokesperson Sub- Inspector Chifundo Kansunje told Nyasa Times that it is not true that police asked for a vehicle from Gaffar, saying the department that deals with stolen vehicles has already a vehicle for that purpose.

“I think he referred the matter to the wrong department because at the anti-motor theft department there is vehicle special for that,” she said.

Kansunje also said police are doing everything possible to make sure that the stolen vehicle is recovered.

“We are now following the tips that people have been giving us on the stolen vehicle.  He may not know exactly how we are doing this because police do things in their own way. But if his claims that the car was spotted twice in Blantyre he should bring that information to the police through the office of police officer in charge,” she said

But Gaffar said he has already furnished the information to the relevant authorities at Limbe Police and what he is now waiting for is positive feedback.

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26 thoughts on “Businessman Gaffar decry Malawi police laxity over his stolen car”

  1. Prince Ganiza says:

    Sorry Gaffar,Malawians are dogs

  2. Wailing Soul says:

    O Chibwe! Highjack ndiye kuti chani?kkkk Highjack? / Lowjack? Highjack/Lowjack?????kkkkkkkk

  3. Kanyimbi says:

    His car with a different number plate? So how sure was he that this car was his? He mean he is the only person who can own that car in Malawi? Anyway we don’t encourage theft.

  4. ndadabwa says:

    Gaffar, dont rely on Malawi police. they are the ones who masterminded the theft. Malawi police are thieves and you know it. believe you me

  5. Mweneeeeh!! says:

    Gaffer must be stupid,because itsyour car then you want the whole police to stop everything they are doing for a search of your car. You know your car and hijackers but failled to catch them after you spoted them. How do you expect Police who relie on the information only to do that within days. Who doesnt know that you sold it and want insurance. Go and report to that fuel attendant to cath them for u. Stupid Gaffer.

  6. Kulibe kantu says:

    If you want to recover the car quickly mount ad hoc road blocks. You will catch them.

  7. ujeni says:

    Our police personel all they do is eat mmemo.

  8. Mapuyamurupare says:

    Police please help the weak and lazy gentleman, walemba alonda ambilri ntchito ameneyu.
    Koma Gaffar ufufuze galimotoyo wekha. Wagulisa dala imeneyi.
    Iwe ubeledwa bwanji poti uli ndi kampani yachitetezo? Stupid Boy.

    Kubeledwa mu Limbe????? Juberg (RSA) ndiye angabedwe ndi iwe amene plus mkazako.

  9. Mwenye Opusa says:

    mwenye amafuna zake ziyende mwa nsanga kuposa wina aliyense, kuzikonda. Even on the road amafuna uwapatse way by compusory koma mwenye sangapereke mpata kwa wina. Their driving is always rough. Amafuna azinyenga atsikana a chi Malawi pamene mtsikana wa chimwenye sapedzeka paliponse let alone ndi non mwenye. Kuipa mitima ana a Ishmael

  10. enuf said says:

    So again it all comes down to indian and blacks

    Guys grow up

    the person’s car is stolen
    and we all know police isn’t as efficient

    instead of simply discussing that, we r busy promoting the robberies and not even saying anything to the police

    not only real foreigners but also the thieves who stole the car must be loughing at us fools

    Infact I read nyasatimes Js to lough on what it reports and further on the comments pple make

    Esp in regards to the race

    let’s learn to discuss and coment on the issue at hand

    Police demands units, transportation, money for lunch and Fanta

    all that should stop

    By we asking our MPs to have a big budget for them


    not this indian and that black

    it’s a waste of time and energy

  11. weaklicks says:

    Same applies to phones once you report they ask for airtime then when they recover they sell the phone .

  12. Annie sakaika says:

    Malawi polices!!

  13. lloyd dylan jere says:

    I read the first article about Mr Gaffer’s stolen car with keen interest. This follow up piece has solicited my comment. For starters the government regurated the private security industry so that they can work with the Police to combat crime in the country. Mr Gaffer invested in this industry. For him to go and tell it on the mountain that the police are not doing enough to recover his car shows that he is in the wrong industry. This industry is not for cowards and cry babies. I wouldn’t be surprise if he tells his security employees to run for dear life when criminals attack his clients. His duty is to help the police and not expose their weakness. I think the government should revoke his operating licence. He is a disgrace to the industry and a traitor to the nation. He has sold us to the international criminal syndicates. I would think twice before putting the security of my property in the hands of his company. I hope the government is not one of his clients.

  14. Babalu says:

    Good observation! Sawoneka ku Road Traffic anganyamenewa.Ife eni nthaka timazunzika kuti tiipeze COF. zonena mbweeee shit

  15. Rodriguas Latata says:

    If he referrerd the matter to a wrong department why didn’t the ‘wrong department’ refer him to the right one right there? Regardless of all other things and misconceptions our tax revenue and other funds that government collect from it’s citizens is actually to be used in service provision to the citizenry, police has no mandate whatsoever to ask for a car from the victim of carjacking. How many times should he lose? This is totaly backward way of doing things. This is shamefully counterproductive. My heart breeds.

    1. concerned titinen. says:

      I also got the shock of my life the day I reported to police about my stollen property at my farm. The police advised me to look for transport to go and pick the guy who stole my property. Up to now nothing has been done so far.

  16. yunusu says:

    Kodi amwenyewa ndi odabwitsa kwambiri magalimoto alinawo mbwee koma sinamuone ndi mmodzi yemwe ku road traffic kupangitsa C.O.F ndizina zofunikira afufuzidwe bwino kalipo kalipo!

  17. your car is in storage and it is safe but next u must put car track system i trust malawi police.

  18. Wariya Khale says:

    Amwenye Ali ndi Philadelphia ngati atumbuka! Amati akakumana ndi Mavuto Mauna aliyense asiye chomwe akuchita awapukute kaye mamina!

  19. DAUD says:


  20. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Kodi bwana Mohamed, you own a security company right there in Blantyre?

    Please, let’s use some of your security personnel. I hope you didn’t agree with robbers how long it will take to catch them.

    That’s where you made a mistake, next ask them for how they will use the car and then start blaming police officers.

  21. tendai says:

    This is what police does and it happened to me as well. When thieves stole my car they never assisted me instead they were asking for a car from me and airtime money as well. Am surprised to hear that there is a car at lime police special for that. Shame! You Indian Forget about that car, you may lose more. Mine can’t be traced up to now 2 years. Limber police

  22. nazimbiri says:

    Mbuzi ikagunda galu nde phani,ndipezereni galimoto langa a police mwansanga ,zachamba basi .

    anthu inu simulipiranso bwino anthu anu ancthito nde simungadziwe pomwe zikuchokera.fatsani madala.Apolice agwire ntchito yawo mwachifatse.

  23. Karonga Boy says:

    Fumbi Ndiwe Mwini.

  24. Manuel says:

    Mtundu umenewu umakhala ndi phuma when dealing wth service providers as if anzawowo sianthu, koma iwo basi! Bolanso atsamunda aja, eeish! Chikhalirecho safunanso kulipira nsonkho.

  25. anabel mitawa says:

    this must be a very poor indian

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