Businessman Gaffer loses car at gunpoint: Malawi Police nab man stealing car accesories

Robbers in Limbe have stolen at gun point a white Toyota Corolla vvti registration number LA6060 which belongs to the owner of Executive Security Company, Mohamed Gaffer.

A person caught red-handed at Ali BaBa. Pic by Mana

A person caught red-handed at Ali BaBa. Pic by Mana

Gaffar told Nyasa Times on Tuesday that the incident happened at around 6pm on Monday near Sikh Temple in Limbe where he and his wife has gone to visit a friend near 24/7 Auction.

“As I parked my car, a silver Toyota Carina with black tinted glasses parked right next to me and 4 guys jumped out, two with pistols and two others with knifes. They told me and my wife “don’t shout or we will shoot u”. We handed over the car keys my wife’s hand bag.”

Mohamed says the robbers have also went way with 2,050 USD, K25,000 his inhaler home keys, ATM cards,  pictures and some documents.

He said they were not harmed in any way but “just a little push that’s all no serious harm.”

“We have reported the matter to Limbe police who until now are waiting for me to send them a car to go and look for the thieves,” he says.

Meanwhile, Malawi News Agency reports that an unidentified person was on Tuesday morning caught red-handed stealing wheel covers from the vehicles that were parked at Chief Kilipula Building which houses Ali BaBa, Regional Information Office, Prime Insurance, AVIS Car Hire, and Seven Eleven (7/11) in Lilongwe.

According to an eye witness Cecilia Mitawa, who works as a cleaner for BETTLE VET Cleaning Services, said she saw a person who looked suspicious at the car park and told a security guard who found the person removing wheel covers from the vehicles.

“The security guard approached him and asked what he was doing in the parking lot, nothing he said, then the guard took him to an office for further questioning and went back to the car park to check the cars at the car park that’s when he realised that wheel covers from two vehicles a Toyota Corolla registration number KK 6332 and a Toyota Vitz had been removed,” said Mitawa.

“When the owners of the vehicles heard the commotion, they went and checked their vehicles only to find out that indeed some wheel covers on their vehicles were removed,” she said.

The suspect was eventually taken to Lilongwe Police by SWOOP Security Limited vehicle.

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51 thoughts on “Businessman Gaffer loses car at gunpoint: Malawi Police nab man stealing car accesories”

  1. I mean banda says:

    So a car gets stolen and police ask the victim to go find the car so that police can use it to look for the thieves…This is a bit interestingly very malawian

  2. Dawood Zindiksmbani Makungwa says:

    Oh!!shame shsme apolice munthu wabwela kuzadandaula kuti galimoto yake ndi zinthu zina zabedwa zowona anu mkumuyankha kuti akutumizileni galimoto yoti mukasakile mbavazo?mukundiwuza kuti panthawi imeneyo panalibe galimoto ya police yomwe mukanatha kugwilitsa ntchito?

  3. paul mwambo says:

    The police man who said, he need a car from the complainant, I think he must be fired becoz recently the government has spent a lot of money buying them Vehicles, where are this vehicles and I am sure this police officer he is not professional police officer. And I think he support some frustrated political party in order to push the blame to government
    This is silly

  4. This enough to replimand the unproffessional policeman who said these worlds. Is he really a Malawian. Whose interests is he saving?

  5. pdf says:

    DPP Chitetezo, a police musachititse manyazi DPP.

  6. Eish! zavuta munthuyo afa pawiri pamenepa. Akapereka transport koma galimoto lake osapezeka fuel wake abwezeredwa?

  7. dobadoba says:

    Very soon timva mutibwereke mfuti tikasake wakubayo

  8. victim Chamkhuni Lwazazi says:

    Lilongwe Police! Car break-ins in LL is the order of the day. Patrol police move so noticeably, a thief can easily see them coming and going away. Why not stage plain clothes police in strategic theft occurring sites in the city, deep inside streets of Bwalo la njobvu, Standard Bank parking area, main street parking area between turn-off to main market and mobile police offices, and other sites. Surely a day would not pass before netting a car breaker. The thieves have all sorts of car keys.

    And when a car radio, or money or anything is stolen or removed from a car and you report to police they indicate that they know who has done it – From Chigwirizano, Kawale, Scent, Area 36 etc, that they will recover it. But, alas, you will never get that thing back. Guess what happens behind the scene!!!

  9. mkaaji wakweli. says:

    How are we going to live in a such country full of not just an ordinary thieves but arm robbers….. am scared !!!!!!!

  10. Gandali kanamwali says:

    Thinks do happen unknowingly.Thieves are more claver than us

  11. wosamba says:

    A police mwatani kodi? A Gaffa galimoto yawo yabedwa ayipezakuti ina kuti akupatseni mukasakile mbava? Kungomva zoti alindimfuti mwayamba kale kunjenjemela

  12. Bongololo says:

    Anyongedwe ameneyo!

  13. MBACHI says:

    wheel covergate. Stupid malawians. Shame.

  14. Chiphwisicha ntchetche says:

    Kusova kulipo……pa Malawi….

  15. MWENENYOKA says:


  16. Ma says:

    Till now you still talking about cars with wheel covers? heheheee …..Arroy Tyres bwanji? Koma dzikoli its really number 1 poorest…eiiish wheel covers in 21st century????

    Amwenye nanunso mukuyenderabe corolla????

  17. MMALAWI says:

    “The robbers have also went away with….. ” koma abale ma reporter enawa Chingerezi chimenechi? On the other hand our police force is probably the worst in the region when it comes to responding to calls. Last year alone I experienced it twice: First we reported an invasion by robbers whereupon they told us they didn’t have transport. We called a friend who went with a pickup to collect them only to be told our area was not under their jurisdiction and was referred to LL Police where he was told “tikauze Kaye abwana akugona and by time they arrived the robbers were long gone. Second I reported theft during the night at my house and as usual they said they didn’t have transport and we should wait for their car which had been sent on other duties. I waited until I got tired and since I was going out of the country I had to leave but was promised they will visit the crime scene when their car is back but it’s over a year now and they have not turned up. Now I have decided to protect myself and deal with any robbery using my own means, I’ll never involve the police!

  18. Bob says:

    Malawi Police where are the vehicles bought for you by the President recently? Why ask for one from the victim.

  19. ndadabwa says:

    akunama a polisi kuti they want a car to follow the robbers. ndi a polisi omwewo amene aba galimotoyo. simuipenzanso imeneyo. mukutuma wakuba kuti adzigwire yekha

  20. Jones says:

    Why revealing identify of the cleaner. Atolankhani be careful with sensitive information.

  21. wba says:

    Galimoto za police zanyuwani akugwilisa tchito kukanyamulila ana amabwana kusukulu..dont hv tym kukasaka mbava..

  22. RESEARCHER says:

    Nawe Mr where is Malawians; umati munthu asayende ndindalama pamene anali pagalimoto? Sanali pa ka BAZA ayi anayenera akhaleko ndindalama, pena ma network amavuta kuti adalire zapa ATM. Koma mbwelera ndaziona pa a Police aku Malawi eeeee! Mchifukwa Malawi is on grade 1 paumphawi kkkkk mmalo moti munthu amuthandize koma afuna amudyerenso. Very shame.

  23. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Nyasatimes, somehow lets get names of police officers,who got the message. This is extremely too casual to say there is no vehicle and the victim should send them transport.

    I suppose there are community policing and other police stations in BT. Where is the Reform here?

  24. nyambitoni says:

    this road from hardware going up via transglobe produce exports to the rail crossing is very dangerous. just two weeks ago i witness an armed right in front of me while i was talking to victim of asian origin aswell from his car. he was coming from the bank and the robbers were trailing him from the malawians take note of thisbecarefull u don’t know who is following you mostly when driving u might be taken by surprise, malawi wavunda uyu

  25. where are Malawians? says:

    Ya of today….at least you are still alive!

    On the other hand, why moving around with $2000 dollars cash in the evening? Black market or what?

  26. aratha says:

    KOmanso pamenepa we should blame government. What do you expect munthu woti akungokhala to do? Why are they not reopening the young pioneers training bases kuti akakhale ndi zochita? Ngati akuvutika ogwila ntchito amene amawerengela kuti pa mwezi will get a salary whether they become sick or not, nde what more ndi wongokhala? Lets face both ways.

    1. ujeni says:

      Unemployment is not an excuse to start stealing, stupid thinking.

  27. APM says:

    akuba ndi awo amakana kupita kosaka galimotowo. how can u wait for the victim to send u a vehicle? very suspicious response. God is the judge.

  28. Newspaper says:

    komanso pena pake a boma achitepo kanthu. Look at how this man looks, Kuoneka kuti akuvutika and the only option ndi kuba basi. Why cant they reopen the young pioneers training bases kuti tione adzinama chani. Think twice plis ngati tikuvutika ife ogwira ntchito nde what more ndi ongokhala.

  29. Newspaper says:

    I agree with comment 6. Nyasatimes mwachita bwanji kodi. masiku ano si malawi wa dzulo ayi. mukamphetsa ameneyu muchita bwani ndi banja lake, ana etc…..

  30. ujeni says:

    Police waiting for the victim to send a car for them to use? Are these police personnel we have upright people well qualified? Can State House send them a car or one of the many impounded Mphwiyo cars

  31. abdul says:

    ku malawi apolice kulibe onse ndiwakuba munthu akaba kupeleka report iwo amati mukamugwile mubwele naye kuno stupid

  32. Malawian police instead of acting; they say bring us your car so that we can go out there and search for the thieves kkkkk poor Malawi.

  33. chemembe says:

    So Gaffar must find his own vehicle for the police to act. Mbavazi tidzingowotcha basi police kulibe.mxiiii

  34. tsukuluza says:

    Kodi ndimaesa aboma amati anagula magalimoto anyuwani kwa a police?

  35. Mike Dulira says:

    The story is about a man being hijacked at a gun point in limbe. to my suprise, the picture is for another man caught in lilongwe. zikugwirizana pati? mulibe chithuzi cha amene wabeledwa galimotoyo?

  36. Mwama Du says:

    Police waiting for him to send them a car…… But we heard APM assuring us that he have bought many cars to police service. KOMA UTSOGOLERI UWU.

    1. flylikeaneagle says:

      sizikugwirizana man. why do people have to complain all the time.

  37. Okay says:

    #4 please find better ways of venting out your MBC frustrations. Are you now impinging on our rights when you feed us something that is out of our consumption? Be civilised and use good channels not this one. When JB was ill-treating your friends in the past two years, the likes of Lapken Chauluka, you didn’t say anything in public like this, so why now?

  38. Ted Junior says:

    zili kuno ku area 24 steve jemuson ndi gulu lake avuta, magalimoto mukunenawa ali park kumeneko. polisi tithandizeni.

  39. Babalu says:

    My foot!send a vehicle for police thief hunt?? Which vehicle NOW??? Malaw Malawi

  40. zyola Benyanga says:

    Nyasatimes you are mentioning a name of a person who alerted security people. Don’t you think by doing so you are putting at rist the life of this lady cleaner? Please, treat those who report anything to whether Police or Army with confidentiality because the thieves might now start looking for the one who reported them.

  41. Morpiya says:

    sent this idiot to Senior Resident Viva Nyimba to bring sense in him. Police do not waste your time

  42. MBC Employees turned Mungomo / GloriaSlaves says:

    MBC Employees are crying blood and gnawing their teeth due to the ill treatment being administered by Aubrey Mbonga Sumbuleta, Albert Brutus Mungomo & Gloria Namadanitsa Banda. Where on earth can you have a parastatal being run by a couple. This is happening at MBC with the puppet board chair’s( Mofat Banda) approval. Please Save the Souls of MBC Personel.

    1. ayu says:

      Hey, but this man is bitter to the bone. Dude why don’t yot just resign nkukayamba ntchito kwina?? Do you think all if us should be interested with what is happening ku MBC?? Did you try to bring your grievances to these people you are mentioning here?? Otherwise your comment is becoming boring. You know there are appropriate forums for your grievances not always here. If you did not tell the concerned people about your personal dissatisfaction then yiu are a coward, back biting others online

    2. Achimidzimidzi says:

      Ma demonstration bwanji? Withhold labor.

  43. Ganda says:

    The police is waiting for the victim to send them a car to go and look for the thieves…..koma zili ku Malawi! Cha !

  44. the poorest country in the world says:

    ‘the police are waiting for him to send a car.’ lol….he can’t send a car because his car was stolen! poorest country indeed.

  45. ernest wahiya says:

    Mbava walusilanji

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