Businessman pledges to reward Malawi goal scorers in Guinea Afcon game

Lilongwe business man Ali Mwachande has pledged to reward players who will score against Guinea on Tuesday in the Africa Cup of Nations qualifier at Kamuzu Stadium.

Mwachande: Promise cash handout

Mwachande: Promise cash handout

Mwachande of Mangochi investments earlier promised to award a winning goal but has disclosed that his move has got the support of well wishers who have promised a K50,000 for any goal scored.

He said the offer was fair as the Malawi national football team who secured an important goalless draw in Conakry needed goals to win

“I am glad that some people have come forward in support of my pledge that instead of only looking at one individual we must extend it to all scorers,” Mwachande said.

He also appealed to the government and private sector to support team for it to achieve the feat.

Malawi have two points from three games having drawn twice and lost once just as Guinea while Swaziland and Zimbabwe have five points from three games.

Mwachande was an aspiring presidential candidate in the Football Association of Malawi elections but failed to secure nomination to stand.

He has also offered his three tonnes lorry to people in Lilongwe to use when travelling to Blantyre if they contribute towards expenses of fuel.

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22 thoughts on “Businessman pledges to reward Malawi goal scorers in Guinea Afcon game”

  1. daud mbaya says:

    no one man team works
    plege for the team win nt individual
    what about a goalboy hu may have alere chance to score!!!!!!??????

  2. Nathan nathan wa magobo says:

    Mpira ndi team work zachamba basi

  3. chado says:

    munusowa zolemba nanu a Nyasa times?ngati Ali dolo osangothira yekha mafuta mulorry mo bwanji its just the same kulipila bus apa

  4. Khwakwaniwa says:

    Ndalamayo ipite ku account # 1

  5. Ngongoliwa says:

    Ukumane kaye ndinduna yazamasewero usadapeleke ndallamazo kkkkkk

  6. Hope nthala says:

    Thats not fair to a team

  7. Mapwevupwevu says:

    Mchawa wopepela uyu!

  8. Sir Wenga says:

    This is a stupid way of rewarding players and FAM should say no to this idiocy. Football is a team sport and to win a match you need everyone to play a role. The strikers must score goals. It could be a tap in or even a penalty. But that’s not enough. You need someone to do the heavy lifting to create the chances. Midfielders must protect the back 4 and initiate attacks. Defenders must protect the goalkeeper and the goalkeeper is the last line of defence. He strives to stop the other team from scoring. All must be rewarded and if you want to honour someone in a special way, choose the man of the match. That’s the person who has the biggest impact on the game. He could be a defender, goalkeeper, midfielder, winger or striker.

  9. bob banda says:

    Good spirit but wrong target, fellow Malawians let’s resist from this type of support to the flames, this is team we are talking about and for a goal to be scored it requires team effort. It’s not an individual effort. If we are to award or support or encourage the team let’s award the whole team. I would have loved if he offered a sum to the team for a win. Even if it means to the featured players excluding apa bench.

  10. Kachende says:

    Sikumvekatu. Iyeyo akuti ndalama ndi za ma well wisher. Akuti mukwere lorry mutapereka ndalama? Hahaha afuna mumutchukitse?

  11. puppet says:

    Ukapeleke reward yakoyo ku acc # 1 ya boma or ur risking an arest…..

  12. palibekanthu says:

    This illogical thinking will bring flames down to its knees on Tuesday. How can a man with all senses put forward that demotivating statement? Is he telling the nation that the goalkeeper and defenders will abandon their designated positions to go forward to score to get the stated award?
    Please this is not campaigning period let us try to bring positive attitude to the team not to only sectors of the team. People from Lilongwe should not even the vehicle of this headless chicken.

  13. I recall the tendency of awarding scorers was abolished many years ago because it promotes selfishness and individualism on the pitch.

    Individualism results into lack of collectivism and team commitment because it’s like others just promote welfare of the scorer. Even defenders become strikers leading into conceiving a lot of goals in turn.

    You say he wanted to be FAM president? How can you reward a winning goal in a 2-1 victory? How could the second goal become a winning without the first goal? kkkkkkkkkkk

    Logic ndi yofunika tisanawapatse anthu zolinga zathu. koma abale inu….kaya!

  14. nyau says:

    anthu akwere 3 tonne lorry from Lilongwe? zachibwana eti, kulibe ma bus?

  15. Enock says:

    So the goal keeper is out of this offer no matter how much he prevents the opponents from scoring. The chances for the defenders is also very faint.

  16. Mboni ya boma says:

    Why dont u jst give ndalamazo ku team yöseyo? Ogoletsawo azikasewera okha? Goloboyi ndiwotseka ku mbuyo mwawaganizirapo chiyani? Pangani zoti aliyense akakondwe team ikakapambana. Let football be the winner, not the goal scorer(s). By the way, boma mwaliuza kale? Paja new policy ndi yoti madonations/pledges onse azipita kaye ku account number 1 kuti director wa aid and budget azizikaziunika kaye. Thanx 4 the initiative but I dont see Malawi winning.

  17. ted says:

    Please channel that through government, other wise………… OBAMA

  18. Man of God says:

    I for one don’t like this kind of pledge because it tends to kill team spirit. Everyone wants to score in order to be rewarded, even if there is a team mate at the right place to pass the ball to for an easy goal. Good rewards should target the whole team. Most of the goals are not a single person’s work. The whole team contribute in one way or another. However, I salute you for the offer. But there is room for improvement in your pledge.

  19. maliroagonepati says:

    This idea is daft. As a fellow ‘Gunner” I would have expected Mwachande to realise the importance of a football team playing as a unit – the way Liecester City does.

    What is the point of Mwachande rewarding a scorer of 1 goal, if the scorer and the rest of the team then let in 2 goals? Focusing on goal scoring only is absurd…

  20. Patrick Banda says:

    Reward the team please,a goal is a result of team work thats why we talk of assists by the way if Malawi loses 3-5 you will still part with K150,000 ?

  21. Jambo says:

    Don’t reward individuals. They play as a team. Promise the whole team. Learn to build a winning team.

  22. PeterMustFall says:

    I dont knw wat to comment on this one

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