BWB dispels ‘contaminated water’ rumours

Blantyre Water Board (BWB) has dismissed rumours making the rounds in Blantyre peri-urban areas that the currently supplied piped water is contaminated and not suitable for consumption.

Mateyu: Safe water

Mateyu: Safe water

Normal water supply resumed in Blantyre city over the weekend after a fortnight of ‘dry taps’. However, rumours are creating fear among the city residents that the supplied piped water is hazardous to health as it is contaminated.

Some of the residents who spoke to Nyasa Times claimed to have been told not consume the water for atleast a week.

”We are told the water is not fit for consumption as it is contaminated with dangerous substances. We dont know if the rumour is true or not; we are all in fear now,” said Alfred Balakasi of Chirimba township.

According to the rumours, people people should only consume the ‘contaminated water’ if its boiled or treated.

But BWB publicist, Prescila Mateyu dismissed the rumours, saying the supplied water is properly treated and is suitable for consumption.

”Those are just rumours. BWB wouldnt take risks supplying people water that is not fit for consumption. People shouldnt be beleive in such rumours,” said Mateyu.

Mateyu said BWB follows are recommended procedures in treating its water to ensure it is suitable for consumption, and that the rumours of possible contamination are unfounded.

Blantyre has been experiencing water supply problems due to siltation at BWB’s pumping station at Walkers Ferry due to floods.

Normal water supply resumed over the weekend although some parts of the city are still having supply challenges.

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A Andrew Masiye ataninso nanga?


Mbuli zachuluka. You comment on issues you dont have knowledge. How many of you know what water treatment is like in these water boards. These insititutions spend millions to ensure safe and portable water in your homes, while you are womanising. You did some bush jounalism and when u memorise two english difficult words, you think you have knowledge about anything in the world. Kupuusa!

Peter Mathanyula Wakuba

This stupid MATEYU woman better be telling the truth this time or face serious legal consequences should anyone fall sick from this water. She thinks PR means lying in her company’s favor all the time. Stupid woman!


Us at Kameza roundabout, next to Dika, will welcome any piped water whether in liquid, gas, solid or contaminated state. Up to now our taps are dry. We understand that a valve next mtengoumodzi private hospital was closed and that’s why we can’t get water. Please bwb look into this.


Priscilla Mateyu lied through a Press release that water will start on 19th January and we have nothing up to date. She’s is a LIAR!!!! So how true is what she is refuting? She thinks she is Water Board. Zilumphatu si paja umabvina kuti madzi akutuluka. Satana.


I don’t think BWB can release untreated water knowing very well that we don’t have the capacity to contain air born diseases that would emanate from such negligence.


Ife tonse aku revenue sitikumufuna andrew masiye. A bakuwa mudziwe zimenezo

Prophet Justice

It is certain that someone is telling the truth but not both. To ascertain the water safety there is need for interested parties to conduct Water Quality Testing which CAMA and BCC can coordinate.


It’s true. Am one of the victims. Atleast five people have been affected in our locality. We were examined by doctors at sheefa who confirmed the same.

Hakimu Banda

Inu mabwana aku NyasaTimestimes chonde mokupemphani cheapest anti kumupatsa platform Mzimai uyu akuonongerani Mbiri yanu yabwino. Ife timakudalirani kwambiri. Mzimai uyu Ali ndi Mbiri yotsutsa chilichose just to serve her job.Musaikeso chithunzi chake Ife anthu akuno ku Bt amatibowa ndife amene tikuvutika.

John Kamwendo

Ife timamwa tiligwa. Bottled water ! zabwela liti?

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