BWB spokesperson celebrates resumption of tap water: Mateyu ‘let it flow’

Public Relations Officer for the Blantyre Water Board (BWB) Priscilla Mateyu on Friday joined many residents of Blantyre in celebrating the resumption of  tap water after two consecutive week of dry taps.

Priscilla Mateyu celebrating: Let it flow.-Photo @ Priscilla Mateyu Facebook Timeline

Priscilla Mateyu celebrating: Let it flow.-Photo @ Priscilla Mateyu Facebook Timeline

Mateyu had to take the celebratory mood  to Facebook after what she said “two antagonizing weeks” of trying to water down anger and insults resident in Blantyre and surrounding areas poured on  her personally and the entire BWB management for the water shortage situation that hit the city.

The water shortage situation which the residents have been experiencing for the past three months was for the past two weeks exacerbated by floods that heaped debris and mud at the main pumping station blocking the pipes in the process.

But Mateyu came under heavy criticism from water users after statement on possible water resumption proved untrue.   This forced the residents to brand her as a liar.

Some angry residents even called for the resignation of the entire staff of BWB including messengers, cleaners and watchmen.

However, water resumed flowing  in most parts of Blantyre on Friday . This forced Mateyu to post “Happy” on her  Facebook timeline as she was  listening to a song entitled ‘let it flow’.

Commenting on her post which was accompanied by her pictures in celebratory mood, most of her Facebook friends including fellow journalists commended her resilience during the tough period.

Chipiliro Mtumodzi a journalist at Malawi Broadcasting Corporation wrote: “Let what flow? Water? Lol you deserve to relax. It’s been a tough week my friend.”

In response Mateyu said: “It’s been two antagonizing weeks. Eeeeish. Got to relax”

Another journalist at Zodiak Broadcasting Station Pilirani Tambala was a little bit cynical and cautioned her on laxity.

“Yeah! Finally! I have the liquid from the taps at home! You can relax dear! At least for now kkkk” Tambala said.

Stephen Sti-dub Dakalira of Capital Radio said: “Yeah let it flow indeed…all the stress and all, good job and we are proud of you.”

However , some said it was too early to celebrate because  water is  yet to start flowing in most parts of Blantyre.

But Mateyu said it is a gradual process.

“So far 18 areas akutuluka (water is flowing). That’s a relief,” she said.

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47 thoughts on “BWB spokesperson celebrates resumption of tap water: Mateyu ‘let it flow’”

  1. Gogo says:

    Will cerebrate when the intake at the ferry completely protected.Malawians let. Us protect river shire by registration as a national asset and from Malombe to. Chikwawa no maize fields 2km from the river banks. (Defence force to protect the area natural trees will regenarate.

  2. Vina says:

    Zigubu m’mwamba! DPP chipani cha zigubu. First was petrol, now it is water. Zigubu woyeeee!

  3. Wizeman Paul says:

    Nice one sister

  4. rexton says:

    Uzayambilenso kutulutsa Press release zabodza uzaidziwa Blantyre…. Uzathawa mbambadi coz you rejoice over people ‘s suffering

  5. tiwonge says:

    Madzi mwatipatsa koma mukuti tisamwe mukutanthauza chani?

  6. Angoni says:

    When will we have water in Machinjiri Amwali?

  7. Gutepo Mphwinyo says:

    where in the fucken world is the water?

  8. chims says:

    yeah, let it flow. celebrate with caution. firstly she should have applauded the men and women on the ground for job well done and be humble is not her works but kudyela pakamwa.suppose the problem resurfaces is she going to dance again to her hies?

    1. powder says:

      if u knew that wogwira ntchito siiye why were u at her neck? mzanu asakondwe, kukondwa wina akakhala mmavuto basi!!moyo wachikolopa!

  9. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Is this Facebook Page official site hence she’s doing her job? I know, she’s celebrating for punishing us with dry taps. Let her hold press conference to tell us how she has done it and why she has taken so long to give us water.
    Firstly, was supposed to apologize for failing her duties and then people may forgive her. Crap!

    1. powder says:

      u mean she cld control chilengedwe? simukuziwa chidaleketsa madzi up to lero

  10. Andrew phiri says:

    Let it flow where? No tap water here in Chimwankhunda though residing close to the Dam. God forbid!

  11. yowoyanganya says:

    One word “childish”!

    1. out says:

      Mature person needed. One who can think b4 talking and acting. A spokesperson should not become the organization itself no you u report on behalf of so why this. Was the fault technical or she had to convince some people to ‘let it flow’! Surprising.

  12. ujeni says:

    Ive never seen stupidity and childishness at corporate level ever anywhere ive been to around the globe as expressed by this silly woman. I think BWB need to sack some of its staff including this silly woman, she just expressed her mediocrity here publicly. How did she get the job by the way, by ya Lunzu?

  13. wat about ball halls in bts and get loan from world back to get water from mulanje mountain . This project can cost you 250 billion

    1. Wailing Soul says:

      Ball Halls? Whats that south alhomwe? Ball halls?kkkkk ma holo a mipira?

  14. mateyu says:

    Zalowa zibwana…

  15. lim says:

    which water?????????? other townships are still experiencing dry taps…ndirande and others. thts a mockery!!!

  16. Fred Mulolo says:

    Dot B Over The Moon B4 the grapes are Not Yet ripen, indeed let it flow but Cama Is Gonna Sue Regardless The Situation Is Abit Normal.

  17. mangochi Kabwafu says:

    Zopusa basi, anything to celebrate about? We shouldn’t have had these water shortages in the first place. Anyway, typical third world. Dare not to dream that happening in the first world. Pathetic.

  18. Mhesia says:

    Mateyu…this one aint your fault. Many citizens of this country gets a share of the blame. Pipo…mwadzala mitengo ingati?…mwadula ingati?

  19. Mwanywa says:

    Koma abale ndi za pa fb zomwe anyasa koma ndiyetu tiyaluka.

  20. richard bwanali says:

    Congrates chemwali u derseve it,but u need 2 work hard chemwali.

  21. chisazo says:

    Ruth Gama Thindwa and others amadyadira mmene madzi amavutamu akuti anthu mudziwe kufunika kwachibwenzi chake cchopusa chija Andrew Thawe

    1. Mfulu says:

      Nkhani yake itinso nyani iwe? Nchifukwa chake sudzalemera. Anthu apa BWB nsanje basi! Amenewanso zawakhudza bwanji? Munyabe muwona…….Mateyu, you canbe as happy as you want…….koma chepetsa zibwana. I like your enthusiasm in your field of Journalism. God will surely bless BWB.

  22. happening boy says:

    Am happy for Blantyre people

  23. sayin it like it is says:

    ife tikufuna muchotsedwe ntchito kamba konamiza amalawi ambili nkuwapangitsa kumwa madzi onyasa….resign or your name will be in the next petition alongside minister wa madzi

  24. ben says:

    DPP poyamba diesel petrol palibe, DPP Ya ntsopano Madzi magetsi palibe

  25. Cashgate 1 says:

    No wonder nchifukwa chake madzi akumavuta, chibwana chake chimenechi?

  26. hfty says:

    Ndipepese kwa Priscilla mateyu. I have since been to her FB page and I can see that you Nyasatimes people have misrepresented her. The way you have connected her pictures with the let if flow song is pure conjecture. Priscilla dI’d not present herself the way you have portrayed her – muzamukalipitsa munthu wosalakwa kwa mabwana ake

  27. kwabaniso says:

    Is she trying to fly???

  28. pastor says:

    Musayambe kutamba usana mayi mulungu amakukondani.

  29. Nchobwi says:

    I cannot celebrate water which only filled two buckets and was closed again deliberately by BWB in their stupid rationing. Water is a natural resource given freely by God, yet you see BWB rationing water supply even in rain season instead of letting God do the job. At the end of the day, when you try to help God, He leaves you to go on your own. That is when we saw the disaster atBWB inlet.

    Please from now onwards, BWB, dont limit God on His ability to supply enough water for residents. Let the taps run 24hrs in all areas, without rationing, and you will see God supplying more water at all sources. But if you continue torturing residents with your rationing, with supply of water for less than one hour per day in most townships, you will continue experiencing problems as you are limiting God’s ability to supply water to all Blantyre residents throughout the year.


  30. hfty says:

    Koma abale no wonder we are a failed state. Zoona a senior water board official like her playing za ana during such a crisis. the whole waterboard should be ashamed instead of taking to Facebook to dance. If I were management I would take the lady to task and seriously discipline her for being childish during a crisis. and mateyu should now know that she shouldn’t be mixing work and pleasure on her Facebook account. every time she posts anything to do with water on that account we’ll take it that its the board speaking. kumaziwa ma limit!!

  31. Mateyu should still resign for being a liar tisamunyengerere.

  32. big mac says:

    za ziii. ndi professional ameneyu? ife tikudikilila press conference kuti mutiuze ma preventive measures amene mukupanga plan for in case of another occurance like this. so yell me ms “i can now relax,” whats the plan?

  33. opportunist says:

    Ur mad & stup

  34. Ken Msonda (in my personal capacity as a citizen) says:

    Congrats BWB atleast I can take a full bath for now after a boring two weeks of “dry cleaning”.
    Koma tilimba?
    Bravo my sister from another mother Priscilla Mateyu for your brevity; this job of defending the “undefendable”can be stressful sometimes. Unalimbanazotu!

  35. udzimba ngwalero says:

    Letting these childish guys run strategically important resources as water? For me I will not have the guts to celebrate but be ashamed as to how mediocre our service is… It could be time to reflect on the mistakes the Water Board has made and strategize how to avoid these sort of problems. But hey! Someone is celebrating! Malawi with pathetic standards can’t develop.

  36. Moni says:

    In Kanjedza nothing is coming from the taps, not even air. Something has to be done here, we’re always the most hit when it comes to dry taps. Are we not worthy people?

  37. Ngakha says:

    I say we still have no water here in Kanjedza even before the heavy rains. Celebrating is a real insult.

  38. Kadakwiza says:

    Its good news to hear. Water is life thank you Blantyre Water Board mwayigwira ntchito guys. Zikomo

  39. Aya Ngonde says:

    This is total childishness. Kodi madzi akatuluka mu Nyambadwe, Sunnyside, Mandala etc ndiye kuti u shud be celebrating? Indeed the poor shall always cry for justice! Kodi madzi akatuluka mu Bt ndiye kuti madera ake ndi omwewo? What about Namiyango, Bangwe, Ndix? Shame on u for celebrating the joy of the rich and no concern for the cry of the poor! Ntcito koma nkumawaunjikira zimabills even in circumstances when they had had no water. Mxiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!

  40. kamps says:

    zopusa ,there is no water for three weeks in Ndirande and you are celebrating,all you want is to steal from poorMalawians dont send us inflated bills ,if you dare tithana nanu,mumapanga ma strike ku bwana wofunikira achoke,lero ndi izo mukulephera ntchito.akutsekererayo kuti madzi ayamba ndi chitsiru coz ife we dont have water forthree weeks,inunso wolemba nkhani you are liars angokuyimbirani phone kuti madzi ayamba inu osafufuza mungolemba maboza,inunso ndinu wopusa,do publish lies,BWB and ESCOM needs a complete reshufle anthu a chipani cha PP achulukako and akusokoneza dala zinthu kuti anthu aziti BOMA likulephera,bwana chotsani madeyawa ku BWB ndi ESCOM

  41. Mbukavu says:

    Relief indeed but we can do better

Comments are closed.

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