Cabinet reshuffle looms in Malawi: APM wants to appoint 2nd VP

Anxiety has gripped government official and ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) over a looming cabinet reshuffle amid revelations that United Democratic Front (UDF) and some opposition lawmakers have been pencilled in the proposed changes and that the President may appoint a second vice president.

President Mutharika and Minister Atupele: Agenda for close working relation

President Mutharika and Minister Atupele: Agenda for close working relation

President Peter Mutharika has the prerogative of reshuffling his cabinet and no government official said cannot comment on behalf of the appointing authority.

State House sources say Mutharika wants the position of second vice president be re-introduced, with the holder enjoying equal privileges and other conditions as the incumbent state vice president, Saulos Chilima.

There has been fevered speculation on social media that Minister of Energy Atupele Muluzi is preferred to be named Second Vice President and that three of UDF members will make into cabinet.

UDF recently requested the Speaker to relocate its 14 MPs to government benches to reflect the governing pact of the two parties and the Attorney General (AG) Kalekeni Kaphale has advised Speaker of Parliament Richard Msowoya that UDF can join DPP on government benches .

The impeccable sources confided in Nyasa Times that some of the ministers set to be dropped include Minister of Information Kondwani Nankhumwa, minister of Labour Henry Mussa and Minister of Home Affairs Paul Chibingu.

Others sources indicated that, Jappie Mhango, Grace Obama Chiumia, Allan Chembekeza  are likely to dropped .

But the miniters  were said to be canvassing to be reappointed.

Also being courted is Malawi Parliament’s Budget and Finance Committee chairperson Alekeni Wodala Menyani   of Malawi Congress Party and People’s Party  Mzomera Ngwira and Harry Mkandawires. It is not yet known if they will hired in cabinet.

There is also tension in DPP over the reintroduction of second vice president post and the party rank and file is opposing to the move.

The only holder of the second vice president position was the late Chakufwa Chihana, the then leader of the Alliance for Democracy (Aford). The republican constitution was amended during the second term of the former Head of State Bakili Muluzi to create the position of second vice president and Chihana was appointed on the premise of enhancing national unity.

But the reintroduction of second vice president will defeat the essence of austerity in the lean cabinet, observers noted.

The government is desperate for donor funding to turn around the economy and there has been a so-called “new friends” foreign policy to look at East and other countries such as Russia and North Korea.

Of late there has been a growing list of the President’s aides forced out of State House.

President Mutharika’s aide-de-camp (ADC) Lieutenant Colonel Fostino Gunda-Phiri was on Monday removed from his position joining presidential press secretary Frederick Ndala, presidential secretary Hilda Chapola, personal assistant to the First Lady, Philomena Kasambwe, deputy guard commander a Mr. Chikhungu and second deputy guard commander a Mr. Kabambe out of State House.

The President’s guard commander Duncan Mwapasa is also out of State House after being appointed as Deputy Inspector General (DIG) of Malawi Police Service.

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160 thoughts on “Cabinet reshuffle looms in Malawi: APM wants to appoint 2nd VP”


    Funny idiots

  2. Ndikuyamikireni APeter umoyo wanu ndi wabwino limbikirani kugwira ntchito ndi azipani ena musakhale wozikonda ngati malemu achimwene anu,akadukao ndi ozikondao asiyeni.

  3. Smadav says:

    Mr president why do u want to spill the beans?

  4. EYE WITNESSES says:

    Chilima…….blend yourself in MCP we have known that you can deliver. We shall finish off DPP/UDF. Have a few structures in the South and North. We are done.

  5. MEKE says:


  6. mbani says:

    Country full of Idiots

  7. Kaduka athe. says:

    A Peter musamvele anthu osafunira zabwino dziko, kodi anthunu mungobwebweta mukufuna dziko lizisaukabe? Chomwe mudziwe ndichakuti ndale samadya mwamva. MUTU UMODZI SUSENZA DENGA. Morefire Peter.

  8. Kaduka athe. says:

    The trueth is time for politics has gone, now is the time of development. A Peter? Maso patsogolo. Atupele? Maso !patsogolo mwamau ako aja MUTU UMODZI SUSANNA DENGA. A Peter yendetsani dzikollli

  9. ine joyce says:

    Having a second vp will be suicide for your party. Ben and Bakili are misleading you. Without Atupele coz you are better on your own. 4 years is soon ndipo alas my son

  10. Chitseko says:

    Kod Malawi azingolamuliridwa ndi a muluz & a mutharikb basi?tinene kut ozidziwa kwambri malawi yonse inu nd iwowa?zamkhutu!

  11. Same Song says:

    A Sadick Musatchule Chilima Ameneyu Bomali Lamutaya Kale. Koma Mutango Mutayadi Basi Ife A Mcp Timutola Kumu Tsukatsuka Bwino Bwino Ndikuyamba Kumugwilitsa Ntchito Basi Finish.

  12. Daniso Banda says:

    Let Pitala kill the worn out like curtain party Udf.Who cares about Udf anyway?The youngman likes money like his father.Let Pitala use him like a condom and throw it in bin.After all Atupele is not a presidential material.Amangoyenda mkhwapa mwa bambo ake.He is not a self made man like Pitala who got thru that position after his lunatic brother manipulated system.Malawi has not yet have a proper leader.They are all fakes apart from the real genuine Kamuzu who was development conscious for his country.

  13. bid biht says:


  14. Balamanthu says:

    Since 1994,Muluzi introduced politics of deception.When Bingu was performing when he came to power, Muluzi was not comfortable.What APM wants to do is reward the Muluzis for selecting his brother to become President.It is payback time.

    As a country, fellow Malawians know this:MALAWI will never go ahead as long as any Mutharika/Muluzi comes to power at any time.The time for recycled politicians is over.Next election, lets select a decent, honest person who has the country at heart and is visionary.Even the bible states that where there is no vision,people perish.I wil ask my moslem brothers to find the equivalent in the Quran.We have a clueless government,with no direction, no vision,no thinking.The only way we can go is downhill.Mark my words.Ndangodutsamo

  15. MEKE says:




  16. Mr. B says:

    I would like to differ with that person whose trying to undermine Hon. Henry Mussa. Anyway it is his/her right to express his/her opinion however Hon. Mussa is a DPP strongman. He has maintained his loyalty to the party during very difficulty times and likes of Hon. Bright Msaka, Hon. Patricia Kaliati and not forgetting Hon. Chaponda. Hon. Mussa is very charismatic and approachable man.

  17. Chilungamo Chimawawa says:

    To hell with fuckin DPP and APM

  18. cash gate says:

    plan ya pitalayu akufuna kuti aphe udf, nonse otsatila udf limbani mtima chifukwa panopa pali mgwirizano wabwino wa pakati pa zipani zakubanjazi, udf ndi dpp, akufuna kuti akhale pa mgwirizano mpaka pa chisankho cha 2019 ndipo adzatsogolera ndi atupele muluzi. pitala angolamulira zaka zisanu basi. kwa inu a chilima, inutu mwafika pa bar, utsogoleri simungaupeze ‘unless’ mutayamba chipani chanu basi. amalawi dziwani kuti popanda banja la muluzi udf siingakhale komanso popanda banja la munthalika dpp palibenso. nonse amene mumakonda zipani ziwirizi ingotsatilani zofuna za mabanja awiriwa. mukatsutsana ndi ma banjawa muchoka ndinu mzipanimo. ndikuonanso ‘cabnet’ ya pitala ikukula chifukwa chofuna kusangalatsa anthu ena komanso kuchita ‘silence’ anthu ena omwe amadzudzula bomali kuti mwina asatsutsike, palibe chabwino amalawi, anthuwa ndi akuba, saganiza za anthu, akupanga za iwo basi, tivale zilimbe.

  19. It’s that kind of politics which is so old and needs to be archived, not trending with modern environment. DPP is strategizing to gain milage in all regions while systematically dilapidating opposition. The youthful Muluzi can then be assured of his doom in the footsteps of late Chakufwa by letting his party die a natural death. Rethink Mr. Muluzi and your comrades for the better Malawi.

  20. Mngoni says:

    This is so pathetic news if true bwana president. Its a shame that as a country this is what we call and torelate as the order of the day!
    Malawians, we can’t even learn from the past failed states. Atsogoleri athu kwenikweni mumafuna chani.
    We are watching you gents, carry on with that nonsense of governance.

  21. bakili maluzi says:

    Anamwa tea azamwaso Apeter muthalika ndioyamika akudziwa kuti without maluzi family iwowo sakanakhala MG 1 osabwera mbuya apm mulungu amakondwera ndi muthu oyamika

  22. mangochi Kabwafu says:

    Honestly, Malawi stinks to hell

  23. mangochi Kabwafu says:

    Honestly, Malawi stinks

  24. big boy says:

    Where will the money meant for second vice president come from?

  25. Khwethemu says:

    Utter nonsense. Where wil u get the money to pay the second VP u idiotic man. Ur making the same mistake Bakili made. U think Atupelez UDF will save u. No chance. Only president working now is Chilima. We wil c. Watch this space.

  26. This is awesome news,
    those who don’t see wise leadership in you they must be suffering from mental illness(dementia),
    Peter Munthalika,Atupele Muluzi,Saulos Chilima Woyeeeeee
    Wakwiya ndinfiti

  27. robbins. mkonda says:

    It would be very unfair to appoint a second vice president from the south. It is a known fact that the north does not have the numbers to influence the political direction of this country. However it is not wise to abuse the dominance of one region carelessly just to appease each other just because other regions cannot do anything. But people if hardpressed always find away to fight the injustice visited on them by other people. Already there are genuine complaints of the imbalances in the appointment of ministers and many other top officials to which no plausible explanation has been offered. This country is the poorest in the the world even if the government wishes things were different. One contributing factor has been poor and unvionary leaders who have nothing new to offer to move the cointry forwad. It is appalling to see that those who parade themselves as educated people cannot distinguish themselves from the so called uneducated folks. It is very frustrating to note that the same people people or calibre of people who continue to manipulate all of us and drug this into the mud while we are helplessly wathing. Just look at some of the presidential aids that are making decisions for us. This happens only in the poorest country like ours. What do you expect from a president who is surrounded by a forest of confused advisors.

  28. BigMan says:

    There goes Nyasatimes, barking, barking, barking, and barking some more…. for nothing!

  29. NAC says:

    It’s not a walk in the park running a government Eh Peter Mutharika?

  30. matako says:

    The poorest country on and scum of all scums on earth needs a second VP? what a joke this president has no idea what he is doing. I hope the donors are watching and please do not support this clueless stupid president. Malawians do not need corrupt people as leaders. Lets start a revolution and get rid of these incompetent leaders. where is he going to get the resources to pay his blotted useless cabinet? It is sad to see where APM puts his priorities in this country.

  31. Mulopwana says:

    I strongly oppose this ldeas of creating a possition of 2nd VP and also to hire these bwenu-bwenu into government. My president don’t do this for the sake of our party. We have capable mambers in our Dpp that can deliever if they are hired as cabinet ministers. Don’t forget that these opposition members were mockering and insulting u day and night. Don’t hire them,let them rot. Talimbana nawo tokha kuti chipani chathu chilowenso mboma. Let the Dpp members enjoy their sweat yomwe anavutikila kuti inu mukhale president. Don’t forget mr president kuti zinthu zikativuta amatithawa anthu amenewa nkuyambanso kutinyoza. Remember wakusina khutu ndi mnasi. Long live Dpp,long live Malawi government and long live Mutharika.

  32. blessings says:

    I dont think we can develop

  33. blessings says:

    I dont think we can devolop

  34. chikoja says:

    Dpp udf 2019…Apm and aam

  35. chigawenga says:

    Misplaced priorities. This country does not need a second VP. It needs another president. APM should resign as he has failed Malawians. No need to continue wasting our resources. Please Mr president do the honorable thing and resign. You have proved yourself that you are clueless and inept. You may be a professor on books but when it comes to common sense you are very inept. You continue to rape our treasury due to your greed. What our country needs are people who will resuscitate the economy not roaming around and making our expenditures more than necessary.

  36. mwale says:

    Atupele…ndi deal chilima wachepa..

  37. annie says:

    A Peturo wayipa lero chilima anakuthandizani kuti mukhale pamene mulilipo mukuluma Chala chokudyetsani phala inu mukupempha imfa kwa mulungu Ife ndife ongowona tikakuyikani paja manda munakumba kale Ku ndata

  38. tikondane says:

    Bravo APM if you do to come back in the north then it’s wise to consider nzomera and Harry and not khumbo . Khumbo doesn’t ssocialise at all .

  39. akatswiri says:

    what is happening?

  40. Zopusa says:

    If this is true then Malawi is very unfortunate country. We were expecting the president to maintain the lean Cabinet in an effort to restore the economy of the country. We don’t need the office of the Second Vice Presidency. For what in a small country like Malawi? Pangani zimenezo ife we are watching.

  41. Mlauzi says:

    This is nonsensical. At a time when we are anchoring the bottom as the poorest country in the world why should you create additional expenditure through a redundant office that can best be described as ceremonial? What does a second vice president do in a fragile economy like ours, apart from contributing to a bloated cabinet and over expenditure? What value will this extravagance add in an ailing economy. Was this office budgeted for???????????????

  42. Mzozodo says:

    As a DPP Mp, I’m happy to hear about the possible dropping of Henry Mussa from the cabinet . Akulu amenewa amazifila too much up to the point of planning to replace APM in 2019 . Ku parliament nde he is busy undermining the leadership of Hon . Katsaila with his petty miseche . Akuti koma akanawapatsa iwowo position ya Leader of the House . Azipita mkulu ameneyu .

  43. wangawanga says:

    chilima akule adziwe kuti samva adamva nkhwangwa ili mmutu. he cannot be trusted. you dont keep a snake egg in the house when it hatches snakes will come out.APM very wise move


    Atupele yemweyo kuti wa wa wa!!!!!Kuchitekete!Ine Ndi Baby?WOZAAAAAAAA

  45. Adgwembellz Mashoshalishe Mbwatalika says:

    Chati bi chaopsyeza mchewa.

    The writing is on the wall.

  46. koma says:

    Best news of the day. If its true i love u APM

  47. Mbwiyace says:

    Let the young man remain Minister of Energy. where is he rushing to? Just to receive the Pension like Kachale after getting out of office? We tax payers have to pay for these people’s up-keep when they get out of office, thereby ballooning the budget allocation for current and retired Presidents and their Vicee

  48. nazimbiri says:

    try to dump saulosi,kadyakalista (cadiac arrest) atokutengani

  49. kate says:

    Is this undermining the Vice President, Mr Chilima? DPP Peter remember mmene Chilima anakuthandizilani kuti muwine zisankho. Chilima is an intelligent man and very presentable. Chipongwe tu ichi mukufuna kupanga. Vuto la Ma President athu mu Malawi muno amakhala suspicious and uncomfortable ndi ma Vice I don’t know why?

  50. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Here comes Peter Mutharika, the State President.
    From appeasement to another wave of appeasement.

    Go ahead sir, appoint the 2nd VP. At least we will be assured that next yesar 2016, you will appoint a 3rd and 4th VP. Whether they are going to be from the south, center or north. It’s your choice, Mr. Pilizidenti.

    A Pulizidenti, what you’re doing is what is in the reform program, trust me.

    DPP & UDF are in majority therefore they should rule this country.

  51. billy phiri says:

    MP Menyani of MCP if approached, don’t accept Cabinet position or else you will be used to rubber stamp sale of MSB Bank which requires a national referendum!

  52. Mama says:

    Mr Chilima is a threat to all. They know he s got the vision to take Malawi forward hence all this.
    But fear not Mr Chilima. Stand still and know there is God. God will fight ur battles and will make a way. God will lay the table for u in the midst of the enermies. Keep ur trust in God only. Fight with ur knees. Just surrender it all to God.
    Dr Bakili Muluzi can only suggest but if God is not for it it will not mount to anything.

    May God guide and protect Malawi.

  53. muonosile says:

    Include your Muluzi and see the end of your DPP.

  54. njolomachipilingu says:


  55. dembere says:

    prepare the way for who is coming is greater than l.sauli keep on warming that bench.2019 prediction, udf plus dpp coalition.mcp plus pp coalition.tribalism at its best southern vs central and northern region, the winner takes all.all the best professor , Dr, advocate, muthalika.

  56. mangochi Kabwafu says:

    Zopusa basi. No wonder the country remains the poorest in the world. What does one expect with such dunderheads on the helm

  57. Yokwiya says:

    We dont even need the first vice president. How did Muluzi manage without his deputy? How did Bingu manage without a deputy? Even Kamuzu had no deputy. This position was imposed on us by the framers of the constitution. Its is a drain on our meagre resources. Maybe its there in wait for the demise of the number 1. But personally I feel its not necessary for a small economy like Malawi. Otherwise this move, if it is to materialize, is the biggest gaff APM is going to make. It is bad for democracy and the world is watching. Tiyeni nazo!!!

  58. mboba says:

    UDF and DPP must gang for sure coz pp and MCP are ganging against dpp

  59. angondo says:

    ziliko, tieni nazoni

  60. Likoma Economist says:

    Infinite stupidity! The sad thing is, unlike madness, stupidity has no cure! God bless Malawi, and please keep it a land of peace.

  61. weaklicks says:

    Remove the useless ben phiri.he tells people out here that he is the one who decides for the president and says if the president plays around with him he will ask his sister to cast a spell on him. His sister was the former wife of ceasar fatchi a pp sympathizer who was devorced for being fucked with lucious banda

  62. stupid says:

    Why does UDF party want to stoop so low, they are better than this.

  63. jesus is lord says:

    Hahaha! And the circus takes its full form why in the world would you reshuffle so early on in your term I thought these guys were carefully chosen for these position one wonders what wrong they have done so soon?? Mr agenda for change seems to be doing his best at maintaining the old school playbook nothing has changed here we had Muluzi-chihana alliance and we all know how that went so here comes ung’ono ung’ono with his agenda for change which is just a load of nothing. What a joke of a Nation we are.

  64. getrude says:

    Please my husband whom iI kikissed on valentine’s day while the whole world was watching. please do not appoint a 2ND vice president. saulos is a good person, let’s support him and build the party instead of destroying it with our own hands. please my husband, I beg yooooo, no 2ND vice president, please God forbido

  65. zotero says:

    whats the meaning of this? at the beginning you said u will reduce the cabin and u did it and according to our financial probles it was good, now u are saying second vice p what for? does it mean Chilima is failing to perform? kapena ntchito yakula? waisting of money

  66. Gundaphiri says:

    Chitani zomwezo Bwana!!! Saulosi Ali ndi agenda yake ndi Lucas, Kamoto, mangani and Mpinganjira!! Boma iloooo!!! Tayitulukira game!!! Palibe chinsinsi Cha anthu 4!!!!!! Muli busy kutolera ndalama mwa amwenye! We know ur account at FDH!!

  67. Chatty Man says:

    Just watching

  68. ian says:

    Our country is very small and very poor. Why having two VPs? nonsense at its best.

  69. Behindme says:

    Why wud dis going to happen?Mwakomedwa eti?See de future man and try to b more concerned with de public not ur b*tches around u only

  70. ACB & Civil Societies & parliamentary committee on media come to MBC says:

    Nankhumwa abused his office by promoting his sister inlaw ( with no qualification)at MBC 10 steps up the ladder In turn Albert & Sumbuleta did the same.
    The countron auto pilot or has gone to the dogs or run by dogs

  71. Koma Kumeneko says:

    Lets wait and see Alekeni Menyani ku parliament kwamukonda.

  72. chuzu waku hara (chilumba boy) says:

    kkkkkkkkkkkkkk thats malawi politics. hopefully chilima will miss in 2019 ballot paper as atupele will be the running mate

  73. khamani!! says:

    We chose to be poor with our ceremony and pomp. Why bother with a second veep ? And for a failed lawyer / son of a thief? Short cuts ! You could have governed rightly and enjoyed the majority of parliament through merit not bribery. If only courage could be learned with all these degrees we pomp about . Mmxxiii!

  74. ujeni says:

    Why the poorest country on earth, one of the smallest countries on earth should have 2 vice presidents, 20 presidential advisers, 40 cabinet ministers when bigger countries like USA, Russia, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Zambia, Mozambique have 1 vice President, fewer ministers and advisers. These are conditions of a failed state. The President is not performing hence needs more baggage

  75. Malaulo Mquamachi says:

    That Gud Development Zamunyatsa Akayanike Ufa Pa Chingwe

  76. che bint says:

    personally i dont like the second vice president post.what z it for? After seing in several occassions bakili muluzi i knew that something z happening.this z now a fulfilment of advice to peter,malawians voted for u to change things in the country not repeating same mistakes that ur predecessors did.take it or leave it,its up to u.malawia anasukusula pano

  77. Reality says:

    This government doesn’t have direction and goals that’s why you can see that every month there’s sacking and rehiring in government top position. To say the true I don’t know how things will be in 2 years with this so-called Dpp government?



  79. pooooo says:

    Mukuti Nzomwera Federalism Ngwiraaaaa???? a President tikondeni posapanga mistake imeneyi. Kondwani is exellent, maybe Chibingu, Obama and Fabiano are the right candidates to be kicked out. Zomera Ngwira ayi ayi ayi please please please. Osasankha uja akuti ndi Executive Secretary wa Malawi Human Rights Commission uja bwa akuti Mrs Grace Malera. Ndi wanzeru mayi ameneuja kuposa Nzomera Ngwira ka. aaaaaaa inu bwnotubwino.

  80. peter muthanyula says:

    Reshuffle or no reshuffle, nothing changes in this country. Let young people run the country… Menyani, Lunguzi, Atupele, Chilima… all are good candidates

  81. We will see who will make it and who will fall and new hired.

  82. JOZY says:


  83. chidumayo says:

    Nazo mphangwa.
    wakuwalanga ,

  84. Alfred Munduwabo says:

    It is good for Austin Atupele Muluzi and his father the Retired President Eleson Bakili Muluzi.
    The MWK1.7b case for the Retired President Eleson Bakili Muluzi is now over.

  85. Bigdwag says:


  86. Jihad John says:

    Chilima watch out for Atupele. UDF is an enemy of DPP and Atupele will revenge for all what DPP did to UDF. Moslems don’t forgive.

  87. Special advisor says:

    Who needs the Second Vice President? Is it President or Malawians i.e. is it for “common” good or “individual” good? What is the strategic intent of Second Vice President? How does it benefit nation building, governance, prioritizing resource allocation, and spending within our means? What is “prerogative”? Where is it derived from? Can prerogative be abused? If prerogative is abused, how do we ensure accountability? I smell a rat. Someone seems to be looking to 2019 and moving chess pieces 4 years in advance of the “go time”.

  88. James says:

    Gud Devellopment

  89. Greencardless Malawian says:

    End of UDF then Dpp will follow. Ambuye Wazodabwitsa tikonzeleni dziko lathu la Malawi

  90. ellias munthali says:

    tiziona kuti zitha bwanji

  91. Dziko says:

    As Obama rightly said it that we should avoid leaving out some groups into our leadership roles because they lead to frustrations, and results into people committing or becoming terrorists in their own domains or countries, and later global terrorists. Leaders should learn to listen to the grievances of dissenting communities. In this case if Peter Mutharika wants to appoint a second vice president,then a northerner should be put into the fold.

  92. Mzozodo says:

    A Chilima mwayiwona condom politics? Simunati ndi a Khokhola wa!!!

  93. Duze says:

    If the cabinet is bloated and we have a second VP, we will march in the Streets ndipo mutiphanso. Tangoyesani.

  94. Peter ungoyelekeza kumuchotsa Saulos zako zakudera basi. Ambirife tinakuvotera chifukwa cha Saulos otherwise ndikanavotera Chakwera

    1. mdk says:

      Please chonde mpaka pano simunazindikilebe kuti a voted vice president can not be sacked by the president? Amalawi tadzichangamukani.asamangokupusitsani zilizonse. Anayamba kunena izi kalekale. Amangwetu kkkkkkkkkk

  95. chinkombaleza gumanyundo gowa says:

    Malawi has no adequate funds to pay public service personnel. We don’t need this vice president. We have problems with salaries for government workers. save this money for nurses and teachers.

  96. enuf said says:

    Harry Mkandawire


    All the best home boy

    Atleast he is som1 who will.and can make a difrence!

  97. Mtchona wopanda mano says:

    Remove all madeya from cabinet. Some are a total disgrace!

  98. Mbalamatodya Phiri says:

    Mr journalist should know that the Malawi constitution provides for the office of the second vice president. Why should Peter Muntharika reintroduce it, is Muntharika a constitution. The President swore to safeguard the law of the land, whatever appoint he can make in this the constitution empowers him, wheather political appointment, appeasement appointment, economical appoint, you name it. Malawi should not suffer “ungovernance” just because donors wants their headless economic directives and dictations, after all we are funding activities of government expenditures on our own. Malawi journalism is sometimes very dull and unpatriotic and hypocritical. LOOK at National Aids Commission, very soon people will jobs just because some scribes thought painting it an embezzler to the donors will make Peter Mutharika suffer, but who will be suffering now, ordinary people because of uncensorship journalism. The president of NAMISA Thom Khanje must organise some workshops on good and patriotic journalism. After all if Atupele will be a second VP is he not a Malawian? STOP POOR JOURNALISM and NEWS ANALYSIS

  99. Amuna ngunda ngunda- aku malowa . says:

    Ine basi sindizavotaso mpakana kale kale nanga akufuna kuba kapena kutukula ziko? ,ndife osauka ndikale ndiye musankhe Purezidenti wa chitatu muzimulipira manyi? mukulephera kutiripira, maphuzisi ,madotor, apolisi , acity, chitetezo palibe, munatinamizakuti, mukangowina muzakwera ndege okasegula DOKO kunsanje , basi ndine wamboni za JEHOVA .

  100. Antobwito says:

    Whats this then? If this is to materialize, then a Mr. Menyani will loose his post come the next general elections!

  101. Khongoni Boy says:

    Timaziwa Ife Kuti Ka Baby Kakugwetsani Achilima Kutengeka Ndiye Ndizimene
    Once Condom Is Being Used The Next Step Is To Throw It Away

  102. zeze says:


  103. UNGWERU says:

    its good move papa also change the name of the parties we’re the one now united democratic progressive party {UDPP} sharp!!!!

  104. Mr.Bambo says:

    Kanthu akoooo

  105. Mnjonja says:

    Instead you should focus your energies on formulating and implementing the strategies to enhance the declining economy. You should be busy specifying the country’s Objectives, developing policies and plans to achieve economic growth and development. you should encapsulate various functional state business enterprises with concrete overall direction. you should have far stretching ideas and initiate meaningful and profitable government enterprises’ activities. Think of proper allocation and utilization of Government resources consistently. Establish productive Agricultural projects for example as Agriculture is the backbone of our economy. In that way you are also setting and example to the entire nation to follow suit – be a model to watch – More on investment spending than consumption spending- Activities that will bear fruit for ordinary citizens in the future. Laying concrete a foundation for the Nation.

  106. marin says:

    The appointment of Atupele to the pposition. Of Vp is a complete wiping out of the former ruling party UDF. The UDF party should play its card carefully other wise will follow Afford part because its poor strategies.

  107. yuona says:

    That’s how AFORD lost its glory. Watch out UDF!

  108. Malawiana says:

    Sorry Saulosi thats the end of you. Atupele, being a bit more mature in conduct and presentation than Saulosi, will grab the limelight. Timanena ife kuti kuyendetsa boma ndi kugulitsa airtime ndizosiyana!

  109. A COMMONER says:

    2nd vice president 4 what? Sum1 is taking this country as a personal estate where anything can b done without consultations. Dont take citizens 4 granted if this country needs a 2nd vice president we must go 4 a referendum and we see frm there. Can sumbody join me in saying no no no. Its not the will of the pipo 4 2nd vice president, dont impose on us what we dont want. We voted 4 u and u betray us. Its not part of the policy of what we want. Get back 2 the basics and lets build the country.

  110. green lata says:

    Ngati zakukanikani mukanangotula pansi otherwise mungakanthidwe ndi mkwiyo wa Chiuta Namalenga.

  111. Signs of the times, ladies and gentlemen; Bakili Muluzi is destroying our country, all these are results of evil MOU endorsed by Peter Mutharika to pave way for this evil islamic Atupele. Mr Saulosi Chilima must be very careful, anything might happen to your precious life, the only solution is to really lean on God becuse this whole mafia plan will one day self destruct this islamic Muluzi empire. We are watching and God through mighty Jesus is watching too. God is in control.

  112. mwamusanga says:

    Tiyeni nazoni ife kwathu mkungoyang”ana basi

  113. mboma says:

    empty tin Atupee azikatani on this post???????????????????? dull as he looks, with his stupid agenda for change thats the end of his yellow party!!!!!!! terrible thinking from APM, we r not moving forward, we r heading backward i tell u the world’s poorest country even if they have 2 VP will not change its economic status ndithu!!!!!!!!!!!!what a country which belives ib stupid tribal stereotypes and what shame!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and yet they want to sell MSB coz they r saying we dont have money, and yet they funding 12 million USD spy machine at Macra wat a country, am so ashamed of this nasty country!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  114. Moni says:

    Ansanje atokota koma enafe tikugwirizana nazo.

  115. Black Market says:

    Whoever got and followed Bakili Muluzi advice does not last. You don’t follow a failure’s advice. APM must be careful here. This approach will affect this nation negatively. Mark my word, Political Engineer at work but we hv so many examples around including the economic landscape’s background. Muluzi must give us a break we want to develop as a nation.

  116. pastor Ernest wahiya the man of God says:

    S. Sindikukhulupilira izi iya

  117. Frodo says:

    what a waste

  118. Tede says:

    Atupele and his father are a total disappointment to UDF followers.

    Ufumu wawo anagulitsa motchipa………..

  119. Tantrums of a Mad professor

  120. Mmalawi says:

    Cheap, very cheap. Inheriting Muluzi’s ideas of 1994 in 2015???? my foot!

  121. onanana bank says:

    Tsoka la Chilima Kuwombera Mfiti m`banja

  122. Uchindami says:

    Zomwe adanena a Mpasu mu nyuzipepala ya Nation zayamba kuphelezera! Tiziona!

  123. Zanga Phee! says:

    What maters is what to deliver on the ground,we need a better Malawi to live,we need at least 80%of Malawians based in foreign countries should come back and invest in their blessed land.But this need heavy machines on the steering,People who can focus within a limited time.Without hustles.See my Name.

  124. Mtunga says:


  125. Parallel Market says:

    Because the president comes from the south, his deputy comes from the centre therefore if a 2nd vice president is to be appointed he must be one from the northern region, otherwise do not try to bring back this 2nd VP thing we hurt it.

  126. Federal government needed. There is no better solution than this.

  127. Mccarthy says:

    This Peter Muthalika is busy appointing 2nd VP, when are going to build this Country, Dziko ili Mudabetsa M’manja Mwa agalu, koma amalawi ndiye mudawapezelera, U president muzingosinthana ngati ufumu.

  128. Matapwata says:

    zaziiii strikes will return as govt has money

  129. Achilima chenjeranitu anzanu akukusovani. Kuti munthu akhale ndi mkazi wachiwili ndiyekuti woyambayo palikusamvana. Take care!

  130. H. Waya Phiri says:


  131. Boko Good says:

    This is a waste of resources. What for? Are we in a crisis such that we need a second vice president? Is it just for appeasement? This is foolishness and stupidity at its best. Instead of concentrating on development to bring the nation to another level we are busy creating useless positions that will make Malawi even poorer.Mr President please stop this madness. Be like your late brother whose tangible works of his hands were seen eg Chitipa Road, The new Lilongwe Hotel, Zambezi Waterway, Ndata University etc

  132. Parallel Market says:

    If APM wants to bring back 2nd VP nonsense, then that person should be from the north not from the south otherwise that will spark controversies in our beautiful republic.

  133. Nkhombokombo says:

    Oh! Really! Lets wait and see. If this comes to fruition then we are in for more agoanny, forget about Donor support.

  134. Patriot says:

    Akufuna mchawa atupele.
    He doesn’t trust Chilima. Akuti sangamusiyire dziko Chilima, too ambitious kkkkk
    Ndiye Atupeleyo is less ambitious?
    Awayika m’botolotu babawa, chirichonse atanene atcheya akungoti “yes sir” kkkkk

  135. MCP GVT says:

    Tiye nazoni. Mr. Chilima is on danger. Does it mean mr VP is failing to perform? Ndale za pa malawi.

  136. dambano says:

    Tiyeni nazo tiziwonela limozi

  137. Pride LIBWE LIBWE says:


  138. kuzukwe says:

    chilima emweyo kuti wa-wa-wa .ability inu

  139. Kadakwiza says:

    Malawians are waiting for the investigation of K92 billion, jobs, and development not appointment of ministers or second vice president. We are tired of this experiment government. 10 months down the line nothing tangible is coming up. DPP government has no plan. Malawi is doomed, serious!

  140. NOVILIKANA says:

    thats their time God is strictly watching them

  141. Bye bye bye Kaliati koma mulungu akuona zot uli against gays he wil consider u do worry!

  142. atate says:

    Bakili is working hard kudzigulira malo.kkk the plan is to make sure UDF come back in power thru tricks then finish off DPP. muisova

  143. Mtupatupa says:

    The power of hire and fire!

  144. Clement says:

    I will be very sad if these so called Mzomera and Mkandawire be hired into cabinet.Does it mean their unnecessary noise on federation and secession has awarded them??? This is bullshit and dont let us down with this barbaric thinking.How come to drop Mussa the great weapon in DPP? Think twice. I would love may be Khumbo Kachale because he joined us before elections not others.For Atupele to be second vice president not so bad.Once again dont disappoint us by hiring Harry Mkandawire and Mzomera Ngwira.

  145. Ok, Zimenezo Mungofuna Kudya Misonkho Yathu Mosasamala Ife Eni Tikubvutikabe. Dpp& Udf Dyeranituni

  146. mbwaxe says:

    Tikamati mulophwana nyini mu nyini nyenyiwa ndi imeneyi!!!!! Chilomwe chimenechi!!!! Ndi masulire!!!!! It means this is full of idiots and dunderheads!!!!!

  147. ecama says:

    We Knew It B4. Saulosi Becareful. Koma Yehova Akukonzera Njira Monga Adachitira Ndi Jb. Tikupempherera SCC.

  148. But it will not be a good hybreed.

  149. MJK says:

    kaya!!! bola moyo!!!

  150. I pray this remains speculation otherwise if APM does such a silly thing as to appoint a 2nd VP, Malawi will be on fire.

  151. Bwana President Play The Cards Carefully Otherwise Chipani Chilowa Mphepo? After All Why 2nd Veep Is Chilima Not Delivering? Mind U Atambala Salila Awiri Khola Limodzi. Muthetsa Chipani Ngati Makatani.

  152. brutsha says:

    The doomed country called Malawi. Very best at moving in circles.

  153. apao says:

    Multphiria hav started again,

  154. Please says:

    Please solve our countries problems.

  155. nophiya says:

    Gwira bango gwira bango

  156. aphiri says:

    Alekeni menyani is not chairman of budget and finance . Get it right. The chairman is Rhino Chiphiko M C P. Menyani if he joins DPP government he knows that is the end of his political career. MCP doesn’t give a mercy when it comes to election. No one will suffocate that party. Ask muluzi he knows that

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