Call logs disputed: Judge tells Manondo to focus on Mphwiyo shooting not ‘political science talk’

High Court Judge Michael Mtambo on Thursday told Pika Manondo to focus his defence testimony on the shooting of former Ministry of Finance budget director Paul Mphwiyo as the major issue in the case other than dwelling on the cashgate money which was used for political campaigns.

Manondo: Call logs cannot be  relied up as objective evidence

Manondo: Call logs cannot be relied up as objective evidence

Manondo was entering his defence on the offence of conspiring to murder and attempted murder.

He highlighted how cashgate convict Oswald Lutepo and Mphwiyo used money from the looting to manipulate the outcome of the Malawi Congress Party (MCP) convention.

But Judge Mtambo asked Manondo to focus his defence testimony on the shooting incident.

“You are busy talking about a political party. Why can’t you stick to the story [we are talking about]? It’s like you are talking about political science,” Mtambo said.

Manondo told the court that his testimony has a stubborn link to cashgate and that he wanted to exonerate himself from Mphwiyo shooting as he, the gun-shot survivor and Lutepo were birds of the same feathers, therefore he could not conspire or even attempt to murder the former budget director.

In his defence, Manondo told the court how one cannot trust and use the call logs as evidence linking him to the shooting of Mphwiyo on 13th September, 2013 as it has some inconsistencies in it.

He told the court that he was using his line 0999918198 phoned a friend while he was at city centre around 23:11hours but the call logs from Airtel showed he was at Area 43 as it showed tower Area 43 G2.

“My lord if you check on the same call logs it shows that at 23:07 there was an entry of SMS on my phone and the log shows I was using city centre tower and a call at 23:12 which was five minutes later showed I was at a tower of Area 43. My lord, I have tried several times using the logs to drive at that speed from city centre to Area 43 it can’t work looking at the distance and on this day the closer I went was at Vision Gaming club Pacific Area 10 where I was meeting my brother Dauka,” he said.

“At 00:37am it shows I had a call from 0999967976 which is Mr Lutepo number for 48 seconds informing me of Mphwiyo shooting. The logs  show Lutepo was using KH G2 (Kamuzu Central Hospital) tower and my number shows I was using Area 32 tower which is near city centre around Malawi Congress Party National headquarters as the location I was. My lord this time I was at Chez Ntemba night club in Area 47 4 and I will bring witness who I was with at Chez Ntemba, initially I wanted to bring counsel Wapona Kita who I was with at Chez Mtemba but since he was at one point involved in this case and he can’t testify I will bring another one”, Manondo said.

“.At no point, this night did I go to Area 43. The closest I went was to Area 10,” Manondo said.

He also pointed at another detail appearing on call logs which shows he got another call at 00:39 which was two minutes and it showed the caller was using Lilongwe tower and Manondo was using Area 47 sector 2 tower, saying it’s impossible for one to drive from City centre to Area 47 sector 2 (chitukuko) in two minutes unless he was using a helicopter.

Two minutes later at 00:41 caller 0999952768 to Manondo showed he was using Area 11 tower which is near Capital Hotel to Area 11 questioning how he could drive in two minutes from Area 47 sector 2 to around Capital Hotel.

“My lord you can also check 0995953333 which is Mr Mphwiyo’s number called 0991302474 that is his wife (Thandizo Mphwiyo) and it was 23:11 they spoke for 9 seconds as Mphwiyo told this court that the time of his shooting he was calling his wife and his wife came out after she heard gunshot. But call logs here shows Mphwiyo was at Area 10 G3 tower he was using while his wife  it shows she was using Area 43 G1 tower which means the call logs can’t c be used as the main evidence to build a case”, queried Manondo.

Earlier Manondo explained to court how he was working with Mphwiyo and the trip which was sent to South Africa in Johannesburg on 3rd August, 2013 and returned on 9th August, 2013 where he was sent to meet Chinese business nationals and one of them was Mr Li who was resident in Zimbabwe but claimed to have direct links with China manufacturing company SEGECOA and they were individuals who claimed to sponsor different political parties in Africa.

Manondo told the court that on return at airport he was given a locked briefcase by one of the Chinese guy to hand it over to Mphwiyo  and he  surrendered the briefcase – believed to have contained cash – to him at his house.

Mphwiyo was shot on the night of September 13, 2013 outside his Area 43 residence.

In the case,  Manondo is answering charges of attempted murder and conspiracy to commit murder alongside Macdonald  Kumwembe who Mphwiyo identified as the shooter and former Justice Minister Ralph Kasambara .

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25 thoughts on “Call logs disputed: Judge tells Manondo to focus on Mphwiyo shooting not ‘political science talk’”

  1. Concerned says:

    FYI Mr Manondo . Mobile phone doesn’t necessarily pick a signal from the closest tower. it can pick any signal within a reasonable distance from its vicinity .

  2. Andy Johnstone says:

    Apa Zikuonesa kutidi ma suspects awiriwa anachitapo kanthu… Koma nanga Ralph?

  3. Andy Johnstone says:

    Sono Ralph mesa tinamvesedwa kuti anali ku Salima that day? Ndiye Mphwiyoyo amati Raph anali nao pomwepo?

  4. All4ks says:

    This case is a waste of time. Just start cashgate trial on mphwiyo madam Kachale. We want our money. The shooting is just a distraction to the real important case of mphwiyo thieving of our money. He is alive, his shooting case can wait until after his Cashgate case is finished.

    We Malawians are foolish. Stop this case and start Cashgate.

  5. nthandalanda says:

    A Manondo mudaeombela Mphwiyo ndinu. Mudawombela munthuyu chifukwa choti mudadziwa kuti Mphwiyo Ali ndi briefcase ya ndalama yomwe inu mudapatsidwa ndi ma Chinese investors. You shot him because you wanted the money in the briefcase. You must be very stupid by mentioning big bosses in the case. Osatiwona kupusa a Malawi. Watigoneka kale Panja iwe galu iwe. The case is NOT ABOUT CASHGATE BUT THE SHOOTING OF MPHWIYO. Mukufuna muwasokoneze a jaji wo. ZOPUSA BASI!!!!

  6. Equity says:

    All can be said and speculated here but the gist of the matter is who shot Mphiyo? If this can not be proved in the courts, the end of this case is nearer and all will be aquited. Courts do not base judgements on speculations but proof that is beyond reasonable doubt. So far there has been no evidence beyond reasonable doubt not even the so called call logs. Mark my words

  7. Truck says:


  8. smart says:

    zopusa basi…..the shooting of phwiyo is directly linked to cash…those who can not see it then…kaya…mmitu youmayo….

  9. My View says:

    My fellow readers,

    I have noted fews things in the so called evidence in this case.
    1. The case here is consipiracy to murder and not fruad, corruption and cashgate. However I see these guys are focusing at cahsgate
    2. It appears these suspects agreed on their line of evidence e.g MCP president got funded. Unfortunately along the way they are contradicting each other. Lupeto says Tembo got funding from JB for compaign and the money was being delivered through Pika. Pika says there Tembo was funded unknowingly and didn’t interact with him/Pika
    3. One major flop in all this is making Malawian believe Mphwiyo was the centre of cashgate using his position as budget director. But Mphwiyo was only director from July to September 2013. Do we mean these are the only months of cashgate. Did lupeto acquire all his assets within these month.
    4. The court has been told that JB was the beneciary of cashgate through Lupeto. But he also tells the court the gvt owed him million on arms deals way back during Bingu reign.
    5. Both Pika and Kumwembe were around city centre on the day of shooting calling each other.
    6. Dauka deposits money into Kumwembe’s account but doesnt know it’s for what. Yet they are brother who are partners in business. Even if it was your wife she would wish to find out what the money is for?
    7. Bophani forced them to lie and implicate Kasambara. Unfortunately none of these accused has called Bophani as a witness. Doesnt that create a gap establishing if indeed their initial statements were taken under duress.
    8. Cashgate happened during JB and all these people were arrested during the same period. Did DDP not find additional people who were involved in cashgate when they came into power?

    These guys will be convicted.

  10. kibumba wangu says:

    kenako tidzamva zoti munthu winanso wankulu Mmalawimu wamangidwansotu. Nkhani mmene munayambilaaaaaa. pano zayambika kumveka kuti zipani zili mommo, aujenso anapatsidwapo 10 mita.

  11. KIka says:

    If there was a way to snoop into the conversations and this whole stupidity would be put to rest. What would anybody be doing in the night when everybody is asleep. Only thieves and criminals work at such odd hours unless you are a medical doctor or police offficer on night duty. I feel RK is the king pin to the whole saga and played it smart not to leave finger prints. he knows from deep his heart that he is the masterminder.

  12. Arms Deal Master Top prima says:

    Koditu nkhani yonse ndiyakuti mphwiyo was involved in illegal arms deal. Nanga budget director amapanga za mfuti? Anthu amenewo zitalephereka ndiwo adamuwombera mphwiyo. Katangale wake wa arms deal ndiye adavuta apa.

  13. DPP Jokers says:

    Even if cal log shows pika was in area 43, thats not evidence enough that he was at mphwiyo’s house because area 43 is vast unless mphwiyo has personal tower.

  14. Mapeji says:

    All these people involved in shooting of Mphwiyo they have been coached to implicate JB , there is a lot of PP with JB and MCP with Tembo all this is to implicate other political parties , that is the work of DPP. Why should the issue of investors come in and the issue of rigging elections and going as far as going to Tanzania come in this shooting case ? It will not go on well with the Tanzania government if you are not careful. PP and MCP can not comment as the matter is still in the court. Pombe Magufule is not a person to play with , he can close the borders and still influence Mozambique to do the same. Where are trying to take us too ? Just give us food and look into our economy which is collapsing at a supersonic speed.

  15. Keen observer says:

    Argument should be lutepo was in this case and was acquitted yet he too spoke to pika. Mtambo says because ralph spoke to pika it means they were conspiring. Why was talking to pika by lutepo not conspiracy? Lutepo was acquited?

  16. anthu wamba says:

    Were these animals sleeping at all. Past 1 am still gallivanting around town?

  17. Guarantor says:

    Pika. Terrible evidence. Get technical help. Wazikola heavy……

  18. Nyau says:

    Pika: you are making a fool of yourself and tying a note on your neck. Please consult amzako a KU Airtel umawamwetsa aja. What you argued is useless!!!!

  19. Abambo says:

    Pika when one is in between two towers, ones phone picks a tower with strongest signal. City centre ndiku 43 or area 10 sipatali. You can be at city and be using signal ya tower of area 18

  20. Guarantor says:

    Mr Manomdo GSM towers have a radius coverage of more than 10 km…..City Centre and Area 43 falls within the 10 km radius so its normal that you can,pick a signal from Area 43 tower while in City Centre. You should have consulted first before making such,arguments since this has,just exposed your ignorance.

  21. Ndevuzinayi says:

    Call logs do not lie. You are finished.

  22. Zagwa says:

    Pika, kapolo wa Kasambara! Trying to make sense out of Nonsense! Utsala ndi iwe Kasambara akutuluka. Tikankokela kuseli uku wa cashgate! Mukhaula muona! Makalaliki ngati inu ndalama munazitenga kuti? Nonse mbava zotha ntchito. Yaduka basi filimu apa….

  23. mbani says:

    iwe mtambo mphwiyo was punished by God coz he was against man of God Chakwera and ask mbendera why he cried release pika wayankhula tamvabe mbava zimenezi they wanted to finish each other

  24. Achimidizimidzi says:

    You are the one who hired Mr. Kumwembe, to do what? Tell us. A good shooter cannot be hired to distribute MCP T- shirts. He claims to be an expert in shooting.

    You were lying to us that you are a business man, kuba basi

    And Mr Kasambala is weird and has such huge appetite for money and fame. He served two administrations of DPP and PP but in both cases his exits were sad.

  25. Thinking loud says:

    Mister Micheal Mtambo Sir, the reason these 2 coachroaches are not focusing on the issue at hand is because they have been influenced by some DPP members to implicates as much as possible JB, so that people may stop focusing on the current economic crisis.

Comments are closed.

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