Call logs in Mphwiyo’s case suspected to be doctored -Wapona

Airtel Malawi officials will likely be subpoenaed to High Court to clarify the call logs presented in court ina case involving former minister of Justice Ralph Kasambara and others who are accused of the attempted assassination of former budget director Paul Mphwiyo .

Lead prosecutor Chibwana speaking to reporters outside court

Lead prosecutor Chibwana speaking to reporters outside court

Lead investigator Superintendent Kankhwala Chilimba presented the call logs on Tuesday but defence lawyer Wapona Kita attacked the call logs, calling them doctored.

Kita told the investigator that the call logs had been doctored when Chilinda resumed the witness stand for cross-examination.

”I put it to you that the call logs have been doctored,” said Kita to the lead investigator.

“ How come Mc Donald Kumwembe made a call on alleged Pika Manondo’s call logs?” he querried

However, Chilinda told the court that he only presented to court what was given to him by service providers through an order from the court.

State prosecutor Enock Chibwana told the court that the service provider, Airtel, would be competent to clarify the lawyer’s questions.

Chibwana said “ Airtel officials will clarify.”

Chilinda – who has put across damning evidence linking several of the accused persons in the shooting of Mphwiyo at the gate of his Area 43 residence on September 13 2013 – submitted call logs of the accused—Kasambara, Pika Manondo, MacDonald Kumwembe and Dauka Manondo—which indicated they were in contact on the day of the shooting and two days later.

Mphwiyo’s shooting on September 13, 2013 outside his house in Lilongwe opened a can of worms that led to the revelation of Cashgate, in which public officers, politicians and businesspersons looted billions of taxpayers money.

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50 thoughts on “Call logs in Mphwiyo’s case suspected to be doctored -Wapona”

  1. Twaniche says:

    Mukutisuzga waka apa. Nothing will come out of this.

  2. zaluma says:

    History tells me that government hired incompetent lawyers and lacks preparation that leads them to loss most cases. It is clear this case the govt has lost. We expect to pay huge sum money to the accused. Anything can be doctored including call log. Comments reveal the ignorance of some Nyasas on the art of doctoring. Koma umbuli ndi matendadi kwambiri akwatu ku south ndi anzatu a pakati.

  3. mbani says:

    Mafia style the one with more money will win the case

  4. Neema says:

    kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!! kuyesetsa kupeza tinjira topulumukira… uuuuuuuuuuuuuhhh! sindikupaona ine, poti nkunamira tu defence team woyeeeeeeee! asakugwetseni mphwayi mbala zophunzira zachabechabe, zinaononga dziko lanthu la Mkaka ndi uchi, kuzerezetsa achikulire, achina Atcheya, Bingu , Kassim chilumpha, kumazunzitsa mabanja awo awo aku mwa wa mkaka…..lero la 40 lakwana..! wihiiii! mwina dziko nkukonzeka. Mbava ya lawyer yayikulu yikagwida, mwina azinzake nkubweza magiya. Rachel Kachale more fireeeee!

  5. ine joyce says:

    Kita if they logs were doctored bweretsa ako tipange share notes…….umbuli ophunzira nao . Atumbuka osukusula kuukulu akhakhakha a dyabulosi a dyabulosi a dyabulosi a thakati inu

  6. Ntambalika says:

    nde chiyani

  7. Ntambalika says:

    Comment zankutu!

  8. Hardson says:

    Alungwana you are talking. Anthuwa kaya ndi chiyani kuchedwetsa kumeneku nzake ali pa business koma enawa sakudziwa. Kaya! Misonkho ya a Malawi izingopita mmadzi za ziii.

  9. ine joyce says:

    Call logs can not be doctored . Aitel musainamizire . Sovani

  10. losco says:

    Wapona ndi Kasambala one side?Awina kale mlanduwu!! Kikiki

  11. jobat Mwendenge says:

    lnu HOITY keep your proboscis switched off no facts in your contributions

  12. kangaroo says:


  13. makarios makarios says:

    Airtel Bwinotu Tayamba Kukudabwani.

  14. Wizeman Paul says:


  15. Manyasa says:

    Call log cannot be doctored, this is what you were discussing – zanu izooo

  16. Nyamkaka says:

    Objective person understand the issue. The issue is evidence that Kasambara and his friends tried to kill Mphwiyo. The call logs are part of the evidence. Simply put, these guys were communicating with each other before the shooting. Their communication is evidence enough that they were plotting to kill Mphwiyo. Be watching FBI files you see how cops investigate issues.

    The fact they were communicating during the day or the previous day of the shooting is enough evidence. who pulled the trigger is neither here nor there. The truth is that they wanted to kill Mphwiyo.

  17. Key Loggers says:

    Those of us who use our brain for thinking knew from the beginning that this call log was manipulated.

    This now throws Airtel into disrepute as a company one can trust to do business with.

    As a matter of fact some of Airtel’s engineers were refused contract extension when they worked for a certain oil multilateral company in Europe because of their questionable morals, despite having a good education.

    So there you are Airtel, it is time you put your house in order to save your image else we are all on the move to TNM!

  18. Nyamkaka says:

    Alungwana, there is nothing of that sort. Your Kasambara will rot in jail. Lawyer Wapona Kita also wants to defeat the ends of justice. Why is he refusing the call logs? Doctored by who?
    The court can even request Airtel to bring their own call logs to court. I used to have respect for Wapona, but I have withdrawn respect for him. He is one of those ruffian lawyers who wants to mislead the public and the court. Walemba mu madzi.

  19. Dineo says:

    Heheheh! I am seeing the Ralph Kasamabara era going to an end! sorry! such is life, everything has its own time. Time to fly! and time to touch down, basitu. nanga amanu sakubwera bwaa? pali kanthu!

  20. Alungwana says:

    The more you delay, the more you will pay to Kasambara. Mark my words.

  21. thats the kasambara iknow, you will try A or B they will not work..see the kind of witnesses and prosecutors being used by goverment..check the defendants,, wapona kita…kasambala.believe me not it will not work

  22. NANYATI says:


  23. Nkhani zomveka bwinobwino izi chomwe mukuchedwera kuwamanga mchani? Eh! Mundiuze! Anyani inu! Yesu adaweluzidwa tsiku limodzi koma adali osalakwa. Kuli bwanji mbava ndi zigawenga ngati izi? Ndiwuzeni chomwe mukunyengelerana? Tel me!

  24. chimbwititi says:

    nayeni kasambalayo

  25. Are the immigration officers in a position to detect the commander of the whole operation leading to the shooting? Please people connection of ideas are not concluding what is being presented before the learned justice.

  26. BOMA LA KUBA says:

    How much has been pocketed so far. Please pay back the taxpayers’ money. You are wasting time and our money.

  27. Sorry. It seems the evidence is all doctored here. The lie peddled by this man has changed the rhythm of the case. How are the courts trust him that whatsoever he says now is truth and only truth after lying that it was a slip of the tongue. Will the call logs show any relevance that indeed this or that one pulled a trigger or they are there just to show that these people know each other and have been communicating. Iam not sastisfied with this as a piece of evidence. Was this the first time they communicated? If not how convinced are you that this time they were talking of Mphwiyo’s shooting Or do you mean that all the people who communicated with him that time prior (a day) to Mphwiyo’s shooting and two days thereafter so long they were 2 to 6 it means we can conclude that they are the ones responsible? This case to me has numerous weaknesses ranging from witnesses to evidences tendered before the court. May be because iam a lay man in law field but a gun that was not used its significance is very questionable. Had it that they are tendering a gun which deformed Mphwiyo’s jaws because was found in one of the acussed people there could some sense. This is a real movie being acted here. Spare our tax payers than drain it in this way Malawi.

  28. Evidence says:

    Immigration proved that the dude never crossed any border .RK was commanding the whole operation as confirmed by the call logs .

  29. EYE WITNESSES says:

    DPP will fall big time on this one

  30. John says:

    Kasambara must be netted. Don’t let him. In fact, I fault Malawi judicial system. How do you allow a suspect to defend somebody with a case that is linked to him? I don’t understand our courts. Use Doctrine of Necessity. Hanjahanja already led the way.


    The so called lawyer has nothing to say seeing the tantamount and strength of evidence just accept that your clients committed the incident ,Thanks to detective you have done areal good job

  32. Mbewe says:

    Call data records cannot be doctored easily as the original data is in tamper free unique hexadecimal and has to be mediated and decoded to readable file. Airtel can only doctor the end file but not the original as such it is easy to note if Airtel has played with the final document

  33. mnyamata wa nzeru says:

    It’s high time Malawi started looking at Cyber Forensics as an area of significant importance. My heart really bleeds when I hear of such arguments in our court of laws when we actually have capable people who can provide expert advice on matters of such nature.

  34. Dr Callista wa Moo Thaa Leeker says:

    This case seems to become academic. Trying to suppress justice. Muluzi nde source ya zonsezi. He brought Bingu , Bingu brought Abiti Joyce Mchira Banda, che mchira Banda brought these mafias namely Raphael, Kitta, Mphweyo, manondo brothers and Kumwembe et al. Mboliiiii zanu

  35. Uchindami says:

    Anthuwa zikuoneka kuti akudziwana zochita. Zomwe akadachita nkungovomela kuti adatipweteka potibera ndalama. Akatero atipemphe chikhululuko. Ndiye zikhala kwa ife kuti tiwakhululukire!

  36. DR KUTAMA says:

    Ana Ralph game iyi mugwa nayo

  37. onyamata othamo says:

    This case is getting complicated everyday. Someone is not telling the truth.

  38. Hoitty says:

    Kuzikolakola inu a boma muluza mlandu zigawengazi will walk free. Kusokoneza ma call log, kunama kuti Kumwembe was convicted of armed robbery. Not doing good for ur case. You should just hire foreign lead investigator. Uyu akuzikolakola atigwiritsa chiphwisi

  39. Ezekiel Peter Ching'oma says:

    Kasambara paja ndi wa DPP, Mphwiyo wa PP, Wapona ndi wa AFORD, Kumwembe ndi wa DPP, zipani zakupha! MCP is the only clean party

  40. THE SHAWAZ says:

    Partly im stating to lose trust with govt side on this case

  41. freedom says:

    Dr. Mtambo this is what will be your turning point in order for you not to trust the defense lawyers and the changed statements.Airtel can not doctor call logs as they have back up far from Malawi.this is a proof that the state witness have been tempered by the accused who are on bail.revoke the bail and the truth with follow

  42. manunkha says:

    we are following

  43. Mack says:

    Shame on u kasambala,inu akhoti ngati mukulephera kuweluza munene,ife kambala ndi anzakewo tingowapanga zina ndi zina.

  44. GRM says:

    Day of reckon is near. This Kasambara thing will be dealt with once for all. Days of the Mafia are over

  45. ian Bonongwe says:

    Kumwembe wasnt in the country. How could he call pika manondo ?

  46. kela mwampita says:

    If the lead prosecutor is cornered like this then govt is losing. We will pay kasambara millions as compensation. I can already see k100m plus
    Dpp mary kachale should have dropped this case than embarrass us in court. Shame

  47. Doctored mmmm? This sounds true with this technology ha ha ha. Doctored call logs.

  48. Inudi says:

    Chilinda is a liar

  49. akulu says:

    Mumtima mwanu mukudziwa kuti ndi zoona munachita koma mukumakana kana . Bwanji sanatchule Ife phwiyo .Malawi monsemuno kungotchula inuyo basi

  50. chejali says:

    Kaya wadya cha mwini kubweletsa mavuto

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