Callista denies influencing Bingu to be arrogant and intolerant

Former First Lady Callista Mutharika has denied she wielded political powers at State House that influenced former president Bingu wa Mutharika to become increasingly intolerant and arrogant during his second term of office.

Callista Mutharika: Bingu was loving

Callista Mutharika: Bingu was loving

Mutharika said this in an exclusive interview with Times TV.

“I never influenced him on anything because I had a feeling that he had performed well (during his first term in office), he was very wise, very intelligent, highly educated, very experienced and exposed;” said the former First Lady.

She said to the contrary, she never wanted to put any pressure on the former head of state.

“I was very idle, I never gave him any advice because I had confidence in him, his decisions were always perfect;” said Mrs Mutharika.

She dismissed reports that the late president was becoming dictatorial.

The former first lady said at Kamuzu Palace, Bingu was ever loving, caring and a family man who, when free enjoyed singing gospel with his wife in their private home.

“He liked typing and usually asked me to compete with her. I know a lovely Bingu. I know Bingu the father, Bingu the uncle, Bingu the grandpa. He was so close to me that he rarely allowed me to go anywhere on my own. He was always happy to be with me,” said the former First Lady who worked as secretary then lecturer before joining politics and then married Bingu.

On her relationship with Bingu’s children, Callista initially refused to comment on their battle over Bingu property.

“There were disagreements, but this is not unique to Mutharika family. When someone dies, this happens…I understand Malawian culture more than the children. Our relationship now is cordial, nice. I think there were some misunderstandings about Ndata (sprawling palace) like when I should go there, for how long I should stay. Ndata is my home, it shall always be my home,” she said.

She said her relationship with President Peter Mutharika as her brother in law is still intact, hinting she calls him whenever she has a problem.

Asked if she has any plans to bounce back into politics, Callista said she is now on full time employment is government as safe motherhood coordinator, the job, she says, she loves.

“It is still busy life,” said Mutharika when asked if she misses flying presidential jet or business class.

“I am still flying business class as an ordinary person because that gives me chance to go shopping at airports like buying books. When a husband dies, life must go on, we need to accept it after all we will all die therefore there is no need to despair,” she said.

Callista also parried away reports that she is very rich now having amassed Bingu’s wealth estimated to be billions.

She also said she never lost her friends during her stay at State House, saying she managed to recover from the shock of Bingu’s death because of the comfort of her friends.

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58 thoughts on “Callista denies influencing Bingu to be arrogant and intolerant”

  1. Yoswa Kangazi says:

    African belief is a husband must not die, when ever ever this happens the wife is the killer. I am an African and I do not believe in that death is death and there are many causes of death. Bingu died not because of mother Callista but because of nature we will all die that is a fact.

  2. MaKopa says:

    Shaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa some comments

  3. I believe you madam calista..wel mannered and real wifery to lste presodent. You we a wonderful couple!

  4. Ytg1616 says:

    Calista b ma sugarmommy

  5. Gertrude says:

    Iwe ndiwe Black Widow basi, umapha amuna

  6. Cardiac Arrest says:

    Amuna Ako onese amangofa bwanji?

  7. Funzo says:

    Competitive typing? Ordinary people don’t travel business class!

  8. DOBO says:

    Tsopano amene mukunena kuti Calista ndi okongola mukufanizira ndindani? Mumangidwa nazo zimenezitu.

  9. Kanu D says:

    Anyone interested in any of the books aforementioned by ‘Analyst’, reply this comment with your whatsapp numbers. Collection by 2nd week December, 2015. Lilongwe

  10. cbk says:

    Kodi Cecilia kazamira mumusiya pati osakamufusa bwanji?

  11. Nangozo says:

    wateva it is i admire u mama kp on bieng agood woman enawo zawo

  12. Truck says:


  13. pluto says:

    Koma mai Callista ndinu okongola. Duwa, Getsi.

  14. The Most Concerned says:

    Callista is all in one. Beauty, Personality, Money, u name it. Bingu sanalakwitse,anasankha zeni zeni.

  15. wakulu says:

    hehehehehehehe…………..dear callista if you are looking for another hubby, am a serious crush of yours, zinazo sindikupanga nawo

  16. brave nyanyaluwa says:

    I still love the Big Man BINGU and his picture still hangs on the wall at my work place. This woman changed him. Its 70% lie and the 30 % truth

  17. The Patriot says:

    “His decisions were always perfect”! You have the right to your opinion Madam Calista! But the Bingu we know was not perfect:
    1. He made a speech against Northerners alleging that they used Mzuzu corner to cheat exams at UNIMA. This was a baseless and misguided lie that up to now some bigots still believe. I for one forgave him and the people who believe this malicious lie. In anycase most of the people who believed this lie have never set a foot at Chirunga! Including Bingu himself, MHSRIP.
    2. The deportation of the UK ambassador, that was imperfection big time!!
    In Mlawi. We dont talk the ills os dead people but the problem with history is most of the time we talk about the past involving dead loved ones. Bingu was an angel to you as a husband but to us was our President and his first term was reminiscent of the real Ngwazi . His second term was a disaster, partly because of you!!

  18. Woyera Kamasula says:

    Please have the same interview with Mama on Kamuzu before Mama dies please

  19. First Lady wa Manoma says:

    Akuti Getu sagona tulo kuyesa kuti ungamulande mamuna. Safuna kuti muzipita ku state houes. Ndaona chifukwa chake you are too beautiful Callista.

  20. mwitende says:

    More beautiful than chi Getrude. More polished than current First lady. More intelligent and confident than Mrs Mutharika 2…….Takunyadirabi

  21. Dr Kwapata, LUANAR says:

    Iwe kali driver waku statehouse yemwe pitara amuthothako ku state coz he is not Lhomwe, wanenetsa poyera kuti inuyo mayi munamuuza Bingu to shout on NGOs when NGOs were demanding govt to stop paying when you were safe motherhood coordinator. You told to fight for you and his dissidents zotsatira maliro oyamba a sitting president. There are alot of speculations on what was happening between Daniel Phiri and Penemulungu. Can you shed more right? Others say amapanga masewero a key ndi lock, thats anakutumiza ku Nkhoma?

  22. mangwetu says:

    kodi mayi ndi zoona kuti Bingu sama****?

  23. Ndata farm says:

    So how come you were not buy his side when he dropped dead?

  24. Romeo and Juliet says:

    They were competing in typing skills.What was it special with these typing skills?When people are besotted,they really go crazy.

  25. MLOMWE says:

    Amawononga amuna ndi akazi osalowolawa nchito kulamura mwamuna Bingu adawonongeka kamba ka Callista.Alomwe kupusa ndichikhalidwe chosaloworacho lekani akazi amakulamulani banja likatha nakuthamangitsani.Ethel was the best than Calista

  26. Wa Nzeru Wa Kummawa says:

    Why this interview today??
    If his hubby was making wise decisions all the time, was it also a wise one when he sent her to Nkhoma alone while he was [with] penemulungu at state house as she herself insinuated?

  27. Benson Chirwa says:

    Amalawi kuyiwala nsanga. She asked t hose village people in the north if they have anything to do with fuel. Siyemweyu uyu? Akusiyana pati ndi Grace Malufu mkazi wa Mugabe?

  28. Hia says:

    kodi Mayi calista ndikufuna ndimange many banja mayi . muli ndi ndalamatu inu. Kapena fixing oz ember an a bola mzukwa Bingo usazabwere mwamva? Life shud go on with me. Mumdigilire galimoto Kaye msanakaone kwanu….

  29. MaiMai says:

    Hahahaa I thought when he died you were away alone? So why lie that he never let you go away alone?????????////

  30. chitsulo cha njanji says:

    Kuba kowopseza ndi mbina. Callista.

  31. levelheaded says:

    I listened to the interview and some things I learnt about her is that she is honest, intelligent and composed. That interview made me to like her most. On how she tackled the question about JB of which the journalist has chosen not to put here, she did not say a lot but showed what kind of a person JB is.

    Madam Calista continue to inspire a lot of girls and mothers of this country in the roles you are playing.

    Your husband was not just a good leader,he was and is still my inspiration that is still torching my way. I have never loved a politician like the way I have loved your husband Bingu.

    He will still be my mentor in all my undertakings.


  32. mogasa club member says:

    koma ndiye muli ndi ka smile ka bho

  33. akweni says:

    Ndata ndiyako Calista

  34. VAKUSI NKHOMA says:

    callista big up 4 safe motherhood.when one dies life still spins

  35. Chilombo says:

    If he never let you out of his sight,how come you fucked british ambassador?Was he there watchin?Was he into that?

  36. Mmalawi Wodzitsata says:

    Oh I Love Bingu. May his soul rest in eternal peace. Good answers Madam Calista, God Bless you.

  37. Konza Chapasi says:

    Can you compare him with the first husband may be because your last husband you enjoyed together the MWK577bn ?

  38. munthu wamba says:

    What she is saying is 100% true – she is very honest, a woman of high integrity and also with very strong personality. Those who had the privilege to come in contact with her will surely agree with me. Anything to the contrary would be about a different Callista.

  39. mbuli ya ku south and central says:

    Wakuba nzimayi uyu. Anamupusisa Bingu uyu. First term Bingu anali boo koma a mayi awa kubwela basi kumupanga mbuli Bingu.

  40. zandile says:

    What was the purpose of the interview?

  41. Chingwe cha mbuzi says:

    Well groomed First Lady, probably the second most beautiful first lady Malawi has ever had. If I had my way, Calista ndinakamukwatira

  42. Kwitanda says:

    osamufunsa kuti ali ndi maplan okwatibwa? nanga chikaonda akudyabe akatundu?

  43. mgawadere says:

    Zaziii mayi okula mtima uyu ankatinyoza uyu mukumufunsanso chani apa nkhanza basi kulalata kunalikukhala kwake ameneyu

  44. Otanjere says:

    Was trying 2 download that picture 4 Callista chikundiuza kuti ‘Okongola Callista’ First lady onyasa nde uti?

  45. mwamudioma says:

    Komatu chinamchina Callister amatha kulankhula bwino.Very eloquate and osanyoza munthu.Keep it up our former first lady.

  46. thumbwe man says:

    Aaaaaaa, 40% true and 60% lies. Who could accept Bingus arrogance on an interview like that?

  47. mtumbuka1 says:

    I don’t appreciate gold diggers. That aside, your husband stole all the money from Malawians and gave it to you and as a mother how do you feel when you see millions of starving poor Malawians swimming in an untold poverty thanks to your thieving husband? You are sitting on billions of stolen money and it pleases you to face the other side pretending to be a saint. I would suggest you pay back a chunk of it through charity or otherwise you can at least donate a few millions ( of that stolen money) to machinga hospital so they can buy some malaria drugs and you may have saved some lives other than being in the news for stupid reasons. What has your shopping at airports got to do with us? Souls like you are a curse to the country and you are supposed to be given a total media black out cos you remind people that you are enjoying the money you stole from them ….remember a hungry man is an angry man so let the sleeping dogs chill. The ndata house you are boasting about is supposed to be investigated if no taxpayers money was used,there is no way in hell bingu used his salary to build ndata I believe he diverted money from donors meant for development to build that house and this is no different from what bakili did by putting money meant for development into his personal Bank account and he is now trying to dodge the bullet by sacking up to dpp and peter with their useless alliance. So to me ndata house and what bakili muluzi did to donors money is the same difference and the same applies to the cars government took away from those suspected to have had a hand in cashgate…sometimes justice is not just enough and money is indeed the root of all evil and mbendera of the electoral commission can bear witness to that.

  48. Sapitwa says:

    Nanga ukali uja umachokera kuti? Ifetu amunafe timakhulupilira kuti tikakwatira mkazi azitipatsa kudekha ndilitichotsa ukali. Koma Moya ukali unyamba atangotengana ndi inu, ife kudabwa kuti asa!

  49. The Analyst says:

    Some of us were happy when Bingu was a lone buffalo. We knew he would not have a divided mind. This is why he had a very successful first term. Koma mutangobwera inu . . . eessshh . . . And we all became religious and remembered the garden of Eden, kuti paja . . .

    “It was a man’s world. Then Eve arrived.” – Richard Armour

    Just a week after he married you; Bingu became a beast. A very offensive, aggressive, arrogant beast. Bitting the butt of each and every one who tried to advise or criticise. He could even boast about himself being a tiger – “ndikukandanikandani.” And we knew you could whisper into his ears, “sangakuteroni, sangakuteroni, pofunika muziyankha.” And we all know what became of Bingu . . .

    “A man in love in is incomplete until he has married. Then he is finished.” – Zsa Zsa Gabor

    And by denying that you made the beast of what Bingu became, is not being honest and only shows that you are not a good woman coz . . .

    “A good woman thinks it is her fault when her husband is being offensive. A bad woman never takes the blame for anything.” – Anita Brookner

    Nevertheless, you may not be all to blame. After all . . .

    “A good husband makes a good wife.” – John Florid

    Nde munangokumana basi!

    1. che shaibu says:

      The Analyst,
      Please I need to read the books you are reading. Therer just too much wisdom!
      I am impressed!

      1. The Analyst says:

        Am humbled, Che Shaibu. Thanks.

        For a start:
        “The Richest Man in Babylon” by George Clason
        “21 Mistakes Single Ladies Make and how to Crorrect Them” by Praise Goerge
        “Sorrow of a Bachelor” and “Cries of an Old Lady”
        “The Bible”
        “The Satanic Bible” by Anton La Vey – which I wouldn’t recommend coz of its deep, mind boggling effects.

        And many other related books. There is just alot of wisdom in these books. I hope you will find them useful too.

  50. Thats the way to go I love the you speak and understanding family and country issues. Wishing you long live and continue working very hard in your current role as SafeMotherhood Cordinator and don’t be shaken and be strong like your late husband, Pro.Bingu Muntharika the man who transformed Malawi within 8yrs in infastructure and economy. Honestly Malawians who loves their country Malawi will still remember and miss him forever, for his wonderful vision he had for his MotherMalawi and the intelligent works of his hands(Lolani ntchito za manja anga zindichitire umboni). Bravo to you my dear Calista!!! Bravo go to Acheya Dr.Bakili Muluzi who saw something very unique in Bingu before Malawians. Atcheya mukhalenso ndi moyo wautali. APM continue working hard to transform the Malawi economy and your promises. Malawians knows how difficult it is rule country without donor money. God will rescue His faithful people as long they obey His instructions and ten commandments so lets be faithful in whatever we do or act.

  51. Happening Boy says:

    This lady is far beautiful than the current one.Keep safe.

  52. chimwemwe says:

    Bingu was a much better leader and economists then his brother,we gave credit to goodal for economic growth for 2004-09 but now we know it was all Bingu. Many people voted for DPP now thinking we shall have some economic stability, stable currency but it seems we made a very wrong move and the economy is plunging into new lows everyday. Bingu was right IMF they aim is not to help poor people but for them to be our masters for lifetime

  53. Nam'binga says:

    ndi olemela kwambiri Calister. Koma kuti akungobisa, anthu awa anakhala pa udindo zaka 8 koma kulemela kuposa Kamuzu wa zaka 30 eeeeeee analibe chisoni pakuba ndalama za anthu osauka.

  54. Pachilambo Usauchi says:

    She wouldn’t have accepted even if she did ! God knows !

  55. kendal says:

    How does Brian Banda convince these people to appear on his show? Great programme. I also like the one Brian had with Goodall Gondwe. Keep up the good work Times Television and bravo Brian Banda. You are our pride indeed.

  56. Junior says:

    Normal people travel economy! Not Business Class!! Especially if they are spending other taxpayers money. Economy is 1/3 the price of business class!

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