Callista faces uncertainty in APM’s administration

Many ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) supporters and faithful, including known a

Callista Mutharika

Callista Mutharika

pologistsas well as the rank and file cadets,were obviously enthralled by the High Court of Malawi’s declaration that Peter Mutharika had won the 2014 tripartite elections.

The excited panel also included close associates of former President, the late Bingu wa Mutharika such as his children and widow, Callista Chimombo Mutharika. They obviously expected an uncle or a brother-in-law at State House as it would mean a return to the glorious days before the family tragedy of April 2012.

According to inside sources, the former First Lady is still not over the luxuries and gravitas that come with life at State House.   She could not marry Peter Mutharika as that could have caused uproar and created a terrible image for the Mutharikas.

It was for this reason that Madame Callista might have once in a while thrown herself into the fray during the campaign period, campaigning for the bother-in-law using her throwing–vitriol–at-the-opposition kind of style. She obviously hoped for a new beginning, not as First Lady, of course, but somehow to reclaim half her former gravitas as someone close to the high throne.

After brother-in-law’s rise to the throne, Callista is said to have gone a notch further to make sure that brother-in-law has an able and female ‘helper’ to bring him slippers to the bathroom and make his presidential sojourn as smooth as possible as well as to preserve the image of the office of the presidency.

According to emerging information from inside sources at State House, to achieve the balance she wanted, Madame Callista is alleged to have introduced some of her friends such as Tabu Kalolokesya, Rose Luphale and others to Peter Mutharika to try and convince the old man to take one of them as First lady. This would have ensured that State House doors are open for her as a friend would be First Lady.

Kalolokesya is a former Reserve Bank of Malawi employee who was a close ally of the late Bingu wa Mutharika before the fallen leader married Madame Callista. Luphale is former Head of Public Events while Guga is a former parliamentarian.

Upon hearing about these overtures by Madame Callista, the current First Lady Madame Gertrude Hendrina Maseko   (who was by that time having a mild affair with Peter Mutharika) is said to have been infuriated, and immediately engaged an extra gear to marry the Big Kahuna, said the sources.

“She made everything possible to ensure the wedding was fast-tracked and that Madame Callista and her motley crew were nowhere near the wedding planning. She also made sure that Madame Callista has as little time as possible with her brother-in-law,” one source, a close confidante of the First Lady told Nyasa Times at the weekend.

A security officer at Kamuzu Palace corroborated the lady’s version, saying the two ladies (Madame Callista and GertrudeMutharika) do not see eye to eye. He claimed that the First Lady is responsible for Madame Callista’s sudden drop from circulation.

Peter Mutharika is on record to have publicly pledged support to Callista, saying: “You will never walk alone.”

But as the President is now busy “walking and public kissing on valentine” with Getrude, Callista remains in the shadows, of course not walking alone but not walking on red carpet as it were.

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61 thoughts on “Callista faces uncertainty in APM’s administration”

  1. Chule mkulu says:

    Vyamcharu,vyambula na ntchito yayi aaaaakweeeeeeeeaaaakweeeeee.

  2. naphiri says:

    Za ziiiiii!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. clement says:

    Cool Mama Calista and you are a QUEEN.

  4. peace says:

    Ndiye kutaya nthawi nkumalemba this crap ndiye nkumafuna kukhala otukuka? Kodi ndiye a Malawi wina anatiphwisira eti? This is pure thrash an useless article apart from the fact that this article is peddling lies. Umphwawi unatilowa mmutu ndithu. Useless.

  5. BECHI says:

    Nosense tell us about yours afffairs or you mean you don’t have one? Nyasatimes please sit down with your journalist and if possible check and weigh the recapations of the story otherwise pali nkhani apa.

  6. M'Malawi weniweni says:

    Getuludi wamubwiritsa Pitala khwakwananda

  7. Issa Kabudula says:

    Walking with the president – azipita naye kuti? She was the wife of the brother, and it will remain as such – she can not dictate as to who she feel like to marry the brother-in-law. She had her time, and now its getrude time, therefore she must be patience enough with all the money she got now, she can party with friends and family and shop till she drop, Mr. president is at work.

    Nanunso olemba nkhani – same of the news are not news to people of integrity, therefore save some of this trivial stories – Zikomo.

  8. Mabodza says:

    pure gossip! Koma aMalawi.

  9. Kavitusi says:

    Amati azamwa wankaka mpaka liti,zinthu zimasintha anzanuso asangalare

  10. amina says:

    Guys this is not a ‘breaking news’ Nyasa guys have you run short of news. This is what we call gossip. You need to dig news not this rubbish. There are better things to follow than talking about callista’s life. Lets learn to leave people’s private affairs alone. We have nothing to do with this period. There is a lot to write about e.g. the floods in your areas, the pot holes in your streets and so on.

  11. kanthu says:

    kkkkkkkkkkkkkk marriage convincing

  12. NAC says:

    Callista kuzimvaaa!

  13. Kalolokesya is pregnant of me, spare her.

  14. JU says:

    Abale a Nyasa times whats the meaning of that first word in second sentence “pologistsas”????

    1. Wa Nzeru Wa Kum'mawa says:

      The word is apologists. It must have typo error especially that of spacing. Be school. Lol.

    2. skirt chaser says:

      “including known apologists as” thats what they wanted to write

  15. willie chimseu says:

    APM & his fellow is not minding those who heartdealy support his rise to the throne .Everybody is wondering what is happening is it he has decided to take khasu system?

  16. Dr Congo Dust mkuza Phwala says:

    Za Ku maliseche basi

  17. concerned says:

    what ever the case. Callista and ALL DPP are walking tall. They have told the nation that they can remove a sitting government. Callista and others take this as an achievement.

  18. nellia says:

    Typical gossip from a country rated the poorest a few days ago..sometimes Nyasa gets it..sometimes. .you just completely miss it. Who cares what happened in order for APM to marry his beloved. .nkhani zachitabloid zi zatikwana…zachimidzi..zopanda phindu..wont put food on our table!

  19. joseph says:

    Nyasi koma Ikuchitika ku Public Events.Mrs Chidyaonga the Director is going out with Mr Kuchingale PA for VP komanso amakumana kuno ku Ufulu Gardens.She is also going out with Rev Billie Gama who is currently LWB Chair.

  20. Chibanja tv says:

    Is this time for political propaganda? what will the public benefit out of this nonsense?

  21. everything has its own time, time to promise and time to fulfill it.

  22. geez says:

    Give us a break…Real stories people…The Nation is suffering: Tell us about floods, economic recovery, jobs, health, agriculture, mining, education etc…Malawians are smart people.

  23. J.Banda says:

    Tiyeni nazo a Dpp .

  24. apundi says says:

    kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk mwadyako a kalisitala asiireni a getuludi awone momwe cha president chimakomela

  25. Kadakwiza says:

    Nkhani yimeneyi siyithandiza a Malawi ata. A Malawi akufuna zi ntchito, zinthu zikukwera mu masitolo. Ndalama yavuta. Nde nkhani zimene muzilemba a nyasa times. Osati nkhani zokhuza Calista. Bwanji kodi a nyasa times. Kapena ndikupatseni ntchito? Pitani mukafufuze kuti K92billion yinabedwa bwanji. Kapena ma voti anabedwa bwanji? Komanso boma likutani kuyambila Bambo Ben Phiri adati a pulezident ali ku kitchen. Kodi sanatuluke ku kitchen ko?

  26. Kasenye says:

    Nthawi Ndi Ya Ena Iyi! Nzosiyirana, Osati Kumapita Ku Mzimba Nkumakanyoza Amalawi Osalakwa! Ukakwera Pamsana Pa Njobvu…

  27. jobeki man says:

    Calister is my wife to be, I just want to finish the job here in SA then I will come marry her. Leave her alone please or else…..

  28. Wanex banda says:


  29. Malawiana says:

    This is a non story really. Did you expect Callista to be the First Lady again through Chokolo? She had her time and this is the time for Getrude less inspiring as she may be.

  30. kalumo says:

    Iwe nambala 19 ukunena zowona ndichifukwa cha chake dziko lino lili pa nambala 1 kusawuka pa dziko lonse la pansi what ashame.

  31. gwaladi says:

    Mrs guga mukuwanamizila abale ndi mai waulemu wa banja lake

  32. Tiyanjane says:

    Nyasatimes, why not publish a story that will BUILD and strengthen the relationship between Callista, Getrude, Peter and Bingu’s children. Please, lets us promote love among Malawians, not sawing such bad seed of hatred.

    Callista, I do not know you, but I know God loves you the way He loves Getrude.

    Madam First Lady, please do me a favour, let Malawi see you on TVM having tea with your big sister Callister. May be you can have a joint visit to some community in my district in Nyika State as my favourite columnist would put it.

  33. Mibanga ya soccer says:

    hehehe.iwo mamawa akatofuna achalamwawo akwatire achanzawo aiwo?

  34. Hebrews says:

    APM sali ngati ma President enawa olemba azibale awo ntchito kukhala ma person assistant! Be Civilised! This government is run by Technorats osati mbuli zanu zija! Fotseki

  35. mtambo says:


  36. Steve Austin Stone Cold says:

    Mwadya kanundu eti?to hell with callista wanuyo

  37. Zankutu basi Ine ndimukwatira Callistayo tiwone zitampweteke ndani afterall she could make a good sugar mommie widow wa kwacha ngati uyu ndi amene ndikufuna my number is zero double one two three four kagule yako

  38. manyasa says:

    Calista is a Gold digger, Peter is claver and he saw this

  39. Patriot says:

    Tiribe nazo ntchito.
    Akagwere uko hule ameneyu.
    Tamvanso kuti malipiro a ogwira ntchito m’boma achedwanso. Kodi Saulosi wayamba kutitopetsa wamva. Rubbish. Umayesa CS ndi Airtel eti?
    Useless giuvernment.
    Bwanji osabwereka ndalama ku mota engil muwapatse anthu malipiro awo osati za mkhutuzo mxiew

  40. Time says:

    Is this news please.what is wrong with us Malawians ,the president is married how can he be busy with late brothers wife and do u expect her former lady to be active at the palace give the nation abreak .report issues not tissues please I beg.

  41. Fathara says:


  42. captain says:

    cant you write something that will help the development of the country. one of the stupid posts i have ever seen

  43. zagwa zatha says:

    What is your problem then?

  44. cbk says:

    ndekuti amuna kulibe!osamutenga bwanji mmaiyu?

  45. bikoko says:

    Mwalemba bwino nkhaniyi, koma mdinu afisi achabe chabe, mumakoka zinthu zooanda lake ngati izi why? Sopano mumafuna piyalayo azikisa calista ngati ndi nkazi wake, si ulukhu imeneo? Ndiposo mwauwala kulemba kuti nayeso muli amaona ngati ziyenda koma nayeso walemba mmazi.

  46. losco says:

    Caristar’s desires failed hence no need for Geturude to worry anymore.Take Caristar as yo sister in marriage. Mix up together freely.

  47. moto mwikho says:

    These type of stories whether true or false only perpetuate the primitive Malawi culture of romour mongering. Not productive at all and retrogressive. Civilised people always know how to draw boundaries between public and private issues. On Nyasatimes however, people fall over themselves trying to out do each other on hear say. Totally shameful

  48. very sad indeed ndaona ine pitala akutafuna lilaka pa valentine koma kuwaiwala mai aja mmene amavina munja during campen shame on pitala

  49. nyamusideni says:

    abale give Callista a break. katulutseni magazine ngati mukufuna.

  50. Nyekhulani Molimbika says:

    mkwate uone!

  51. Mtchona wopanda mano says:

    You will now walk alone Callista. APM is now walking on the red carpet with aunt Getu. She will not let you come anywhere close!

  52. basop says:

    Azimayi onseo alibe amuna????????

  53. Kanyimbi says:

    Good news. Callista is not a good advisor.

  54. Tukwete says:

    uyu amafuna kuti alowe chokolo ncholinga choti akabenso ku state house wanya nayo. mama GHM masampatse mpata ameneyo!

  55. ndadabwa says:

    kikikiki imeneyi yandikomera. remember the new marriage bill says anyone tampering with other people’s partners must be jailed. omwe mumawafuna a pulezident tikumangani. ife wathu ndi Getrude yemweyo. bravo madame first lady. asakuzoloweni anthu amenewa. ndi a “zolowere mkudyere”

  56. Timanena ife a Peter ingolowani chokolo taonani simwadana ndi alamu any apa munalonjezatu kuti sadzayenda yekha Calista,nanga lero,…………… Kkkkkkkkkkkkk koma dzikoli!!!!

  57. Chindazi says:

    Callista osadada…. idya katundu wa Bisnowatty…… basi….. you cam marry him as well….

  58. New Govt says:

    I don’t like gossip news like this! Some readers are policy makers and what is the aim of this story? Nosense nyasa

  59. Shupit says:

    Inu mbuzi eti Aliyense asakomente nkhani yabozai. Mwakhuta mphalabungu eti? Kolumbira kunali ndani maesa ndi Getrude. Mwasowa zolemba amathamanga ku ukwati kuja maesa ndi azinzake a Callista achina Roza Mbilizi

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