Callista urges Malawi women to be prayerful: International Women’s Day

Malawi’s former First Lady Callista Mutharika has urged women to be more prayerful and should shoulder responsibility of protecting and advancing the interest of fellow women in the country.

Callista: Women need God’s guidance

Callista: Women need God’s guidance

Callista waking about at the event

Callista walking about at the event

The former First Lady said this when she graced this year’s women’s national day of prayer at Bangwe CCAP Church in Blantyre on Friday.

She said it was very encouraging to see women from different churches coming together to pray for the nation, families and other injustices that are stifling women empowerment in the country.

“It’s very important that as women we become more prayerful more than we have ever been because the country is facing a lot of problems emanating from hunger, gender violence, poverty and oppression, so we need the God’s guidance to able to alleviate these problems.

“This day also emphasizes the need of coming together in worship while seeking heavenly solution and blessings from God. We are not all fortunate to get what need in our day to day life, so need to be very grateful to God for every blessing we receive from him,” said Mutharika.

She further observed that it was high time men and the society understood women by involving them in decision making positions.

“Men should stop abusing women; being abusive doesn’t not help at all and the nation cannot development with such vices. Men and women should unite and work together for the betterment of our country.

“There is also need for women to united and be more prayerful to ably fight against abuses and gender violence in the country,” she said.

She also urged people to make sure that all the violence against women and children are reported to police.
International women’s prayers are conducted globally on first Friday of the month of March every year and they follow the same programme and theme.

It was set aside by the United Nations to create awareness on the tremendous contributions women make to the societies and the need to respect women rights in the spheres of life.
Malawi government dedicated this year’s international women’s prayer to women and children who are victims of floods in the 15 districts of the country.

The Minister of Gender, Children, Disability and Social Welfare, Patricia Kaliati said they have received reports of sexual abuse in some and revealed some culprits have been arrested

She said currently there are 661,000 women and girls who have been affected by floods and are in need of resources like food and clothes.

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28 thoughts on “Callista urges Malawi women to be prayerful: International Women’s Day”

  1. macd says:

    koma muli chest

  2. apundi says says:

    mwaondatu, mukulirabe maliro, taonani kadzanja mmene kathera, iwe umaopa Mulungu, unkatukwana Mai Joyce Banda. Pano ukuti chani osakhala ngati Shanil Muluzi bwanji munthu wa discipline. kagwere uko hule iwe

  3. Chatty Man says:

    Avoiding gate crushing! !

  4. kd says:

    calista ali khenge ….

  5. Khuere khongonyowa says:

    musayambetu kumamuderera nzanu apa mukanakhalatu inu mukanakasuma kwa president kuti azangawa sakundilemekeza APM OSAMALOLA zimenezi.

  6. Nyankhonde says:

    Pea Mama Callista mwatowa chomene! God is great and we as women will continue singing praises to him

  7. MamaT says:

    Mau Mama Callista. Only God knows our destiny nobody has the right to judge

  8. Tupoche says:

    Koma mayi Acllista ndinakusowani. Kusowana kobela ma style tailor kukanika kumuuza.bwelcome back Mama!

  9. Hastings says:

    Koma mkazi kuwala uyu! Ine shaa

  10. tonse says:

    Do we have two First Ladies? Callista and Getrude? Why did these hold two separate functions on the same day? I would have understood if Mrs Chilima was holding the second function and not Callista. What is her role?

    1. Tiyanjane says:

      As former first lady, Callista can help the First Lady to mobilize fellow women in many ways; in the same way a sitting president may assign tasks to his/her predecessor. Unfortunately, unprogressive people like you Tonse mislead the first lady. Bwanji kukamila maganizo achikale. Wake up my friend.

  11. Moya says:

    Nkhani koma iyi Callista welcome ena akuti Beam with no sense of direction zachisoni

  12. ğyu says:

    Malawian women already praying too much. We don’t need some dubious role models encouraging more of the same

  13. thunduwike says:

    Dzina la Mulungu laphweka sopano, masiku omalizadi awa

  14. ine joyce says:

    Zoona mamma . Pamela is that you standing next to her? May the Lord grant you your wishes

  15. Vwito says:

    Ee kaya ndi masiku omaliza kaya oyamba, bola iye Callista wasankha njira ya bwino! Ambuye alemekezeke!

  16. mgawadere says:

    Shaaaa masiku omaliza mpaka callista kumatchula zamulungu

  17. Moya says:

    Nice to see you Madame Callista!

  18. brutsha says:

    ‘Osagwira ntchito adadye’ mau opatulika akutero. Izi zomangoti prayers , prayers timaluza nazo focus. Get me right here am not trashing prayers but if we don’t work as a nation expect no progress. Time for miracles is no longer around.

  19. Esther says:

    Munasowa Mayi Callista nanga kuno ku mpoto mubwera liti ife tu takusowani

  20. bernadetta says:

    Kulimbana kwabwino ndikupemphera. Womwa tea adzamwanso Callista uyo

  21. Nzeru says:

    Callista, our Mama the fashionista we miss you! TVM is no longer the same

  22. madala says:

    Ma gold diggers azimayi akumalawi, osafuna kugwila ntchito ndi manja koma kukwatila azimbambo akafa mupeze chenje.

  23. Patriot says:

    Callista paja ndi ndani?

  24. Charles says:

    Great Mdme Callista! Good you are moving on! Ambuye akudalitseni. Time heals!

  25. ujeni says:

    Protecting and advancing interest of fellow women? She is joking, she was insulting JB daily for the past two years. Dont listen to a dundderhead like her.

  26. mangochi Kabwafu says:

    Prayer should work hand in hand with hard working, osangoti myendo tambalare just waiting for hand outs from the west

    1. ujeni says:

      Malawians wait for miracles, no miracle no action no progression it is as simple as that

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