Calls for Malawi Finance Minister to resign grow louder : ‘Wachekula’ Goodall

A cross section of Malawians have intensified their calls for Finance Minister Goodall Gondwe to resign, arguing he has failed the country in recent times.

Goodall Gondwe: Faces growing calls to resign as Malawi Finance Minister

Goodall Gondwe: Faces growing calls to resign as Malawi Finance Minister

In text messages to Capital Radio, some Malawians pushed the blame on the slump of the economy to Gondwe.

Some of the texts urged President Peter Mutharika to appoint a youthful and relevant finance minister who can deal with emerging economical and financial problems the country is facing.

“He was in Reserve Bank in 1966, he was in the ministry of finance in 1970, he worked for the World Bank in 1972…he has outlived his professional life,” read one text on the radio.

Anchor of the Day Break Malawi programme on Wednesday Timothy Kateta promised to read all texts and he did.

However other texts said the economic problems were not  the making of Gondwe, arguing this is a global phenomenon.

Capital Radio wanted to talk to Gondwe to react to the public views but he said he was busy in a meeting.

Also posting comments on Nyasa Times articles,  Malawians argue that Gondwe is “too old” to steer economic revival.

Wachekula dada Gondwe (Gondwe is too old),” read one comment posted on Nyasa Times.

Another comment read: “ Goodall  would do Malawi a big favour by retiring,”

However,  Gondwe said age could not be used to determine one’s ability to lead.

In a statement the Finance Minister said the economy would improve soon pegging growth to be at four percent.

He did not however say how soon will the  economy improve but said the weakening Kwachacurrency will  start stabilising “ this week or next week.”

Gondwe blamed the current economic situation to cashgate, the infamous looting of public resources at Capital Hill, the freeze on aid by traditional donors and floods and drought among others.

He said the Malawi economy was doing much better than other economies in the region soon after they floated their currencies.

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68 thoughts on “Calls for Malawi Finance Minister to resign grow louder : ‘Wachekula’ Goodall”

  1. Mlongwe says:

    Cashgate and what what should not be an escaping goat NO!! Adada imwe just vuma wasakara. Today this tomorrow that. You have us we have lost trust in you

  2. chisomo Bullah says:

    hahaha kukanitsitsa kkkk

  3. Mchengasuyandama says:

    better resign dada gondwe you failed malawians during bingus era now here you are at it again old dog

  4. Goodall Gondwe says:

    Whether you like or not I cannot resign mpando uwu ngwakunowa.

  5. The Gisa says:

    Well, freedom of expression.
    in respect and honoring, Goodall and Peter please let your posts run by youngsters, we command you to leave before action taken, we are so sick and tired of your old style of running the government.
    Leave to be honored or else the chase will have to be against your age steps.

  6. Kanyimbi says:

    These radio stations broadcast to their friends and relatives. Those comments are not from all the regions of Malawi. Please broadcast ideas that have made other countries to develop. Chonde maganizo opusa ngati amenewa ndi amene akupangitsa dziko lino kumaposedwa ndi dziko la Mazambiki kkkkkkk.

  7. CHINGOTA says:


  8. i think ma representer a maradio enawa amasuta chamba

  9. PITALA says:

    Thank you CAPITAL FM for giving us Malawians a platform kuti tikonze zinthu, both Goodall and PITALA must goooo! nkhalamba izi zalephela ndipo zatikwana. You are the best

  10. Mbani says:

    look at the face a had Zika in Malawi

    1. Tiredofthis says:

      @ 55 what about peter, mwanamveka and chaponda

  11. 2016 welcome says:

    Leadership vacuum. There is no way government systems can perform when the president has no idea whatsoever on how to run the country.

  12. Anonymous says:

    While its true that the time has come for Goodall to step down, the tone of articles like this one displays the type of ingratitude and utmost contempt with which Malawians treat their national heroes.Competent people are reluctant to join high political office because they know that once its over,they can find their names being dragged through the mud and their time,money and hard work scattered to the winds by dimwits,rumour mongerers and downright haters with no sense of respect,self- or otherwise.That is why the government is full of trash!! No one half-decent is prepared to throw themselves into the boiling inferno known as Malawian public opinion!Goodall Gondwe is one of the most educated sons that Malawi has produced.He is a man of the highest calibre who has done a lot for this nation and should always,ALWAYS,be handled with respect and dignity.How then is it possible for him to be told ‘Wachekula adada’ now? Can you imagine someone saying that about Mandela or Tutu? What is wrong with us?

  13. the councillor says:

    from 2004 to date Gondwe has been minister for at least 7yrs. In other words what we see is a reflection of how good or bad his financial understanding and application is. Adherence or non adherence to financial poicies are have all been under his watch. By the way why does government policy says at 60 or 65 some one must retire? if some one is 70 and would like to get advice, can he turn to 40 year old or someone older than him, 80. No wonder we are doomed

  14. Cash gate banda says:

    That’s one of the reasons I don’t listen to stupid radio stations of Malawi. How could a presenter put such a topic for listeners to comment on. Doesn’t he know the origins if this economic meltdown? So in his stupid thinking the presenter thinks if GG I’d gone today, the economy will pick up tomorrow? Stupid radio station. No wonder it is failing yo expand.

  15. Concerned citizen says:

    Take it or leave it, history tells us that our country can not tolerate or cope with a cabinet full of sharp nationalistic ministers in there twenties and thirties who are willing to turn the country round for the benefit of the nation. Case in point the first Malawi cabinet, and the subsequent crisis of 64.

    Question: which would you rank as the best cabinet Malawi has ever had? What were their qualities? Where are we now?

    Please advise?

  16. Dumb Malawians says:

    This is how stupid Malawians are they cannot see what is causing the economic melt down . Dumb Malawians – this country is surely not going anywhere. A lost generation – sad.

  17. Medrian Kaunda says:

    Stop your useless comments. Whoever is the Finance Minister cannot turn the economy around. It is dropping without fail with this government. Prayers will not help. The only way is the 20th and 21st of July. So stop your whining and get going like men, not church mice.

  18. Mwiza says:

    There is need to make some painful political decisions. We all need to assume a freedom fighter status, deferring better life to the future. Reduce subsidies, introduce fees for some services, broaden tax base, promote commercial maize farming, upscale preventive health services over curative ones, broaden tax bases, ensure compliance on what belongs to Caesar such as payment of City rates, improve service delivery, improve financial management by taking back responsibility to Controlling Officers away from Accountant General where public funds have become the “commons”; outsource administration of IFMIS to a competent company etc…at least from a non economist!

  19. Gunthu says:

    Why should G. Gondwe resign? Do you think he is the only person steering this country? He has other people from whom he can get some advice. This is total nonsense!

  20. maria says:

    @ kunchedwa !!!!

    It shows to me that iwenso ndi chimtumbuka , chonyatsa mkope ngati Goodall.
    How come you are saying that he is incorruptible ? Kodi iwe unali kuti pamene amakomoka ndalayu atamutsekera pankhani ya corruption. ?
    kodi pali mtumbuka kumalawi kuno amene alibe corruption?
    chilowereni pitala , zinthu sizikufwamba bwino pankhani ya chuma and you are fucking praising them kukala ngati iwe kwanu zikuyenda bwino

    1. JJB says:

      You are an idiot, Gondwe sanatseleledwe ndi corruption. Galu iwe eti?

    2. Chisoso Chako says:

      @ 45 iwe ndiye ndi chmlomwe cha nkhope yoopsya ngati ya chapnda, mwanamveka ndi peter

  21. Aubrey Sumbuleta says:

    Our country put 65 as age limit for civil servants. Meaning that at 65, a person is supposed to retire and enjoy their retirement benefits. At 65, one’s brain does not function vibrantly the way it could function while in the 40’s or 50’s. Now, the problem here is, the President is our Civil Servant number one, yet he’s in his late 70’s, his Finance Minister us also in that same age bracket, tell me, what can these two old fellas do to revive our ailing economy. Goodal Gondwe did his economics school during colonial era, from that time todate so many changes have taken place, isn’t time for him to throw in the towel and pave way for new blood with new ideas. There’s no way in modern world we can leave the huge task of taking care of our economy in the old hands of one Goodal Gondwe. His time is gone, that’s the fact. And Peter Mutharika same thing. He’s too old for the presidency. It’s high time our constitution worked on the age limit for presidential aspirants. I rest my case.

  22. maria says:

    oh is he the only one who is old?

  23. susan says:

    Ana too much zibwana. Look at the list of cadhgaters Ana okha okha. Goodall is ideal for the Job

  24. Mchipeta says:

    The current situation is a sum total of government systems failure over the years for which GG bears no responsibility. Just check out what goes on in every Ministry and government department/parastatal. What is happening there is the reason why the economy cannot tick. There are systems in place which are flouted from the top most officials to the lowest. If systems do not work the economy cannot tick even if a Godall Gondwe of 1966 were Finance Minister. Just look at inefficiency, hunger for money, lavish life styles, corruption/lack of controls in all the aforementioned places and now spreading to the private sector and NGOs. These things are now becoming institutionalized in our society. How do you expect the economy to tick. Government decisions are based on “what shall I benefit” and not what is good for the country. Unless this trend is reversed, the economy will not revive, whether GG is there or not. Any wonder how we are failing to conclude cash gate cases? How do you start with arresting and sentencing the recipient before arresting the one who authorizes? That said Goodall deserves a lot of respect for all his efforts. If you have access to him and other few well meaning Malawians in government/politics, they will tell you how political interference hinder financial prudence in Malawi. Could be the reason why the Old man said the economy is in the hands of God….to change this corrupted mind set.

  25. Ken says:

    A Malawi dziwani kuti posachedwapa azungu akhala opanda ntchito (irrelevant) pa chitukuko cha dziko lino.
    Azunguonso akudziwa.

    Panopo Malawi tayamba kuzolowera kuzidalira patokha pa chuma. And that’s critical.
    Thanks to people like the Goodalls & APM.

    Tiyeni tipilire mabvutowa a Malawi.

    Keep up APM , maintain Goodall as Finance Minister and never allow crooks to prevail on ur good judgement so that alowe ku Finance ndi iwowo.

    Nkhani izi atolakhani akutumidwa kuti ayipitse ubale wanu ndi a Goodall

  26. Goodfall Gondwe says:

    That’s going to be a good fall for wadada Gondwe, so spectacular to watch like Mutharika’s seedling fall down.

  27. Raptete says:

    Goodwall needs to go indeed. He is out of ideas now on how to help the economy recover. He has served Malawi really well in the past; but its now time for him to resign and give a chance to new bright minded economist for the job.

  28. Zondiwe says:

    Minister Gondwe is going nowhere.
    The economy cannot be about one person.
    Goodall is a good Minister as he is a Technocrat and not a politician.
    At Finance, you need a Technocrat like him. He is not even an MP!
    So, leave Hon Goodall Gondwe alone. He is doing a commendable
    job in these difficult circumstances.

  29. Chilungamo Chimawawa says:

    its both Goodall and Che Pitala

  30. Kunchedwa. says:

    Kulibe dziko limene limasiira unduna wa zachuma kwa tiana tosakhwima.

    Kaya ku UK, Germany, USA, Zambia.Unduna wazachuma amaikako mikhala kale.

    Kusadziwa a Malawi ena!

    Goodall ndi katakwe pa zachuma ndipo kaya IMF, Worldbank, ADB , etc amapinda michira akamva za Goodall.

    And here you are umbuli uli thoooo! mumvekere fwe fwe fwe. Tikuuzeni zoona. As things stand now, ndi Hon Gondwe okha a mene angathandize APM kukonza chuma chathuchi.

    I think APM alore tsiku lina kuti Hon Goodall Gondwe azacheze ndi atolankhani pa live debate on TV for the benefit of Malawians.

    A Gondwe simunthu wamasewera.For his advanced age, he is highly sophisticated & sharp on economic matters.

    Above all, he is highly ethical & incorruptible! Osati zoika tianyamata kukhala nduna ya zachuma. Izi ndichimozimozi kuika mbewa kiti iziyang’anira thumba la mtedza okazinga.

    Anyamata kuba anyanya.

  31. mopia says:

    we had Zika in Malawi

  32. Malawian we just being jealousy or”kusowa fundo” is economy Goodall alone problems…..wait he not be there for life am telling You,…check your reasons pure nosense……..ok anyway put four finance ministers may be they will do like farming……

  33. Goodall wachekula chomeni.Wawele waka kukaya ku enukweni.Munthu mulala nge uyu akukhumbika yayi chi post chikulu nge cha u finance minister.Izi zikukhumbika kuti zikawe nduna za mfumu ku kaya.Go well Goodall atlist u have done ur part.Next on the list to retire will b my asekulu.Chifukwa nawonso atondeka.kkkkkkkkk.

  34. NP says:

    Nononse – Alot of foolish pips in this chatroom. I say Peter Muthalirka must resign, Are you are afraid of him

  35. Muhammed says:

    If those critisizing this man have any idea of the situation being managed by this old man they would not be making these accusations but praising the same man. He is malawis best hope and we should instead be praying for him .

  36. Fabiaon says:


  37. The angry cizen says:

    U have talked about Gondwe more than enough by u have left one other person behind,that is the governor of reserve Bank should also resign apo biiii muona !!!!!!

  38. Mytake says:

    I agree that Goodall Gondwe is failing and should go. He has ran out of steam.

  39. Baba Wa Boyi says:

    Remove Gondwe from the Ministry of Finance at your own peril.

    What you should be asking Muthalika to do is give Gondwe an understudy. The man is old yes no one argues with that, but he is a useful old man unlike the majority of Malawians his age.

    people are saying don’t blame cashgate, don’t blame lack of donor funds, such arguments just show a lack of understanding of how economies work.

    A looting of Government funds the size of cashgate, can not be erased in two years, coupled with withdrawal of 40% budget support, it could take up to 10 years to really settle. Don’t forget there is an “Elnino” I am sure Malawians will blame that on Gondwe.

    If Malawians put as much effort in working as they do in talking Malawi would be the richest country in Africa.

    Gondwe is keeping this economy together, remove him and you will see.

    People are even talking of Chikawonda, zachibale chani? the man is failing to run PRESS and you believe he can run the economy of a country? stupidity does not go beyond this.

    Malawians are lazy fair and square and their economy is just as lazy. Nothing to do with Gondwe.

    I hope Gondwe resigns so Stupid Malawians can see what he was doing.

  40. President Mkango Lion Chivomorezi Chisokonezo Manthakanjenjemereza says:

    Goodall, I am not an economist but i can teach you some macro economic theory, govt expenditure stimulate demand. e.g. If Got department is funded and supplier gets paid from several govt department, there is economic growth for private sector. Govt departments have not been funded in January and February and last year June and July. Then you wonder when kwacha is falling. eeee Goodall and your company have failed.

  41. The Analyst says:

    The blame on Gondwe for the ills of Malawi economy is as narrow a focus and misplaced, as the calls for his resignation as a solution, are misguided and ill-advised.

    If the PP era cashgate has made Malawi govt cash less, then Gondwe as a current Minister of Finance had nothing whatsoever to do with it.
    And if Malawi missed an opportunity to bring back donors for failing to table the ATI Bill, Gondwe is nowhere near saying, “I don’t take ultimatums from nobody” and “Anybody putting deadlines on me, is wasting their time.” And if the reason is over-expenditure on APMs extravagance, Gondwe can only advise but its up to APM to take the advice or not.

    If the freely water-floating or air-flying or road-moving Kwacha is making inflation fly even higher hence butt-and-pocket-biting, Gondwe is still not any near to blame because he is more responsible for fiscal and not monetary policy.
    Moreover, monetary policy is nobody’s but a national policy. Furthermore, it was “Azungu Akuti” who just woke up and adopted this exchange rate regime, yet reversing it, is not as simple as we may think.

    If the hunger problem is a result of erratic rains, mismanaged FISP and failure to adopt large-scale irrigation farming and overpopulation; Gondwe is clearly and conveniently missing in this equation.
    In short (though much long has already been said), Gondwe is neither the reason for the country’s problems; nor thus, is removing him a solution.

    Malawi is a system and though finance is as vital to the economy as is the heart to the body hence its failure can lead to death of the whole system; it is the failure of the whole body to adopt a healthy life-style that’s making it hard for the heart to function well.
    As such, whether the old heart muscle is replaced with a young and new muscle, if the body continues to live unhealthy, no sustained gains will be reaped.

  42. dada says:

    The problem is DPP and the people who support(ed) this infamous party of crooks, thieves and killers. The problem is not GG, and the problem is not JB.

  43. KAYA .MTUMBUKA says:


  44. rphiri says:

    GG had sound ideas when he was so youthful but now everyone can agree with me that at the rate issues are changing, he can not cope with. We need energetic middle aged people who can dedicate some of their sleeping hours to working towards rescuing Malawi’s deatheconomy from the

  45. The Partriot says:

    The Malawian bigots with their usual bogey man! If the economy is not ticking who should the bigots blame? An ageing Northerner!!!
    Eh, nkhalamba mu cabinet ndi zingati?
    Nkhalamba zochokera kwanuzo mukuongoziweta? Wakwithuyo ndiye fwefwefwe?
    Ok ,if Goodall is to resign then all our leaders above 70 should resign!

  46. Sapitwa says:

    Blaming it all on Gondwe is failure to understand the root causes of economic deterioration. Who doesn’t know that:
    Budgetary Aid boosted our economy and it’s abrupt stoppage is one of the factors?
    Low domestic production impacting more imports is widening the country’s debt base?
    Increased theft by servant in the government and private organizations is spicing the economic deterioration?
    These are the basic things that can easily be understood by a common man. These are not caused by Gondwe but us the people and with think he can do the miracles to turn around the economy or that once he leaves then the economy will improve; never! I can bet my US$10,000 on the desk that a youthful Minister will not turn around the economy in the existence of these basic issues I have listed above.

  47. President Mkango Lion Chivomorezi Chisokonezo Manthakanjenjemereza says:

    Goodall, I am an accountant, but I can teach you better macro economics. Govt expenditure stimulate demand and you take time to fund the govt dept saying you are saving. rubbish from economic point of view( fiscal policy). e.g. If you fund govt department and a supplier gets paid from that funding you are stimulating demand and reach one of macro economic target. if you are suffocating suppliers how can economy grow? December and January ther was no govt funding .

  48. Malawian says:

    Why I agree that GG is old, I do not agree that he is entirely to blame for the economic problems we have, rather, my take is GG works under the president and so whatever he does is in tandem with the overall policy championed by the President. Let me give an example, if the president orders the cancellation of a contract which was signed during the previous regime and the contractor goes to court and wins a case against the government, the government pays huge sums of money. This and many other similar issues increase government spending which in turn increases government borrowing, etc. Can we blame the Finance Minister for that? The success or failure of the government depends on the leader because the cabinet and many other people just help him!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. thom says:

    Goodall you have lied to Malaiwans for too long, . Inflation is not going away, Kwacha keeps on losing value, , bread has gone up, maize has gone up everything is going up. Please dont spoil your reputation you had good times so resign in good time so you are not remembered only for these bad times. You tell us forex reserves are up but it is of no use when we cannot afford a basic living. The job of a finance minsiter is not to build up forex reserves only it is to ensure its citizens can afford a basic living. Also tell these to your IMF freinds that there policies are not working for the good they are only hurting us even more, so if IMF are to help Malaiwans they are welcome but if they want to hurt us let them go God is with us we shall survive.

  50. Angel of Doom says:

    Malawi is full of get rich quick no idea people.

    The people that are orchestrating the resignation and removal of Gondwe are those that are lamenting the scarcity of Joyce Bandas looted cash.

    In the first term of Bingu in Government Gondwe put his foot down and said no to Bingu trying to loot the economy, and we were doing well, what did Bingu do to get an excuse to remove Gondwe? Bingu started the fertilizer roumer and used that to remove Gondwe.

    In case Malawians have forgoten, as soon as Gondwe was removed what happened to the economy?

    Realising that he needed Gondwe to make him look good, Bingu brought Gondwe back, but the damage had already been done.

    Gondwe does not go to these presidents asking for a job, they come to him asking him to work for them.

    Have you also already forgotten, that PP soon as it came to power started a roumer that Gondwe tried to join PP and was rejected, the truth of the matter was that Gondwe rejected PP after they asked him to be Finance minister and for damage limitation purposes, started the romour.

    How then did a person that was rejected end up in a PP cabinet?

    Joyce Banda used emotional blackmail to get Gondwe to ask his DPP friends to give him permission to join the PP cabinet, not the party, as most Malawians would like to lie about Gondwe joined PP, he never joined PP.

    All this is verifiable, ask top PP guys that have since left, ask Joyce Banda, if she has any integrity she will verify this.

    How long did it take Bingu to form his first Cabinet? very long, he was failling to convince Gondwe, Just like Muluzi before him failed to convice Gondwe to join his cabinet, un like Muluzi who filled completely, Bingu managed to convice Gondwe to come in as a technocrat minister, not a politician.

    In the end Gondwe was roped into politics, because DPP did not have enough MPs, and it was easier to work from withn parliament.

    Lets not try to make it sound as if Gondwe imposes himself on this country.

    Since you have talked about his work history, Unlike most Malawians who are sponsored by this country to work in international organisations such as IMF, World Bank, etc, Gondwe found these jobs in ADB and IMF on his own initiative. The Malawi Government refused to vote for him as President of ADB, when he was acting there, hence him finding another job with IMF, IMF asked him to resign from Bingus government and go back to IMF during Bingus first term, but he refused, his reason, let me help my country.

    His constituency, was on the up when he was MP, but in the true fashion of Malawians, wanting quick cash, they voted for someone who has done absolutely nothing for them, their reason was the same Gondwe is old.

    Did you know? That Khumbo Kachali was Joyce Banda second choice for vice president, her first choice was G.Gondwe, the same person that they claimed was rejected by PP(ask them)

    And did you know? That during the 2014 elections, every major party, that believed they could win the election,, approached Gondwe to be in their cabinet? I am talking about (UDF, MCP,PP) he is already DPP so they did not have to ask him.

    Can you not see you Malawians, that it did not matter which party won, chances are if Gondwe wanted to he would have been finince minister.whichever party won. ASK THE PARTIES DON’T TAKE MY WORD FOR IT.

    Blame the people that ask him to be minister.

  51. Mphwache says:

    All the monetary policies RBM is using in the economy are DEAD WRONG. Our economy is contracting instead of expanding and the RBM is using monetary instruments that squeeze out and contract the economy. WHY???. Current fiscal and monetary instruments like high reserve ration requirements, high bank rates, high interest rates, high government taxes, all discourage people to spend and consume more, they discourage people to invest or to employ. As a result, we cannot produce enough and are solely dependent on imports (for instance: there are no locally grown irish potatoes, tomatoes or onions now on the market). Just because farmers have had no chance to borrow money for irrigation equipment that would enable them grow irrigated vegetables.

  52. Pharula says:

    The problem with us Malawians is that we have left this country in an individual yet the problems are caused by us.we agreed to float the Kwacha and depreciate it wildly.was it not Bingu and Goodall who vehemently opposed that? Today your young economists accepted hence the consequences. We need Goodall to correct the situation

  53. Penelope says:

    Badada Gondwe save the little respect people have for you by retiring honorably or else…….pajatu zikathina BP yanu imashooter. Resign before things become too hot for you. R u the only economist Malawi has? Answer is big NO. Let young blood take over from you. You and Peter expired over 10 years ago. You can’t still use consumables after two weeks of expiry, what more you? Retirement age is 60 inuyo you are in your late 70s ndi Mathanyula wanuyo

  54. Somba says:

    A Gondwe akachoka pa udindo wa nduna ya zachuma, a Malawi dziwani kuti mabvuto azachuma apitilira & kuba ndalama zaboma ziyambiranso. Even a pulezidenti akuziwa kuti munthu okhulupirika ku Finance ndi a Gondwe.

    Nsanje ndi umbuli lekani a Malawi. Otherwise kadziko kathuka kaonjezekera kusauka.

    Tiyeni tigwirane manja ndi atsogoleri athu.

  55. Kuthetsa kunyoza crew says:

    Eee chabwino you are blaming donor freezing and cashgate. Nde pot zinachitika, inuyo mutanipo??? Wats ur solution? Zomasankhilana kulowezazi sizabwino, ATI chifukwa anali Ku world bank, haha

    1. Gerald mapanga phiri says:

      Malawians remember that most of your brilliant people don’t go to farming and engineering to grow your economy and industries but most go to politics and offices to make easy money. It has been happening many years it was a time waiting bomb. Even those they went in farming, engineering, doctor quit for politics you don’t recognise them now you become caught by time

  56. BOKHO says:

    MUCH !!!


  57. Namalila WA MW says:

    Chabwino eee ur blaming aid freezing. N cashgate,,,, nde pot zinachitika. Inu nde mutanipo? Wats ur solution?

  58. Mzungumbuli says:

    I also support the Idea that Goodall Gondwe retires and I salute you for the effort and contributions you have made to our country and I hope you will be remembered by many in Malawi. I advise you that great minds retire at thier best, and your retirement is overdue.

  59. MABELU says:

    If that is the case
    Both goodal ang peter
    Must go

    They have failed !!

  60. Peeping lizard says:


  61. BOKHO says:

    Where is Mkwezalamba former minister in Joice Banda administration or Mathews Chikaonda.Give these two people a chance to turn around the economy of Malawi.

  62. Mbani says:

    look at him born in Brazil do u know 577 why cant u deal with this first

  63. mabungu says:

    Putting blames on cashgate , drought, etc does not solve the problem. What we are saying is that there is a problem and has to be solved regardless of whatever happened in the past or is currently happening. Do you stopping eating because last week you were ill. Lame excuse. Blaming cashgate for two years is just another scapegoat otherwise admit that you do not have solutions to current problems hence others should take over.

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