Calm returns at Kamuzu Central Hospital after patients vocal protests

Calm has returned at Kamuzu Central Hospital in Lilongwe after patients on Friday staged a vocal protest because there was no nurse in Ward 4B on Thursday night.

A ward at KCH

The patients claimed two patients died because of lack of care as there was no nurse on duty.

Hospital director Dr Jonathan Ngoma however said only one patient died.

He confirmed there was no nurse on night duty on Thursday.

“I think there was communication break down. The nurse who was on duty did not communicate with management that she was not showing up for duties,” he said.

However, very surprisingly, Dr Ngoma seemed to be backing the lack of discipline by the nurse by absconding from duty, saying nurses suffer fatigue because they look after 100 patients in a day than the recommended international figure of 12.

“The government should just employ more nurses. We are abusing these nurses,” said Ngoma, begging the question why can’t the nurses resign and join the private hospitals where they can get lucrative pay and look after the recommended number of patients.

Ngoma also doubted if the patient died because of lack of a nurse saying the boy had been sick since December and his organs died long ago and was expected to die.

Malawians complain that medical practitioners in public hospitals can sometimes be rude and do not treat patients, who are mostly the poor, with respect.

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20 thoughts on “Calm returns at Kamuzu Central Hospital after patients vocal protests”

  1. gadaffi says:

    kamuzu central ndi mbiri zonyasa dzulo pa 18 may 2017 agwira DR ndi mankhwala pa gate kma Dr ngoma anangoti usazayambiletso kma anakakhala mwana bwenzi atamchosa kma poti ndi senior dr mzake osapangapo kanthu .the minister of healyh why r u keeping this Director ? ngoma hsa failed to runn the affairs of the hospital.pple will speak 2019 bcoz mkumtsunga bcoz anakuthandizani tikudziwa zomwe anakupangirani

  2. Hoosen says:

    Dont blame de nurse or de doctoctors. De pblm z DPP gvmnt. Its a gvmnt dat does nt cares abt malawians. They dont ve proper stratgy on how to uplift ppl’s welfare. Waste of time n money

  3. chipatso mbewe says:

    Nawonso ndi anthu a Nurse amatopa, ndiye tsiku limeneli, amene anayenera kubwerayo anatopa chabe kuti sanapeleke excuse of her not coming to work. Ankapuma kunyumba kwake. Maybe enanu simunawone mmene kumakhalira ku ward ya ana ija. Sorry kuti zinthu zinayenda momwe zinayenderamo, tiyeni tikhululuke.

  4. zanga phee says:

    Owoo ameyembekezera kufa , ndiye njira yake I khale I meneyi??? very shame!

  5. Wa misses says:

    That is the sign of lack of leadership from top to bottom. Ask the president of Tanzania. Ur president prof. Mutharika does not know what to do.

  6. Wa misses says:

    That is the sign of lack of leadership from top to bottom. Ask the president of Tanzania. Ur president prof. Mutharika is does not know what to do.

  7. mike Jones says:

    talk about mapwefupwefu first at plot number 1 to pack up his bags because he is the cause of all this mess.

  8. Hatton says:

    Madam Ngoma, have you forgotten the medical ethics? How can you, in the name of medical ethics, disclose the patient’s ailment without their consent? This is very disgracing. I hope and belief the Ministry of Health will revoke your licences and certificates. You do not deserve to work anywhere near medical profession; you are a disgrace. You said “the boy was to die”, are you not going to die yourself? Why are you taking ARVs everyday?
    Please Ministry of Health, do away with this woman, Malawi will not even miss her just like amache anathawa aja.

    1. Sing'anga says:

      Apa nde this is unrelated – ur addressing the wrong Ngoma n has nothing to do with anything. Bwana ngoma amakamba za prognosis – sizukhudzana ndi ma arv mukunenawo mwangofuna Kupanga divulge information yosayenera

  9. Dr Tambala says:

    most of the people complaining here work a regular shift 7.30-5pm job in a company where there are no vacancies and understand how it feels to cover other peoples shifts. Dr Ngoma has offered a solution-give him more nurses!!! koma inu you want the few remaining nurses to work themselves into exhaustion and death!

  10. Wandale wamyee says:

    Dr Ngoma – “Only one patient died” even it is one is it better than two. I think our health workers are so used to death to the extent that they have lost their souls. Any loss of life in their hands must be a worrisome issue. Crying for my beloved country

    1. Gibo says:

      my frnd ,dere is too much shortage mu xipatalamu as of now.Health workers akumalixa xool bwino bwino but dey are no employed by da government,so wat do yu expect?

    2. Sing'anga says:

      Cry very loudly Ife nde tinatopa nkulirako. Govt doesn’t care about its ppl

  11. Che nsomba says:

    Dr. Ngoma this is not on. Are you telling me that there are no systems to co-ordinate communication at the hospital? I took my nephew to the same hospital due to the fact that he had broken the bones in his right hand. We waited from 5.30pm to 10pm and we were told that the person responsible did not know that he would be on duty yet he was busy working at a private hospital. Other patients had waited even longer. As soon as he attended to us he left immediately telling us that we should return five days later. No remorse at all. Someone up there is sitting “phwii” and earning fat salaries and allowances. Dr. Ngoma find work elsewhere because you are not the medics we need in our public hospitals.

    1. Patty Atty says:

      mmm ma nursedi amatopa

    2. Dayton Steven says:

      Koma mwanena ndithu Chesomba ndagwilizana nanu

    3. Gibo says:

      Because u are nat a health worker ,dere is nothiing yu cn understand wen dey sae dere was no nurse.

    4. Vincent says:

      I don’t think there are fat salaries for anybody at KCH including Dr Ngoma. As Malawians we are all to blame. The Director’s response was not well measured of course. That shouldn’t stop us all from finding the root cause of this system break down!

    5. Sing'anga says:

      Hhhmmm Koma nde mwalankhula. Koma munthu ngati amang’amba calendar osalandila salary mumati akakudyelani kuti? Ana ake adya chani? The problem with malawians is you like to point fngers n not get to the root cause of the problem. Health care workers signed up to help ppl but they r humans too with real issues but somehow the rest of you act like they r super human with no real issues. They work in poor conditions n serve yet they remain unappreciated…. talking about no remorse – I guess he learned very well from his employer how they can delay his salary with no remorse n not care about how he is surviving……

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