Calm returns to Tsangano after commotion: Malawi- Mozambique border

Relative calm has returned to the Tsangano trading centre in Ntcheu the border between Malawi and Mozambique, that was rocked by violence between locals on Monday as a Burundian national residing in Mozambique side detained a Malawian trader.

Tsangano Turn off

Tsangano Turn off

Speculations were rife that the Mozambican military soldiers invaded the Malawi side in a war threatening manner when the messages were put to alert road travellers to avoid the route.

But Malawi Police said there was no such military action.

“What happened is that a Malawian boy was detained by a Burundian boy staying on Mozambique side at Tsangano,” Malawi Police spokesman Nicholous Gondwa said.

“Some other people of bad behaviour, the criminals took advantage [of the situation] and looted some groceries in the Burundian shop,” Gondwa explained.

This triggered chaotic scenes among locals.

Eye witnesses said Mozambique soldiers crossed the boarders armed to the teeth and caused havoc in Malawi confiscating groceries from Malawians, some which were not even part of loot.

Malawi Police made arrests of 12 people over the looting.

The suspects are expected to appear in court Tuesday, police said.

Tsangano Turn Off Trading Centre in Ntcheu along the M1 Road is an almost irresistible stopover for travellers wishing to buy vegetables and potatoes.

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21 thoughts on “Calm returns to Tsangano after commotion: Malawi- Mozambique border”

  1. Bright Mw says:

    Let’s pray for our country God bless Malawi

  2. Beto says:

    War in africa why why??

  3. true patriot says:

    Our security agencies have a serious problem – how can they downplay such a grave incident? They are used to feeding us with lies on everything, including peddling on petty issues. This habit has became so entrenched in our system with the devastating effect of downplaying an inversion! It is only in this country where a very senior security officer, a five star general for that matter, can be slain in cold blood and yet, 20 years down the line, the country still hasn’t found who carried out this crime… That is the tragedy called Malawi…

  4. poul says:

    i think lucky of understandings i hope so

  5. Limz says:

    kkkkkkkk the funny part is, Burundians use Malawi kwacha though they wish to be called Mozambicans

  6. Enawa says:

    Please pc is vital seek it

  7. Mathews says:

    Osateteza abale awo akuvutika kwawok bwanji

  8. The Chap says:

    Why would the Mozambican police enter Malawi on a war zone like? Its unheard of because we are a sovereign country and no where can this be done.

    Am sure Malawian police were scared to a great deal, How dare they enter Malawi tooth armed? Ma rubbish awa ndithu

  9. tsangano says:

    mchiyani kodi a Malawi???

  10. Phwisa says:

    If it were in Zambia the Burundians akadaona zenophobia.

  11. Kafuse says:

    Zachamba Mocambiqui

  12. 2016 welcome says:

    Some readers lack comprehension skills. Just rush to comment before understanding the issue. The issue is about looters. Regardless of nationality don’t support thievery. If anything, for those who say will only buy Malawian traders, I have got this to tell you; Most Malawian traders, mark, most, am not saying all, are crooks at places like Tsangano, Lizulu, Dedza boma etc. You will note that product of the same quality and quantity is cheaper on the Mozambic side but exorbitantly expensive on the Malawi side. As a careful buyer I always look for these market forces.

  13. ephraim gama says:

    kkkkkkkkkk our country lotseketsa.

  14. Malire amanewa adzayambitsa nkhondo tsiku lina ,quote my words

  15. Kanyimbi says:

    kupusa kwa a Malawi, why didn’t the police rescue the Malawian boy that was detained? Now can they see how the Mozambican soldiers acted? Please wake up Malwians.

  16. Akungolonje says:

    Bwanji sikunaphedwenso Commander wina?

  17. Hoitty Totty says:

    Side ya Malawi muziika mbendera tidzikugulani tione ngati a mazambiki atalimbepo

  18. Penya says:

    Munawaputa dala kukalanda Katundu mu grocery mmalo mokatenga mwana uyo anamagwidwa.

  19. MO says:

    A malawian was detained by a BurundiAn who resides in v mpanyila side instead of malawi going mpanyila it mpanyex police nyasaland malabishi

  20. chauma says:

    Stupit malawians! Got used of poverty!and poverty will be your war forever!!!

  21. Chipalamandule says:

    Stupit mozambicans. Zazolowera nkhondo izo.

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