Cama plans demo on water outage: Kapito calls for BWB officials to be fired

Malawi’s consumer watchdog, Consumers Association of Malawi (Cama) is on Thursday next week scheduled to hold demonstration in protest against utility-service provider Blantyre Water Board (BWB) for its inefficiency in improving water scarcity currently at critical moment
in Blantyre city.

Kapito:  We will go on the streets

Kapito: We will go on the streets

Aside the demonstrations, which will attract affected residents from the townships and residential areas within the commercial city Blantyre, Cama is expected to hand over its petition to BWB with
seven-listed demands.

In an interview with Nyasa Times, Cama executive director John Kapito said they have been forced to call for the demonstration due to continued water shortages, which have affected businesses and lives of many people.

“Basic services such as hospitals and hospitality institutions are failing to provide consumers adequately and safely because of this water shortage. Businesses have suffered too impacting greatly on their production levels and provision of basic commodities to consumers in Blantyre and the country in general,” lamented Kapito.

Kapito who was recently appointed Chairperson for Southern Region Water Board said consumers have been aggravated by BWB failure to listen to their request to understand and appreciate gravity of frequent water shortages.

He has since demanded government to immediately restructure and remove the incompetent management of Blantyre Water Board if water supplies are not restored in Blantyre with immediate effect.

“Water is life and denying access to consumers is an infringement of a basic right to life. At no given time should consumers be denied access to such a basic commodity and the Management of Blantyre Water Board must understand its responsibility in the provision of water to
consumers at all times,” he said.

Kapito added: “The Board must to take full responsibility where there are disruptions and ensure that its consumers are provided with alternative sources of water. The use of water tankers must not be an afterthought but an established standby option for consumers to minimise inconvenience when problems occur.”

He feels that consumers pay for this water service and should not be subjected to unnecessary suffering resulting from gross mismanagement and poor service delivery by management of Blantyre
Water Board.

“We urge Blantyre Water Board to rectify its problems in the shortest time possible and have foresight, plan ahead, and put in place structural capabilities to minimize water shortage with the ever growing population of the city. Apologising for failure to provide water, on reasons that could have been avoided with proper planning, is not justified and is an insult to the water users in Blantyre.

“Our request to providers of basic services such as water has always been that any apology must be accompanied with an immediate alternative for the supply of such a service. Considering the
sensitivity and the importance of water to every consumer, it is our intention as consumers living in Blantyre to stand up and demand that Blantyre Water Board must immediately restore uninterrupted supply of water.”

The human rights activist argued that if BWB was facing genuine technical problems hindering the delivery of water through the pipe system, they must provide consumers with water through tankers in the morning and evening on a daily basis until such a time that their technical problems are rectified.

Meanwhile, Cama has listed seven pointers, demanding BWB to rectify the current water crisis before the consumers take the law I their own hands.

Among the demands Cama has called on BWB to immediately provide and restore water supply to consumers without disruptions, provide consumers with alternative daily water supplies through the use of water tanks when the Board has technical constraints, and provide water through the use of water tanks and ensure that a detailed programme is provided to consumers.

“BWB should ensure that consumers are not provided with inflated water bills at a time they are not getting any water supplies through the normal system; ensure that consumers are informed ahead of time on any technical works being undertaken by the board and how water supply may
be affected.”

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48 thoughts on “Cama plans demo on water outage: Kapito calls for BWB officials to be fired”

  1. The Patriot says:

    Kapito for President!!

  2. chithawe says:

    Bravo Kapito. Talent ya ma demo ndiye muli nayo akulu. Choyamba mutafufuza ndi a BWB ali ndi mavuto otani? Tikumva kuti ma MP ndi ma Counsellor a mu mzinda wa BT anakawona gwero la mavuto ku malo opopera madzi ku Nkula, komanso nduna inali komweko. Tikumva kuti bungweli likusintha makina onse opopera madzi omwe ndi okhalitsa akuyikanso atsopano. Nkhani ikhale yomapeleka madzi mumagalimoto. Koma ngati makina ndi omweo a 1963 mpka lero, sindikukhulupilira kuti or atakusankhani lero a Kapito kukhala General Manager ku bungweli ndi makina akalewa, mungathetse vutoli

  3. Koma Kapito says:

    In full support of you CAMA Kapito. Tell us the schedule of the demo for planning my diyala. This demo has been long overdue. Timasowa opanga organise.


  5. timba says:

    What else do you do apart from making noise ,leave technical things to technical people these things are beyond your comprehension sir, mobilise resources to solve problems not for demostration board chair is supposed to look at things with sober mind you have been placed there to solve problems not crying all over by the time you leave the board have something to show to the consumers not number of demostrations Malawi is too poor for that we can not afford leave some of these things kwa azungu they have alot of time they already developed ,we already worked for them for free .
    Anthu anuwo are pumping water from Shire at a head of over 300m ,too many system loses ,very old system ,alarming increase in the population problems beyond your comprehesion khala pansi understanding the whole situation you will be a wise leader ,ndiponso chifukwa chani atsogoleri onse amaoneka oyipa tayamba kudabwa if you can not beat just join them,God bless mother Malawi .

  6. Martha says:


  7. Janejane says:

    Since kapito is the chair of the water board, discuss this with the management before going to the streets. This would attract robbers madala! solve the problems first with your team and see way forward.

  8. Keen Follower says:

    Why are water problems worsening now? Their slogan is “Water is Life” I doubt if they really mean that!!!!! Board restructuring? Surbotage?

  9. Zidura Ntengo Undigwere says:

    Managers at BWB should be spending sleepless nights, if they are really concerned about peoples’ wellbeing. But I have not yet seen a BWB manager express contrition for this fiasco. Are they really contented with what is going on now? They seem to be “acting” like they are not accountable to anyone. Just sitting pwhii!
    Yes, Mr. Kapito, time for demo. And I would hope by now, the minister responsible for BWB has called in the leaders and raked them over the coals. And why is the government not saying anything about this? I know that APM is a fair person, and for him, no task is too big to tackle. So, perhaps it’s time for the president to step in.

  10. JIMMY says:

    Malawians do not need water-just brains. if we had pipes that could deliver brains it would be very beneficial. Kapito your consumers are very dull-drill boreholes all over the city as a back-up measure-thats where you can get trucks to deliver water. where do u expect BWB to get water for delivery ambuye Kapito-from their ass?? Ye Gods!!
    lets be resourceful- get an NGO that can identify borehole resources as a fall-back measure- think deep my brethren!!

  11. Actualy Kapito is one of the useless person I have never seen actualy he is the main contributor to the mess in malawi. pita uzikayenda weka mu museumo sizimene mumafuna kuzolowera kuzuzika agalu inu My self I salute Martha Kwathaine she realy stands for people osati agalu enanu

  12. We know Kapito. He is selective. Amatokota pa zinthu za zii. Amakhala chete pazinthu zofunika. Go to hell Kapito!

  13. Koma ndiye says:

    Water is needed, but first of all, put things in order of priority. Demonstrate the NAC Gate

  14. ndangodutsa chisale says:

    Before this incompetent govt of DPP was ushered into office kunalibe mavuto. Now we hear kuti ESCOM and BWB are failing to tick. I can bet you my bottom dollar, it is possible that funds for the smooth running of these two institutions were donated to Muhlakho launch and “Beautify the Ugly First Lady” campaign.

  15. Gutepo Mphwinyo says:

    Iwotu ku BWB koma kuchitira mwano ma customer ndiye number one. Akati kunyengana mma office izo ndiye osakamba

  16. Nganga says:

    Uchitsiru nde uwu mwapangapawu. Atumbuka ziwakhuza bwanj apa? Do tumbukas clap hands the wae othr tribal men do bcoz leaderz r frm their same regio? Ngati mukuti ndi ozikonda cud they hv gone far to allow chichewa be taught in their region and try learnin it whl mitundu inayo imakana nkungowanva? If the truth z to be told u r one of those foolish ppl that promotes hatred. Do you knw tha USA is succesful coz it relies heavily on different expertise frm different races? Inu whl u r busy hee ntumbuka ths ntumbuka that u r jst kilin this beautiful nation

  17. kasim says:

    phodogoma stupid why tumbuka in the issue concerning water at bwb. kodi mbuli inu mumakonda kuzionetseratu how daft yu are chifukwa chani amuna okukwatirani azimai inu. yur cultures are as stupid as yur brains bullshit

  18. fibo nachi says:

    U r very foolish, where s the connection with tumbuka z here..mbuzi ya munthu iwee!!

  19. Tata says:

    Malaza kaya masala,u have missed a point

  20. Fathi Alshab says:

    eya dziko labvubda ndipo keaders ub Dpp perfecting misnabagenebt &cheatibg…. moti nafuna utsogokero wotere..mpaja nayi akunyumba kwa apn nawinsi kukasokora yet dzana abakandure galimoti yaukere..bwanhu osagukitsa ineyo?
    eya Bacgate ilowe bwaki ndipi ndikuba basi uoara mito ndi mkanwa…apyse kilime basi….

  21. Elijah says:

    Amwene nkhani yili apa ndiyamadzi koma mpakana atumbuka? Khalani ndi umunthu abale, khalani ndi nzeru inu! Kusalana kapena kunyozana siumunthuyi. Bravo bwana Kapito but I was wondering, isn’t it correct that BWB is under the Southern Water Board which you chair and by virtue of which you will be demonstrating against yourself?

  22. concerned says:

    No 15, Where has the money gone now? BWB collects money from water bills every month, where is the money now? Maybe NAC can also make some donations to BWB.

  23. Chilungamo Chimawawa says:

    kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk a Kapito you are organising demo for water shortage????? my foot! why dont you organise demos for economic mess that Peter Mutharika and DPP have brought to Malawians and NACgate as well as Journalgate? Why do you guys fear APM??? pliz teach him a lesson, tell him that this Malawi not USA where he spent greater part of his life time. Of course we know that Mr. Kapito and other CSO leaders are now toothless because of being bribed by APM through boards appointments. shame on you! Its only Mtambo who seems to be biting DPP govt hard now…bravo Mtambo, the country wants serious leaders like you!

  24. Patriot says:

    Demo tufuna ife si imeneyi koma yokamuuza m’bale wako uja kuti enough is enough, STEP DOWN honourably.

  25. Louis mlomwe wachitonga says:

    hope u have discussed arleady b4 demoz, other wise mnmmh

  26. mbina says:

    blantyre watershading board

  27. opportunist says:

    Tiyenazoni zimenezi

  28. Nkhuku says:

    Rubbish!!!!You never demonstrated against the quota system of selecting students to University why now on water.That time mumachotsa tinyama tanu mmano pano muli lets go to the streets?

  29. Desire says:

    Akufuna apezenso support Kapito achita manyazi apa

  30. titani says:

    The problem here is not management but lack of resources.Do u want engineers to use their own money ah zamkutu basi.That’s the problem in Nyasaland mmadziwa pamene pakhotera mchira wanyani but u alwayz go beating about the bush

  31. phodogoma says:

    I am a resident of Blantyre and Chilobwe to be specific, here water problem is serious so serious indeed.Blantyre Water board must come out openly and explain why it is punishing us like that. This is total punishment. You could think that it is the end of the world. imagine going to work without bathing water. Spending the day without food simply because somebody at BWB is not doing his work. Please if BWB has Executive Officers let them hold a conference to tell the people of Blantyre the cause of this problem. We are very angry with the situation here. I thank Kapito for coming with the idea of demonstration. I am 100 percent supporting you Kapito. This is a total water gate. APM could you set up a committee to find out the cause of shortage for this life utility. People of Blantyre need an explanation.


    In Malawi we need heads of NGOs like Kapito and Kwataine critising the government while one is in government NOT WHAT TUMBUKAS DO, NO NO NO TUMBUKAS DONT KNOW HOW TO CRITICISE the government. Theirs is personal gain.

    1. Nganga says:

      Uchitsiru nde uwu mwapangapawu. Atumbuka ziwakhuza bwanj apa? Do tumbukas clap hands the wae othr tribal men do bcoz leaderz r frm their same regio? Ngati mukuti ndi ozikonda cud they hv gone far to allow chichewa be taught in their region and try learnin it whl mitundu inayo imakana nkungowanva? If the truth z to be told u r one of those foolish ppl that promotes hatred. Do you knw tha USA is succesful coz it relies heavily on different expertise frm different races? Inu whl u r busy hee ntumbuka ths ntumbuka that u r jst kilin this beautiful nation

      1. TONDE says:


    2. Towera says:

      Mr. are you serious you can call your fellow humans DOGs? Honestly no matter how frustrated you are don’t ever call a human being a dog. we were all created in his image. Those pple working at Blantyre Water Board samakhala kumwamba, timakhala nawo mma line momwemu and tonse timadalira ma pipe omwewo, ngati ife tilibe madzi iwonso amakhala opanda. this situation is an emergency and you must understand that these pple are spending sleepless nights just to make sure they give us water. Its quite unfortunate that there is a genaral problem yes but someone that was sent on force leave have alse taken adventage and is using those pple who were very close to him kumaswa ma pipes like ku machinjiri and ku makata ndikumatsekanso ma main valve.
      Ikakhala press conference nde pls muzimverako news, last week there were just too many programs explain this issue

  32. Tania says:

    More Fire Mr Kapito Zawonjeza Pa Malawi Pano

  33. Zex says:

    Zomwe wakhala akuchita Thawe the past four to five years zayamba kubala zipatso zake. Kuyika maudindo anthu osadziwa ntchito kwinaku kumachotsa anthu ozitsata chifukwa samanyambita mapazi ake. Tiye nawonu musawasiye choncho. Ndipo ndikamamva kuti boma likufuna Thawe abweretso ku BWB mtima wanga umayaka moto kuti boma lopusa ili lomwe lisakudziwa chomwe likufuna.

  34. de' Morgan says:

    To demonstrate also on NAC-GATE

  35. ndichimodzimodzi apm anene kuti tiyeni tipange ziwonesero ziko lamalawi lalephera munkhani yakutiyakuti KAPANGENI ZIWONESERO KUPANGIRA BUNGWE LANU LOMWE NDINU MKULU WAKE KAPENA SIMUNALOWEBE MUWOFESI POOR KAPITO? PAJA MUMALANDIRA ZINGATI PER DEMO?

  36. Sikusinja ndi Gwenembe says:

    Imagine president dished out over K4million to journalists when women are giving birth without water at QECH. How insensitive.

  37. Munthu says:

    Komanso ma bill asabwere chifukwa tikutunga muzithapwi ndiye kuli bwino tiwalipire anyamata wokumba zitsimewo

    1. phiri says:

      this time around the water bills are inflated by “mpweya” chifukwa there is always no water (air pressure is what we get) when you open the taps

  38. chemboma says:


  39. Malaza says:

    There are so many reasons to take to the streets, we need nation wide demonstrations for the following reasons:
    1. Deteriorating quality of life for majority of Malawians
    2. Poor public services
    3. Lack of leadership
    4. President silencing the media with MK50,000 bribe
    5. Fast depreciating currency
    6. Poor state of affairs in Malawi
    7. Lack of respect for public servants (teachers) and total disregard to the right of education
    8. Unfulfilled political campaign promises
    9. Delay in FISP implementation

    And the President has gone to sleep!!!

  40. aishoshe says:

    Ikatha yakumeneko mudzapangitse ina kuno ku Lilongwe. Lilongwe water Board ndi chimodzi modzi

  41. tyr says:

    Mr Kapito ndinu board chair takosani zithu osati zomwe mukambazo

    Komanso ngati mmazemberako fodya olesedwayi pofunika kusiya

  42. chapotoka says:

    mubwere muzazionere nokha ntchito yomwe ikuchitika pofuna kuthetsa vutoli

  43. kukukuki says:

    Kapito I give you a credit for that. keep it up

  44. Pacharo says:

    Tiyenazoni a Kapito.

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