Cama to sue Blantyre Water Board on water shortages

The Consumers Association of Malawi (Cama) has threatened to take legal action against Blantyre Water Board (BWB) for misleading consumers and failure to address water supply challenges Blantyre city is currently experiencing.

Kapito: Solve water probems

Kapito: Solve water probems

Cama has since demanded BWB to resume normal water supply with immediate.

For the past two weeks, business has been on standstill in the city as residential areas and townships as well as corporate institutions have been having no water supply.

The utility body attributed the situation to heavy silt that clogged their pumping station at Walkers Ferry in Nkula, Mwanza due to floods.

BWB promised to restore the normal supply of the piped water by last Sunday before shifting their stand and pledged to resume the supply by Wednesday 21st January, 2015.

However, the situation has not changed; the city continues to experience dry taps.

On Thursday, the consumer watchdog’s Executive Director, John Kapito took to task BWB for misleading consumers and demanded it to apologize for such inefficiency.

“Cama is taking legal action against you (BWB) on behalf of all residents of Blantyre because of the untruthfulness, misleading contents of your Press Release, and continuous disruption of supply of
water,” said Kapito in a statement.

Kapito highlighted that BWB has been making anomalies in its press statements on water shortages and demanded the institution to make an apology.

“We are, therefore, demanding you to make the said apology within the next 24 hours in both print and electronic media for not less than 10 times. And we are also demanding that water supply should normalize with immediate effects as indicated in your press statement,” added Kapito.

According  Consumer Protection Law (2003) part VII Section 43 every supplier or trader of technology, goods and services is demanded to provide a consumer with true, adequate, clear and prompt information on the technology, goods and services offered, so that the consumer can make a proper and informed choice.

“As a  onsumer organization we have engaged you continuously regarding the challenges that your organization is facing in the delivery of water and on your poor communication skills; we have also gone further to advice you to resist making promises to consumers that you cannot fulfill so that you do not create confusion amongst consumers.”

There are fears that Blantyre might face an outbreak of waterborne diseases especially cholera as water situation has reached a critical stage coupled by the intermittent electricity supply, forcing residents to rely on rainy water and other unprotected water sources.

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64 thoughts on “Cama to sue Blantyre Water Board on water shortages”

  1. Hoitty says:

    Kapito fufuzani momwe ayendera ma bill meezi uno. BWB yaonjezera ma bill a madzi ncholinga chopanga recover ma loss a madzi omwe sanapereke. Izi achitiratu mwezi uno popeza akudziwa kuti bill ya January ikakhala yokwera kapena ya normal anthu akwiya. Chonde fufuzani zomwe zachitika ndi ma bill ndipo muonetsetse kuti,mwezi wa mawa ma bill abwere otsikirapo by half chifukwa takhala 2 weeks opanda madzi a water board

  2. Who could have seen the natural disaster coming. This is a lesson we must learn from.

    As a city, we are over reliant on the Shire for our water and electricity which is not sustainable. We need to diversify our energy sources.

  3. sapitwa says:

    Mr kapito have failed Malawians on yr part

  4. ben says:

    Please fire all top brass at BWB why are they not ready for these types of problem. Even Escom Top brass should be fired, the amount of blackouts is the worst we are experiencing in 30 years. Escom faults especially in lilongwe dont have the courtesy to even answer the call they will go unanswered for hours and when they answer they are so rude, tatopa, we need wholesale changes at escom and BWB or i see Mother malawi going down hill. Serious need to privatise these institutions the top brass are just increasing there bellies

  5. Alex Likoswe says:

    Do not change goals. First thing first. Please go and shit first before taking the Board to court

  6. jongo says:

    kapito mafuta anatsika munapangako chani? inunso simukutithandiza why cant u resign

  7. No water and No Lights says:

    People were paying bills all this time, for water and electricity and the water board and electricity both were not investing in infrastructure, they need some engineers to work for them to figure this out but perhaps all this change in political parties and hampered any development. I preferred Joyce Banda and Kamuzu as leaders these Mutharika’s I don’t know where we are as a people or even as a country. God please help us. If they is a way can we have someone like Kamuzu back in power.

  8. manguluti says:

    kodi a Kapito mutu unadzungulira ndi ma ARV eti ndimayesa inu munakana ku match last time kuti mwagwirizana ndi a Bt Water Board inu komanso munanena anzanu amakamatcha aja kuti they are senselence. Now you have shown kuti you are senseless. Kodi ndalama anakupatsani aboma kudzera mwa Bamusi zija sidzinakwane eti. Ukungokula mimba basi chitsiru iwe opanda nzeru mkamwamo ngati nyapapi.

  9. Kadesh says:


  10. Towera says:

    Mr. John Kapito, mwati muwapanga sue a BWB kuti chani? I thought dzanadzanali u visited WF and you were so appreciative of the efforts being done by BWB? You saw it for yourself that BWB had done their part and they were so hopefull that they were going to resume pumping water as planed. Unfortunately Escom could not close the barrage for the water levels to build up hence failing to meet their dateline? Chonde musamakhale ngati munthu wosapita ku xool a Kapito. Athandizeni anthu ena kumvetsa what is happening, try as much as possible to build and not destroy. Today 3/5 of Blantyre have got water just because Escom was able to close the barrage last evening and opened at 6am today. this enabled BWB to pump water. Tiyeni tipereke chilimbikitso kwa anthu osweka mitima. Lero zili ku BWB mawa zikupezani ku SRWB. Think twice Mr Kapito

  11. phodox says:

    good idea. Sue against two parties. Sue against BWB and sue against Priscilla mateyu for her false information. She could have said what is on the ground. Infact there was no need of communicating but taking customers by surprise so that customers should just the improvement in water supply. Other than making nonsenses.

  12. brutsha says:

    Ndaona ma comments kuti abwana akulu ku BWB kuti degree yawo ndi ya ESAMI. Kodi timeneti si timadegree totenga usiku timeneto? Umakaphunzira usiku ku hotel utaweruka ku ntchito.Munthu watopatopa. Choncho angapange bwanji internalize ma concepts ndikuwapanga apply to real life challenges?

  13. Anthu a ku blantyre kugona. You voted for APM but what have you benefited from it? And where is that little dwarf mayor of yours? What is he saying about the water?

  14. Kapito unagwa nayo iwe. Last time we agreed bwinobwino kuti we are going to shit at blantyre water board. Some of us ate beans, tsabola, guavas and mangoes ready for action but you got cold feet.

  15. Gudo Gwondwa says:


  16. Mabungwe says:

    Kodi a Kapito, paja masiku ano mumadzitcha Bafoon. Paja ndinu Chair wa Southern Region Water Board. Pali Nzeru apa Criticising your fellow Water Board. Resign first.

  17. Nachanje says:

    kapito do us you said last time

  18. Chindere says:

    Kapito is a buffoon, why not lead a match to houses of BWB executives and engineers, we are willing to piss and shit on their yards these people are dogs. But you can not do that why?

    APM is another buffoon, siding with his inept tribesmen at BWB, even though a whole city is suffering.

  19. yunusu says:

    Bwana prezident chonde tithandizeni

  20. Bob says:

    CAMA can no longer be taken serious. They say one thing today and do something different tommorrow. You are the same pple who have let us down by cancelling the planned strike against BWB some few months ago.

  21. Ben Wilfred Banda aka BWB says:

    I could not believe my eyes when BWB was justifying on MBC why they were failing to deliver on what and blamed the silt. I don’t deny that fact. But to see them using manual labour in removing the silt and mudusing shovels in this age and time…was simply unbelievable. TO ME CERTAINLY HERE IS A CLEAR CASE OF LACK FUNDS TO HIRE MACHINERY. HOW CAN 5 boys shovel a mountain of mud. When do you think this work will finish?? The issue is BWB does not have money to hire appropriate machinery to do the job thus relying on shovels. Audit their accounts and you will see.

  22. pierra says:

    CAMA will open a dangerous can of worms by any legal action lodged. What is good for the goose is certainly good for the gander! CAMA can expect to be sued for any of its actions undertaken and contemplated that may impact on other corporate and national entities.

  23. Fathi Alshdhaab says:

    Cana chief….yours us dougthing task but you sre doing good ee support your feelings as bt redidents…..surely water bowzrrs erre vrr selrctive whrtr to go &manytimed stand at one spot why! escom fsults not fustributing posrr fsiry,you sre dtreet lights but home in darkness over 30hrs why! thank fir diluting our life test &human rights…suing chair waeo paja mumamudxiwa no1 lier have obseved him ngati bwawo wo aeo bm or bwt……musiva nokha!

  24. yowoyanganya says:

    I have just read and seen the pictures in both the Daily Times and The Nation, I’ve also read Dr Chiyembekeza’s remarks! I feel there is no justification in suing Blantyre Water Board, however keep on pressurizing them so that they speed up the rehabilitation works!

  25. fkr says:

    It’s time for government parastatals to wake up. Industry compete to bring consumers best quality and price something government don’t do as they are protected. They are mandated by law to supply water and right now are actually breaking the law. The ceo of bwb should be arrested

  26. phodogoma says:

    I told you Priscilla Mateyu that you better apologize to Malawians before we take laws into our hands. I mean you can’t run an organization by cooking lies. Shame on you Priscilla Mateyu. Priscilla don’t say you were taking orders from your superiors, no. Every employee , I mean a qualified and trustworthy employee must know all the activities of his or her organization. There is no sense for an employee to work in an organization that she does not know its weakness and strength. That means you Priscilla you are not qualified. You are not suitable for that post. Did you hear how Minister of irrigation expressed his concern of BWB to the public. Who can question him over problems BWB is facing? The minister was very remorseful for your false tales. Not you.After all how can BWB’s executive take a primary school graduate like Priscilla to communicate to the public over regional water crisis like this?

    Please BWB apologize. And learn the means of communication from escom and how ESCOM interacts with the public. Do you know that original slogan for ESCOM is ‘electricity all day.’ The public demanded for a change of Electricity all day to ‘Just Towards electricity all day’. ESCOM complied within a work and you BWB must comply with public demand. Come out. Apologize. Tell the nation that you hired a public relations Officer who is not qualified, and who does not appreciate the performance of her own organization. She thinks communication for the big organization like BWB is easy as telling false stories.



  27. chitima says:

    a Kapito aKapito mukunamiza anthu chonchi bwanji ? Tanenani kuti yandigwira pakhosi ndi banzi aka obama aka bin laden ! Inu munayamba mwapitako ku court ? ife timadziwa kuti mumachita ma demo kaya…..

  28. Raphael says:

    Go,Go,Go Kapito we are behide you.

  29. Biti Nthumbwinda says:

    Masiku ano kuli mvula yambiri, modzipanga rain harvesting ‘Kukolola madzi amvula’ osangodikira BWB chifukwa Escom nayonso ikuvutika. Madzi kuti abwere pamafunika magetsi, inu a Kapitawo muzidzindikira zomenezozo

  30. Gamaliele says:

    Government ! Government! Government! Can you please suspend the Director responsible for water supply at Blantyre Water Board immediately? I am current looking at the website of Blantyre Water Board and it shows that has the following people in their management : Chief Executive, Mr A. M Thawe and here are his credentials: Registered Engineer, MBA ( ESAMI), , IDPM (International Diploma in Project Management, BSc. Civil Engineering) and the others on his credentials are memberships as Associate Member of Malawi Institution of Engineers. Yes he did Civil Engineering but I think he knows little about water engineering. Then Director of Technical Services Mr. M. Chiipathenga and his credentials are MSc in Integrated Water Resources Management and BSc Civil Engineering. Not much I see in his credentials about water engineering . Then Director of Distribution and Commerce, Mr. S. Nkhoma, MSc Development and Planning Management, Post Graduate Diploma in Research and Bsc in Civil Engineering. Very little again in Water Engineering and Director of Finance and Administration , Mr. H. Bakuwa, BCoM and Chartered Accountant. I think this guy has nothing to do with water problems we are having. I am just curious with these three guys : Thawe , Chiipanthenga and Nkhoma. If you really did engineering what is your role at Blantyre Water Board? Do you really know anything about water Engineering or you are doing try and error. Please let me tell you guys you have shown to this nation how incompetent you are. We do not need talking anymore but what we want are the solutions to the problem Blantyre residents are facing. What is the Malawi Institution of Engineers doing about all this trash at Blantyre Water Board. We were expecting the Malawi Institution of Engineers to make a statement on what is happening at BWB. I can see some of the members of management team are your members. Their membership I think it is a disgrace your institution. Let me ask this management team , what advise are you giving to your middle management or junior engineers? Or you don’t have engineers at all. I think the time people in Blantyre have been facing water problems is just too long for them to understand you. I has been years and years. I don’t see the issue of financial resources. I am aware that for the past 5 years or so the World Bank and European Investment Bank has been financing projects of Blantyre Water Board through National Water Programme 2 to improve water supply in the city of Blantyre and surrounding areas. What is your problem now? Tell us. In my opinion this the incompetence of highest level. Government are these people on contract? If yes, I will shocked and disappointed if I will hear at the end of their contracts you have renewed them. That will be very unfortunate. I think it is high time these guys have to be replaced because the problems we have in Blantyre needs engineering solution and nothing else. They call themselves engineers and they are offering no solutions so why keeping them at Blantyre Water Board. This country has Water Engineers who can assist not the trash they are doing. Fire them and replace them

  31. Frodo says:

    What a miserable peaceful nation!

  32. yunusu says:

    Chinanso aliyense atadwale cholera apite ku mwaiwathu bill ipite ku waterboard mwina tonse opanda madzife tizikasamba ku ma office awo mukuwona bwa?

  33. yunusu says:

    Akapito mutifunsire nyumbazawo lero tikasambe ndi kudya kwawo I am sure they have water in their homes these idiots

  34. mr chimbwititi says:

    naoni abwana agalu amenewa saziwa ntchto koma kulozelana maudindo basi.afisi inu eti?.kodi simmesa munkati timamwa mu dam la mudi? pano ndiye mukuti tu kunkula? mungomuchosa bwana wa ku engener yo basi.ndiposo musiye kulola anth amagalimot kumatunga madzi ku office kwanu konko chifukwa simukukhuzidwa mwasanga.paujenipo! !! . iiiii munditukwani nazo.

  35. C. Chilemba says:

    Who is fooling who ? I for one did not expect CAMA to come out today after three weeks pamene awona kuti anzao amenya kale nkhondo ndipo madzi ayamba kutuluka mmadera angapo. CAMA should have come out after may be two to three days knowing that water is life. pano chifukwa ntchito yagwirika kale ndiye wina mkumati eee! koma ine ndichita zakuti.”WHO IS FOOLING WHO?”

  36. CAMA should just become Consumers Association of Blantyre not Malawi.

  37. Mbanangwa says:

    However, the way the rains are falling, one can sympathize with BWB.

  38. brutsha says:

    Dziko la agalu. If the so called cities lack the basic necessity of life like water do you expect safe water supply kwa Gumba ku Mchinji, ku Chididi ku Nsanje, kwa Nthunduwala ku Kasungu, ku Mzambazi ku Mzimba, ku Kavuzi ku Nkhoma Bay, kwa Gwamba, ku Rumphi, kwa Sinumbe Namitete, kwa Mwanakhu ku Mulanje, kwa Ndongo ku Thyolo, kwa Tsekwe ku Mchinji, ku Chipusire ku Ntcheu, ku Mtimabii ku Mangochi, kwa Dyeratu ku Chikwawa, ku Benga ku Nkhotakota, kwa Banyamasola ku Lilongwe, kwa Njonja ku Dedza, kwa Tulonkhondo ku Mwanza, kwa Nthondo ku Ntchisi, ku Nambuma ku Dowa, ku Pirimiti ku Zomba, kwa Chiyendausiku ku Balaka, kwa Khombedza ku Salima, ku Njuli ku Chiradzulu. ku Nthalire ku Chitipa, ku Alinafe ku Karonga.
    A Malawi mtundu womvetsa chisoni!

    1. kadamanja says:

      Very true brutsha, Mwabwa kugulidwa magalimoto a K56,000,000 each anthu kumwa madzi woyipa , anthu kusowa madzi zoona. I think Malawi is cursed. The only solution is Federalism abale.

  39. KINI says:

    What is so insensitive about BWB is that they have the guts to open water only in Njamba leaving the masses in the neibhouring Chitawira drawing water from the road side. Njamba area has water for 24hrs while BWB cannot even let Chitawira residents have water for at least an hour a day.

  40. Kadakwiza says:

    That is my John Kapito I know. I call him Mr. Fix it. Kapito take the Blantyre Water Board to task. If they love our Malawi let them just resign, serious speaking. They have let Blantyre residents down. Even our president Professor Arthur Peter Muthalika can not allow this nonsense.


    Yotenga BiBi ija munayisiranji bwana? inali ya bhoo imene ijatu

  42. chembolo says:

    musalire!!!! munavota nokha mopusa!!!!!! dont blame Blantyre Water Board, it is the best performing water board in this country!!!!!!BWB WOYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! KEEP IT UP!

  43. I support CAMA’s idea. Zawonjeza.

  44. Kanyimbi says:

    More fire Jonny. This is what we want taking to task the real trouble maker not the innocent person. We are behind you. BWB must perform.

  45. Crispin Bwangala says:

    BWB is the most incompetent parastatal in Malawis history. All they are good at is kunyengana mmaofesi mwaomo, mabwana kumyenga azikazi a eni. How can you expect to have a flawless water supply in such a situation? Mzuzu, Zomba and Lilongwe have a seamless water supply system, what’s so special with Blantyre? And oh, please tell that lady with heavy lipstick never to post her shit again until we get some water

  46. Christopher says:

    Come on, can someone appraise me if my memory is betraying me! Is Mr. kapito not also the Board chairman of Blantyre water Board? If so who is suing who???? HAHAHAHAH timvetsepo apa otherwise my trust for this person is getting slimmer and slimmer

    1. Wodala says:

      Mr. Kapito is a Chair of Southern Region Water Board, not BWB. However SRWB has its own similar problem in Mangochi.

  47. Chingolopiya says:

    BWB needs to construct dams that will be harvesting rain water. this will be an altenative

  48. John Kapito Chibanzi Pakamwa says:

    a John Kapito ‘munayamikila mowa ukanali wa moto’, mwaonatu mutashaina muli demo tisapange, ife sitikupanganinso support lawsuit yanuyo!

  49. Mulibwanji? says:

    Mr Kapito you have let us down. This was the right and appropriate time to demonstrate against BWB and ESCOM. These institutions are torturing us left right centre. As am writing, BWB has procured 4 state of the art vehicles for its directors, each worth about K56,000,000. Isn’t this evil?? Find out and you will agree with me.
    Life is very tough and yet you the so called advocates are enjoying bribed money.


  50. Kwangwagwa says:

    Man, do not just threaten them, but sue these idiots. Period!

  51. RiseUpMalawi says:

    Rise up Malawi, these General Managers are getting away with a lot of fraud.. How can they say that they don’t have the money when they are busy drving cars worth 80 million and yet the same amount of money can be used to fix these water shortage problems. If there is a hell waiting for these it is definitely for Peter Mutharika and his stupid government!!! I am a Lomwe and I speak for the whole malawi as a malawian citizen. We should definitely hold some demonstrations against these people!!

  52. Alfred Munduwabo says:

    Don’t cheat Malawians , you are just a comedian , people have lost trust in you.

  53. golden eye says:

    BWB don’t take us for granted deliver or bow out. Anzanu abwerepo..mukungotchuka ndi procuregate basi.

  54. the problem with poor malawians is that they always wait for one john kapito to act for them, iwo akukonona ali fwe fwe…….

  55. mwahenga says:

    Burn the DEAD WOOD at BWB,Plz!!

  56. sothini says:

    l thought KAPITO, u`re boardchair 4 BWD, what`s a problem to click button 4 tests, before informing nation of plans to sue it.
    Something`s at a stake there.

  57. opportunist says:

    Kapito mutu wako sumayenda bwino .Which is which

  58. Dr. Mango says:

    Abale sivuto la Blantyre Water Board kapena ESCOM koma Kutha kwa Mitengo yomwe imathandiza kuti nthaka ndi zinyalala zisamakokoloke kupita ku mitsinje. Vuto ndi amene akupanga, kugulitsa komanso kugwiritsa ntchito makala. Mitengo yatha malo ambiri ndichifukwanso tikuona kusefukira kwa madzi m’madera osiyanasiyana. Do not blame innocent organisations PLEASE!!!

  59. king'a says:

    Kapito kodi wabadwa mwasopano? Siwe unanyamulisa anthu Manyi umvekele tikayenda kenako nkusintha chiganizo atakuupasa Biniladen/Banz

  60. Mwenecho says:

    fodya man awa chamba sadzasiya u failed to support demo ya NAC zalko zimenezo

  61. nganga says:

    That demo could hav helpd. Bt bcoz kapito was gven chibanzi, bwb cn nw relax n continue misusing funds.

  62. Pride LIBWE LIBWE says:


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