Car belonging to Malawi opposition spokesperson Kabwila torched: DPP suspected

Salima North West Member of Parliament (MP) Jessie Kabwila’s car a Toyora Fortunes was burnt Wednesday evening by as yet unknown assailants.

The spokesperson of the opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) was not in the car at the time the car went up in flames.

Kabwila's car on fire

Kabwila’s car on fire

Kabwila a fierce critic of the Peter Mutharika led government was attending a meeting when her car was torched.

Police said they were conducting preliminary investigations.

But MCP officials claimed it was the work of ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP).

DPP has a history of torching cars of critics even ballots papers.

Human rights activist Mankhumbo Munthali condemned the incident.

“This is a very barbaric act which must be condemned in the strongest terms. It’s a reminiscent of the 2011 events where houses and offices of the critics of government including the cars of  Zodiak Broadcasting Serviceswere torched and burnt,”Munthali told Nyasa Times.

However, when asked as to whether there was any foul play in this Munthali said: “You cannot completely rule out such a possibility. It is very certain that this barbaric act was systematic. Coming against the recent background of the recent internal squables in MCP the temptation would be to rush to conclude that this has been internally orchestrated.

“However, you cannot completely rule out the possibility of the involvement of the ruling DPP in this whole saga. The DPP gurus may be taking advantage of the current internal squables within MCP allegedely between Chakwera and Kabwira by masterminding this act just to implicate the MCP leader as behind this. So these are some of the possibilities.”

He urged Malawi Police service to “professionally” carry out investigations to ensure that perpetrators of the barbaric acts are brought to book

However, DPP spokesman Francis Kasaila said accusing the party on the incident is “unfair.”

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True Patriot
This incident is really intriguing when one considers the bad blood within MCP fold and between MCP and DPP. However, indications pointing towards DPP start to emerge when one factors in MBC’s reaction; the issue was top headlines on the news a few hours after the incident but one could clearly notice that the objective was to place the blame on MCP infighting. Now, why would the public broadcaster rush to point a finger, even before the Police have began their investigations? Is it to divert people’s focus from the real culprit? Does this strategy look familiar? Yes, MBC was… Read more »

Malawian politics blaming each other even mbuzi ya Wa opposition itadula chingwe munena kuti a DPP ndi omwe anabwera ndi mpeni mkudula chingwecho. Since I have been looking at comments its MCP eee DPP nobody ask if there was electrical fault u don’t even know that fire can start in a vehicle if there is electric fault. And that fortuner is an automatic vehicle of which this can happen but if you found buckets of fuel around the we can think about that


One late Bingu wa Muthalika once said “Tit for Tat is a fair game”. So my take is that MCP supporters who almost equal DPP supporters going by previous elections must also torch not just one but five DPP vehicles before close of business tomorrow.Believe me DPP guys will have their tails between their legs and police unprofessional-ism will be exposed.

All signs lead to dpp thugs. When some of us say dpp is a party of thugs, you dpp cohorts don’t agree to that. Typical dpp strategy when the opposition is disagreement, they pounce so that blame goes to internal infighting within mcp. Dpp did the same at Laz meetings in the north at the time when there were disagreements with some district officials within mcp. Laz can’t instigate such evil things in the new mcp but dpp and its evil leaders can do that without any hesitation to take advantage of disagreements within mcp. After all Jesse has always… Read more »
Concerned reader

when your son dies you believe your grand parents have bewitched him…why DPP? How many enemies does madam kabwila have? fufuzani bwino..much as we hate DPP koma let these other things pass without attacking them..


Kodi a MCP inu mulibe ma bodyguard munthawi yomwe mwasiya galimoto zanu panjapo, eeeh MCP inasaukadi kkkkkkk

Kachinda Nyini

Jessie Kabwila,you canot fight with the DDP and win!


Cheap politics in MALAWI. Am very disappointed with this DPP Government. How could you?


So we have some people who can not face Jessie Kabwila face to face in round of logical thinking and they have resorted to destroying her voiceless property. Whew!

If these people are not cowards they will publically claim responsibility and so that we know we have strong people in the country.

As of now Jessie Kabwila – MP remains a strong fighter and a hero.

Keep it up madam !!!


no wonder we are still waiting for the mzungus to help us build zimbuzi masukulumu while leaders are busy having meetings planning to kill someone.
do the leaders feel like they are doing it best when there is no maize in admac but there are alot of advisers and aides plus body guards when malawians many of them cant even afford a meal perday?

Kabwira\'s admirer

Dr Kabwira, may be you are in the wrong job.It may be time to go back South and takeup a teaching job at CHANCOL

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