Car donated by Joyce Banda dragged into CCAP wrangles: Chimesya told to surrender Nissan Serena

Blantyre Synod of the Church of Central Africa Presbytery (CCAP) which dismissed its prison chaplain the Reverend Stanley Chimesya for being critical to general secretary the Reverend Alex Maulana has now demanded Chimesya to surrender the car which was donated by former president Joyce Banda.

Revv Chimesya:

Revv Chimesya:

The Synod through their attorneys Chisanga and Tomoka has written Chimesya that he should surrender the motor vehicle registration number BT 1007, Nissan Serena to the Synod who they say are the legitimate owners of the car as it was given to him as prison chaplain and not to him personally.

According to the letter, the lawyers advise Chimesya to surrender the vehicle and its keys and everything to the Synod by the end of business of 8th February, 2016 before 5pm failing which the Synod through their lawyers will proceed with court action.

“We have been instructed by the C.C.A.P Blantyre Synod (hereinafter referred to as our client), to demand from you the immediate return of motor vehicle registration number BT 1007, Nissan Serena. Instructions are that you were assigned the motor vehicle to facilitate the smooth operations of your duties as Prison Chaplain in the department of Prison Chaplaincy.

“We would like to bring to your attention the fact that the motor vehicle belongs to the Synod and it has never belonged to you. By taking away the motor vehicle from the Synod, you have assumed ownership of the motor vehicle and converted the same to your own use without the authority of the Synod. We therefore demand that you surrender the motor vehicle to the Secretariat of the Synod by 17:00 hours today the 8th day of February, 2016, failure to which we have instructions to institute proceedings against you to recover the same without referring to you whatsoever, “reads the letter from the Chisanga and Tomoka representing Blantyre Synod .

Reverend Chimesya has since maintained his stand that the vehicle was a personal donation from then Banda when he visited her at the State House and that he can’t give it to Rev Maulana whom he accused of being behind the recall of it.

He accused Maulana of victimising him for his stand against honesty through an open letter which he exposed what he called “church gate” deals in the synod.

Chimesya wrote a letter to the general secretary last month detailing a number of the synod’s shortfalls on which he demanded clarifications from Maulana.

In the letter dated 19th January 2016, Chimesya queried the synod’s bank overdraft worth millions of kwacha at one commercial bank accumulated in 2015 when it collects millions of kwacha in form of offerings, rentals of its premises and other sources.

Nyasa Times has since established that Reverend Chimesya has since surrendered the vehicle back to Banda through her close relations at her home so that if the Synod wants the car then should write her.

Chimesya was replaced as the synod’s prison chaplain with the Reverend Mathero Msatithe of Nchalo CCAP congregation in Chikwawa.

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25 thoughts on “Car donated by Joyce Banda dragged into CCAP wrangles: Chimesya told to surrender Nissan Serena”

  1. Wills Chinsale says:

    All these guys the so called minister involved in this issue should just resign. This is typical churchgate. Shame on you. These are the same guys who advocates same sex marriage.

  2. lupwito says:

    Ine pamenepa nditseke kaye chikamwa changachi mukatha mundiuza ndipo ndimvera kwa inu.

  3. Tonde WaTonde says:

    CCAP BT synod shame on fighting za dziko lapansi what image are u painting there instead of preaching busy mikangangano because of our offering and donations from politicians

  4. Ellias says:

    Sanakabwenza galimoto after all he says she gave the car to him as a personal car so why surrendered it to the relations of Banda. Anakadikila kuti Banda anenedi if it was a gift to chimesya or the synod. This shows it was for the synod.

    Zonsezitu ndi cash gate osatinso zina ayi. when men of God quarrel, know that its the issue of money and not kupulumutsa miyoyo ya anthu otayika.

  5. Mzaliwa from Republic Of KK says:

    Zotsatira zolandira mphatso zakuba ndizimezi. You church leaders learn to say no to some of these gifts from politicians, otherwise you invite devil in the church

  6. UNGWERU says:

    Christians let us not take one another to courts. When there are issues against one another, let us sit down in the prayer room and discuss. Rev Maulana you are wrong. Please repent before something happens to you.It is good that Rev Chimesya revealed all the bad things happening at the Synod. God is about to punish you un faithful men of God.

  7. yewo says:

    If this was Livingstonia Synod bwenzi tikumva zoti atumbuka this, atumbuka that! apa we are all sober criticizing the synod or individuals concerned ! heehee mtundu wanga

  8. Nthamenye says:


  9. Nthamenye says:

    What is strange in all this is that where are the sober minds within the Synod? Where are the leadership Committees or Councils within the Synod? Why does the Synod allow its General Secretary to drag the name of the Synod in mud? Why are the others queit?

    It looks like everyone else is minding their own business. The vineyard seems to have been abandoned for personal gain.

    If the laity are failing, where are the rest of the presbyterians? CCAP is supposed to be a democratic institution. Why are the members letting this happen?

  10. Gauwo says:

    Akhristu A CCAP mwaona akuchita atsogoleri anuzi mmmmmmmmmm Koma Mpingo uwuso ndiye ayitu bola African
    Mipingo itatha ine ndikhoza kungoyambitsa wanga koma Synod sindingalodzedwe kulowa

    Muzivere chisoni pliz atsogoleri inu
    Zamanyaxi zimenézi mmmmmmm

  11. Ya_SmoothDJ says:

    Every vehicle has a blue book showing ownership. Where is the document? I bet this vehicle belongs to neither Chimesya nor BT Synod. This vehicle belongs to JB.

  12. James says:

    So they want the the intervention of the court?

  13. Dikisan says:

    Iyi ndiyo Synod yalero. KKKKK ndi utsogoleri wake KKKKk

  14. chicho says:

    Reverend Maulana needs to take criticism positively, he is taking the issue too personal with Chimesya, the Rev Chimesya was clear in his letter where he was enquiring about the un necessary over draft and yet christians are giving tithes and offerings in excess of millions. so he was not wrong to enquire otherwise all things being equal Maulana is the one to face the chop, I suppose the synod is fully aware of its properties and assets which it owns, i wonder how an issue involving a motor vehicle is going to the lawyers, this shows that the leadership at the synod has alot of in efficincies. Do not take your congregation for granted

  15. jb says:

    Church of Central Africa Party. Muzangoima nawo pa chisankho 2019 basi

  16. PHINE says:

    To all the commenters, please osapezerapo tsoka pa nkhani za weni, kutukwana pano sikungakuthandizi by the the end of the day aliyese akayankha wakewake mulandu kulibe zoti anandichimwitsa ndi wakuti, and a nyasa kodi mukumangogona ku synod komweko? everyday news zanu zikumachita cause violence why? dzulo mwachitanso report zoti ena akufuna kulanda boma kkkkkkkk cant you write something normal every time nkhani zosokonedza basi!

  17. Mbuya says:

    This is ve end times anthu kuwukirana

  18. Myao says:

    Ine si wa Synod, koma nkuluyu wayiwerenga ‘kukangosungutsa’ kwa mayi Banda, paja mayiwa ali ndi chithumba mwina angomubwezera nkugulanso ina ya a Synod, kodi bwanji bwanji ma synod akutchuka nkulimbana ndi ma pasitala awo??

  19. Maudana says:

    Kodi blantyre synod ndi ya anthu osuta chamba basi? Maulana wachamba, chimesya wachamba paul mawaya wachambanso. Kodi mumalima kuti? CCAP idali kale pano ndi Bushiri ndi pastor Morris

  20. ruth malikebu says:

    I think it is very easy for the Synod to have an internal discussion so that they can clear out the mess, I don’t see any reason as to why the synod can ask their lawyers to do this, Chimesya is part of you and the more you use this , the more you are creating the gap between you and the congregation
    Learn to speak with one voice and avoid bringing church issues to public consumption, you are degrading yourselves

  21. levelheaded says:

    Who is this dog barking behind the name of a reverend.
    Churches are built on the principle of order! You can’t do that anywhere.

    Infact just suck this idiot. He is irritating my beloved CCAP Blantyre synod.

  22. Chimesya wa Chimesya says:

    Blantyre Synod, since Chimesya has put the matter to rest by handing over the vehicle back to JB, there is therefore no winner or loser. Chimesya ndi tambwali uyu simumutha ayi a BT Synod. Do not proceed the with the matter, you will be put to shame. Abusa amasiku ano sakuna kudyetsa koma kudya. Za ziii. M’malo mooti adzikangalika kuuza anthu kukonzekera kudza kwa Ambuye Yesu komwe kwayandika tsopano, they are busy castigating each other. And worst still bringing issues of this nature to worldy courts instead of resolving them amicabily. If the departed Reverends Chiphangwi, Simuja, Sande and Mchenga (may jtheir soils rip just to mention a few, were in this world, they could have amended the Constitution to allow only those people who have retired from active employment to go for pastoral courses at ZA Theological College. Pastoral work is not a calling now but easy money for personal enrichment. Rev Chingota, where are you? Why are watching this? You are also busy conducting clandestine meetings to topple APM. Last days!

  23. cbk says:

    Basi?Mukanganila ka galimoto?eish!

  24. Yankho says:

    Rev Maulana, you are very stupid Mbusa. Why do such a thing in the name of God ministry. Ngati ukufuna yako osakapempha yako kwa Petulo wakoyo. Nsanje ndi mdani wamkulu mdziko lathu lino. Iwe umasapota Petulo wanji osakapempha yako. Udzaona ukatha udindo wakowo womwe unabera ngati mbale wako Petulo tikutumiza ku Chilinga CCAP ukakhaule ndi ana matemba. Usandichimwitse.

  25. MABELU says:

    CHIPANI ??

Comments are closed.

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