Car Park system, Cement subsidy stirs fierce debate in Malawi Parliament

There fierce debate in Parliament over the Automated Car Park system and the Malata and Cement Cement Subsidy which clearly showed that all is not well between the government and opposition.

Hara:  Sporting constituency

Hara: We are suprised

Malawi Congress Party  (MCP) Mzimba Solola legislator Jacob Hara questioned governments wisdom in subjecting civil servants who work at  Kamuzu International Airport to a fee of K4,000 per month for parking their cars while they are working.

Hara raised the question on Matters of Urgent Public Importance under Standing Order 14 wondering why civil servants who work at the airport be paying that fee when actually their place of work.

“We are surprised that government did not consult relevant stakeholders when coming up with such a decision. Why should civil servants who own cars and are working to help government to raise revenue be paying the fees?” wondered Hara.

But Minister of Transport and Public Works Francis Kasaila said government already gave these civil servants preferential treatment by giving them the minimal fee of K4,000 instead of the K30,000 which they could have been paying.

This provoked the wrath of opposition who castigated the minister of not caring for already poorly paid civil servants.

Jessie Kabwila MCP legislator for Salima also stood and challenged the minister as to why government is penalizing the civil servants who include police, civil aviation employees, immigration officers and others who are actually making the airport operational.

“It is on record that the president challenged the civil servants who are not satisfied with working for the civil service should go to the private sector. Is this a tactic of driving the civil servants to go to the private sector?”asked Kabwila.

This did not go down well with Kasaila who is also Leader of the House who accused Kabwila of playing politics.

However, the matter did not reach its conclusion because the First Deputy Speaker Esther Mcheka Chilenje curtailed the debate.

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28 thoughts on “Car Park system, Cement subsidy stirs fierce debate in Malawi Parliament”

  1. Mzimba Solora kukaya says:

    To say the truth just pay for park cars is good.Why Mps wonders in pay for their cars.This is not the time for free services in town for parking your cars.Mp for Mzimba Solora this is not a real issues to say in parliament. Mp for Mzimba Solora natenga panji munyowoyengepo za kuwotcheka kwa misika ya pa Boma Linthu la Mzimba.Mp for Mzimba Solora mwasowa nkhani za mahara panji.Mp for Mzimba Solora Airtel News nayo muyowoyepo chifukwa cashgate namwe yingamunkhwanhlani ya ku airtel kuchibilira vyawena imwe.

  2. Sake Chilling says:

    The employer must be the one to pay for the employees’ parking fees. One car per employee. Or else the employer must give the employees parking allowance.
    In South Africa, the employer pays for the parking space or issues the employees who have cars, access cards.

  3. NYAOPE says:

    Komanso kulipila parking sizakhale ku Airport kokhako ai. Mizinda yonse mdziko muno monga Lilongwe,Blantyre,Zomba ngakhalenso ku Mzuzu, galimoto zisamaparke ulele m’matown. Boma liike ndondomeko yoti galimoto iliyonse izilipila ngati ipakidwa paliponse m’mbali mwamseu mkati mwa town, pakutero ndalama zomwe zizitoleredwa pa programe imeneyi zizithanmdizila kupanga maintenance miseu ya m’mizindamo kuti izikhala yabwino nthawi zonse. Tapitani pa Joni pompa apa komwe aliyense amalipila parking mosayang’ana nkhope, kaya udindo. Kulibe parking parking ya ulele whether at working premises kaya m’mbali mwa nseu, you have to pay if you want to park, or else uzingoyendetsa galimoto yakouyo usaparke mpakana ubwelere nayo ku nyumba kwako. That’s why miseu yao ndiyolimba komanso yokongola nthawi zonse. Zuma atanena za miseu yathu tinangothamangila kudana naye m’malo momufunsako chinsisi chomwe iwo amakhala ndi miseu yabwino kwaoko. Ulele pa zili zonse sizingatithandize chilichonse pa chitukuko. Ngati munthu angakwanitse kugula galimoto, then ndikumakwanitsanso kumagula mafuta agalimotoyo akafuna kuyendela, angalephele bwanji kukwanitsa kandalama kochepa kulipila parking?

  4. Balamanthu says:

    Kuzolowera zaulere.Zimenezi zimatipusistsa.The civil servants work and must pay their fare share of the fees.No mercy.Boma likakudyerani kuti!If they dont want to pay, park outside or dont bring your car.If you own a car why should paying MK4000 per month be difficult?

  5. Angel of Doom says:

    The issue of car park fees is not an issue to be debated by parliament.

    This is an issue between employer and employee.

    If employee was not happy the last resort would have been to an MP in the CITY not from Mzimba.

    Our MPs have nothing better to discuss. Just end the session.

  6. Chisomo says:

    Down South if you pay for parking your car in Blantyre and go to Limber market they will demand that you pay again. Can someone please come to the rescue.

  7. mwana mulopwana says:

    This is not the way to go Mr kasaila, Govt is supposed to provide free parking space for all staff working t the airport, I don’t like your idea and I will not buy it anymore, it seems APM has some ministers who are very dull , these people like Kasaila needs to be booted out, they are not creative at wall,
    There is no way you can convince me , this kind of altitude is the one which is driving people to steal govt money,
    My advice to APM and SKC, please boot out this useless pig before asanakuonongeleni boma, the guy cant reason,

  8. TELEMU WATELEMUKA PHiiiiiiiiii says:

    Ukunde kubera Amalawi inu nkumagawana ma cashgate ku Capital Hill tione ngati mupange mupakana kalekale Mizimu yakwiya

  9. achimwene says:

    Government employees should be given electronic tags that should allow them free access

  10. GRM says:

    Kulipira chani? Mmmmmm. Mbola.

  11. i'm the guy in the ma units video says:

    but doesn’t this clearly show that the civil servants are stupid? why don’t they just simply turn off the radar and all other audio comms when a plane is about to land.

    such an easily solvable issue thru nyumwitsa ku airport konko yet mukutha nthawi ndi makobili ku parliament over this nonsense. pa jozi pompa bread akangokwera ntengo, dziko lonse limayima. shatap!

  12. Bikiloni Nachipanti says:

    Boma la DPP ndi mbola.. kufuna kukolopola a Malawi pali ponse… Misonkho yathu ndi iyi ikudibwayi.. Chakwera ananena zoona ndithu kuti this government is full of inconsistencies.. Chimene adziwa iwo ndikunamiza ndi kubera a Malawi… This government must Gooooooooo!!!

  13. nyenyezi says:

    Za zii azilipira chani, ndalama zake ziti? Munthu mukumupatsa Mk30,000.00 pomwepo mudule msonkho muzifunanso K4,000.00 mukufuna munthu amwalire chani? Useless government

  14. KULYOLYOPERA says:

    no 8 comment is senseless do not compare other countries and Malawi in Malawi you pay a civil servant k45000 while that is lees than the salary of a house maid in South Africa who is paid R3000
    The government must provide a free parking for airport staff mbuzi imadya pamene
    Some you are blaming free services at hospitals that is also rubbish getting free services at the hospitals its our rights we are paying heavy taxes and if we are to pay for medical services what will be the use of the taxes we pay
    The government is doing nothing to its citizens no medicins n hospitals roads are not graded in rural areas and many more

    1. Inu says:

      Believe me, most of the people who pay heavy tax are those that are that go to private clinics. The problem we have in Malawi is that our tax base is very narrow and that is why despite taxing you highly, there is not enough money for running the government. If you still insist on having free service, the problem that may arise is that there will be no services at all. So I dont which is better to pay something little and have better services or pay nothing ie free service and have no service? Is not the same thing? The only difference is that for the latter, everyone loses including those that could have managed to pay.

  15. No Laughing Matter says:

    In many countries parking is never free

  16. mandasi says:

    Improve public transport and civil servants will not need a car to travel to the office. Unfortunately, when Kamuzu introduced city line busy services Mr Peter Muntarika was busy baby sitting in the USA. Why can we improve public transport in this era of technology. I also agree with Juliana Lunguzi that we should abolish these subsidies because they have brought laziness among our people. If i am to choose, a decent house and education, i will definately choose education because i know one day i will built my own house. Furthermore, the problems we are having was because the first president after Kamuzu was an idiot. If Bingu took over Kamuzu this country would have continued to prosper. Do not hate DPP please let ensure UDF is completely removed from the party register, please APM continue with Muluzi’s case as your brother started. Bingu was not stupid to arrest Muluzi he knew that Muluzi was a thief

  17. mbuyuni says:

    Ine kunjako sindinapiteko, koma my assumption is kunjako malo could be a problem, ngakhale Nyumba zao ndi zosanjikizana, mumva floor one ndi ya uladi mussa, floor ten, ya kabwira, komanso magalimoto awo ndi ochiluka. Ma salary ake ndi oti at ha kulipira 4000k ya parking. A Malawi tisasogole pazochitika pamene tili pa number 2 ya amphawi a dziko lonse.

  18. nyamazi says:

    Ministers and their president should be the first to start paying Parking fee. I hope they are not planning to steal money through parking fee.

  19. Wachikulile says:

    But this minister is a busted

  20. Inu says:

    While this is strange here and for good reasons, where I have been abroad that is the system. Office car parks are not free. Of course abroad th idea is to force many people to use public transport as way of saving the environment. If this was something that a European was reading, it would not sound strange. But here, everything has to be free. We dont stop to think that with free everything, where will the money come from? The government wanted to introduce paying services in public hospitals as a way of partly financing the hospital budget but hey everybody was up in protest. Now should we wonder why there is no food in the hospitals? It is high time we have tobface reality and that reality in the short term will not be pleasing. You see when you pay for something you can easily demand for better services unlike when it is free. What would you do if youbpaid for hospital services and then you were not given food? Would that situation be sustained?

  21. kambwali says:

    let them also start paying tax and pay the car park fee at parliament

  22. Gadabwali says:

    Koma ndiye ziriko eeeh! If that is the case all other civil servants should also be paying parking fees in their places of work, kuyambira ku parliament konko (both ministers and mps), ku capital hill, ku state house (a mukhitho mwaimva nkhaniyo?) ku mabwalo a milandu, ku zipatala, ku masukulu, ku ma universities, ku mabarracks, ku maofesi akazembe a maiko ena, ku agriculture (epas, rdps, research stations) ndi malo ena ali onse amene ndaiwala. Tisoweranji umboni woti boma liribe nzeru zoyendetsera dziko? Kenako timva kutinso m’mabara, m’mabotolo sitolo ndi m’zinyumba zathu tizilipira parking fees. Tiye nazo petulo, umaona ngati kuyendetsa boma ndi kophweka eti! Wait a minute, there is sense in ths nonsense. Malawi siwosaukadi ayi ndithu!

  23. john says:

    Another issue of public importance is mmene tikuzunzikira ku Road Traffic

  24. Victor Jumbo says:

    I totally agree with the observation of the mps on unlawful car park fees charged to these poor employees working for the government to make Malawi safe in the airports. Surely this is day light robbery to civil servants. Civil servants working in airports should be provided with free car parking. They should not under any circumstances be asked to pay for for reporting for work. It’s very wrong for the minister for transport to implement very stupid ideas such as asking its employees to pay for parking their cars at their working place. Where did this minister got this unscrupulous idea. This is a non starter and this idea should be rescinded as soon as possible. The government is there to protect and alleviate the suffering of the people and this includes it’s civil servants and Not making their lives worst off. This minister I think is trying to impress the president for his own personal gains. This is the problem facing many Malawians and other African countries. People go into politics to impress the leader of the day and for their own benefits and Not work for needs of their people and country as a whole. We need to get serious and change our mind sets. Work for people and country first and this is what good leadership should encourage and plant into people’s minds, especially minister and departmental heads.
    Victor Jumbo

  25. Peter says:

    Paying parking fee at your own working station?? I don’t understand the wisdom of this government. Next staff/civil servants will be paying for their office space!!! So its better to operate from home.

  26. Njolinjo says:

    I’m not amused with the first deputy speaker’s conduct in the house. Its time she was impeached.

  27. Myao says:


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