Car Park system, Cement subsidy stirs fierce debate in Malawi Parliament

There fierce debate in Parliament over the Automated Car Park system and the Malata and Cement Cement Subsidy which clearly showed that all is not well between the government and opposition.

Hara:  Sporting constituency

Hara: We are suprised

Malawi Congress Party  (MCP) Mzimba Solola legislator Jacob Hara questioned governments wisdom in subjecting civil servants who work at  Kamuzu International Airport to a fee of K4,000 per month for parking their cars while they are working.

Hara raised the question on Matters of Urgent Public Importance under Standing Order 14 wondering why civil servants who work at the airport be paying that fee when actually their place of work.

“We are surprised that government did not consult relevant stakeholders when coming up with such a decision. Why should civil servants who own cars and are working to help government to raise revenue be paying the fees?” wondered Hara.

But Minister of Transport and Public Works Francis Kasaila said government already gave these civil servants preferential treatment by giving them the minimal fee of K4,000 instead of the K30,000 which they could have been paying.

This provoked the wrath of opposition who castigated the minister of not caring for already poorly paid civil servants.

Jessie Kabwila MCP legislator for Salima also stood and challenged the minister as to why government is penalizing the civil servants who include police, civil aviation employees, immigration officers and others who are actually making the airport operational.

“It is on record that the president challenged the civil servants who are not satisfied with working for the civil service should go to the private sector. Is this a tactic of driving the civil servants to go to the private sector?”asked Kabwila.

This did not go down well with Kasaila who is also Leader of the House who accused Kabwila of playing politics.

However, the matter did not reach its conclusion because the First Deputy Speaker Esther Mcheka Chilenje curtailed the debate.

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Mzimba Solora kukaya

To say the truth just pay for park cars is good.Why Mps wonders in pay for their cars.This is not the time for free services in town for parking your cars.Mp for Mzimba Solora this is not a real issues to say in parliament. Mp for Mzimba Solora natenga panji munyowoyengepo za kuwotcheka kwa misika ya pa Boma Linthu la Mzimba.Mp for Mzimba Solora mwasowa nkhani za mahara panji.Mp for Mzimba Solora Airtel News nayo muyowoyepo chifukwa cashgate namwe yingamunkhwanhlani ya ku airtel kuchibilira vyawena imwe.

Sake Chilling

The employer must be the one to pay for the employees’ parking fees. One car per employee. Or else the employer must give the employees parking allowance.
In South Africa, the employer pays for the parking space or issues the employees who have cars, access cards.

Komanso kulipila parking sizakhale ku Airport kokhako ai. Mizinda yonse mdziko muno monga Lilongwe,Blantyre,Zomba ngakhalenso ku Mzuzu, galimoto zisamaparke ulele m’matown. Boma liike ndondomeko yoti galimoto iliyonse izilipila ngati ipakidwa paliponse m’mbali mwamseu mkati mwa town, pakutero ndalama zomwe zizitoleredwa pa programe imeneyi zizithanmdizila kupanga maintenance miseu ya m’mizindamo kuti izikhala yabwino nthawi zonse. Tapitani pa Joni pompa apa komwe aliyense amalipila parking mosayang’ana nkhope, kaya udindo. Kulibe parking parking ya ulele whether at working premises kaya m’mbali mwa nseu, you have to pay if you want to park, or else uzingoyendetsa galimoto yakouyo usaparke mpakana ubwelere nayo ku nyumba… Read more »

Kuzolowera zaulere.Zimenezi zimatipusistsa.The civil servants work and must pay their fare share of the fees.No mercy.Boma likakudyerani kuti!If they dont want to pay, park outside or dont bring your car.If you own a car why should paying MK4000 per month be difficult?

Angel of Doom

The issue of car park fees is not an issue to be debated by parliament.

This is an issue between employer and employee.

If employee was not happy the last resort would have been to an MP in the CITY not from Mzimba.

Our MPs have nothing better to discuss. Just end the session.


Down South if you pay for parking your car in Blantyre and go to Limber market they will demand that you pay again. Can someone please come to the rescue.

mwana mulopwana
This is not the way to go Mr kasaila, Govt is supposed to provide free parking space for all staff working t the airport, I don’t like your idea and I will not buy it anymore, it seems APM has some ministers who are very dull , these people like Kasaila needs to be booted out, they are not creative at wall, There is no way you can convince me , this kind of altitude is the one which is driving people to steal govt money, My advice to APM and SKC, please boot out this useless pig before asanakuonongeleni… Read more »

Ukunde kubera Amalawi inu nkumagawana ma cashgate ku Capital Hill tione ngati mupange mupakana kalekale Mizimu yakwiya


Government employees should be given electronic tags that should allow them free access


Kulipira chani? Mmmmmm. Mbola.

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