Carlsberg Malawi confirms probe on huge financial scandal as reported by Nyasa Times

Malawi’s giant brewery, Carlsberg Brewery Malawi Limited, has confirmed that a probe is underway  into a huge ‘cashgate’  malfeasance that could amount o more than K5.2 billion as first reported by Nyasa Times.

Carlsberg Malawi

Carlsberg Malawi

The fraud has rattled the brewery’s management.

Carlsberg Malawi communications officer Towera Munthali confirmed that indeed there were “irregularities”  in the financial department at the brewery and that investigations are being carried.

“Investigations are currently underway,” Munthali told Capital FM on Wednesday.

Nyasa Times earlier reported that the scandal has led to the suspension of Carlsberg Malawi financial controller Geobra Kamanga, his deputy Austin Phiri and procurement manager Ezzra Njobvu who are suspected of defrauding the company.

In the report, Nyasa Times learnt that investigators uncovered the fraud mainly through purchase of raw materials like sugar and compromised procurement of raw materials and services.

It is also being alleged that some of the suspicious transactions involve trucks and businesses of the Fachis, a well known family in Malawi that has accumulated unexplained worth in recent years.

But Kamanga cautiously commented on Capital FM, saying “it is not clear”, saying the company will wait for full results of the investigations as they aren’t sure of any amounts yet.

The fraud mainly occurred through purchase of raw materials like sugar and the procurement of other services.

Carlsberg owns 59 percent of its subsidiary Carlsberg Malawi. Despite many attempts to spread on the African continent, Malawi in the only country where the brand has really taken root.

Carlsberg’s brewery in Malawi opened in 1968.

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19 thoughts on “Carlsberg Malawi confirms probe on huge financial scandal as reported by Nyasa Times”

  1. Peter Chilulu says:

    Muchali kulima hona !?!

  2. Brino says:

    In every tribe there are good people and bad people. So don’t point a finger at a tribe but at someone who has done wrong. To be found on those positions it means they are educated.

  3. chefourpence says:

    Remove the social viruses! I mean Tumbukas.

    1. M'Malawi Weniweni says:

      Sorry buddy. The virus is immune to any strategy to eliminate it. That is why 15 million of you have been helplessly infected for all these decades. Just keep wailing while the “virus” continues to entrench in your circulation system.i

  4. Prayer says:

    dont preach hate messages. Every tribe has a gift & a weakness. North xool ndi ntchito + kuba. Central & south xool and ndale + kuba.

  5. Justin says:

    Chatonda @ #5

    You are a big embarrassment to your tribe. Who do you think will feel the apartheid treatment at carlsberg. So who will speak for your labourers at calsberg once the tumbuka. technical staff is sent packing as per your dream? Umamudziwa m’mbuno iwe?. Actually, you chatonda and your fellow nincompoops fit very well into the Boer’s perception of an african – shallow thinking and only best at licking the Boer’s feet

  6. Savimbi says:

    the issue is that tumbukas are hardworkng people, sayenda bawo akafika ku ntchito & most of them are wel qualified…amene ukudandaula kawafunse bambo/mbale wako why he is not employd @ carsberg

  7. Tiyanjane says:

    First, experts from the north have for a long time been excluded from govt and parastatal jobs. Since they continue to be a blessed people, they do get engaged by the private sector and international organizations

    Secondly I would have expected people with adequate brains to take to task the company chairman who has booted out fellow Malawian chief executive (who is not from the north), This is the chairman who over the years has rewarded himself millions of bonuses. It is sad to see white south Africans fast taking over jobs. And some Malawians are clapping hands? The chief who lost his job at carlsberg is Chanje, not gondwe or Chung.

    I do agree with the Malawian who has suggested that govt looks into the expatriate positions at calsberg. one day, we. shall wake up to find a Boer community at carlsberg remitting all casberg profits to South Africa.. Meanwhile, I am sure the Boers at carlsnerg are celebrating the devide and rule success.

  8. The man says:

    Here is my take! the names involved might be Tumbuka’s but that does not mean all Tumbukas are thieves. What I know is a true Tumbuka must keep one Lhomwe or Chewa as a house maid- creating employment for us here. They are smart and bold and very strong. We are to blame, we are so interested in corrupton, kick backs, and stupid talks about other people, Tumbukas dont spend time talking about us, why are we hating them, they started democracy in Malawi, but someone just said amazingikonda basi all these unfounded hatrted, I am sure that if Chihana had taken this country from Kamuzi we would be far much better than this- this i swear.

    I want my anger to ne heard here- we spend time hating our brothers are only but “too good” how many people with surnames “Billiant, etc are flagged in the paper every week for stealing, very few are Tumbuka’s go to prisons and you will see 2 Tumbukas out of 100 names from the south”

    Foolish you, Vindere vyakufikapo.

  9. mtumbuka1 says:

    Don’t come here on Nyasa times and talk shit about tumbukas as this has nothing to do with tribe. It’s not their fault that they are employed in this company as long as they followed the right criteria. Blame the devil for misleading them after all who is not stealing in Malawi? You guys are bitching about them being many at the company, where do you want them to be employed inside your mamas underwears?? Muviwone vimasu!!!

  10. namatikitiki says:

    Do we have to call each and every large financial mismanagement CASHGATE? Try to be original and not just copy and paste!

  11. mmalawi weniweni says:

    so sad that Malawians are only able to see one side of the coin. while I am not condoning the theft at carlsberg,, I am shocked with remarks that are celebrating the takeover of calsberga management by white men – south African Boers for that matter!

    my advice to govt. is: investigate the other side of the coin. are there more Thom mpinganjiras to manage carlsberg

    amalawi, ndithu tizinyadira kuwuza mbuno kuti asese amalawi anzatju poti so mtundu wathu? she on us

  12. Dracula says:

    Njovu, Phiri, Fachi mwati ndi atumbuka???? Timvera kwa inu???? Xenophobia

  13. Mwendanato says:


  14. chatonda says:

    Atumbuka have stolen again at Carlsburg brewery. This country needs a dictator who can deal with people like these. Look at Mzungu who is feeling bad for the company and the country for brewing thieves instead of beer.
    Punish these Tumbukas hard so that they can learn a lesson. you started with Government and now

  15. mwiithotho says:


  16. katema says:

    Zamanyazi, dziko la malawi losauka ngati ili, koma kutchuka ndi nkhani zonyansa pa international news. Killing, stealing, cashgate etc.

  17. Sapitwa says:

    Kamanga,Munthali,Phiri ?, Njobvu…. are these people not all from the North? Why does this company promote nepotism, Regionalism and Tribalism and yet these the same issues that the North accuses Mutharika for. No wonder why there is this cash gate.

  18. Bongo 11 Gang Leader says:

    Allen finish all the Tumbukas there. Look almost all of them are Tumbukas including your communications officer Towera Munthali from Northern Malawi. These Tumbukas are very bad. They are very good at everything including cheating during examinations and they are also thieves in offices and finally they are talkative when it comes to human right issues in Malawi. Tumbukas play double standards.Try to recruit some from south and central. You will never regret. These Tumbukas are very bad.Imagine your company is spread all over African continent but its only here in Malawi where theseTumbukas are stealing your revenues. Please imprison them, even if you give of them almost 70 years in prison , no problem. they must learn a bitter lesson. Please conduct your investigation properly. Make sure all remaining Tumbukas in high positions should go on holidays. Tumbukas answer to names like Mhone, Gondwe, Mapwevupwevu, Ngwira, Munthali, Kamulepo, Kaunda, Mwafuliwa,Zimba,Zgambo, etc. Hunt them. They are many there because they are selfish and they employ among the Tumbukas themselves. You can have so many Munthalis in one department.

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