Cash for Presidential appointments: State House warns fraudsters

After Nyasa Times recently reported that some aides to President Peter Mutharika were demanding cash from influential business persons and others to arrange meetings with the Head of State , the State House press office has now confirmed that this is happening but blamed it to “some unscrupulous people with criminal minds.”

President Mutharika and his communication strategist Malopa

President Mutharika and his communication strategist Malopa

State House press officer Chikondi Juma said some people are going around posing as top State House aides duping and defrauding members of the public in the name of either arranging meetings with Mutharika or that they have been sent on errands by The Head of State.

Nyasa Times reported that Communication and Strategy advisors of President, Birght Malopa disclosed to the President that a top aide allegedly extorts huge sums of money from rich Asians, Nigerians, Rwandese and Burundians“in exchange for appointments with the President and government contracts”.

State House has confimed that several distinguished members of the society including government officials, have fallen victim to the scheme, losing thousands of kwacha in the process and some of them have been left stranded.

However, Juma stresses that the conduct is being carried by fraudsters, exonerating presidential aides.

She said the recent incident involved, Rev. Matiya Nkhoma of the Livingstonia Synod of the Church of Central African Presbyterian (CCAP) who was duped by an unknown man pretending to be a Special Assistant to the President that he has arranged an audience with President Mutharika for him and Paramount Chief Mbelwa VI at Kamuzu Palace in Lilongwe.

“Later the criminals, now posing as Chief Mbelwa tricked Rev. Matiya Nkhoma through a phone call, into transferring cash amounting K100 000 (One Hundred Thousand Kwacha) through mobile money transfer for him (Chief Mbelwa) to buy fuel to travel to Lilongwe for the meeting with The President,” Juma states in a statement.

She pointed out that several other similar incidences have been reported involving some District Commissioners, Principal Secretaries, Civil Society leaders among others.

“State House strongly condemns these unfortunate incidences as pure criminal acts and would like to disassociate State House, most importantly The Head of State from these incidences,” she said.

State House said it is taking seriously these reports seriously and will investigate the incidences with the assistance of the Police and other law enforcement agencies.

“State House wishes to put on the record that its officials or The President’s Aide do not, will not and will never communicate through the phone to arrange a meeting with The President. There are well established channels of communication and procedures to be followed by anyone wishing or asked to meet The Head of State.

“We therefore, appeal to all government officials and all members of the Public to follow these normal channels and to always verify any communication purported to be coming from or related to State House.”

The public has been urged to demand relevant identification documents from anyone claiming to be from State House and to verify with relevant authorities at State House before setting off for State House to meet the President or releasing any valuable materials including cash to unknown people.

Meanwhile, Nyasa Times understands that some fraudsters phoned former Minister of lands  Khumbo Chirwa to go to Lilongwe and meet President Mutharika.

Chirwa  drove to Lilongwe only to be called by the same “Aide” to deposit cash since he was stranded somewhere. When Chirwa offered to give the cash by hand and not through electronic cash transfer, the ‘aide’ could not be reached anymore.

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55 thoughts on “Cash for Presidential appointments: State House warns fraudsters”

  1. bache says:

    this is just defence mechanism.somebody at state house knowning that serious allegations against him are just on the corner deploy this to save his was already revealed by malopa that the prime minister is pocketing money through selling of appointments.i dont see the reason why state house is wasting time denying it.if its the work of criminals why has not been reported to police?fraudsters are there at state house.

  2. Balamanthu says:

    My observation is that we have become a country that is both dishonest and crooked.Paying for appointments started with Bingu.That lady from Escom used to go and deposit the funds paid for appointments.Akane ndimuulule when and what amounts and from whom!

  3. ulendowu ndi watonse says:

    kadi nkhani ya fudalism (chitaganya) ili pati chonde musayisiye ayi nkhani imeneyi ndiyofunika zedi.

  4. Kavuluvulu says:

    Zonsezi ndi Ben Phiri

  5. Tomas Vanco says:

    We are on processing funds for Malawi, and we find, the peoples around president including secretary hold signed documents for invitation of investor be president for months. This time can be Malawi real develop with few billion of USD on Malawi central bank for general development. But is looks so, the cabinet don’t want it, also if the conditions are great.
    Cabinet want probably Malawians living alike on museum for ever on clay houses without electricity and roads.
    We guess, what is good, if the President change the crocodiles around him to more human peoples open for public, with higher intelligence, and more easier and open communication.
    This is message also for you, Peter.
    With regards
    Tomas Vanco RWM Gmbh

  6. KARU UNITED says:

    Ndi genitu,Bambo Matiya Nkhomawo, amaganiza kuti ndikapereka kandalama aka,kwa a pulezidenti ndikabwera ndi chimtolo.Kodi mwati ndi a purofeti? dzinali kukhala ngati ndinayamba kulimva nthawi ya Atcheya,kenako ya a Bingu,ya a Mai Banda,anangoti, “kaitana kavula!”

  7. You must know!!!!!! says:

    There are playing their chances. If an account of the state can be hacked what more of the such cash. Its not a necessity but now a nom that we need to undertand how to create money. I dont know whether ithis a new business venture or a new franchisee methods. kkkkkkkkk

  8. nana says:

    Tinamva kale kuti ndi ben

  9. Kenkkk says:

    It is all within the state house. I am no friend of Bright Malopa but he exposed this sometime ago and people didn’t listen. That is exactly how amwenye have been paying for the audience with Peter.

    What is happening now is that someone in state house was going to be exposed, he is in deep trouble, hence these cover up announcements claiming the state house is not involved. They have targeted unsuspecting malawians, so that the whole matter is exposed and themselves then taking the opportunity to deny their involvement. Many Asians have paid that way, seen and not seen the president but that had gone quiet. Of course malawians would not be quiet if they have paid and not seen the president, hence the worry of this dpp govt trying to fool us that they are not involved. You are involved, we never had such extensive requirements to pay to see a president, it is only happening now, why? Did Kamuzu, bakili, bingu, JB demand payments to see them by phoning people around? Why is this happening under you Peter?

    You dpp guys are about to be exposed. You better sack some of the top aides at state house. What kind of people are you?

  10. mike bumbwe says:

    comment number 37 ndiwe galu..tulo ta atumbuka nkuposa a lomwe???out tenants anthu amavala zigamba mtundu wa kabudula sungawudziwe

  11. mbuyun says:

    A Malawi! Stage ya mabedwe like this anzathu anathana nano kale.

  12. Kkkk. I hope uyu akuyenereka kukhala ben phiri. Mwana ameneyu sakuchenjera bwino. Atha kukubela maliseche masanasana ukuona.

  13. Kadakwiza says:

    Ine Kadakwiza, ndiri phee kumva kukoma, kumene ndiri
    A Malawi akukanganirana eti kukaonana ndi president za zii.

  14. opportunist says:

    Kuphethirisana pa Malawi

  15. Tiyanjane says:

    It is not correct to link this incidence with any Church. Yes, Rev Matiya should not have been so blind and so submissive. He should have reasoned in a mature, intelligent way as he has done through out his many service points to the Nation.

    Howeever, Livingstonia Synod in Lilongwe, Dedza, Kasungu, Salima, Mchinji is not run by Rev Matiya Nkhoma. Congegrations manage their prayer houses, with Devine Guidance. Let us not draw Linia Synod into this, please.

  16. Judge Joash says:

    Nonse ofupa ndi ofupidwa mapwala anu.

  17. Khongoni Boy says:

    Matiya Nkhoma Ndiwe Mwana Wasatana Unadanitsa Nkhoma Synod Ndi Livingstonia Synod Anakuchita Bwino Fortune Seeker Iwe

  18. GooNgayikosya says:

    Atumbuka tulo tulo ndiye mkumati tikhale ndi mbali yathu ya dziko hahahahahahah koma akuchotsani anyamata apatauni

  19. rajab hassam yazeed says:

    Paying for what service

  20. rajab hassam yazeed says:

    But how can someone give money for a meeting with the president lol

  21. Ben phiri is also involved

  22. Dr Callista wa Moo Thaa Leeker says:

    A Matiya Nkhoma mukanthidwa pansi pompano ndizija munkachitila Nkhoma Synod. Matsoka amayambila patali

  23. Proff. Centvinnie says:

    Ooh yes, Malawi akukula mu nzeru zobela opusa pa thoni..kkkk tiyeni nazoni.

  24. chadango says:

    Dyela lili ndi the man of Collar why give out money when he doesn’t even know what he is being called for? Why couldn’t he verify with any senior person like a Minister, or PS. Amaganiza kuti a kapatsidwa some favours ndipo ndalama anaperekazo zisakhale za akhristu.

    1. Nkhombokombo says:

      The fruits of a corrupt Government. Nothing you can do to clean the mess, the more you talk the deeper the dent is revealed!

  25. johnphiri says:

    Tiyeni nazoni,

  26. MCP Youth(60yrs old) says:

    Kumachenjera Pa Town

  27. Mawule says:

    Akudziwana. Ine ndikalimbe mtima kunamizira chinthu chokhala ngati Pitala cha dzino limodzi? They share the spoil poti DPP kuba nkosayamba.

  28. Mbongha Matoga says:

    How on earth can someone in there sound mind let alone govt officials pay money in order meet the president of the republic?

    This not only shameful but also immoral that people should be asked to pay money to meet their own president, these criminals knows that people pay money to meet the president this is why they are taking advantage of the system that already exist.

  29. MBACHI says:


  30. kwathu Nansengwa says:

    Yuo have stated that the President’s Aid do not,will not and will never communicate through a telephone to arrange for a meeting with the President. You haven’t said anything in regards to monetary requirements if any for such meetings which is the crucial part of the whole scam. It would have sounded better if you said the presidential aid will never ask for money to arrange for a meeting with the president.

  31. welamdindi panji welamdimi says:

    Kuno ndi kunja kumachenjera. Kuzolowera ziphuphu penapaliponse

  32. tuvitwana says:


  33. MAMINA says:




  34. Malawiana says:

    Why would I be asked to pay to meet someone I personally put in office through the ballot? Just shows how myopic and crooked we Malawians are.

  35. abiti says:

    Atumbuka kukonda maudindo adyereni opusa amenewo. What do you expect when the state house is surrounded by crocus.

  36. MCP ndi dhilu says:

    obeledwawo ndiye zitsiru. osafunsa ku OPC bwanji? kuthamangila ma buns basi. za ziii

  37. Mwama Du says:

    This is within the state house .

  38. Bongiwe says:

    Pitala has created a Rogue Regime in Malawi….after Tcheya…two big time crooks

  39. Biti Foloko says:

    Send a thief to catch a thief….Mutharika is the biggest thief so why waste time withe small time thieves?

  40. nyopinyopi says:

    Smacks of corruption in high places

  41. Atupele says:

    You bought or paid your way to the Presidency…you used these very same Hoodlums……not do?

  42. wellie says:

    ma presidential aides and advisors anyanya kuchuluka now almost anyone can pose as an aide and go away with it as people are confused kaya tiziona.

  43. john says:

    There is a story that Allan Ntata will produce and implicate the Prime Minister.This is a spin in anticipation. Koma Prime Minister is desparate

  44. Hoitty says:

    A Malawi ma trickswaphunzila kuti? Tulo tonse tatha. Pano mwasanduka ma Nigerian

  45. Greencardless Malawian says:

    Hehehe! This is what happens when people who are supposed to be top government officials behave like jokers

  46. Ezekiel Peter Ching'oma says:

    MCP sinakalola chisawawa ichi. Anyamata a Ben Phiri awa!

  47. kapilikoni says:

    Well this is nothing compared to top civil servants and CEOs who have bought their way to the top. They cannot disclose this bcoz it has benefitted them. Just wait for the revelations which will b released soon thru leaked memos!

  48. Juweka says:

    Its a clear evidence that Malawi as a nation is going through hard times economically. From killing innocent albinos, ritual difilement cases, cashgate and now fraudsters posing as presidential aides.

  49. Gule says:

    State house mwaisandutsa Phanga la achifwamba?Why do pple pay 4 an audience wth the president,ndiye kuti ndi khalidwe laketu kuti munthu amalipira kuti akomane ndi bwanawo nanga zingangoyamba lero?Corruption will never end in my poorer Malawi

  50. max nsani says:

    The idiots are the ones giving out money without verifying the source first. How difficult can it be to verify that you are talking to inkosi mbelwa; or calling state house and verfying with the ADC or one of the 20 assistants? Adzikuberani chi chi, tulo too much. Morons!

  51. arthur bingu says:

    Listen okuba ndi tima suit inu this is my advise big up but muzapanga abale obwerawa but mpaka Mfumu ayiiiiii guys

  52. human says:

    This shows that there is corruption mentality among Malawians. Why pay money for a meeting, osadabwapo kanthu?

  53. akulu says:

    Hahahaha meeting is so sweet hey. Up to the extent of depositing money to unknown person.kkkk munthu wa mulungu is also corrupt why trying to provide fuel for mbelwa as if he cant manage himself. Kkkk

  54. chejali says:

    Kumachangamuka mpa town kaya

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