Cash-rich Minister Nankhumwa asked to explain his ‘sudden wealth’

The  cash handouts and  donation of   an ambulance to Mulanje district hospital, two motor cycles to Police  station in Mulanje and 300 bicycles  by Minister of Local Government and Rural Development, Kondwani Nankhumwa has sparked outrage with critics asking the cash-rich minister to explain the source of his “sudden wealth”.

Cash-rich Nankhumwa

Nankhumwa  said  the donation to his Mulanje Central constituency was worth K23 million  but  observer say the figure  could be around K40 million  and the minister has since  come under intense fire to explain the source of his multimillion donations.

Critics have described it as an “obscene display of wealth”.

Mustapha Hussein, a University of Malawi’s (Unima) Chancellor College (Chanco)  political and administrative issues analyst  has said Nankhumwa should be accountable on his mind boggling wealth.

“Because of the huge amount of money, one needs to explain,” Hussein said in quotes reported by The Daily Times.

“There must be evidence that the money is coming from his pocket, otherwise the amount that has been spent raises suspicion because comparing to earnings there should be an initiatives to compare how much he gets,” the academician said.

The paper also quoted Malawi Economic Justice Network (Mejn) executive director Dalitso Kubalasa saying Nankhumwa should explain the source of his money.

“It is always fair and proper to come out clean to say where the money is coming from to dispel any rumour. Such money could be part of some money laundering activities so it’s fair to be transparent otherwise a spirit of sharing is a welcome development,” Kubalasa said.

A watchdog called Independent Commission on Accountability and Transparency (iCAT) is said to gather more information on Nankhumwa wealth.

The watchdog is wondering how Nankhumwa has amassed a spectacular fortune while earning a salary of K1,608.

Icat was launched by law barrister Allan Z. Ntata who had previously worked at Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB) and also served as late president Bingu wa Mutharika’s legal advisor.

The watchdog is there to ensure to promote transparency, accountability, integrity and access to information at all levels of society in the fight against graft in Malawi.

Malawians are  taking to social media to ridicule the cash-rich minister.

“Tales of abrupt opulence,” wrote one Favour Munyapa on Facebook.

Malawi is reeling from a mass corruption scandal christened as Cashgate which London based auditors  RSM (formerly Baker Tilly) revealed about K13 billion was lost from 2012.

About K236 billion was lost from 2005.

And Minister of Agriculture, Irrigation and Water Development, George Chaponda, is facing investigations on the purchase of maize from Zambia which is suspected to have corruption election.

Chaponda said his involvement was minimal and denied wrongdoing in the matter.

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31 thoughts on “Cash-rich Minister Nankhumwa asked to explain his ‘sudden wealth’”

  1. Rift Valley says:

    The ACB says sudden change of life style is a possible sign of corruption and warrants investigations. Please let’s not have this nonsense about salaries, allowances etc.

  2. He should be suspended to pave way for investigations. Just a thought, as we have started 2017 on a good note as far as governance is concerned.

  3. adekago says:


  4. Mcp die hard says:

    Husein are you normal? Did you really go to school.Kamuzu and his crocodile party messed our minds. For this country to move forward the best way is for all those who tested Kamuzu rule until 1994 should for
    You mean a Malawian who wants to be rich should be investigated?
    Malawi Malawi Malawi tizafika kuti. Even you Husein you can’t think as a human being. A dog thinks better than you

  5. Pida says:

    Mavuto akadalipo kuno ku Malawi.

  6. Chit a achy chia HichyChijachi says:

    Abale bwanji osangonena pa zomwe mwawerenga? Muli Ku Malawi konkuno kapena kunja? Dzulodzuloli mwamva testimony Kaloinga Stambuli kunena za PP mom we idabera ndalama m boma. Ndiye munganene za DPP, shame on you

  7. Bandulo says:

    That’s too silly thinking. How many people are getting rich and you question them Why not question Chakwera who is also a millionaire.
    Malawians when are we going to be positive and not jealousy. Even an analyst coming in for what you idiot.
    How many people are building mansions yet you don’t question them.
    As yourself why are you getting poor to balance up
    Silly Malawians. You can’t survive in America with that thinking. There are millionaires but nobody will question Have you been told that moneybus missing in Government
    Nankhumwa has worni Lottery so what? You fools

    1. Sendawana says:

      He is a public officer for christs sake

  8. Abwana says:

    #malawi for sale

  9. mwana akalira dpp mpatsen dip says:

    do us fava mr nankumwa

  10. Bwampini says:

    Mwina mkuluyu analowa mpingo ujawo wa Mbusa wachinyamata olemera kwambiri ujatu.

  11. Prof. Malawimotobuuu!! says:

    Ndata ili phwi bola uyu wakuba wathandiza anthu. Mukukaninka kuwaimba milandu ndi kuwalanda chuma basi kubwebweta makape inu eti

    1. Tione says:

      Yes, he’s helped, but don’t you see this as a campaign gimmick? Though he’s helped, as Malawians, we haue the right to know where the money came from & hold the government accoutable. Malawi does not belong to DPP only to help others while others who wish to do the same get blocked, the case of Bushiri & Opposition Parties. Now the rains are here causing havoc to lives & many households have been affected & would need aid. It makes me wonder what Mutharika really means when he calls on Malawians to come forward with aid yet when people respond, he & his band of thieves block them while he goes out to ‘azunguz’ with a begging bowl. Kaya amafuna zoti asololepo as the people want to take their aid direct to the beneficiaries. To me this is hypocracy & nothing but a campaign strategy. So, mbwiiye che Nakhumwa, to be on the safe side & avoid speculation, come in the open, explain the source of these generous donations & be accouotable. Malawians deserve to know. This is what we call ‘Access to Information ( ATI)’.

  12. mkika says:

    Moses kunkuyu did the same,None of you ask him all these silly qst.

  13. Timothy says:




  14. Munaology says:

    Ahh Malawi (Malawi

  15. Morgan Kulisewa says:

    Ine I am at pains to understand all this noise.Kondwani Nankhumwa has been getting MK1.6million as monthly salary since December 2014.Assuming straight 30% PAYE on this then his take home is MK1,120,000 per month.Assuming again that he has been saving 50% of this salary since the raise then comfortably he has savings of MK13,440,000.Now,he is an MP so though he does not receive salary as an MP by virtue that you cant draw two salaries from the Public purse,he is still entitled to a sitting allowance of MK60,000 a day and we can at minimum state that Parliament sits for 50 days a year and for the two and half years he has been Minister then we can safely give him 125 days and multiply that by the sitting allowance,the figure is MK7,500,000.Fair enough that he did not save all that but lets assume that he kept 50% of this money which is MK3,750,000 plus what his savings from his salary then he is already on MK17,190,000.Then he has travel allowances,both local and international and lets assume at he gets 200 Dollars a day on international trips and by Presidential directive,a Minister can spend maximum three weeks(except Finance and Foreign Affairs Ministers)and in the last two and half years it means he might have travelled for 52 days at 200 dollars per day that translates to 10400 Dollars and at an exchange rate of 700 kwacha=1 Dollar then we get MK7,280,000.Normally people when they travel they dont spend all their money and we assume that he came back in total with about 60% of these allowances and that gives around MK4,368,000.This figure added to what he already has takes us to MK21,558,000.Then lets just assume that in the same period he has been Minister,his local travels have earned him a further MK3,000,000 then already we are on MK24,558,000.
    So its not beyond his reach that he can afford to do what he has done.People plan,long term plans and forgo as well as sacrifice their happiness in pursuit of something that they believe will make someone happy and he is one of those who plans.We cannot start questioning him now when we dont know what he has gone through to make his constituents happy.Lets be critical but fair and objective,palibe choopsya choti anthu atuluke thovu mkamwa chifukwa cha kuti Kondwani Nankhumwa wapeleka njinga.

    1. Bodza la N'nanu says:

      Pathetic justification!

  16. Gogo Chalo says:

    Hussein and your friends, If you really want to know Hon Nankhumwa’s source of money now, why didn’t you ask where he got money for campaigning in 2014? For the period he has been in government, do you really mean he can’t manage that donation?
    Mukasowa zochita just sit phwii than making useless noise.

    1. marken says:

      It’s really makes a worthy quation.

  17. Mgoloso says:

    What is “sudden wealth” by the way? Malawians do not believe in themselves getting rich – Hastings Kamuzu Banda anatipweteka koopsa. He killed our mind set. If it were you being rich, could you say that it is “sudden”? Just becoz it’s not you then its sudden, but if it’s you then its normal.

    Most Malawians are good at stories that lack facts – basing on rumours or hear-says. This is bad behaviour

    1. QueenB says:

      If your mind set has not changed 20 years after Kamuzu’s death then you must be retarded!


    THE OFFICE OF ASSETS DECLARATION SHOULD ENLIGTEN THE NATION ON NANKHUMWA’S DECLARATION, otherwise we’ll see how useless asset declaration office is.

  19. Chikhutu says:

    Campaign yayambika ikatero. Such donations to crucial personnel and departments raise suspicion of hidden agenda-Corruption and bribery. It may is some how palm oiling influential figures in the society so much so that should Kondwani fall prey to ill behavior disciplining him would be difficult e.g. from the police in his constituency, the voters being intimidated by those in receipt of the materials distributed.

    Currently it looks just fine because it is seen as development. I wish we learn from such things and still make these public officer accountable….

    As voters let us not get blinded by the materialism of the power hungry souls at the expense of real development for everyone in our communities. Eat as much as they offer and vote for wise leaders that have public interest at heart.

  20. Nkhuluru says:

    Nemesis is that recoil of nature that devastated the most shrewd undertaker

  21. Moya says:

    Malawians We should expect people to get rich and progress in life not question peoples success all time let’s also be questioning our poverty, like we need explanation why malawians are still poor since independence? its thin line between jelousy and envy and accountability knowingly where we are coming from however that said does not take away the probe for hon. Nankhumwa to come out clean considering so many cash gates around this country and him being a politician.

  22. Pido says:

    Aaaaa mwasowa zochita. When you are holding a public office and you happen to represent people, there are means of sourcing money. People with brains would develop smart proposals and solicit funds from right well wishers. One would be doing what Nakhumwa has done constantly. Remember the youthful John Bande in those days? That was his approach. osamangoliralira ngati nkhuku apa

  23. Phumbwa says:

    Nankhumwagate kkkkkkk koma kumeneko

  24. Tpash says:

    Nankhumwa should also buy gym equipment and hire a trainer in order for him to shed those kilos otherwise he looks like a pig

    1. low p. says:

      U people eee

  25. Satha says:

    Too late. It seems reactiveness amongst Malawians is a norm. The time some quarters revealed that the DPP was busy stealing public funds for political campaign before Bingus death nobody seemed to care. Everyone in the country should now be aware that DPP is the architect of cash gate and that when the issue came to public lime light, the DPP rushed to the masses to blame the then ruling PP. Actually the DPP gurus knew that if it was not to that they would be exposed. Unfortunately Malawians never wanted to hear stories of DPP cash gate and instead were blindly made to believed that it was amayi and her PP who started it. When the mistake was made to put the DPP back to power, they don’t want to hear anything about the Mk577bn cash gate because they know its theirs. They are only continuing what they used to do but in a different way. It is high time as Malawians we become pro active in protecting and safeguarding our taxes from the greedy. Nankhumwas wealth by no means has come from the same government in which he is a minister. Whether the money was acquired legally or illegally is something for all of us to see. Chapondas case is still fresh. Bingus money in foreign banks is yet to be probed….what about those that remain under cover? Many issues.

Comments are closed.

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