Cashgate dossier with names: Baker Tilly hand over to Malawi Auditor General

British Forensic Auditors Baker Tilly have finally handed over the much awaited full cashgate report to the Auditor General of Malawi,  Steven Kamphasa, senior government officials have confirmed to Nyasa Times .

Kamphasa received the report this week and he is expected to hand it over to Minister of Finance Goodal Gondwe after reviewing it.

National Audit Office, Corporate Communications Officer Thomas Chafunya confirmed that the Malawi AG is finalising formalities of hand the dossier to the Minister of Finance who will then table it in Parliament.

Stephen Kamphasa and  Baker Tiilly's Mack-Sullivan: Report containing names in

Stephen Kamphasa and Baker Tiilly’s Mack-Sullivan: Report containing names in

“Yes I can confirm . The AG will follow the provisions in the constitution to submit the  report  to Parliament through the minister of finance,” said Chafunya in a telephone interview with Nyasa Times from Lilongwe.

Asked if the report contains names, businesses and officers involved Chafunya simply said: ” It has everything.”

Finance Minister Goodall Gondwe  assured the National Assembly that government will release the names of suspects in what is known as Malawi’s Cashgate—a K13 billion public finance scandal that rocked the country last year.

Gondwe  said the Peter Mutharika administration will release details of the comprehensive audit report by the British auditing firm.

“The names that were concealed will be revealed,” assured the Finance Minister.

President Peter  Mutharika pledged to deal with Cashgate and bring all culprits to book.

Malawians trashed the first audit report, which omitted names of individuals and companies said to be involved in the massive corruption scandal.

The government of Malawi under Joyce Banda leadership  hired a British company, Baker Tilly International, to audit its departments between April and September 2013.

The company’s report found the government lost about K13 billion during that period through fraud, theft and unethical actions.

That equates to more than one percent of GDP, in a one of the world’s poorest countries, where state services are poor and life expectancy is just 54 years.

The report says nearly half of the money went to 16 private companies for services they did not provide.

It says this was done by taking advantage of a loophole in the government’s financial management system.

Some 68 civil servants and businesspeople are already on trial charged with graft.

Ex-justice minister Ralph Kasambara and four others face trial for the attempted murder of a former treasury official Paul Mphwiyo who was on the verge of exposing the corruption ring.

Foreign donors, who provide 40% of Malawi’s budget, froze vital aid worth around $150m in response.

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93 thoughts on “Cashgate dossier with names: Baker Tilly hand over to Malawi Auditor General”

  1. Geoffrey Maunde says:

    All the governments seem not be keen to tell Malawians the truth of government money looting.They all know what happens, Onse ndi AKUBA BASI.koma tikankonda kuti chilungamo chioneke.

  2. kabikizga kamusindikile says:

    Let the Government tell the nation about the report. Remember its our money that the private firm used to audit everything. We need the report exposed not to be shelved as most cases. God help us we will not continue to stay put. just know that Malawians are quite but not stupid. Let the world know who is to blame most.

  3. konkuja says:

    Tell him kumasamba plizi ngati odyetsa kabvalo

  4. Isaac chagwa says:

    I feel all malawian leaders are better but the worst are most Malawians who claims to be openminded.How come that someone is failing to apreciate that name will be aired out while its what we have been crying for?We can always opt for k92 billion report later.Worse still some instead of building Malawi insult a leader authorized by God Himself.Why fellow Malawians?Priotise the needs of Malawians not a loosing party,or ruling party.We are tired of supporting agenda of any political parties but truth and righteousness that exalts the nation.I feel Malawi doesnt need a God fearing leader but a God fearing people.I feel we need strong evangelism people to know and understand Jesus christ who can liberate us from lack of hollistic understanding of all issues concerning poor and rich Malawians.God bless anyone in support of this personal comment from unknown citizen

  5. Lulu says:

    Zachamba izi when was it discovered that 92 bil went missing zaboza basi wat we malawians noe z abt CASH GATE OF JOICE BANDA thats all

  6. God's knowledge says:

    To say the truth JB ankakamba za k92b kubisa mawanga ake,zikanakhala zowona bwenzi atamanga kale a DPP onsewa.coz no 1 amene angat ndipha mwana wangayi poti nayeso wakhuzidwa nawo pankhaniyi koma anu ndakhululukira.hahahaha totally you call dat person ndimfiti or wapenga,iyayi mwana ndiwompeza and etc.she was just hiding up her feathers.

  7. Fathi Shehab says:

    koma mdiye nodza loteths nslo mkhola la ng’ombe zako zomee.
    nfiye ukumwabe mksks?

  8. Central says:

    #77, by allowing investigation to expose whatever happened from 2005, your party DPP might have the advantage of letting its name be clean again!! Sincerely it is this fear and your deliberate tactics of encouraging to let the demand die a natural death just because you don’t want to be exposed!!

    How come you are only trusting Acc Genegeral’s office on MK!#b and not on MK92b. Kaya mukhalila kapena ayi, time will come when whoever did the nasty game will face the jazz!! If you think your IQ is more than Malawi, then you win, otherwise the game is still on…………………!!! Nyasa Times a million thanks for maintaining the audit report on this page!! We’ve down loaded for records and would be action ………………!! Let’s wait and see who will laugh the loudest………………………………………………!!

  9. Paul J.C.Mwafulirwa. says:

    If Malawi as a Nation,regardless of which ever party we belong to,want to regain our confidence on matters of Public Financial Management,then all the holes in our perceived ‘leaking bucket’must be identified and sealed. This entails extending the MANDATE of a Neutral body such as the same British Auditors review the Mk92 billion Audit and indeed any other claim of fraud that has been mentioned within the recent past. The ACB must also assist in dealing with corruption cases that seem to be exposed but tamed in our midist. Our society can seriously wear a new face if these issues are treated in a just and fair manner with no sacred cows.

  10. Nyani wa ku Mwananyani says:

    People! People! Stop talking or writing about 92 billion!
    There was no such money missing during Bingu’s era. JB, was just throwing dust around to blind you over the rampant theft during her time as president. She sure duped you by ordering that questionable audit, which by the way, was not forensic. Unlike, Baker Tilly, that audit would not pass legal muster. So, stop bringing up unfounded allegations, already!
    Nobody is defending any thief here, to be clear.

    1. Tiyeni nazo says:

      The AG said it was an audit query and are you serious that a query involving such huge amount of money should not be subject to further investigation?

  11. Mwenecho says:

    ok what about 92 billion?

  12. Think Tank says:

    @ 72,Chemkumbi, were you outside the media when both British bodies(High Commission and Auditors) were dishing out statements urging against revealing of names? Ask Zodiak,go to Archives ,visit Kamphasa, chat with the British High Commissioner. Please plead with Nyasatimes to show their reports on the subject. Lastly,just because you believe you are a custudian of the events does not make you an authority on that. No sir, the posting says the report is complete with “verything”. Now,they used to give excuse that revealing names at that time would interfer with the audit process. Please,sir, leave politics aside. This is a national disaster and we are very ashamed when we go abroad. People,innocently or otherwise ask about cashgate. We get tongue tied with shame. Stop hero-worshiping and mourn the loss of financial morals in our system. Dont think cashgate is over. It is going on openly and officially. Look around and see.

  13. Alibewawo says:

    If PP had evidence of DPP’s plundering of finances, they could have used that to finish off DPP. All they have are speculations to stifle debate or cast some doubt on DPP’s credibility.

  14. Mzunguwasiliasiuyu says:

    This white man looks so serious that even I am not having any job can not be his garden boy !!!! Malawian government employ him as a chief auditor and all this corruption will stop. He seems more like from Eastern Europe and a former military boss!!!!!

  15. Chemkumbi says:

    Think tank , it seems you have run out of ideas. Why did they not reveal the names before eletions, if they are the people revealing the names? If the British did not want to reveal the names why did they freeze the aid?The froze the aid because they were angry, its the former govt which did not want to reveal the names after buying those buses which were empounded at the MRA, where the buyer could not be traced. Now the names will be known because they are no longer in govt, so its Gondwe’s and the friends who are behind revealing the names period.

  16. Chemkumbi says:

    It seems you are missing the point the forensic audit was on cash-gate authorised by President Banda, and audit report is refleting this , that led to the freezing of aid by donors. i doubt if the 92 billion is in the same forensi audit from the look of things.It seems the external auditor hired did not go beyond the cash-gate. Lets not complicate life here we want donors to resume the aid. Let us try to answer the question asked, not answering the question you have not been asked.

  17. Thoko says:

    I hope this includes the MK 92 billion as well otherwise they will be total chaos and blood shed , so APM be very careful with how you handle this coz your hands are not clean

  18. Voter says:


  19. Dausi says:

    Ndizoonadi kuti ife a DPP tinaba kuposa chipani chilichonse cholamula. koma ndikanakonda kuti report la cashgate ankayambira 2005-2013 osati zopusa izi azungu inu mukufuna kuti zunguzuza za zii i

  20. Dausi says:

    Ndizoonadi kuti ife a DPP tinaba kuposa chipani chilichonse cholamula. koma ndikanakonda kuti report la cashgate ankayambira 2005-2013 osati zopusa izi azungu inu mukufuna kuti zunguzuza za zii

  21. These white people bring no development in mw apart4m homosexuality,all what they know z boasting.God will humble u.Better chinise have changed malawi’s face.

  22. Nyembezi Mwale says:

    If DPP has nothing to hide, they should come forward with proof that they they are clean and above reproach regarding the alleged siphoning of 92 Billion Kwacha during late Bingu’s tenure. If they do not provide that assurance, speculation will continue to mount that they are trying to cover up some mess. Let justice roll down like waters. No partiality should be seen to be made. Malawians are entitled to know the truth regarding “Cash- Gate”. Otherwise, by not coming out in a transparent manner on this case, it will be blatant witch hunting. It they (DPP) are honest Leaders and are committed to ridding the vice in our country, let them come out open on this. They should not be seen to being selective. There should be no scapegoats for what has led to the woes in the affairs of government finances.

  23. Think Tank. says:

    Mr Gondwe should not cheat us that he or his government is/are behind the revealing of the names. He should not forget both the auditors and the British Government were against the revealing of names earlier. Now they have finalised the report during dpp watch does not make this gvt heroes. They can be heros if and when the institute some auditing on audit queries of 92 billion. This report was instituted by the very people he implies to have hidden names.

    1. Disappointed says:

      stupid thinking which does not get Malawi anywhere. Let us deal with things one by one and separately. Let this be dealt with separately. I do not see why you should blame Mr Gondwe for making known the contents of the report at a time when it is handed to him and when all Malawians had been pressing to know the result of the audit. What kind of person are you? Next you can apply pressure by asking government to institute a similar investigation through an independent audit relating to the famous K92 billion. Then pressure them further to release the names of those who were involved in the alleged K92billion…bring all to justice. I am not backing anyone here! What I don’t like is your lack of neutrality in the matter.

  24. Tobby Elefunt says:

    koma azungu basi kufuna kumatizunguzabe mpaka pano…..ok F JAH exists u will never succeed in ur opression tacticks…tinking black never race u still need to confuse us so cant see dat ua draining our ulanium at kayerekera….but be informed dat u will soon be exposed coz JAH…JAH z watching u

  25. Vavlov says:

    Please urgently publish names of those implicated before the DPP mafia manipulates the list. Am sure cashgate started during Bingu, lets see the names, no sacred cows should be spared here. But can the professor act decisively on this matter?

  26. Mikoko says:

    Iiii dziko lapansi guys, winji yakusausya.

  27. Kengere Kengere says:

    Ngati K92Billion report ilipo bwanji a PP sadatulutse ali pampando,ndimayesa imeneyi inali nthawi yabwino yotulutsa report.Zinazi Milandu ya treason sikanakhalapo akanatulutsa report ya K92Billion.Adalephera bwanji kutulutsa?Ngati ndizoona za K92Billion kodi ndizotheka munthu kudzifufuza yekha?Ngati ndi zoona amene analephera ntchito yotumikira ife a Malawi ndi a PP posatulutsa report’yi.

  28. ngo says:

    what we have all to know is that justice will never and ever be revieled in our country unless otherwise tnis will be just the tale talks and after all the whole story will end in vain without we as the concerned malawians know the truth. This is either you like it or not so lets just wait and see if appropaite action will be taken with those people who are responsible with the looting the taxe payers money.

  29. drakes says:

    People are sticking to the lie that was presented by Joyce Banda of K95BN, SHE was asked to present details and evidence to start a case against DPP which she failed while she was still in Government. Lets start with the case that is already in courts and those with evidence pertaining to the K95 are free to expose it, what stopping you?

  30. We need to have both audit reports and then know which ones are mare audit queries ,as for me the MK13.B is real becoz suspects are acknowledging that they took government money (there is evidence) AND THEN CRY FOR SYMPATHY(mhuuu….).If you can do the same with the mk92b, then i will salute you as a real Malawian who can protect his country even on football matters……Ankhwakaaa…

  31. ujeni says:

    DPP talks too much with no substance. Just release the names now now! All this time just talk talk.

  32. Truck says:

    That’s why Malawi we are failing to develop because of this Cashgate just look at Mozambique and Zambia are doing better in Economy better than us this Cashgaters must be jailed.

  33. The audit firm is British they have already share the report to their govt no matter they hide DPP involment but aid will not come because their money is meant for the people of Malawi as a whole not mimba zazikuluzo ngati zadya atanje ofuwa moto kkkkkkkkk

  34. Precious Bz Chipeta says:

    Sorry, 92 Bilion should be the first.

  35. Matata says:

    Yankhulani maganizo anu onse mpaka zoona zioneke wakeup please andale awa tisamawasiyilire akuzolowera kutitola anthu akumudzi eti

  36. Wawaman says:

    Zopusa Basi!!!Mukudziwana Amene Munaba,kufuna Kutipusitsa Basi.A Dpp Ndi Pp Mukudziwa Kanthu.So Let Robbers Attack Your Homes Including Those Of Your Siblings Enanso Adye Nawo.Thats The Only Solution To Deal With U ‘Anyokopala.’

  37. Wiseup says:

    The Auditor General said the MK96bn in question is just an audit queery. Meaning to say you go to a market to buy goods but when you come back you feel like not tracing each and every coin you have used. Every human being has ever found himself in this situation.

    But beware of politicians. Our common good should be paramount to politicians’ self interest. Somebody stealing a goat finds himself behind bars faster. Have you ever asked yourself why high profile cases drag? This game is well known by politicians. Ovutika nkukhala anthu. Gone are the days when we should be expecting miracles from politicians. They are all the same. Just work hard at your family level, send your children to school for better family life than expecting the moon from politicians. We have been played around like pons in a game of chess. Unfortunately we seem to be glad to take this role of just being used while politicians are reaping the spoils!

  38. Truck says:

    That’s good all the Cashgaters their days are numbered they were shining with stolen money while in Hospitals patients are suffering because they stole Government money and there are no Medicines.

  39. JB wakhala pa Hot Sit for 2 sold years ,kwa ine imeneyi ndinthawi yokwanira yoti akanatha kutengera DPP officials ku Court pa zolakwika anachita munthawi ya ulamuliro wa Bingu
    If Cashgate started that time she (JB) and Khumbu Kachali supposed to know better because they were part and parcel of it
    Za 92 billion ife tilibe nazo ntchito ife koma izi zinathyola nsagwada za Phwyo,chifukwa pachipanda Phwiyo kuthyoledwa nsagwada za 92 billion sibwezi tikuzidziwa
    spare Imraan the nonsense!

  40. sizoti muzitiwuza zotsatira za 13 billion yokha nkusiya 92 billion yomwe inabedwa panthawi yanu popeza muli m’boma.

  41. Tiyeni nazo says:

    The other day Goodall was quoted in the media saying that its now up to Ministry of Justice to release the names hahaha changing goal posts! Remember the leaked DPP inner circle meeting at Mtunthama where they agreed to tread carefully on cashgate? The chickens have now come to roost and let the games begin. As for the 92 Billion we were shamelessly told that it was at this stage an audit query. Can the DPP govt now show commitment to come to the bottom of this audit query by giving a timeframe when the truth can come out? I am waiting.

  42. Nanenso ndikuifuna report imeneyo wina asbisalepo pamenepa.

  43. ALSO 2005 TO 2013 ALL TO COME OUT.

  44. Mulikunena za Chakwera munthu oti wayamba kuzilemeletsa ndi loan opanda president kuvomeleza kodi abale anga mumakhulupilira MCP mpaka lero ngati ndi choncho ndinu Nkhumba zawanthu

  45. loveness says:

    Same old story nothing will be revealed forget about it, it is already a dead story. the rich are still getting richer and poor are still suffering and will do so until god will punish one day. Peter Joyce or even Chakwera can do nothing as Malawi follows the system of divide and rule.

  46. Mtumiki Woyamba says:

    Anthu mmimba kuti prrrrr. Ena kumapita kwa a sing’anga. Gwira!!!

  47. za nosense ayi says:

    Kodi ndalamazi mulimbana ndizochepa bwanji?Ifetu ndalama zomwe tikudziwa kuti zinabedwa ndi 105,000,000,000 osati 13,000,000,000 mukunenayo.Zopusa amalawi sitikufuna

  48. Wofatsa wazeru says:

    Ine ndikanakhala mmodzi yemwe maganizo ake anga mveke , ndikanakonda kuti report iyambire 2
    005 mpaka tsiku limene anamaliza kafukufuku kuti anthu akhulupilire Peter za chilungamo chache.

  49. Jay says:

    Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) that is ofufuza za milandu ya boma osat Democratic Progressive Party mmm,,, draw the line ppo!

  50. khamani!! says:

    At this point I don’t care who you arrest … Just arrest someone , khaya ndi a 13 billion khaya ndi a 92 … Just lock somebody up. It amazes donors that we refuse to fix a broken system and prefer to starve the population …

  51. bryan says:

    Malawi is a failing country, how come we are crying to know who stole 13 billion and let the ones who stole 92 billion walk away with it. It’s amazing how Malawians are behaving. Mr President of Lomwe belt can you please get this right. If corruption is what you are concerned with; why not also revealing what happened to 92 billion. I just agree with they guy who says JB cared about Malawi.

  52. kunena pankhani wakuba ndi mene wagwidwa palibe ku limbana zakumbuyo amene akalamulira chaka 2005 anamwalira bingu mulandu sayeluza munthu wakufa kotaya nthawi kuganiza zotere.osanjenjema dekhani .ma British adalondola .

  53. VETEKHU says:

    Some of you the writers i think your just writing for the sake of writing but you dont have facts but heatrages,jealousy,tribalistics and nepotism

  54. Reformed Al-Qaeda says:

    Malawi is a sorry country:
    1. It is the only country in the world where a person accused of high level treason is allowed to campaign and “successfully” become a president.
    2. A person answering corruption case in court (Lutepo) is allowed to stand for public office (MP in Kasungu).
    3. Citizens wait for over 1 year to know who looted their resources.
    4. Even after a year NOONE is convicted despite tons of evidence.
    5. Where courts determine who wins an election.
    6. Govt can fire someone who earns (say MK400,000 a month) and compasate them with millions. And cry like a woonded calf because it cannot afford to buy drugs for its citizens.
    7. Can compasate a businessman over 1 billion kwacha, and shamelessly bed money from donors.
    Should I continue…?
    And the citizens just sit PWIIII….and complain, and complain, and complain, about CORRUPTION, LOW WAGES, HIGH BANK CHARGES, HIGH TAXES, HIGH UTILITY BILLS, CASHGATE, MAIZEGATE, JETGATE, ETC…
    You people are either LIVING CORPSES or INSANE.
    In other countries, people donot just sit and let this kind of nosense continue forever. They UNITE GO IN THE STREETS AND DEMOSTRATE THEIR ANGER.

  55. moses mithi says:

    Guys k92 billion inapita kuti ? Nayonso ayiunike chonde

  56. Romano Kondwani Chilango says:

    SEND A THIEF TO CATCH A THIEF! Let the DPP admin expose looters in the 13 billion scum and soon or later another another government will do wth the 92 billion! a PP ankatani kuulula 92 billion atangotenga kumene boma bwanji? AMANGIDWE BASI!

  57. The Truthful One from the West says:

    We are interested in the K92billion misused from 2005 to 2012. We already know about the K13billion stolen under JB regime. If Peter Mutharika is to be taken seriously by donors and Malawians let him order forensic audit from 2005. If he does not do this no one will take him seriously.

  58. Tikufuna ayambire 4m 2005 to 2013y,osat a Dpp abise zawozoyi,tikamat boma la Dpp ndi lakuba ndi zimenezi,ayambira pakatkat kusiya zawozo pomwe zochuluka ndi zomwe zinabedwa mu nthawi yawo,manyaz akugwire iwe peter mutharika,ngat uli wa chilungamo apatsen mpata afufuzenso za nthawi ya malemu mchimwene wanu,kapena ukuopa kut zikukhuza et,sitiimva mpaka 92 bn titaziwa kut inayenda bwanji,kupanda amai kuvumbulusa nkhan imeneyi bwenz inu mutachita?mbava zikuluzikulu ku mtundu wa amutharika

  59. Nanenso ndikugwirizana ndi onse amene akuti report lokhuza looting of MK92 billion litulutsidwe mwansanga to show to the world that Bingu and DPP Government was not not involved in that particular cash-gate scandal. Apo bi ndiye kuti boma la JB ndi limene linali lachilungamo chifukwa linayetsetsa kuyika pambalambanda mbala zones m; Malawi muno. Komanso kulimba mtima kwa JB kotere kukusonyeza kuti mayi wa sanali m’modzi mwa anthu amene anakhuzidwa ndi kubedwa kwa MK13 billion. Aliyense atha kundivomereza kuti wakuba sangabe ndikuziyitanira yekha anthu kapena apolisi kuti abwere adzamugwire unless he or she is mentally disturbed. Choncho ndingoti JB woyeee! PP 2019 bomaaaaa!

  60. Murakho Nanyonir says:


  61. Charter says:

    Believe me, that report may not reveal anything beyond what is already known. I suspect Government stance to reveal suspects has already considered what is not in the report, and the period that was not investigated. The real thieves who matter will unfortunately remain submarine!

  62. Fellow countrymen the firm Baker Tilly are one of the most expensive consultants on earth that they cant be hired by impoverished country like ours.Secondly,corruption and cashgate are distinctively separate no dilly-dallying the honeymoon is over.The British offered us this gift of footing expenses incured by Baker Tilly as our colonial mother and co-operating partners.Dont fan dead embers here or just goggle to see if there are any hiring contractual arrangement between Lilongwe and Baker Tilly.You can full some people sometimes but you cant full all people all the time- GOD BLESS MALAWI!!!

    1. Atsogoleri says:

      If Britain is our colonial mother, then we are all abused children. There is nothing ‘motherly ‘ about the British. Please let’s throw away the mentality that these people deeply care about our welfare, when in actuality they are only looking after their own interests. If we regard them as partners instead of parents, then maybe we can find the willpower as a nation to begin dealing with them on a level plain. They come here to insult as to our faces, calling the ordinary man on the street ‘leaking buckets’ and we should regard them as mothers? No.

  63. malawi says:

    We want from 2005. Malawians are eager to hear from the route cause. 92billion is what we want then 13 billion

  64. I uderstant that peter said he is going to net big fishes. actualy he is one of those. Is he going to net himself let us waite and see

  65. nkunthamasese says:

    you arrest a chicken thief but let free a bull thief. mukukwenya wakuba 13 billion nkumsiya wa 92billion pali nzeru apa? that report should not be given to gondwe chifukwa iyenso wakhala akuba limodzi ndi bingu uja. better you give it to chakwera -wa neutral to present it in parliament. gondwe b4parliament akayamba watotholamo some pages momwe dzina lake likupezeka.

  66. salimu says:

    I am willing to pay Kamphasa MK60,000,000 if he could delete my name. Chonde ndine wamasiye. I promise never to steal any government money. However should my name appear I will reveal more than baker Tilley.

  67. Its a good develpment but we need also a report on 92bn.Avoid delaying tactices mainly on big fishes.NZERU ZA JB zagwira ntchito.

  68. l says:

    koka koka. ena anyeredwa kale

  69. achanguti says:

    vundukulani tionemo kuti ayambira pa zaka zingati.nanu majaji mbola za anthu ndinawonera Mbendera kuwagomera andale

  70. milanzi says:

    Here we go , beside that don’t forget k 90 billion during the regime of DDP. Thanks for job well done though it is in process. Transeparant and accoutability. And this effort will realy show that we are a heading to another 50 year.

  71. wills says:

    So good to hear that,but what about that of k92bln is it also presented? We are anxious to hear who how when and where was the syphoning taking place. all the culplits shd be known to the people of malawi. No stone shd be left unturned.

  72. Saulos Chilimantharka says:

    Let the chess begin

  73. Abk says:

    the report is entirely for the joyce banda regime and and not the much commented K92 billion. all the names mentioned in the report were very close to joyce banda’s government. it comprises of several big public figures and business magnets as well as relatives of some celebrity politicians, and very few foreign companies. on this, government should tread carefully as the chain is comprised of strong backbones. very shortly there is going to be secret exodus of some to foreign lands in quest for exile, it’s really a bad call.

    1. Baba wa Boyi says:

      what do you mean its a bad call?

      Who told you that there are people that are more important than others?

      If they stole and they run away, we will hunt them down.

      You think you can steal and just go about your business as if nothing happened, and you point fingers at the wrong people?

      Useless human being.

  74. John says:

    Wait wait wait. Cashgate, how much money is that, 13 or 92 billion? Secondly, the people who will handle the dossier, have you checked that they are not mentioned or their spouses/friends involved at any level in it? The 13 billion is from JB era, where is the full cashgate dossier from Malemu’s era? I am so confused right now.

    1. Kulinda Mtere says:

      Clearly you get confused very easily. This is contrary to the personality of the original John, the Baptist’s to.

  75. kangumi says:

    This is unacceptable just to hand in only part of Cash Gate… Cash Gate dates back 2005 when Bingu wa Mutharika of Bineth Trust was in Power…….2010 was the climanx of Cash Gate…

    We want also names of people and Companies involved in Cash Gate from 2005 to 2010…

    To submit only Cash Gate dossier of 2012,Cash Gate Report is incomplete…

    1. Kanthu Ako! says:

      You are the sort of people who let us down.

      Why do you want to confuse things? Do one thing at a time. In 2005, did you hear the word cashgate?

      No one is saying forget about 92Bilion, but if you are not carefull, the very people that stole 13Bilion, will start making noise about, “We can not accept this report untill the 92 Bilion is also reported.

      This report was comisioned specifically for the 13Bilion, Joyce Banda knew about the 92 Bilion, why did she not ask for the report to start from 2005?

      Mbuzi ngati inu ndiamene mumalkwitsa zinthu, your relatives stole and the send you kuvundula madzi.

      Agalu achabe chabe.

  76. Mtumbuka says:

    That is the ball we have been awaiting. We hope the refrees will not take sides. We also would’ve loved if the refs could start the game by fielding players from 20005 to date who amusingly and shamelessly pocketed the publisized Mk92BN. We all need that money to come back to A/c no. 1. Do not spare or shield anybody. GOD is watching!

  77. Fuvung'ondo says:


  78. Alfred Munduwabo says:

    The report is not a full cash gate report if the MK 92 billion is not included. There was much talk of MK 92 billion when JB was in power , can DPP do the same by inviting international foregin auditors to audit the MK 92 billion just what JB did by inviting foreign experts to do the audit of the MK13 billion .

    1. Inu says:

      A Munduwabo, JB was talking about 92 Billion just to divert people’s attention from the cashgate report. Frankly blame JB. Why did she not do anything else about it? I believe that in any case she could not do anything because those involve were also in PP since many moved from DPP to PP. We have to start with what we have right now and that is this report. You do not let a goat thief free simply because someone has stolen a cow. You imprison the goat thief while you are searching for the cow thief

  79. Yobe boo says:

    Mutulutseso ya mk92m tionere limodzi

  80. Moya says:

    After all is said and done it will be business as usual, just casual talk but no action. lets just focus on making money those of us that weren’t part of cashgate.Enawo analemera basi.,

  81. Don Chigwe says:

    The report must be released without any amendments. We are waiting to see the names of important people in the current DPP government.

  82. TICOON says:

    Will The Truth Set Malawians Free? Obama Has Quoted Mandela That To Be Free Is Nt Cast Ones Chain Off But Respecting The Will And Rights Of Othes. If DDP Won Elections By The Will Of People Let Them Pay A Tribute By Respecting The Will Of People On Cashgate

  83. Khomandala says:

    Do it wisely we’re on your back

  84. mhango says:

    All political in NGC of any party shall steal from government , making poor Malawians poorer. A malawi tonse tikugona , palibe tikuchita ife, tikungowonerera.

  85. Munnyabu says:

    Ndiliti limene lija? Palibe chichitike apa nonse zikukukhazani musatibowe ana anjoka inu mbava zokhazokha

  86. ndanena says:

    This time why? zanzi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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