Cashgate dossier with names: Baker Tilly hand over to Malawi Auditor General

British Forensic Auditors Baker Tilly have finally handed over the much awaited full cashgate report to the Auditor General of Malawi,  Steven Kamphasa, senior government officials have confirmed to Nyasa Times .

Kamphasa received the report this week and he is expected to hand it over to Minister of Finance Goodal Gondwe after reviewing it.

National Audit Office, Corporate Communications Officer Thomas Chafunya confirmed that the Malawi AG is finalising formalities of hand the dossier to the Minister of Finance who will then table it in Parliament.

Stephen Kamphasa and  Baker Tiilly's Mack-Sullivan: Report containing names in

Stephen Kamphasa and Baker Tiilly’s Mack-Sullivan: Report containing names in

“Yes I can confirm . The AG will follow the provisions in the constitution to submit the  report  to Parliament through the minister of finance,” said Chafunya in a telephone interview with Nyasa Times from Lilongwe.

Asked if the report contains names, businesses and officers involved Chafunya simply said: ” It has everything.”

Finance Minister Goodall Gondwe  assured the National Assembly that government will release the names of suspects in what is known as Malawi’s Cashgate—a K13 billion public finance scandal that rocked the country last year.

Gondwe  said the Peter Mutharika administration will release details of the comprehensive audit report by the British auditing firm.

“The names that were concealed will be revealed,” assured the Finance Minister.

President Peter  Mutharika pledged to deal with Cashgate and bring all culprits to book.

Malawians trashed the first audit report, which omitted names of individuals and companies said to be involved in the massive corruption scandal.

The government of Malawi under Joyce Banda leadership  hired a British company, Baker Tilly International, to audit its departments between April and September 2013.

The company’s report found the government lost about K13 billion during that period through fraud, theft and unethical actions.

That equates to more than one percent of GDP, in a one of the world’s poorest countries, where state services are poor and life expectancy is just 54 years.

The report says nearly half of the money went to 16 private companies for services they did not provide.

It says this was done by taking advantage of a loophole in the government’s financial management system.

Some 68 civil servants and businesspeople are already on trial charged with graft.

Ex-justice minister Ralph Kasambara and four others face trial for the attempted murder of a former treasury official Paul Mphwiyo who was on the verge of exposing the corruption ring.

Foreign donors, who provide 40% of Malawi’s budget, froze vital aid worth around $150m in response.

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Geoffrey Maunde

All the governments seem not be keen to tell Malawians the truth of government money looting.They all know what happens, Onse ndi AKUBA BASI.koma tikankonda kuti chilungamo chioneke.

kabikizga kamusindikile
kabikizga kamusindikile

Let the Government tell the nation about the report. Remember its our money that the private firm used to audit everything. We need the report exposed not to be shelved as most cases. God help us we will not continue to stay put. just know that Malawians are quite but not stupid. Let the world know who is to blame most.


Tell him kumasamba plizi ngati odyetsa kabvalo

Isaac chagwa
I feel all malawian leaders are better but the worst are most Malawians who claims to be openminded.How come that someone is failing to apreciate that name will be aired out while its what we have been crying for?We can always opt for k92 billion report later.Worse still some instead of building Malawi insult a leader authorized by God Himself.Why fellow Malawians?Priotise the needs of Malawians not a loosing party,or ruling party.We are tired of supporting agenda of any political parties but truth and righteousness that exalts the nation.I feel Malawi doesnt need a God fearing leader but a God… Read more »

Zachamba izi when was it discovered that 92 bil went missing zaboza basi wat we malawians noe z abt CASH GATE OF JOICE BANDA thats all

God's knowledge

To say the truth JB ankakamba za k92b kubisa mawanga ake,zikanakhala zowona bwenzi atamanga kale a DPP onsewa.coz no 1 amene angat ndipha mwana wangayi poti nayeso wakhuzidwa nawo pankhaniyi koma anu ndakhululukira.hahahaha totally you call dat person ndimfiti or wapenga,iyayi mwana ndiwompeza and etc.she was just hiding up her feathers.

Fathi Shehab

koma mdiye nodza loteths nslo mkhola la ng’ombe zako zomee.
nfiye ukumwabe mksks?

#77, by allowing investigation to expose whatever happened from 2005, your party DPP might have the advantage of letting its name be clean again!! Sincerely it is this fear and your deliberate tactics of encouraging to let the demand die a natural death just because you don’t want to be exposed!! How come you are only trusting Acc Genegeral’s office on MK!#b and not on MK92b. Kaya mukhalila kapena ayi, time will come when whoever did the nasty game will face the jazz!! If you think your IQ is more than Malawi, then you win, otherwise the game is still… Read more »
Paul J.C.Mwafulirwa.
If Malawi as a Nation,regardless of which ever party we belong to,want to regain our confidence on matters of Public Financial Management,then all the holes in our perceived ‘leaking bucket’must be identified and sealed. This entails extending the MANDATE of a Neutral body such as the same British Auditors review the Mk92 billion Audit and indeed any other claim of fraud that has been mentioned within the recent past. The ACB must also assist in dealing with corruption cases that seem to be exposed but tamed in our midist. Our society can seriously wear a new face if these issues… Read more »
Nyani wa ku Mwananyani
Nyani wa ku Mwananyani

People! People! Stop talking or writing about 92 billion!
There was no such money missing during Bingu’s era. JB, was just throwing dust around to blind you over the rampant theft during her time as president. She sure duped you by ordering that questionable audit, which by the way, was not forensic. Unlike, Baker Tilly, that audit would not pass legal muster. So, stop bringing up unfounded allegations, already!
Nobody is defending any thief here, to be clear.

Tiyeni nazo

The AG said it was an audit query and are you serious that a query involving such huge amount of money should not be subject to further investigation?

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