Cashgate prisoner Senzani withdraws bid for bail

Malawi’s first cashgate convict serving three year prison sentence Tressa Namathanga Senzani has withdrawn a bid for bail  pending appeal against her sentence.

Cashgate convicted prisoner Senzani: Bail bid withdrawn

Cashgate convicted prisoner Senzani: Bail bid withdrawn

The former Tourism Ministry principal secretary (PS) was on October 7 this year sentenced to three years and nine months imprisonment on offences of money laundering and theft, respectively.

Senzani’s new lawyer Ted Roka,who has replaced newly appointed diplomat Necton Mhura, confirmed the development.

However, Nyasa Times understand that the bail bid would be re-submitted at a later date.

Senzani pleaded guilty to stealing K63 million (about $158 000), which she later returned.

Her sprawling mansion in Area 6 is still being investigated by authorities.

The cashgate prisoner has however vowed to appeal against her sentences as she considered them too harsh.

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30 thoughts on “Cashgate prisoner Senzani withdraws bid for bail”

  1. tukusuma says:

    pangani appeal awonjeze zaka mumve madzi . oh my hard earn tax has gone

  2. tonde says:

    When will you pick PS Makileni

  3. UNDERWEAR says:

    SENZANI; IT really pains to see big beneficiaries living very free, enjoying themselves.You told the court only the truth .In christian life you have repented and you need to be forgiven.Yet people can not see in if.We see more people defrauding government every day but being friends of Mr. top boss, they can not be apprehended.Sorry sister life is like that.

  4. Why only Namathanga they are alot PSs who became rich during this priond please can you investigate them we know them some are still in government do n’t prented as if ACB knows nothing why should Namathanga be avictim of evrybody who stole money Kaliati by then she was a minister kumeneko.

  5. vitumbiko mwakipuyi says:

    Those that have never committed sin say “i” people,leave this with God for He alone is faithful and just, for it is written, no one is righteous,not even one,remember? So God will judge this woman and let’s refrain from making silly comments because we are equally sinners. Instead of showering insults at this woman, let’s ask God to forgive her and our sins. You never know, maybe this woman has already been forgiven by God.

    1. Chemwali chimwene says:

      She stole more than what she declared but she is a mulakho mlandu aufinyira uwu. Onse ali kundende bwanji siumukunena kuti awakhululukire. Azimayi ena akuberekera kundende kulera anawo konko. Ngati mumadziwana muzingopititsa nsima.

  6. WADE says:


    1. Chemwali chimwene says:

      Za mulakho izi.

  7. cos says:

    because of cashgate, acountant general’s department has become a fertile land for corruption. those who retired last year have not yet got their dues. some who are retiring now are pompo pompo getting their dues. these cashgaters must die in jail

  8. Mbanangwa says:

    You are right to submit a withdrawal, otherwise worse things were following your appeal!

  9. Kika kanawe says:

    Let her appeal then rot in prison.She deserves no mercy!

  10. Mwenecho says:

    basi akabwela ndi mimba

  11. Slap her with 15 years if she appeals
    ungrateful thief!

  12. womenslib says:

    Enjoy prison baby killer. Imagine the children who died from lack of medicine because of these thieves. You deserve grey nsima with cement.



  14. wilfred malunga says:

    Muhura wanted the sentence be lengthened mind you just drop the case and accept the three year sentence or else you will remember my advice after it being shifted to 7year sentece mind you returning the money doesnot change the case of theft

  15. Wodandaula says:

    ACB why Blantyre Water Board embattled CEO Andrew Thawe investigations are delaying. Our patience is getting thin day by day. We are aware that he has some connections with some government top guys hence the delay. The clear cut evidence is there that this guy has been corruptly milking the BWB resources. Now day in day out people in Blantyre water complaining of water shortages because some of the money meant for upgrading of BWB water system was corruptly diverted by this guy. How different is this guy from Senzani. People in places like Bangwe Clinic, Chilobwe, Ndirande, Bvumbwe ended up getting water from unprotected water sources.

    1. Janejane says:

      Sizikugwilizana, wangomuda Thawe yo iwe silly. They are restoring pipes now, go to nyambadwe and along lunzu road. Its not only in malawi, fgo to other countries and see how it is in terms of water. Mapeto a dziko basi. One thing you must know is that, there are signatories and if indeed Thawe stole cash at BWB, who signed the cheques whatsoever? Where is te board? Wangomuda koma dziwa kuti plan ya Mulungu si yako. Umadzatero kumuchotsa munthu , ukumuyikanso pabwino kuposa pomwe analipo.

  16. MKWAPU says:


  17. Pacharo says:

    Lord Have Mercy on our Country, Malawi.

  18. Nambuma Girl says:

    Mbala, mbala, mbala, mbala yaikazi. Udzafa imfa yowawa iwe! Azibale anga atha kufa chifukwa cha umbava wako.

  19. Joel says:

    Akuti 3 years 9 months is too harsh for her, chitsiru ameneyu eti. Nyumba yakoyo wamangila chani after all your salary was less than 400,000? Osathokoza bwanji kuti yachepa sentence yo?


  21. lufina says:

    this woman should die in the gallows. she is a shame to womanhood. what a shameless woman

  22. curious says:

    Hope that the new lawyer is not a Lomwe otherwise akusiyannso a kamupatsa ntchito naye

  23. original gobe says:

    mfiti yotamba masana. udzapsya heavy mphwanga. the thousands that have died in our hospitals through lack of medicines are waiting for you.

  24. Novirhikana Kovahiwa says:

    It is my hope that this time the courts will listen to the cry of Malawians. It does not make sense to us that a chicken thief gets 5yrs while a 63million plus gets mere 3yrs. Are the courts implying the prisons are meant for the poor?

  25. Anabiyeni says:

    God forgives and forgets n hope that the poor that hv suffered will do the same.

  26. Chibiliti says:

    Useless controlling officer. She was supposed to lead by example but ended up going to work to steal. She must be ashamed of her actions and should not even regret it. She must face the heat of October and November in prison.

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