Catholic demands Njaunju justice: Find the murderers,  CCJP challenges Malawi govt

Malawi government has been criticised on why  it is taking too long to investigate and act on the murder of Anti Corruption Bureau senior official late Issa Njaunju with Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace (CCJP) challenging the State machienry to find the murderers of Njauju.

Martin Chiphwanya, CCJP National Secretary: Njaunju justice now!

Martin Chiphwanya, CCJP National Secretary: Njaunju justice now!

Many critics have accused the government of  taking a casual approach to the investigation of Njaunju just like the death of Polytechnic student activist Robert Chasowa.

It is believed that Njauju was murdered by regime thugs as was Chasowa.

CCJP acting national coordinator Martin Chiphwanya described the failure by the State to bring Njauju’s murder to justice as a stain on the national quest to good governance.

“It is disappointing to see the silence over the investigation, we don’t know what is happening to the investigation and this is a blow to justice delivery in the country because those who are involved in fighting corruption in the country now know they are vulnerable, can be attacked with impunity without the impunity being checked or brought to book,” said Chiphwanya as quoted in the press.

The international community and the opposition  also called for speedy investigations when Njaunju was murdered by police probe has since stalled.

Leader of the opposition and Malawi Congress Party (MCP) president Lazarus Chakwera wondered why the opposition and members of the diplomatic corps  should  push for a thorough investigation when the President Peter Mutharika has the entire police service at his command.

“When the Council for Foreign Relations in New York asked the President about what is being done about Issa Njauju‟s death, the entire President said was that the murder was a professional job and was very complicated to solve! What? If you are admitting that our problems are too complicated for you to solve, then why are you clinging to the office you hold,” Chakwera said in parliament.

Chakwera said the ACB like other constitutional governance institutions need not only to operate independent from the executive, but also in a safe and secure environment.

“When officers are kidnapped, brutally murdered and burnt…that is not just a precious soul lost, but justice denied,” he said.

Chakwera blamed government saying the measures taken are still weak and no strategy exists to
deal with organized crime.

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16 thoughts on “Catholic demands Njaunju justice: Find the murderers,  CCJP challenges Malawi govt”

  1. Mirella K says:

    I am deeply alarmed by the level of IGNORANCE by most Malawians. The issue of Issa Njauju is not an issue of Muslims or indeed his being a Muslim. It is precise an issue that concerns all Malawians hence there is nothing wrong for CCJP to come in and demand justice. Issa was murdered precisely bcoz he was an ACB offocial, a government and public officer, not bcoz he was a Muslim. Muslims can of course demand justice for the lost brother in Islam but it is not the responsibility of Muslims to demand justice on him. It is the responsibility of the government or indeed all Malawians to demand that justice. Get a life a Bwampini and all shallow minded Malawians. Deliberately national and build a nation. Shut up with you know you have a very narrow mind….

  2. Wakale says:

    Midyomba osamangoyamikila zazi, lankhulaniponi za Njaunju anali Muslim nzanu, kumangochangamuka pa idi basis tulo bwanji wake up

  3. 2016 welcome says:

    UDF a party without ideology is silent on this issue because chipani anapangitsa pinyolo Tcheya ndi baby wake.

  4. Goliati says:

    Plot yopha njaunju ina choka ku state house, atayamba kufufuza za nkhani ya 557 billion, nyika vwaza, ya kaliati, ndizambiri zili mu baker tilly foreinst report, ndiye ndi a Dausi ,henry mussa, kaliati, peter mutharika ,ndiwo akulakwitsa dziko lino,

  5. BWAMPINI says:

    its for the muslim community to wake up from deep slumber and demand justice .njaunju was your fellow ,now his family is suffering kapena nanunso akuikani banzi DPP WOYEE!

  6. purofesa wa law wotukwana says:

    pajatu ku chisilamu munthu akaphedwa amapita kumwamba. Choncho ife tiku dzowa kuti brother Njaunju ali kwa allah. Bola ife aDPPP azitipatsa chakudya chofutulira tikamanga ramadhan. Kaya mutipha tonse ,chabwino . Ife sitidandaula. Atupele anatigulitsa ku dpp

  7. Rachael says:

    mabvuto kumalawi

  8. mtochi says:

    Kaya president osapha anthu adzapezeka liti kaya.

  9. MERCEDES says:


  10. hamza says:

    Chifukwa chake ndimadana ndi politics

  11. Duncan Chioko says:

    Chiphwanya. Sorry my friend but this is not a stain on good governance. This is the result of of no governance. Even if the assailants are apprehended by our failed law enforcement agencies which is unlikely if not totally impossible, our failed justice system just as in the case of Robert Chasowa will not under any circumstance deal with the matter. The case would be assigned to some or other incompetent lazy and crooked judge who will retire before the case is finalised. Until we have radical reform in this country in which the current office bearers are all replaced, we have no hope in hell to return to the rule of law whereby justice would be served and not denied. May Njaunju’s soul rest in peace. Salaam.

  12. Roberto says:

    In Malawi, government can kill it’s citizen at will. Nobody can question, another victim is Robert Chasowa.

  13. ngongoliwa says:

    Asilamu, ur wasting time kuti speaker shud resign mukusiya nkhani yeniyeni ya njanju, agaru inu, mfiti zopemphera, useless leaders

  14. Pp Phirio says:

    Pastoral letter ndie yatuluka kaya titani?0


    It had take less than a week to arrest people who mudered the nine year albino boy , it was discovered that one of the aslant was an uncle of the mudered albino boy . It is believed that Njauju was mudered by the well organised government aslant , that is why they don’t want to burn their own fingers.

  16. Yao says:

    These are catholic demanding justice. Where are the muslim community? Njaulu was our dedicated Muslim and we are silent just because Muluzi is part of the government. Muslim wake up, otherwise DPP will finish you one by one. He does not like you guys, he is just pretending

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